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Happy Friday everyone! Light and Love to all of you.

Please cancel my Adventure Path Subscription.

Sending lots of love and light to Orlando, those involved and their friends and families. Sending lots of love and light to the family of the one responsible, as they lost a son yesterday as well. Sendling lots of love and light to the entire world, for only through love can hate be conquered.

I call it a bonus to Diplomacy depending on how much you bribe. Tehre are also penalties to try and sway someone in this way depending on the statistics for the settlement you are in, as per the GM Guide.

Ok, so I have read the first two issues. I like the storyline, but I don't particularly care for the artwork. I like my comics to be visually appealing and these are almost too much.

that is my understanding. Others disagree.

GUys, thanks for the help, but I am having a debate with a fellow GM. We are looking at the text on page 32 of the guide

Tiers are a level restriction for play. If a PC’s level does not fall within the level range of a scenario’s tier, that character can not legally play in that scenario. For example, a 5th-level PC is legal for play in scenarios of Tiers 1–5, 3–7, and 5–9; a 1st-level PC can only legally play in a Tier 1 or Tier 1–5 scenario. Within each tier, PCs should play in the subtier in which they fall whenever possible, but they may be allowed to play up or down, based on the average party level at the table, as outlined below. Some scenarios or special events offer more than two subtiers. In these cases, no PC can play at a subtier more than 1 step away from her character level.

The last line is where we are in contention. This sentence would seem to indicate that a Level 1 character could not play in a Subtier 3-4, even though the scenario is Tier 1-7. (Shipyard Rats)

OK my understanding was that if the scenario was played at Tier 4-5, you could play it with Level 3-6 characters.

Thanks for the clarification.

I have suggested he get a hold of both the GM from the scenarios he played in as well as the VC to get this cleared up.


Running a 1st Season Scenario, and noticed a blatant error (spellcaster only has 50% of spells available at a given level.) Where should this be reported?

As if it really matters, as I seriously doubt the editors would go back and edit a 1st Season Scenario.

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Panther style isn't built for you to run past one opponent and take it out as you's built so you can run past MULTIPLE opponents, taking whats at all of them as you run past them.

My monk is going to be taking this. He is tooling up to be the guy who charges the sorcerer/wizard, stuns it, and then in the next round pummels the crap out of her. Having the ability to take shots at the 6 guys standing between me and her is just bonus. Having the ability to trip them as I run past them, before they can AoO, and before the cleaving fighter gets there is also a good thing.

yeah if he leveled you from L10 to L20 in one week, he isn't interested in running anymore. Know you are dead, have fun and build a new character.

I like ossian666's idea. Just do it yourself

how does this differ from the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, which I have open on my desktop right now?

I would imagine the Plane of Shadow would have different languages than the Prime Material. I don't think their "common" would be our common. Heck, I have neve rliked the whole "common" language thing, but hey, that's my beer.

if your GM allows it, sure.

I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue.


Extradimensional Spaces wrote:

A number of spells and magic items utilize extradimensional spaces, such as rope trick, a bag of holding, a handy haversack, and a portable hole. These spells and magic items create a tiny pocket space that does not exist in any dimension. Such items do not function, however, inside another extradimensional space. If placed inside such a space, they cease to function until removed from the extradimensional space.

Unless you house-rule, as I do, that if you put an extradimensional-space inside an extradimensional space, both items are destroyed as a rift is ripped in the fabric of reality, and you are sucked through into a random place.

black-blooded oracle...

Vic Wertz wrote:
The Bestiary Box is not part of any subscription, but Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscribers who preorder this boxed set will receive a free PDF edition of this product when the boxed edition ships. (Note that you will need to have an active RPG subscription at the time the Bestiary Box ships in order to receive the PDF for free.)

Hey Vic, I have a subscription to the AP's. Am I correct in assuming that that won't get me the free PDF if I pre-order?

if your regent is a bad guy, what's preventing him from hiring a band or sorcerers to start a rebellion, killing many civilians, destroying many things, only to be schooled by the Schooled, who come in, save the day and prompt the regent to ban unschooled magic?

