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OK, one of the guys at the game last time around brought his digicam and we took some pics. I wanted to post pics of the Hirst Arts walls we're using in our Age of Worm's campaign. How does one go about posting pics in the forum? I already have the pics uploaded to photobucket, I just need to know the code to put it in the topic.

Number two...some of the pictures feature a prominently displayed bottle of Frosty Adult Beverage with an interesting name. Any rules prohibiting the posting of pictures of alcoholic beverages, or alcoholic beverages with interesting double-meaning names?

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

You can't embed images directly into your posts, but you can link to them like so:

{url=http://blahblah}Name of picture{/url}

(Use square brackets ] instead of curly ones.)

As for rules about double-entendre and whatnot, it's courteous to let people know if they might find a particular link offensive for whatever reason.

Excellent, Gary. Thanks! Exactly what I wanted.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo - where ARE these pics??

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