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Please cancel my Adventure Path Subscription.

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Hi there, I had some items in my sidecart which I expected to ship with my subscription, which just shipped. How do I go about getting those sent before my next subscription? I'll be needing them before the Feb sub ships.

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Just what do froghemoth spawn look like, and what can they do? The questions that arise when I am contemplating what else is going on in Saventh-Yhi while the party is off exploring the vaults...

we are a group of 1 GM and 4 players seeking an additional player for our Core-only Pathfinder Kingmaker game. We are having difficulty getting more than 2 players together and would like another to add to the mix to increase the odds that we get to play.

We are a very diverse group. GM has been gaming has experience in many game systems and genres. I place an emphasis on thinking, role-playing and problem solving over murderhoboing. Combat does play a part of the game, but if you prefer to draw your sword and attack as a first option, you probably won't make it long in this group.

Group consists of a fae-blooded sorcerer/ranger, a human diviner, an elven druid and a half-orc monk. Currently level 5, all characters start as core-only. Additional rules are possible, but need to be sold to the GM (who has a large electronic Pathfinder (and other RPG) library) and will need to be role-played to attain.

We try to play at least every 2 weeks as schedules permit. Wednesday and Thursday nights work best for GM. One of our players commutes from Geneva to play and would welcome a carpool.

If interested, contact me directly.

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I just had a player quote PFS rules, and then some posts on the boards that support his interpretation of the rules. None of the posts on the boards were from official sources,, and no consensus was come to. I read the rules and the posts, told him I didn't agree with his interpretation, game him my more conservative interpretation.

I was told I was being a dick and that I should be reported for not following the PFS rules. So I am reporting myself. I did not follow his interpretation of the rules. How should I be punished?

Just moved down this way for work and am looking for some players for Pathfinder. I run or play, so am willing to join an existing group or run. I am a PFS GM, if that is what you would like, but would prefer something a little more serious.

I work in Ithaca and Live down here Mon - Thurs. Those evenings 6-11, would be the best times to play.

Good afternoon,

I had a question about my order, #2438834. First, it contains both The Shackled Hut and Maiden, Mother, Crone. I'm curious why Shackled Hut wasn't sent separately?

Also, The Shackled Hut has been available in PDF for a while now, but a PDF copy has not appeared in my Downloads. I find it odd that the PDF is available to purchase, and I , a subscriber, don't have my PDF copy yet.

I understand you have a lot on your plate. I'm just curious about the reasons behind this.


Recently, I have been seeing the special boon chronicle sheets for the various holidays. I know there was one recently, but I believe the time has past when it can be applied to characters. I want to be on top of things and make sure my players are aware of them in the next game I run. Where do I find these sheets?


So I ran a season 0 scenario for 6 players. APL was around 2.9 and people decided to play up. Three encounters in, one of the players was called away on an emergency and had to leave. He was playing a L3 character. Do you continue to run at the upper tier or do you bump it down for the remainder of the scenario? How should it get reported?

GM/Coordinator Tab for PFS is not loading. Is this due to the updates rolled out recently?

I just ran into an issue where it appears as the previous GM for a couple sessions didn't fill out his portion of the sheet correctly, and the player didn't catch it.

I have three First Step sheets, where the GM awarded 3XP per scenario. The first scenario, the player started with 0 fame/prestige, gained two, and ended with 5.

Later in the character's career...he played a L2 character in a Tier 4-5 game, which isn't allowed.

I'd like to check and see if these games were actually reported. Unfortunately, the GM also didn't fill out the Event or Event code.

There are two swapped abilities for the Nirmathi Irregular, both of which replace the Favored Enemy. As one of them is Focused Terrain, received at 3rd level, should this replace Favored Terrain?

Running a 1st Season Scenario, and noticed a blatant error (spellcaster only has 50% of spells available at a given level.) Where should this be reported?

As if it really matters, as I seriously doubt the editors would go back and edit a 1st Season Scenario.

OK so in a scenario I just ran, one of the antagonists is using a slave as cover, holding them in front of them. One of the characters shoots at the man holding the slave.

