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I'll admit, I'm surprised to see so much hullabaloo over an explicitly impious character not fitting the mold of their faith :>

Dubious Calistrian devotion aside, I hope folks like the Narland Charter! I wanted to try and land on something resembling a 'traditional' fantasy party; it was tough to restrict myself to CRB Ancestries.

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Hah! *slaps knee* Hullabaloo seems a good word for it!

The charter is pretty cool.

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I’ll chime in when/if the definition of a “worshipper” ever has an impact on game mechanics.

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Vardoc Bloodstone wrote:
I’ll chime in when/if the definition of a “worshipper” ever has an impact on game mechanics.

Just about every Rahadoumi character option ever. XD

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Coming back to this thread with a promised "Kingmaker successor" party, one that tries to imagine a group of adventurers from the former Stolen Lands, over a decade on from that AP's success. I've done my best to avoid major specific spoilers from that storyline, but I'm definitely gesturing at parts of it with our friends from the Tatzlford Promise here, who swore an oath to become famous together in that Narland town (not nearly as small as the borderland village it once was). The only thing I've really fudged here is the timeline; Kingmaker 1e was 12 years ago, but I'd ideally want Yennis to at least be 16.

Yennis Redmane, Fey-Touched Princess:
Yennis is the runaway heir to Narland's throne, Queen Regna's only child - so far allowed her adventures, as the crown believes they'll offer the girl valuable experience. While the draconic magic in the Redmane bloodline is legendary, Yennis's bright-red hair bear streaks of vivid green; her innate sorcery sings with curses and nymph-gifts, for reasons unclear to her. The spoiled princess wants nothing more than a legend to herself, untethered to family lineage or any throne, and she often daydreams of escaping everything she knows for the First World's impossible vistas.

(CG Kellid-Taldan Human / Nymph Bloodline Sorcerer)

Kodlak, Unbroken Beast:
Kodlak - a Iobarian word mostly used for lycanthropes - abandoned his true name taken from him when he fled his village, his feral gifts awakening in a drunken teenage brawl that left his brother dead. A life of manual labor and miserable drinking on the Narland side of the border was barely one at all, and so Kodlak slowly resolved to make something of himself despite the shame. Dumb luck led him to the Promise, but he quickly decided the best use of his strength was keeping good folks like them alive.

(NG Iobarian Beastkin Dwarf / Animal Instinct Barbarian)

Mekamik, Sootscale Pioneer:
The child of tinkerers who worked with sinew and wood, Mekamik's path in life forever changed when they caught sight of Pitaxian clockwork in a village market stall. Being a part of Narland brought their clan into greater wonders, and the young kobold's bright eyes and clever hands were desperate to know them all. Their first invention - a snarling little dragon, wrought of ugly brass - earned a new syllable on Mekamik's name (promoted from Mekmik), but they won't rest until they master the technology of nearby Numeria.

(CN Sootscale Kobold / Companion Inventor)

Venta, Bewtiched Outcast:
Exiled from her Kellid tribe for forbidden magic, Venta has no one to trust but the strange voice in her cadlelit dreams. Many Kellid peoples take a dim view of mages after the fall of old Sarkoris, but Venta never chose her path - the dreams and the spells both came unbidden. She hates her unseen patron for ruining her life, but has little alternative but to follow his instructions: go to Tatzlford and become dear to these 'heroes.' Unfortunately, Venta isn't pretending anymore, and increasingly feels caught between her adventuring friends and the puppeteer of her fate.

(N Kellid Human / Curse Patron Witch)

Yennis leads the group with unshakeable confidence and a romantic view of what a hero's life looks like, informed by the stories of her mother's founding adventures. Kodlak is dour and acts as if afraid he'll shatter anything he touches, but is slowly learning to smile again. Despite a fondness for bombastic inventions and sizeable explosions, Mekamik is surprisingly careful, always offering inherited Kobold wisdom about surviving in a world much bigger than you. Venta is quiet and seemingly forlorn, but takes incredibly dangerous risks to save her fellows from peril.

Kingmaker spoiler about Venta's Patron:
It's the Lantern King, of course. She has no clue that she's being used for some vague plot against Narland, and doesn't share his fondness for cruel pranks.

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I'd like to see this thread keep going, but I'm not fully Trained yet with 2nd Edition (1st Edition is for me).

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I see no reason to not offer a 1st edition party. One of the points of this thread is so that we start thinking about the kinds of stories meta regions offer, not just individual countries. It's one of the things I am critical of with both Outlaws of Alkenstar and Blood Lords; each is very country focused instead of more widely regional. Admittedly, Alkenstar at least incorporated the Mana Wastes, so it's not totally missing, but I really had hopes for an AP that explored the entire Impossible Lands, not just individual pieces.