I would tell your players that they are disalowed if you hate them that much. Destroying every one they make up and them not realizing why is you being a complete and total d!#$. If you think it makes you a better person because you can pull the woll over their eyes, that only tells me not only are ou a crappy DM, but a crappy person.

Table 2-1 details what level formulae you can use per level. A Level 1 Alchemist can only create level 1 formulae, a level 4 alchemist can create level 1 and 2 formulae.

Bonus spells/formulae per day for having a high intelligence add to the number of formulae youc an create in a day, not the number of formulae you add to your spellbook at each level. You get one per level. BUT, if you run across another alchemist's formulae book, or want to buy scrolls of got access to a whole lot more.

an alchemist wuith a 16 intelligence can create level 6 formulae only when he reaches a level where he has access to level 6 formulae, i.e. 16th level.

enchant the apple with Cure Light Wounds... use the rules for crafting magical food from the Elf book.

I would say 10' range increment

ah OK, it's just worded weird in the book. Thanks Skeeter.

So I had a question when building a Mummy Lord, using the Undead Lord template from ToH:C. Mummy starts with DR 5/-. Undead Lord of 8HD gains DR10/magic, stacking with other damage reductions... how does one stack, DR5/- with DR 10/magic? DR 15/-? DR 15/magic? Other?


I run online scenarios over at Myth-Weavers.

I have Adobe Acrobat...I'd love to do markup on the pdf chronicle sheets, as I can do that from my iPad. I can even sign the pdf's on my iPad. The issue I am having is I cannot extract the chronicle sheets from the scenario pdfs. Would it be possible to have either a generic, non-filled in chronicle sheet PDF available, or have Paizo extract the chronicle sheets from the scenarios and provide them with the pdf copy of the scenario?

If this has already been discussed, I apologize. I just hate to have to print six copies of a sheet, to fill in and scan, just to throw out the's a waste of trees.

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I just came across this god, and love. I'm looking at creating a Paladin of Tsukiyo, and am wondering what his code of conduct would look like.

Being a god of madness...perhaps his followers believe that those who are mad/insane have seen the face of Tsukiyo, have gained un-understandable knowledge, and threfore are not capable of functioning under normal scoietal rules. Therefore...cannot harm the mad or insane as they are the children of Tsukiyo.

preorderd for both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds...

huge Earthdawn fan. Loved the feel and the world!

hey there and welcome.

There is the RAW ruling and then there is the GM Interpretation.

Rules as Written state nothing about catching oneself using slow fall, so by the rules, they would not be affected at all.

Option 3 is right out. They are not moving down the wall. They are falling.

My interpretation as a GM would be that it would be easier to catch the wall, as you are not falling as fast. Same for Feather Fall. YRMV.

sorry.....I am at work and have lost all ambition to do anything constructive today, so please just skip the rest of this post if you are actually looking for a serious answer.

You have been warned.

8th level fighter in armor walks into a goblin cavern and starts hacking away. The goblins realize they can't harm him and run to the neighboring kobold tribe. (We are talking Keep on the Borderland here, aren't we?) Thekobolds are concerned that the fighter will come for them next, and go visit the stupid, but strong ogre who lives next door, pay him off with a couple pigs and a VERY large bag of copper coins, painted with gold spraypaint. The ogre goes over to the local steading of the hill giant, where he trains with them until he is a 5th level barbarian ogre, at which point he returns to the kobolds, who are hosting the goblins at a feast, and joins in the feast.

Known to the kobolds, because they are sneaky gits, the fighter sneaks into the kobold lair during the feast and begins to kill the goblins, who the kobolds sat nearest the entrance they knew the fighter would be coming through. The 5th level ogre barbarian rages and goes to help his goblin friends, while the kobolds decide to make a retreat with the left over copper coins the ogre left under the table. On their way out, they dump some sleep poison into the oleander blossom mead, hoping that if the ogre doesn't succeed in killing the fighter, the cardioactive glycosides in the oleander mead will, once the fighter drinks it in celebration, or that maybe, just maybe, the sleep poison will knock the fighter out.