Cover applies.

As you don't want the slave to get hit, I would say the rule for shooting into melee applies.

Am I correct in thinking that with those penalties, there is no chance to hit the slave?

Is there any situation where the slave may be at risk of being hit?

So, recently in my Serpent Skull campaign, the PC's released a demon. The demon fled before they coudl kill it, and it is going to wander over and ally with the vegepygmy. While pondering what this would do, I started to wonder, if the vegepygmy ended up killing the demon, and then sprouted more from the demonic corpse, would they be fiendish vegepygmy?

Carrying that a step further, could the demon summon another demon for the vegepygmy to kill and infect, thereby creating a host of fiendish vegepygmy?

So I had a question when building a Mummy Lord, using the Undead Lord template from ToH:C. Mummy starts with DR 5/-. Undead Lord of 8HD gains DR10/magic, stacking with other damage reductions... how does one stack, DR5/- with DR 10/magic? DR 15/-? DR 15/magic? Other?

Hey, I am trying to get to the webpage for the pathfinderrpg ( It keeps redirecting me to the main Paizo page.

One of my players is playing a Neutral (True) cleric of a Neutral (True) god or animals, wilderness and protector of small settlements. He has selected to channel negative energy.

One tactic that has become used by the group is for the cleric to pop into the middle of a mass of creatures, using dimension leap or dimension door, and channel negative energy. Hey, great tactic, works well. No problem there.

In the past session, the group came upon ruins in a forest, and upon scouting the forest, they found some humanoids in the ruins. The humanoids had a reputation for being violent, but the group had not run into them before. After much discussion, they decided to attack without any attempt at diplomacy. There was a group of the humanoids hanging out by a well in the middle of the day. Some were napping in the sun, and others were playing games with each other. None of them had weapons out, and they were completely ignorant of the party who was hidden in the woods.

Cleric dimension doors in and channels negative energy, killing 5 of the 6 low hit dice humanoids.

Later in the session, they ran into another group...similar situation, the humanoids were unaware of the party, with no weapons drawn. Cleric dimension doors in and channels, killing 5 of 9 of the low hit dice humanoids.

Question being... does this call for an ill omen to warn the cleric that he is treading a fine line?

I am playing in a group whose characters are having to head north to retrieve some things taken by a barbarian tribe. We're going in with diplomatic tactics, but not expecting that will work. If it comes down to combat, what are some really effective tactics against barbarians?

My first thought is fight defensively until their rage wears out and they are fatigued.

Second thought, what effects and abilities could fatigue them, and cause them to prematurely end their rage? Touch of Fatigue? OK but the wizard won't like getting toe-to-toe with a frothing-at-the-mouth, big, fur-loincloth-clad, shield-chewing monster :)

Discuss :)

We have just started the war against the dark ones in Celwynvian. Interesting question came up last night. As it is more difficult to cast spells against those wearing noquil armor, how does the friendly cleric cast cure spells or buff spells on the dwarves fighter in noquil full plate? We didn't have an official answer so we made it up. We decided the caster needed to make a spell craft check with the DC of 10 + spell level + 2. If the an official ruling on this?

Not sure if this has been asked before, but I am looking for stats on a Hippogryph for a Sable Company Marine. I am not finding the stats in the Bestiary. Could someone point me in the correct direction?


We are six intrepid citizens of Korvosa who recently learned that we all were tied together through a criminal named Lamm. We are looking for a GM to step up and assist us in telling the story of the Curse of the Crimson Throne. Our previous GM got sick and has not been heard of in several weeks. We are currently in the middle or assaulting Lamm's hideout.

If there is a daring GM who would be interested in stepping up to the plate and running for us, we can offer you our eternal gratitude. I don't have a first-born child, but you can have that too :)

The OOC thread is here

The IC Thread is here

Hey All,

I just took over a Hellfrost game here on the boards. I'd like to get another player to play a lorekeeper type. I hate playing a character in the games I run.

Character should be made as per SWEX rules, with the addition of the Hellfrost players guide information. Please add 5 experience, and give your character one advance.

If you are interested, post your character concept in this thread.