But that aside, as long as your PCs are hailing from the same meta-region, I think its within the bounds of the thread to have a Gentleman, Cavalier, Skald, and Mesmerist form into a group from Absolom or the Eye of Dread.

Not my thread, so take my words with a grain of salt, but speaking only for myself I wouldn't mind seeing what you have to write.

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Yeah, it’s not like any of the other characters in the thread have their mechanics posted. I made this post to see the creativity of other forum users who like the same setting I do - please post! It would bring me joy.

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Ahriman, master of the fiendish divs, is sworn to the task of seeing all mortal works turned to ruin. Rovagug, god of destruction, seeks the end of everything - the universe itself, unmade. Both masters of dissolution have scarred the history of the Golden Road; a palace for Ahriman, the House of Oblivion, blights Thuvia's desert, while the dreaming corpse of Rovagug's firstborn, Ulunar, resides in Osirion's capital city. Likewise, both are served by fervent, fevered cultists across the expanse of northern Garund, digging at the foundations of the Inner Sea's eldest civilizations.

No one but the four Sekh Madjed know they're working together. Something like fate gathered them to the side of the sphinx Nakhsedjer, a criosphinx in service to Osirion's state who first noted the links between both cults. Unholy assassins killed Nakhsedjer and drove the Sekh Madjed into the desert, but each of these hardened heroes is sworn to protect their world - their duty-name marked in glowing white tattoos of Ancient Osiriani and Celestial, the work of the sphinx's own hand.

(Sekh Madjed is, very roughly, "Pillars of Power" in Ancient Egyptian, with an erroneous space thrown in to make it a little easier to read; from sekhem, like in goddess Sekhmet, and djed, 'pillar.' They're a party anchored around Lawful Good, as fits the ideals of ancient Ma'at, and djed seemed like a good shorthand for Law standing against total chaotic destruction!)

Flaming Lotus, Laughing Inferno:
Ulunat's corpse may adorn Sothis, but Osirion is not the only land to boast a slain Spawn of Rovagug - Xotani rests in nearby Katapesh, laid low by ancient genie-binders who doused the monster's searing fires. Flaming Lotus is a distant descendant of these potent mages, her Ifrit heritage obvious from the brilliant red color of her striped fur. The gnoll Kineticist simply appeared at Nakhsedjer's side one day in the public market, claiming to have been sent by the wisdom of her ancient order - an explanation the sphinx doubted, but had little choice but to accept. Nothing can shake Lotus, who responds to all peril with a jest and an arrogant grin, but this detracts little from her loathing for all of Rovagug's agents in this world.

NG Katapeshi Ifrit Gnoll / Dedicated Gate (Fire) Kineticist

Khamsariel, the Hungry Wind:
While the Vourinoi elves are an incredibly tolerant people, Khamsa knew from an early age that their antelope-like horns made them different from the rest. Despite this, no one ever treated them unkindly for their fiendish blood, welcoming their unique magical talents as natural gifts like any other. When the Usij came, demanding Khamsa be handed over as a prophesied destroyer they called "the Howling Wind," the clan rallied to their defense - and fell to magic so much like their own. Clever illusions let the div-spawn escape the slaughter, and an Osirian patrol found them collapsed on a desolate roadside. The sphinx correctly identified them as a victim of the cultists, rather than one of their kind, and Khamsa gladly took to the task of vengeance.

(NG Spitespawn Tiefling Elf / Div Bloodline Sorcerer)

Meshet, Ouat Monolith:
Meshet wanted for more than the humble lives of the Pahmet people, looking for something greater first in the discipline of the Ouat monks and, after that failed to quiet her heart, in the nation of the pharaohs who her ancestors once supported. Nakhsedjer saw the flame of righteousness within Meshet's heart, and offered a true purpose: the role of a Living Monolith. The stone-bound dwarf was the sphinx's greatest asset in pursuing both cults, and while her devotion to the task has not wavered, she's shaken by the loss of a master, a mentor, and a dear friend.

(LN Pahmet Dwarf / Monk / Living Monolith)

Zaratah of Merab, Sunlit Avenger:
Raised from the day of her birth by the Temple of the Redeeming Sun, Zaratah grew to be a pious Sarenite, a patriot for her home city-state of Merab, and a broad-shouldered athlete; all three came together to make her a damn fine paladin. She watched as the desert eats away at Thuvia with each passing year, faster than is natural, but the church refused to launch a speculative crusade on a young acolyte's hunches. Her attempt to strike alone left her nearly dead at the hands of the Usij; a delirious vision of her goddess somehow led the way to Nakhsedjer's home in Osirion, marking this quest as divinely-ordained in Zaratah's eyes.

