Odd Question: If Vegepygmy kill a demon...

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So, recently in my Serpent Skull campaign, the PC's released a demon. The demon fled before they coudl kill it, and it is going to wander over and ally with the vegepygmy. While pondering what this would do, I started to wonder, if the vegepygmy ended up killing the demon, and then sprouted more from the demonic corpse, would they be fiendish vegepygmy?

Carrying that a step further, could the demon summon another demon for the vegepygmy to kill and infect, thereby creating a host of fiendish vegepygmy?

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Yes, it could be a fiendish or half-fiend vegepygme.

No, because a summoned demon would disappear on death.

Called demons would probably become fiendish/demonic vegepygmy.

Summoned demons bodies are not permanent, so nothing would happen to that body save it would disipate to the nothingness from which it came.

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