OK So several years ago I bought RPGXplorer, which allows you to create characters for 3.5. They have the nifty feature of being able to enter new content.

Along comes Pathfinder and the rules for character creation change. RPGX hasn't caught up to them yet.

Does anyoneknow another software package that allows for creation of Pathfinder characters?

My question...does the sword come separate or do you need to paint his face around the sword?

Unfortunately, I am finding myself in a position where I need to ask to have my subscription to Pathfinder cancelled. This is nto a quality issue. You guys do great work. I am trying to reduce my monthly expenditures.



Good Evening,

I just received this shipment and there is a problem with the hardcover Delta Green hardcover book. The binding is almost entirely ripped away from the main portion of the book in back.

Please advise on how this should be returned for a new copy


Chris Manos

What size is it?

Back in Dragon 355, you had a list of music for Savage Tide. Most I can Guess at composer or Source, but "Main Title", are a bit vauge. Any way you could post the composers of the 31 pieces?



OK I checked my subscriptions to see if my issue of Pathfinder 1 had shipped and it isn't listed. It did list Pathfinder 2 as shipping Sept 2007, but there is nothing about Pathfinder 1. Is this an oversight or do I have to do some form of arcane ritual to get Issue #1?

Now where am I going to find goats blood and silver powder at this time of day?


Just received my Penultimate Dragon issue and noticed it was forwarded from my previous address. I changed my Addres on the site about 5 weeks ago. I want to confirm that the new address is in place and that the issue of Dragon was shipped before the address change was registered.

Drop me a line!



OK So I shifted over the remaindder of my Dragon and Dungeon Magazine into 7 issues of Pathfinder. Somewhre I remember reading something about getting a free copy of the player's Guide. When can I expect that? Kind of jonesing for a fix of some new fun stuff.



OK, I know it is the Isle of Dread, but does it have an actual name? I could swear it does, but have none of the Dungeons with me to look it up.


Couple questions about Dragonmarked and item creation. I know how I would rule, but I am curious to see how others rule.

1) Can a non-dragonmarked caster read a scroll of a spell requiring a dragonmark to cast it? As written, Scribe Scroll requires the scroll creator provide the components, not the reader, but this would allow non-dragonmarked casters access to spells specifically designed for dragonmarked casters.

2) Can an Artficer emulate a dragonmark to create an item requiring a spell with the Dragonmark component? Example, can an artificer emulate the Mark of Making needed to cast Summon Marked Homunculus, to create a scroll with that spell on it?

So I am sitting here listening to Ralph Vaughan Williams [u]A Sea Symphony[/u] thinking I am going to sit my players down and have them listen to it before we start. Such fantastic music, and a copmpletely appropriate text and context.

"Away O Soul! Hoist instantly the anchor!
Cut the hawsers - haul out - shake out every sail!
Reckless O Soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me,
Sail forth, steer for the deep waters only,
for we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go,
And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.
O my brave Soul!
O farther, farther sail!"

Words by Walt Whitman from Leaves of Grass
Completely and totally sublime music by Ralph Vaughan Williams

OK, so I just started looking at increasing the CRs for the NPCs in There is No Honor. First NPC I run into that the characters will be fighting...Soller Vark.

Human Warrior 2 with a 10 Int.

Looks like you forgot to put the +4 skill points at L1 and +1 skill point per level for being a human. He is 5 points low on skills.

I'll have to check the rest of them over closer, now.

Received my "baby" dragon today. It is awesome. Now I really have to consider if I want the Red...

Thanks for the awesome service, guys!

OK, one of the guys at the game last time around brought his digicam and we took some pics. I wanted to post pics of the Hirst Arts walls we're using in our Age of Worm's campaign. How does one go about posting pics in the forum? I already have the pics uploaded to photobucket, I just need to know the code to put it in the topic.

Number two...some of the pictures feature a prominently displayed bottle of Frosty Adult Beverage with an interesting name. Any rules prohibiting the posting of pictures of alcoholic beverages, or alcoholic beverages with interesting double-meaning names?