(LG Garundi Human / Paladin Champion of Sarenrae)

Meshet respects Zaratah's dedication to holy ideals, but is deeply embarrassed by the paladin's fondness for dirty jokes and tawdry tales; she, in turn, gently tries to get the monk to loosen up, both in the name of the team and out of a genuine regard for the stoic monolith. Lotus has a sense of humor and a vocabulary of Katapeshi swears that make Zaratah look like a nun, and enjoys poking the others with playful barbs more than any of them would prefer. Khamsa is the quietest of the bunch by far, mostly speaking up for the mission's sake... until Lotus snares them in yet another game of chance, their beloved cards bringing out rare smiles from the tiefling.

Sometimes, the best use for an exciting setting is as a way to freshen up the over-familiar. Four brave heroes from wildly different, but classic fantasy backgrounds: a paladin of the sun, a haughty pyromaniac "wizard," a dwarf, and an elf. A divine patron tasks them with stopping not one, but two apocalyptic gods! It's all been done before, but the diverse inspirations of the Golden Road make it all novel and fantastical again.

I wanted to prove that I can grit my teeth and enjoy Osirion, and I think I've done a good job here! Not a mummy or slaver in sight - the Golden Road has so much more potential than folks realize! My only disappointment is not included a Maftet character somehow.

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After seeing all that, I almost hate to butt in . . . well, work isn't going to let me do it for at least several days anyway.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

After seeing all that, I almost hate to butt in . . . well, work isn't going to let me do it for at least several days anyway.

By all means - I’d love to see what you make!

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With the Impossible Lands book imminent, there's been a lot of attention on the region: Alkenstar and Geb both enjoyed APs this year, while Jalmeray's chance to draw on awesome under-utilized South Asian inspirations and carry 4 of the 5 Ancestries in the book... leaving Nex surprisingly out of the spotlight. That might change on release day - the archwizard himself may be on the verge of returning! - but for right now, it mostly exists in how we daydream it.

Sky-tearing cities surrounded by blasted wastelands, bodies twisted beyond recognition with unrestrained science and otherworldly power, control firmly in the hands of an elite, inhuman few - Nex is cyberpunk with a magic coat of paint over it, and I think leaning into those noir stylings is the right way to tackle the country. When the demon lord of secrets operates openly in your capital, those alleys and smoky backrooms are bound to be extra sinister! Trapped in the mire are the four souls of Vantrian's Legacy, straining to keep themselves afloat in the wake of the eponymous mage's demise. None of them have the full picture of how the dead man's web has snared them, but the only way out of Quantium's intrigues is through.

Argent, Arclord's Echo:
A failsafe. His first conscious thought was the knowledge that he existed because something terrible had happened. Stepping from a silvered mirror in Vantrian's estate, Argent resembles the fallen Mind-Thief - but far younger and much slighter, more like a son than a copy, with bright grey eyes where the Arclord had an infamous piercing blue. Whatever Vantrian's plan for him was remains unknown; Argent knows his creation was intended, but has no idea to what end.

Their resemblance is enough that Argent rightly fears for his life. Foreign memories and arcane formulae swim in his mind, endlessly vexing - and sometimes resolving into spells of incredible destructive power. If his fate is to inherit an Arclord's burdens, he figures, then why not enjoy an Arclord's power? Though he's only lived for a matter of weeks thus far, Argent already has the hubris of a much older mage, but his present peril helps stifle that somewhat.

(CN Human Reflection / Imperial Sorcerer / Spell Trickster)

Calix, Verdant Prison:
Vantrian delighted in the minds of others as his plaything, but on rare fancies dabbled in making use of their 'empty' bodies as well. A brief obsession with aberration-binding killed a procession of humanoid hosts, but took root in the floral constitution of an unfortunate Ghoran he came to call Calix. The wards imprisoning them in an underground gaol failed with Vantrian's murder, allowing it escape - but no way out from the horror curled up around their soul.

Calix loathes living as a corruption of nature, but is determined to cure their condition, and that requires the talents of the vicious folk in Quantium. Survival requires cooperating with the alien within, their vines twisting into unnatural bark and thorns in battle while monstrous songs thrill in their mind... what Vantrian did to Calix was worse than a thousand deaths, and so they refuse to die, doing whatever it takes to prevail.

