Of Eberron, Dragonmarks and Item Creation


Couple questions about Dragonmarked and item creation. I know how I would rule, but I am curious to see how others rule.

1) Can a non-dragonmarked caster read a scroll of a spell requiring a dragonmark to cast it? As written, Scribe Scroll requires the scroll creator provide the components, not the reader, but this would allow non-dragonmarked casters access to spells specifically designed for dragonmarked casters.

2) Can an Artficer emulate a dragonmark to create an item requiring a spell with the Dragonmark component? Example, can an artificer emulate the Mark of Making needed to cast Summon Marked Homunculus, to create a scroll with that spell on it?

I'm working on the presumption that the scroll caster and the artificer don't have dragonmarks. My initial response is "NO WAY", however, in the interests of being fair, I'll chew through it.

In the first case, I would say "no", unless you tossed in a Use Magic Device roll in there.
In the second case, I would say the same - a Use Magic Device check.

In either case, I would house-rule that the scroll had to have consumed an Eberron dragonshard in the preparation of the scroll, above what was already paid. The artificer would have to sacrifice a shard as well, the value of the shard equal to 100gp x the level of the spell being infused/cast.

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