So I will be playing in an AoW campaign. THis is where I will document the game.

Currently it looks like our group will consist of

Grey Elf Archivist
Dwarven Paladin
Half Orc-Barbarian
Human Fighter
Human Rogue
Elven(?) Scout
Human Sorceress

Yup...No healer. I predict much death and dismemberment.

Since my two favorite sites for rules clarifications are either blocked by my firewall at work, or had serious database crashes, I'll ask the question here.

A monk can flurry of blws with a special monk weapon.

Lets say, a quarterstaff.

Say the monk does not have TWF. Without the Flurry, the monk would be at -4/-8 to hit when using the quarterstaff. If the monk flurries with the staff, she would be at -6/-6/-8. Correct? And if she had TWF she would be at -4/-4/-4? Correct?


The party caught a Lyrandar wind galleon to Korranberg, where they had a brief layover. Greddark and Dillane made their way to the Library to get information on Darguun, Rose Quarry and, if possible, Whiteheart. They hired four docents to get the data they required.

Khatari decided to go for a walk around the city. She found a beautiful, peaceful city, completely devoid of a police force. As she was making her way back to the ship, a traveller passed her and glanced at her with the completely black eyes. When she turned to take a double-take, the man was gone.

After the group got back on the ship and the ship setr sail, the group set back down to their jourbey. Greddark spent time gambling with the offduty sailors, Tianna practicing her darts and Jelpuir set a cauldron to boiling.

One night, Dillane was talking to an off duty old tar named One-Eyed Jack. Jack was describing a creature he had seen in his travels, a sea monster that seemed to be made of metal. Kat was sitting on the rail of the fo'c'sle. She glanced over and saw a skeletal hand gripping the deck just as it tried to pull her over into the inky water.

Soon the deck was swarming with skeletons. The crew had their hands full guiding the ship through the fog. Without the quick thinking of the characters, the captain would have surely perished and the crew would have joined the undead creatures.

The ship docked in Rhukaan Draal without other incidents. The party made their way to the Bloody Market with many a strange look from the goblinoid population. They soon found an inn off of the Bloody Market, called the Bloody Head. The goblin inkeeper, named Gak, prepared two rooms for them and brought out some dogmeat to eat. Soon the party was going off in different directions to take care of things.

Jelpuir and Greddark went off to explore the bazaar to see what was available. Jelpuir found a Dreamlily den, which he rapidly moved away from it. He soon found a leatherworker who spoke common and agreed to make a sling and bullets in his size.

Velbur and Khatari moved off to find a sorcerer named Ghakaz Bonecrusher who lived on the Street of Iron Daggers. On their way they saw a flash of red hair, which they assumed to be Tianna, but when they turned to look they saw a human male walking into a tavern. Their memory sparked, it occurred to them that Failin, their contact, was described as having a mane of curly red hair. They followed the man into the Pitted Dagger, where a fight ring was set up with a goblin and a dire rat fighting for sport. Failin was sitting in the back drinking wine. They approached him and told him of their need for his transportation services. After a short time he agreed to take them on a experimental vehicle he had obtained from House Orien before he was kindly asked to leave. He asked that no money he transferred in this establishment. He agreed to meet them later that night.

Continuing their search for the Sorcerer and soon found an iron tower with a door made of bones. Velpur raised the skull knocker and soon the door was answered by a goblin who didn't see to speak their language. He indicated they should wait and closed the door. Soon a bugbear in dark robes with bone and teeth jewelry came to the door. He was somewhat polite and invited them in. Velber indicated he was looking for a couple new spells for his spellbook, specifically sleep and command undead. Ghakaz indicated he would be able to scribe a control undead the next day and that he would be able to obtain the scroll of sleep that evening in the bazaar. Velbur agreed to return the next evening to get the scrolls.

Tianna was pulled aside by Dillane, who explained he was not who he appeared to be, changing his form to reveal his nature as a changeling. He indicated his desire to appear as a hobgoblin and wanted to look into buying hobboblin clothing and armor, as well as selling the magical longsword that the wardorged in the inn had attacked them with in the Broken Anvil Inn.