(N Ghoran / heavily reflavored Animal Instinct Barbarian / (Aberration) Living Vessel)

Raziya, Amnesiac Pact-Binder:
Born to a scholarly family in Rahadoum, Raziya's older brother possessed considerable talent with the arcane, eventually spurning their homeland's vaunted academies for the forbidden lore of distant Nex. When his letters ceased, Raziya grew wary, following his trail to the nation's capital and the estate of an Arclord, one Vantrian Mind-Thief.

Incensed by her confrontation, Vantrian bewitched Raziya - a spell that only recently broke, some four years later, with the Arclord's murder. Her memory of that time is blank; she doesn't know this city, but it most definitely knows her, most notably with the demonic library of Scrivenbough greeting her as an old friend. Raziya's past is a mystery, as is the murder of her "master," and she's still no closer to her brother's trail than she was the day she first entered Quantium. Raziya needs to solve all three if she has any hope of staying alive in the greatest city of the Impossible Lands.

(LN Garundi Human / Empiricism Investigator / Pactbinder)

Zadow, Perfected Assassin:
Alchemy is a fact of life in Nex, from the oozes that clean the sewers to the elixirs that keep many of its elite young. So too is assassination, the Arclords and even lesser parties resolving their feuds with bloodshed in the dark. Both marry in the case of Zadow, a killer fleshwarped beyond all recognition into the perfect tool for the purpose. Whether with silent, flashing blades or drops of poison, Zadow cut many threads short without complaint.

Vantrian was one. The last thing Zadow thought was that it all felt too easy. When the extraction teleport never came, it hesitated; when the other assassins struck, it understood. Zadow doesn't understand its betrayal because it never truly knew the ones who held its leash, but something deep within their stitched chest refuses to die without a fight.

(NE Fleshwarp / Flurry Ranger/ Assassin)

They couldn't be more different, other than their painful bonds to a monster of a man who's far beyond any vengeance now. Argent bristles at the looks he catches from Calix and Raziya, but inevitably returns to try their company after growing bored of ever-grim Zadow. Calix remembers all too well what Raziya did to them during her lost years, but understands that both of them are victims; the other two are unfortunate necessities they'd sooner be rid of. Raziya is sympathetic to all three, but treats them with the same wariness her amnesia demands of everyone, and she tries to temper Argent's worst impulses wherever she can. Zadow says little, but hasn't left yet.

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While we've seen faces from all around the Inner Sea, this time I'd like to take us beneath, to the forbidding Darklands! Far from the sun's burning light, closer to the heartbeat of Golarion and the prison of Rovagug, empires rise and fall in the sightless depths - and strange heroes delve on quests far more harrowing than any surface-dweller has ever known...

These four souls met in a wretched pit, captives intended as sacrifices to the great god of the ghouls and food for his loyal flock, and made a quick oath to stay alive together - something they're still doing today, years later. Garhiz named them the Meat Rejects, as they're all both outcasts from their peoples and because they refused to be eaten.

Garhiz is not known for their wit.

Alembeth Misraria, Nocticula's Razor:
House Misraria's assassins ruled the darkness of Zirnakaynin, the other Drow houses respecting perhaps Nocticula's greatest mortal killers, and Alembeth was an exemplary daughter of the line. Countless rivals and inconvenient former allies fell to her blade, guided by the certainty of Misraria superiority and Nocticulan faith. Alembeth grew jaded; nothing ever changed, her House never ascended to greatness, and the pointless, bloody game sprawled ever onward.

If Alembeth's devotion wavered, then apparently Nocticula's did something far worse.

She fled the city and her family in the chaos that followed, her old talents finally put to selfish use in the name of survival. Alembeth's faith almost broke in the ghoul pit, but her heart sang when glowing moonlight flowed from her hands to split undead flesh. With her goddess having changed so much and her old life in ashes, Alembeth wonders who she is now, but keeps moving forward.

(CN Drow / Inquisitor of Nocticula)

Garhiz, the Beast from Below:
The Xulgath people have lost much in their long fall from grace, and Garhiz's clan were among the worst, slavering servants of demonic masters in the name of power. Garhiz was the largest of their clutch, quickly grew to be the largest of their clan, and knew they were stronger than any of those fools who leashed themselves to the strength of another - but the cultists were more numerous than they, and drove Garhiz into the depths.

