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New Rules Suggestions

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Ideas to make paladins more unique

Broad philosophy suggestions



Updated Psionic Core Classes for Pathfinder - free PDF

Fixing Charisma

Rebalancing Magic without Nerfing Spell Effects

Opening / Closing doors

[Tweak] No AoOs with Spiked Chain

Ultimate Core Class Multiclassing ( Rule Abusers Required) Free PDF

Potent Magic Users (Optional)

Movement and Attacking

Can we have some sort of dispel magic ability as a class feature?

Spellcaster DCs

Possible Healing Alterations

Skill Checks are Better than Saving Throws


Epic Level Play

Xaaon's Monk V1.0

Negative levels

Fighter Redesign

Monk, Unarmed, and other corner cases that must be settled in the rules to prevent arguments

3.P vorpal weapon?

High level play... first step

The unaddressed meals and healing

Crits, sneaks, and immunity thereto

Healing domain 1st level power, well.. underpowered?

Revised Psionic Handbook: the Elan race for PRPGa3

Stepping Stone Feats: Mounted Combat

Player Character Death

Prestige Classes in Golarion

Falling damage

One race to another

Err.... Minions?

Class-based XP Progression

Armor as DR

Barbarian Improvisation

Fighters need to be unique among the warrior classes...

Mastery (All-Spontaneous) Magic Variant

Down with Iterative Attacks?

D10 HD Barbarians

Earth Elementals = Tremorsense?

Profession skills providing bonuses to other skills

Spellcraft and a Magic overhaul

Brodiggan's House of House Rules

Undead, Shades & Similar Ilk...

Any chance at Hero Points?

Should special moves still do damage?

Skill Challenge in Pathfinder RPG?

Natural Speech Feat

Delayed Heal Spells

Snag: A new combat maneuver

Fighter idea

Kae's Attempt at new Multiclassing rules

Alternative to Prepared Spells

Non-lethal damage and clubs

Virtual Levels / Hit Dice: An Integrated Solution to Maximum Skill Ranks and Starting Skill Points

Eliminating D100 rolls, replacing with D20 rolls

Weapon Focus Feat Chain Suggestion

A few suggestions on Hit Points, Multiclassing, ASF, Saves, etc...

Revamping Types, Subtypes, Hit Dice, and CR.

[Tweak] Paladins and Divine Feats

CMB Feat - Underfoot

Dual Classing instead of PrC's

Bard needs a little more work. . .

If you could change one thing about Alpha 3....

Magic Items - Fixing the Big Six - Three Rules

Ideas for Overcasting?

Fundamental Changes to 3.5 Problems

Skill system that was used in my 3.5 D&D home game

Warlocks Anyone?... Somebody?...Oh....

Base Defense Bonus


SoDs and Massive Damage

New Skill Suggestion: Discipline

Fear Effects revision

Alternate Monk Path?

Races, Favored Classes, and Multiclassing.

Feat: Stay away! (Pole arms)

[Think Tank] Monsters

Other Base Classes in PRPG - Dragon Compendium

SoD => Ticking Time Bomb effect

D10 HD Barbarians!

Scent Redux

Racial / Cultural "Meta" weapons

Thought Experiment on Tieflings ...

SoD Fix? Check. Time to fix the damage spells.

Problems with Arcane Schools

Multiclass Spellcasters

Defense Bonus

Just a teaser of an idea I've been working on for a yew years now off & on with d20 classes

Another take on Metamagic

Items with Opposite Alignments & Penalties

Improved Critical


In-Progress Rules for Shields and Helmets

[New feat tree] Combat Reflexes

Precision Power Attack [New feat, getting us it back a little]

Attack Rolls should have an impact on Damage

One of my problems with Pathfinder - House Rules

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