At which time the kobolds will sneak back into their den, strip the fighter naked, give him a "Koboldz waz heer" tramp stamp tattoo, and leave the fighter in the middle of the town square. They then give his armor in tribute to the hobgoblin warchief (who happens to be a level 10 cavalier who rides a basilisk), and tell him that some mook over in the village who has a tramp stamp with something written in Draconic, has been saying that he's been in the warchief's harem.

2 hours of game prep? heh, I usually prep 2 hours for each hour of game for a 5 hour game....I prep 10 hours.

Sandbox games are harder to prepare for, because you need to know every possible way the characters could go. Even knowing the entirity of the module you are running, your players will most likely find something else that you want to do.

I am running a sandbox style game and being daunte by the possibility of them going anywhere, I have started to ask them "What's Next?"

The next skill you need to learn is how to fall back and punt. That to make it up when they go a direction you hadn't planned on....or even thought of. Best way to deal with that, if you can't pull something out of your hat, is to stall. Have a preset encounter set up. Something that you can pull out and stall them for the rest of the session, until you can get some free time to figure out what you are going to do there.

Apocalypto Soundtrack

The Thirteenth Warrior Soundtrack

Master and Commander Soundtrack the arena, do you mean the plaza where the girralons are?

Name: Iouan M'bessk
Race: Shifter (set in Eberron)
Classes/levels: Fighter 7
Adventure: Racing to Ruin
Location: Serpent Temple (a.k.a. The Monkey House, the Monkey Treehouse, The Treehouse of Doom)
Catalyst: Outnumbered and Climb check

The Gory Details::
The group had just attempted to sneak into the ziggurat, and failed. I had beefed up the encounter there as my party s a bit higher than the suggested level. there were 5 degenerate serpentfolk present, in addition to the wizard, the charau-ka and the girallon. The charau-ka had class levels.

Well, they managed to survive the serpentfolk guards, the charau-ka, the girallon and had taken the serpentfolk wizard to 1hp, when he teleported to the Serpent Temple. After a short time, they decided to go after him.

The cleric decides it would be a good idea to pop into the middle of the asphalt pond, onto one of the rock outcroppings, and attempt to take out some of the charau-ka with a channel negative energy. These charau-ka had class levels (party is L7), and didn't go down. Surprised, the charau-ka began throwing whatever they can, and took the cleric down about 45 hit points from their throwing rocks, in the surprise round.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had climbed over the wall and started towards the monkeys. The cleric, hightailed it away from the center of things, almost getting bullrushed into the tar pit. Followed by 9 L3 charau-ka barbarians and 3 L3 charau-ka rogues, the party decided to run.

Poor Iouan. The wall was crumbkling stone, overgrown with vines. I called it a DC 10 to climb. Iouan must have found a part of the wall that was more decayed, as he just couldn't get a grip on the wall.

The wizard summoned fire elementals to aid in the escape, but Iouan was overwhelmed by monkeys. He cried out "RUN! I'll hold them off!" as he turned back to the tide of shrieking primates.

And then the fire elemental burned through the primitive wood and vine bridge and fell into the tar pit.

Lesson: Scout out before assaulting.

Point #1 - I think you mean, you want to change the Alias you have posted under for previous posts? Or do you mean you want to change the title of your thread to "GM Elberion runs...".

The first, you may be able to go back and edit your post.

The Second, I think someone on the webpage staff will need to do that. Or just start a new thread with the correct title, and leave a message in the previous thread that the game thread has changed.

Goblin Squad Member

Stefan Hill wrote:
Does this matter to you?

There are more things that matter to me about it than the mechanics. Lately I haven't had time to play any MMO's other than 2 hours a month or so, so what would really matter to me is whetehr the game is fun toplay or not.

actually, the full sentence is

"Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness ..., blur, displacement, invisibility, [u]or similar effects[/u]"

I would consider a fog cloud a 'similar effect', but only if the outlined creature was in a square adjacent to you.