Matching their raw fury against the monsters of the Darklands proved to be everything clan life hadn't been. It felt exhilarating and true. Garhiz became a hunting thing, and found joy in purpose realized until ghoul magic laid them low. Garhiz hungers for a return to that simplicity almost as much as they crave to crush their old kin, to prove how much greater they've grown, and their allies are a key part of that.

(CN Xulgath / Superstition Instinct Barbarian)

Haashterith, Serpentfolk Dominator:
Haashterith had the luck to be born brilliant and psychic, thousands of years after their people and the empire they once built were utterly shattered. Her elders were content to squabble with one another amid underground ruins, and she demanded better; her vain attempt at an uprising with mentally-dominated thralls was swiftly crushed, and she barely escaped with her life.

More than anything, she refuses the indignity of an anonymous death. Ydersius squirms eternally, unworthy of worship, while the humans thrive across distant sunlit lands. The old ways have failed - something new must be built if the Sekmin are to ever rise above their millennia of shame, and that means the same cooperation that saved Haashterith from a ghoul's dining altar. Treat others fairly and honestly when your interests align; nudge their emotions and stir their memories when things prove difficult. It's easy, really, which just makes her all the more mad no one else has done it yet.

(N Sekmin / Silent Whisper Psychic)

Wilted Palm, Maw of Redemption:
Gnoll cultures place great importance on the proper handling of the dead, and Palm died very far away indeed from any other Gnolls. The unholy contagion of the Ghouls had claimed her, spread by an infectious bite, and she found herself amid a crop of new 'initiates' in the undying city of Nemret Noktoria, deep beneath her native sands.

Narakaas appeared to her in a dream, understanding that her undeath was not by choice, and offered to cleanse her soul in exchange for service - a deal she gladly took. Her heresy saw her confined to the pit, but granted the very power she used to set the group free. Already strong in life, her undead body now easily hefts a mighty Osirian shield and a divine executioner's axe, clad in the regalia of an avenging psychopomp. Until her blessed death claims her, Palm gladly fights to slay the wicked and to keep her fellows breathing - but secretly holds out hope of finding a 'cure' that will return her to life.

(NG Gnoll Ghoul / Redeemer Champion of Narakaas)

Obviously, the group have strong opinions on Nemret Noktoria and the undead, but beyond that the Darklands are their oyster. Garhiz is content to test themself against whatever challenges come their way, but both Alembeth and Wilted Palm follow fleeting visions from their deities - visions that clash as often as they align. Haashterith's ambitions are no secret; she works to make friends and earn favors with major factions the group finds in their travels, a tendency that's saved them all more than once.

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Wow, these are getting even more interesting than they started.

I didn't mean to be out of action on these boards all the way since October 25. Having to work late and get up early has been putting a crimp in my activities . . . and only going to get worse next week.

Edit: If you're wondering why nobody is posting, see here (and the post above if it ever becomes visible) for a possible reason.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Wow, these are getting even more interesting than they started.

I didn't mean to be out of action on these boards all the way since October 25. Having to work late and get up early has been putting a crimp in my activities . . . and only going to get worse next week.

Edit: If you're wondering why nobody is posting, see here (and the post above if it ever becomes visible) for a possible reason.

Oh, do you have an invisible post?

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I did for well over an hour, and when the posts finally appeared, they time traveled, and in 1 of 2 instances in which I had 2 in 1 thread, they appeared in reverse order.

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Until recently, the cruel Technic League held Numeria tight in their grasp, ruling by proxy and demanding total control over that land's wonders - and perhaps cruelest of all, many living beings were deemed the property of the League by the circumstances of their otherworldly origins. Lady Altouna, master of trade city Hajoth Hakados, is secretly an alien herself, and employs a vast network of troubleshooters meant to save those with ties to other worlds - then, under the Technic League, and now still in this strange new era.

Arrogant technologists consider Androids to be lesser than "true life," treating them as one would a mindless golem. Many aliens find themselves deemed monsters by those who've never seen their like before, or else wind up on the dissection tables of madmen. Certain Kellid tribes react with fear to what they deem "the unnatural." Even free from mortal persecution, Numeria's harsh landscape and vicious predators (robotic and natural!) claim many lives, and Altouna grieves each as an avoidable tragedy.

Below is one team of many in her nameless organization, working to deliver justice to the cruel and freedom to the captive. Each of them owes their life to the organization's efforts, and rewarded their rescue with loyal service in the hopes of paying it forward.

I'm trying something different here: a party of 3, not 4, and with character options not currently in PF2... yet, anyway! Numeria was my first Pathfinder love; I hope you enjoy this trio of characters, as they're deeply self-indulgent.