She shrugged and took him out in his new guise as Gudrut the hobgoblin. The quickly found appropriate clothing and after about an hour of haggling with an armormaker, they walked away with a extremely nice suit of (masterwork) spiked leather armor, and had sold the sword for the price of the armor and 200gp.

When the various pairs returned to the Bloody Head to find Failin sitting in the common room waiting for them. After payments had been arranged he agreed to meet them 2 mornings hence.

In the meantime, Velbur got his scrolls and scribed sleep into his spellbook, Tianna and "Gudrut" spent time carousing with the hobgoblkins. Velbur and Greddark asked Tianna where Dillane had gone and if he would be coming with them. She mentioned he would be catching up.

Failin was waiting for them in the inn that morning, 2 hours before dawn. He lead them out of town to a rock outcropping. Pulling back his sleeve he pressed a dragonmark of passage against the rock and spoke some words. The rock melted into the ground to reveal a cart. Just then, they heard a gruff voice behind them speak in goblin. Tianna understood it as "Failin, where you going? You cheats us!"

The party whipped around and quickly took care of the group, but not without Velbur getting seriously injured. Falin tossed some coins down at the foot of the surviving bugbear, paying off his debt.

Alrighty then, so the Eberron Campaign setting states that druids and rangers can under no circumstances use magebred animals as animal companions. In Five Nations, it says Druids and Rangers from Breland can use magebred bears and tigers as animal companions.

I'm more apt to believe the campaign setting with the inconsistencies I have seen in other Eberron materials. Anyone care to convince me otherwise?

OK so we are going to be starting Age of Worms shortly. I have been saying for the past couple months or so I want to play a Spellthief. I have that character planned out quite well and have around 4 pages of background and character notes on the character.

Now comes the issue. Other people want to play Rogues and sneaky types so I may be dethroned from the spellthief. I'm fighting for the spellthief, but..

So. In the event that I don't plat a spellthief, I'd like to play some form of arcane caster. I don't want to go divine or martial as my last character in the Shackled City was a Cleric of Strength...very combat oriented. Decided I wanted to go the opposite direction.

I am having little ideas of 'character' for an arcane caster. I've looked at the hexblade and the warmage and they really don't fit what I would care to play. I don't think we're going to be allowed Warlock.

So now I am starting to consider a specialist necromancer. My question to y'all is, without giving away anything about the adventure path, help me build my character. We're looking at Level 1 character, 32 point build. Other than 'necromancer' I don't even have a concept for the character...where he came from, what he is good in and what he sucks in.

All input will be taken into thought.

So tehre Navan and I were, sitting in the Beaten Dog with the first rays of dawn touching the eastern sky, having a last round of ales before sneaking the prince back to his palace tower when it happened. The gongs started. Gongs that could only mean one thing. The city was under attack. The goblins were at our door with their cup, refusing to go away even when it had been filled with our blood a hundred times.

The light flashed in Navan's ale-clouded eyes, "Lucik! We should go see what is going on! Do you think its the goblins?"

"What it may be, my prince, is beyond my thoughts right now. If the alarms are sounding, something is wrong. We can find out what is going on back at the palace, and perhaps get a better view of things."

Making our way back through the city streets to the garden wall outside the palace, we slipped in through the door disguised as an ivy covored wall. Thinking, foolishly, that the passage was a little known secret, we slipped through the darkness, only to bump into Thea. Of course she would know about it. "Your highness, I have been ordered to take you with me, now."

"Where are we going, Thea? What's going on? Wait! I need to stop back at my room!" spoke the prince, excitedly.

"Yes, Thea, what is going on and where are we going?" I speak up, stepping out of the shadows.

"The king has ordered me to bring the prince and the prince alone, with me." The guardswoman spoke, looking at me curtly.

I smiled. "Yes that's all well and good, but we all know I'll be coming along as well. You can't watch Navan at all times. Besides, you may need a glib tongue in the times ahead."

"A lying tounge...", replied Theya snidely. I feigned insult. "...but OK."