Oh lets see here....if I go with only the characters that I've played in 3.5 and Pathfinder... (I've been roleplaying since before many of you were born...)

Dar - Cleric of Strength (Known for making potions into sticks that required a Strength check to break and free the magical power. The higher the potion level...the higher the Strength check required to break.) - Shattered City - 3.5 - entire party captured by slavers, campaign ended. I didn't die. HA!

Thorn - Archivist - Age of Worms - 3.5 - a plant creature snuck up on us while we were sleeping. Whomever was on watch didn't realize it. The group got entangled. Being entangled while prone sucks moose dung. I couldn't break free with my 9 Strength and died from the creatures venomous thorns.

Ting-Tang Walla-Walla Bing-Bang - Lizardman Druid (sort of a combination of Rafiki from Lion King and the Lemur King from Madagascar) - Age of Worms - 3.5 - 75% of the party died in the Arena. Campaign Ended. I didn't Die. HA!

Tabor - Dwarven Drunken Monk - Second Darkness - Pathfinder - I'm not dead yet! I may have fallen afoul of aboleth slime, but we're still kicking! In another dimention and on temporary hiatus, but kicking!

If your commoner with a 8 Strength, also has an average Wisdom of, oh...12, because commonfolk have more common sense than city folk (not that I'm maligning you city -slickers, but most of you don't know enough to stay out of the poison ivy), and takes a rank in Profession(Lumberjack), he can earn an average of 7gp a week, if he takes 10 on his Profesion check. If we assume he is working for himself and does not owe anything to 'the man', that means he's sold 700 days worth of firewood at 1cp/day of firewood, all for one weeks work. So even if he physically can't chop the trees down, he's got to be doing something right....and in one week can have enough firewood for his lovely wife and 13 kids to have fires burning in his modest cottage for almost 2 years.

So even though the rules prevent him from physically chopping down the trees....he still can gather enough wood in a week to keep his family warm for 2 years.

Insufficient information. A lot of times people have very strong opinions over what they are playing, and I don't really care. I play fill-in a lot of times. It also really depends on the setting. Is it a city campaign, a wilderness campaign, a completely underground campaign? It's not as easy as "I'm playing a halfling witch!"

Dang I forgot weapon training. So it looks like it may be a compilation of the two classes.

Why Not? Sure, you'll be nerfed crunchwise, but the roleplaying opportunities will be awesome.

also would like a copy of these files

randomwny at gmail dot com

Module was written prior to the release of the Inner Sea World Guide (I believe) By the PrC outlined in Escape from Old Korvosa, Chivane in the AP is correct. By the ISWG standards, she couldn't have gone into RMA at 6th level, as she wouldn't have the feats required.

As per EOK, she is correct, as per ISWG she is incorrect. You can either rebuild her or handwave it away.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Chivane was given Weapon Specialization (sawtooth sabre), she should not get that until Level 5 Red Mantis Assassin, Unless there is a change with the PF RPG conversion.

Actually Chivane couldn't have gone into Red Mantis Assassin at L6. She needs 4 specific feats to go into RMA, and only has 3 at L5 Rogue.

Arachne wrote:
No antipaladin codes for Calistria and that other one? I can easily imagine an antipaladin of Calistria - almost Slaaneshi.

Yeah baby!

Ambrus wrote:
As for the efficient quiver, I contend that there's no reason the other two compartments couldn't be crammed with additional arrows rather than the spears, javelins and bows mentioned in the item's description. If it has nothing besides arrows, I'd say that an efficient quiver could likely hold as many as 180 arrows.

I don't allow a standard efficient quiver to hold arrows in the other two compartments. However, if a player wanted to craft one that did, I don't see why they couldn't. Granted I think that would be called a handy haversack. (which looks like it could hold around 800 arrows...)

I just sent Cracked an e-mail as well...I'm interested in these files, as I am putting the Eberron stuff into HeroLab for Pathfinder...

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