Drawing a complete blank on the name of the Isle

Savage Tide Adventure Path

OK, I know it is the Isle of Dread, but does it have an actual name? I could swear it does, but have none of the Dungeons with me to look it up.


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Today? No, it's actual name is indeed the "Isle of Dread."

In ancient times, it was probably known as Thanaclan. But today, that name applies only to the ruined city atop the central plateau.

In Mystara it's part of the Thanegioth Archipelago and I've sometimes seen it referred to as Thanegioth, but that's not a STAP feature.

Are you thinking of the Thanegioth Archipelago, perhaps? That's the name of the island group to which the IoD belongs.

Beat by a hair's breadth! :^D

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