Faith-1 (CN Android Inquisitor of Casandalee) first awakened as a crew of Technic League works dragged her from a stasis pod, her mind a blank before that moment; she spent the next three years as disposable fodder, digging out buried ruins and sent ahead to trigger any lingering traps. Despair wound tight around her soul until a golden voice, synthetic and pure, spoke to her - and told her to seize freedom with both hands. Razor-honed wits and a bag of Casandalee's blessings have kept Faith ahead of death ever since, the stealthy android capable of passing unseen until the time for judgment arises, and Altouna gladly aims her at the work of liberating other Androids in peril.

Tariu Veinburn (CG Kellid Fleshwarp Bloodrager) fell into a secluded chasm while foraging for their clan, the fall shattering their body but not quite killing them. Desperate, Tariu crawled until they found a puddle in the dark, and as its taste lulled them into sleep, they accepted death; none could recognize the creature that woke up, hale and hearty and changed, at the next dawn. A team of Altouna's people found Tariu desperately outmatched in a clash with Technic League-employed mercenaries and saved them, the lonely berserker eager to find a place in the world once more.

Vesh Lhameth (NG Lashunta Shaman) has never known Castrovel as anything other than a green star in the night sky. Her people were borne to this world in an age long past, and have considered it their home for generations beyond counting, tending to the blighted land of Numeria. Vesh was trained as an apprentice to their current shaman, but was wracked with visions of the spirits across the region and granted leave to pursue such a clear calling. The young spirit-speaker hopes to heal Numeria's people by starting with the ground beneath their feet, trusting in the rest to follow after.

Faith is full of an iron dedication to her personal crusade, with little room for softness at the edges for softness... which is why she's confused at her fondness for these comrades, and recent dreams of a life beyond fighting. Tariu's tribe was especially conservative, raising them full of fear for the strange, but they've come to find a deep kinship with the other "freaks" of their scarred homeland; it healed something within them to be called a hero for the first time. Vesh shares Faith's vision for Numeria as a homeland for aliens, but is more concerned with the long view of what that might be, where the android focuses on how to most swiftly get there.

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This is a great set! Tariu must be having a hard time recognizing their own identity . . . .

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A terrible little voice is trying to make me throw together an Arcadian party out of the scraps we know about that continent - but what kind of epic quest would bring them to the "exotic" shores of the Inner Sea?

I think it might be good fun to have these heroes be gawking at all of the things we find so familiar... while also saving the day and having cool powers.

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keftiu wrote:

A terrible little voice is trying to make me throw together an Arcadian party out of the scraps we know about that continent - but what kind of epic quest would bring them to the "exotic" shores of the Inner Sea?

I think it might be good fun to have these heroes be gawking at all of the things we find so familiar... while also saving the day and having cool powers.

Hmm. A group of (mostly?) gun wielders who have heard about Alkenstar and want to see it for themselves. The route determines how long the trip is, and how fun it could be. For a given ue of fun, anyway.

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Four gunslingers once met at a mountain summit in the Crownpeaks, each a wanderer drawn by an impulse to climb none could quite explain; they greeted each other warily, suddenly aware that they were ensnared in the workings of fate. As the group took in the vista of Arcadia's beauty sprawled out beneath them, an object fell from the heavens - a rifle, its make unlike any the trio had ever seen before. Each looked skyward to see an eagle circling high overhead, seemingly having carried the strange gun to them. It cried out a single, piercing note, then flew straight east until none could see the bird any longer.

The path for the Four Triggers is clear, and it leads over the sea to distant Garund. None know who sent the eagle or why they seek Rifle's Home (what they've come to call Alkenstar, not yet knowing its name), but each is resolved to become the latest Arcadian hero.

Denkoro (NG Wyrwood Magus):
An unkind history has made many of the Grinding Coast's wyrwoods an insular people, eager to fortify their communities against the many cruelties non-Construct peoples have committed before. At the same time, these sanctuaries know that ignorance can readily doom them - and so Denkoro bore the burden of venturing forth, to learn as much as they can beyond the walls, leaving behind all they had ever known. Their duty has no finite end date; they must return only after learning all they possibly could.

Denkoro's travels across Arcadia filled dozens of codices with information, and done a great deal to blunt the silent terror that once filled their limbs. Humanoids, it turns out, are often plenty kind - and Denkoro has a skymetal gun for the rude ones. They feel a certain kinship with their weapon, a marvel of artifice and the arcane from distant Heyopan, and often wonder at the porous lines between life, magic, and technology. Ascending the Crownpeaks was meant to enable some cartography; the chance to document Garund fills them with a curious thrill.

