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Alrighty then, so the Eberron Campaign setting states that druids and rangers can under no circumstances use magebred animals as animal companions. In Five Nations, it says Druids and Rangers from Breland can use magebred bears and tigers as animal companions.

I'm more apt to believe the campaign setting with the inconsistencies I have seen in other Eberron materials. Anyone care to convince me otherwise?

Not knowing the Eberron setting all too well, is there any region-specifics about Breland that would give rangers and druids access to magebred animal companions? If I recall correctly, magebred animals aren't necessarily magical, just generally "mo' bettah" that the standard plain vanilla animal.

OK so I read the magebred animals section under Breland and this is how I interpret it:
If a magebred animal escapes back to the wild it often starts to wreck havoc on the ecology as it is much more intelligent. If it sires offspring this problem is compounded. Therefore Breland druids etc often take wild magebred animals as companions to help protect the environment. I would say the only reason that a Breland druid has this as an option is that magebred animals are more prevalent in Breland.

I would use this as a regional option for roleplaying in order to add flavour to a character.


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Depends on WHY. I said that they are too much like Aberations for the Druids and Rangers to get close too and a perversion of Lamannia ... but a good character description can always convince me otherwise.

OK, thanks for the input. I'll have to consider it carefully.

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