We made our way through the passage to the princes chamber, where we ran into a large party of guards with the magestrate and her lover-elf. It seemed all 30 of us were to sneak out of the city. Yeah, that wont go unnoticed. Thankfully, the magestrate spoke up, asking that the palace guard of 12 be pared down to two. I pointed at Erich, the orc, stating his strength would be a well needed addition as he could stand in the place of two other men. Thea had four of her force with us as well. So our pared down force of 11 made for the outer walls where Thea said she knew a way out of the city.

On our way through old town, someone brought up the need of supplies and rations. I spoke up that I knew of a tavern where the people would be helpful to us. We ducked into the Rusty Nail and asked the owners for supplies to help us out of the city. They mentioned they were heading out of the city and we were welcome to whatever was left. Packing our packs full of rations, and water, I slipped into the back room, and down into the cellar where I had hid out many times. I slid my money pouch into my coat and strapped my crossbow bolts to my shoulder. Tucked the coded document in my shirt, close to my chest, and grabbed the last bottle of Old Narayan Red off the rack.

"Lucik, c'mon," The prince's voice called out from above. "We're leaving." I climbed out of the cellar, passing Navan a wink and a smile, showing him the bottle, and joined the group. Soon enough we had passed through the concealed passage and outside the walls.

With an invading army of goblins from the west and an invading army, most likely the prince's dear uncle, from the east, we went north. After a small skirmish with a goblin scout party, we turned west, in homes of getting to Surmia. After a couple days, a unit of the Northern Mark soldiers approached. We had spend some time sorting things out that we were refugees from the city, and that Navan was no one of importance. I had used my skill in disguise and the mystical aid of the hat I had had for so long, to change his appearance. Not that many people outside of Narayan City knew what he looked like, it was a good idea to keep a low profile. We had the guards cover their shields and ditch their uniforms, so they looked more like generic guards.

The commander of the unit hailed us and ask us of the news. We told him of the two invading armies and he rode off to raly the Northern Mark.

That evening, I woke up to screams. Thea, on watch, had dropped to the ground, blood pouring from a wound in her side. Her eyes pointed me in the direction of the assailant, just as a bright flash of light erupted in the woods. The light backlit the creature. It looked like some form of giant bug, like a mantis, with a triangular head, a thin abdomen and thorax, from which sprouted 6 limbs, two which it stood on, two which carried double ended, crescent shaped spears, and two which flung the crystal shards that had impaled Thea. Taking a shot at it from the ground, I stood up and looked for the Navan. The bug creature leapt at Erich, slashing it with its double spears, causing some blood. The orc remained quiet as it lay on the ground, fighting as best he could. Bevyn approached with his glaive and thrust, wounding the creature.

About this time, a myriad of people arose from the ground, shooting at the bug creature. I spotted Navan behind the creature as I sent forth a burst of arcane energy at the creature, hoping to daze it momentarily. The creature, swinging its spear at Erich, also threw one of those crystal shards at one of Thea's guards, catching it in his throat. The guard dropped like a sack of potatoes, blood gouting from his throat. But the creature was rewarded with a flurry of blows that took it down.

Before bedding down for the rest of the night, I picked up one of the crystal shards. Five points each of a different color, red, blue, black, colorless and green. I overheard Anya and Dryden talking as they examined one of the blades. They mentioned the name Tiamat, the adversary.

When we awoke later in the morning, we fouind that Erich and Brvyn had dug a grave for the fallen guard. We took to collecting stones to build a cairn for him. I bent down and put a copper over each of the fallen guard's eyes. Anya, appearing beside me, asked why I would do that. I mentioned he sound need it to buy his way across the river oof the dead. After looking at me skeptically for a moment, she bent down and replaced the coppers with silvers. "Now he will ride across the river in style." I an so going to The Hells. Fostering superstitions in a magistrate and a priest can't be a good thing.

The next day we came within sight of the city. Drydyn and I scouted ahead to determine of the city was safe, and were greeted by a squad of armed guards. We used our cover of being refugees and that we hadn't been sure if the city was safe. We two were sent ahead of the rest of the party. They took Drydyn with them to collect the others and escorted me into the city.