Iyera Rangón (CN Beastkin Human Rogue):
Iyera grew up with the stories of Briarbough's heroes, mortal champions chosen by the fey to wield an ancient star gun that grants dominion over their land. She likewise grew up with the petty tyrants of the modern age, claimants to the legendary firearm found unworthy by the fey and the people alike. Only one truth makes sense to her, a destiny she's decided to carve into the heavens herself - Iyera Rangón will one day hold the Rowan Rifle, and with it mastery of her home.

That no one currently knows her name is proving an impediment to Iyera's goal, but one she firmly believes in temporary. Empty-handed and delirious with hunger, she climbed the Crownpeaks in a fugue, and seized upon the foreign firearm as her mythic birthright. If she can find Rifle's Home, Iyera is certain, they can build her a new star gun that will let her seize the Briarbough throne - or perhaps make her their new queen.

Nonkwah Rigaz (LN Orc Gunslinger/Beast Gunner):
Nonkwah lived in a small town on the Illani Plains, her mother a hunter who sold spare meat and pelts to the town's human and orc farmers. She learned the family trade quickly, her mother retiring early, until eventually Nonkwah came to grave more challenging prey. A weeks-long hunt culminated in her slaying a mighty owlbear, binding its spirit into a Beast Gun; elated, she returned triumphant to a village devastated by plague. With no home and no family, the orphaned Nonkwah has nothing left but the hunt - and her mother's old harmona gun, the owlbear's strength mixed with familiar pride.

The Star Code and the honorable hunt were all Nonkwah had for years, her life a haze of wilderness chases and brief tavern stays. A part of her hoped some direction - or failing that, some peace - might come to her atop the Crownpeaks; she's torn between bitter skepticism and breathless hope at the apparent sign that more than mere survival might await her in the future.

Restless Pelín (CG Halfling Ranger):
Pelín always idealized the Passkeepers as a child, dreaming of some day protecting his people and their native Mildanesi Mountains from the back of a soaring roc. By adulthood, he had all the skill with an air rifle of a proper Passkeeper, but Pelín's young heart craved to see more than the small world he'd always known; he left with little more than his gun and a beloved pet hawk - not quite the roc of his dreams, but a dear friend nonetheless.

An older, wiser Pelín returned to his mountain home years later, eager to catch up and reflect for a time before returning to his wanderings. The Crownpeaks climb was a fluke (he was nostalgic for the view!), but relishes the chance for the next chapter of his life to be an important, intentional one. His bird (who named itself something that sounds like three hoarse squawks) is always close at hand; Pelín dreams of flying alongside it someday.

All of these are built with canon lore from Guns & gears and 1e sources, with no real extrapolation other than making up their names. I talk a big game about loving Arcadia, but only have one character (Vibrant Huetzca, my Aasimar boundball star) actually from the continent - so this was a blast! I wanted these to really feel like the different kinds of player characters you might see exploring a "new" continent; I'd love to know if I succeeded :>

^Wow, quite a story of Guns, Germs, and Steel.

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Jalmeray is a land of wonders and mysteries, the impossible made real thanks to the seemingly boundless magic of distant Vudra, but few are as deadly - or as inexplicable - as the Murmur Dome, a strange site that appeared overnight in the coastal city of Prada Hanam. Its people are keenly aware that they live in the shadow of something they cannot explain, one that kills anyone who attempts to breach its vault and calls to rakshasa like a lighthouse beacon.

These four intend to rob it. They're pretty sure they have a plan that works: Raktaab knows fell rakshasa rituals, and believes Zathani's purity can fuel blood magic capable of protecting the whole group. Once inside, Khash and Raktaab hope to handle any security, while Buwa believes he can kill anything lurking inside, especially with Zathani's spear at his side. All are keenly aware their motivations diverge, but each needs the others to stay alive... until a certain point, at least.

