NY, Finger Lakes (Ithaca) seeking player

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we are a group of 1 GM and 4 players seeking an additional player for our Core-only Pathfinder Kingmaker game. We are having difficulty getting more than 2 players together and would like another to add to the mix to increase the odds that we get to play.

We are a very diverse group. GM has been gaming for...um... many...um...decades...and has experience in many game systems and genres. I place an emphasis on thinking, role-playing and problem solving over murderhoboing. Combat does play a part of the game, but if you prefer to draw your sword and attack as a first option, you probably won't make it long in this group.

Group consists of a fae-blooded sorcerer/ranger, a human diviner, an elven druid and a half-orc monk. Currently level 5, all characters start as core-only. Additional rules are possible, but need to be sold to the GM (who has a large electronic Pathfinder (and other RPG) library) and will need to be role-played to attain.

We try to play at least every 2 weeks as schedules permit. Wednesday and Thursday nights work best for GM. One of our players commutes from Geneva to play and would welcome a carpool.

If interested, contact me directly.

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