Arcanium ~ A New World

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You have died and the gods have decided for one reason or another to give you another chance. This chance is to start anew as you are with a special ability in a mystical world of monsters and adventure.

It is an Isekai game, a reference to a situation in which characters find themselves transported to an alternate dimension or universe.

Crit Fail:
1-3 hit ally, 4-5 hit huge beast, 6-8 hurts self, 9-10 he drops weapon, 11-20 miss. Though a natural 1 does always provoke.
[dice]1d20 [/dice]

Character Generation:

As yourself with several paragraphs to describe your life up until now and why you have your ability scores. Thus gaining you bonuses based on your background.

Or: roll [dice]3d6[dice] 8 times, the eighth roll may replace any of the earlier rolls. Create a background for your character as they were in our world before dying. The rolled stats may be moved around to best fit your character.

We will be adding luck into this game so the ability scores are: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Luck.

Everyone starts with one special ability. It can be anything: an ability, an item, or even a being.
Suggestions: to be able to cast lightning 3/day, a legendary sword, fast healing 3, a famliar, a belt of mighty health, to be able to cast cure serious wounds 3/day.
*The more powerful the ability the higher chance that you will gain a curse with it or it will be more quirky

Level 1 Character. You may gain some levels in expert depending on your background that wont affect your character level.

Everyone will start as human obviously but their will be quests that will let you change your race in game. Most classes will be accepted, no occult classes please.

2 traits. Background skills and feat tax adjustments are acceptable.

Starting gear: What did you have with you when you died and honestly based off your life a normal day what would you have? Typically I have my keys, wallet, phone, ipad, snacks, pens, misc. medicine and a carry bag to hold the last two. You also might have just went to the convenience store and bought a meal and perhaps a few other items.

Yes you remember your past life. You also remember your interactions with the lesser god about gaining an ability too. The first thing is to create your base character and his/her background. Then you will interact with the god before being sent to Arcanium.

Luck will affect most abilities actually but not to the extreme of most other abilities at a 14 it will give a +1 bonus and 18 a +2 bonus whereas a 6 would give you a -1. Other things might happen as well depending on your luck level.

My example:

I am 34 years old so I should have 3 paragraphs.
When I was brought up it was in a loving environment and I was nurtured. I wasn’t spoiled but had my meets met and more. You could say I was lucky, +2 luck.
My parents supported me in my own pursits but never gave me much drive. I did a little of this and that slowly finding out what I like to do. I know I love to play games and my faith in God were and are two steadfast principles of my life. I worked here and there not picking up much skills. College was easy though with lack of direction I turned to teaching. +2 wis for my faith, +4 Int for my knowledge & college, +2 Dex for fine motor skills.
My last ten years would have to be most important to me persoanally but not very formative. I began my teaching career, though with my laziness not much has really come of it. I married my wife and started our adventure together. Soon a little one will be on the way. Too bad I wont be there to raise him. I have continued my gaming and can beat most people I know at video games and have continues to play D&D for most of these 10 years. Overall perhaps with my continually being sick is the only real indicator of some change, -2 Con.

Your life flashes before your eyes as your life is cut short before it should have ended. Then you find yourself in a black room with no light source but it seems you are glowing as you are able to see yourself and the chair you sit in. It doesn’t even seem there is a floor, walls, or a ceiling, more like a black void. Please spoil your response as each of these will be unique to each player. After a few moments a gorgeous glowing girl appears before you and says in a disinterested voice, "Ah another life cut short before experiencing a full life. Welcome to the afterlife. You are in fact dead." She waits a few moments to let it sink in before touching up her hair and continuing in a prideful way, "I am Alethia, a goddess that guides humans who die young to the afterlife.

Getting a bit serious she gives you your options, "Now you have two choices before you. You may ascend to heaven, to tell you the truth Heaven isn't the dreamy place you all imagine it to be. The dull place is full of spirits, no TV, you don't even have a physical body anymore so you can't do anything sexual, either. Just basking in the sun and working. Or go to a new world one of adventure, action, and like most of the games from your world monsters. The world has been invaded by dark forces that continue to spread and decimate the population of the world. You get to go with your body and memories intact. You will get to bring one great ability with you as well, a weapon of great power, a supreme ability,
Also you will begin with some skill as an adventurer and the ability to quickly gain power in your chosen class. There will be many opportunities to change as you wish.
She spins and a flurry of cards come from her hands and land before you as suggestions. After a few moments she says annoyed, "Hurry up and choose.... you know that I have a lot of dead people to offer this choice too as well."

Arcanium World Notes:

if you knew anything about the constellations before you would know they are all different, also you can see three moons, one white, one red, and one blue.

Mead. That will be a silver or an ale will be 2 copper

join a guild. Each town is aligned more one way than others. To the North is mountains and is more chaotic. To the South is plains and is more lawful. To the West is savannah and is more good. To the East is swampland and is more evil.

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