Buwa is a disgrace to his high-born family, whose open-mindedness did not extend as far as forgiving the eldest son for taking up the life of a pirate - but he likes coin and loves thrills, relishing in testing himself against Obari storms and well-armed merchant ships. This job is the toughest thing he's ever done by far; if they can pull it off, he intends to make a go at the Starstone next. (Titan Nagaji / Fighter)

Raktaab bears the fearsome visage of a Lakghyan Vanara, but while the majority of those folk can merely trace their heritage to the Red Face; few would believe that they are a rakshasa, humiliatingly bound in mortal form for a failed gambit against their 'betters.' The Murmur Dome surely holds power enough to restore their body and destroy those impudent fools... but secretly, they fear this endeavor, too, will end in failure. (Vanara Tiefling (Beastspawn) / reflavored Diabolic Bloodline Sorcerer)

Striped Khash struggled from an early age with two burdens; their Sunghari heritage, which opened a gulf between them and the Vudrani majority, and their lycanthropic bloodline, marking them as shamefully impure. They steal enough to survive easily enough, but it's hardly living - Khash hopes the Dome contains a cure for their condition, so that they can finally live a normal life. (Sunghari Human Beastkin (Tiger) / Thief Rogue)

Zathani is doubly-blessed by the waters; her blue skin marks Obari's favor, while her heart has sang with Matravash's truth from her first spoken word. As a warrior and judge, Zathani is incorruptible; she intends to ride the efforts of these others into the Dome, and destroy whatever evil lurks within - forever. (Vudrani Human Undine / Paladin Champion of Matravash)

I loved Prada Hanam's writeup in the new Impossible Lands book! I'd been meaning to get this party written for about a week now, but it only just now came together; I hope you like this ill-fated heist crew.

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Jotting this down so I don't lose it: the Shory Seekers - or in their language, Chaosheng Kho, the Pilgrims of Kho - have come to the distant Inner Sea, seeking the knowledge of Garund's long-fallen Shory Empire.

Probably a Tian-Yae Kineticist aeromancer, some sort of sturdy Tian-La character, and the other two... are open questions for tomorrow's me.

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I'm seeing an explosive future for the Jalmeray/Murmur Dome group above. Probably sooner rather than later . . . and this one deserves a novel.

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keftiu wrote:

Jotting this down so I don't lose it: the Shory Seekers - or in their language, Chaosheng Kho, the Pilgrims of Kho - have come to the distant Inner Sea, seeking the knowledge of Garund's long-fallen Shory Empire.

Probably a Tian-Yae Kineticist aeromancer, some sort of sturdy Tian-La character, and the other two... are open questions for tomorrow's me.

I'm quite fond of this bunch, who really came together once I figured out their Ancestries and Classes. Tian Xia gets so many fun new toys to play with, and I wanted to make sure I got away from the usual faux-China and Japan for this bunch of world travelers.

The Chaosheng Kho, Shory Seekers:
Mhepa Wind-Kissed (CG Tian-Yae Sylph Kineticist) considers herself Mutabi-qi before anything else, but her pale blue eyes and dark skin mark her as a distant daughter of the vanished Shory. While the blessings of air have always laid thick about her, Mhepa always watched the skies for the wandering city of Yjae, and known that it was her people's broken birthright. The secrets of its make wait on the far side of the world; Mhepa will not rest until she returns with them, and leads the Mutabi-qi to a life above all the suffering.

Jochitai (LN Tian-La Fighter) grew up alongside Mhepa, but the blessed girl was always especially kind to the unlucky, fatherless child; they became best friends, and Jochitai swore always to protect her. Growing strong enough to make that promise true became their guiding principle, and they wrestled every man who had ever bullied them as a child in the weeks before they departed on their grand journey, humbling them all. In truth, Jochitai doesn't understand Mhepa's dream, but would die to see it realized.

Yanwu (CN Hungerseed Hobgoblin Alchemist/Inventor) has the bright red skin of his Oni mother, but preferred to serve Kaoling with his mind, not his muscles - a shame the bellicose Fire Yai found unacceptable. Exile suits the hobgoblin tinker just fine; his gadgets and tinctures sold well enough in Hongal for him to live, but being hired by [YAE] is the first problem that's ever felt worthy of Yanwu's genius - the pay matters less than the challenge, and the chance to fly through the heavens aboard a great machine. Yanwu is not overtly cruel (when he bothers to speak at all), but has little patience for pleasantries, indirect communication, and "inefficient" courses of action - though he'd rather grumble than actually be in charge of making any decisions.

Insun (NG Samsaran Psychic/Bard) came into this life with the psychic potential of the hundred before it, and Zi Hi's greatest ascetics sought to mold her into a creature of mental enlightenment - so, naturally, she ran away as soon as she could. Agents of the newly-formed Lantern Lodge took in the wandering samsaran girl, and in their boundless curiosity for this world, rather than ephemeral truths beyond, she found a true purpose. Now grown into a confident adult Pathfinder, Insun is giddy at the chance to document the peoples and history of distant Garund, and privately hopes to recruit her current companions after their inevitable success.

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". . . he'd rather grumble than actually be in charge of making any decisions" -- win.

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