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Classes: Bard, Monk, and Rogue

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Errata and Typos (Bard, Monk, and Rogue)

Welcome to the Song, Fist, and Stealth Playtest

[Bard] Five Relevant Bard Issues


Problem: Monk abilities kind of blow after level 12

What is the monk?

[Bard] Maintaining multiple performances... already allowed?

Improving the Bard

Monk - How to make it better

Specific Questions about Bard's 'Inspire Courage'

Monks, and the Saint template

Monk Multicalssing Question

"Backstab", please come home to your Rogue

Rogue - Minor Magic - At will?

Bard - Distraction and Countersong

Sneak attacking undead

Monks Unarmed Strike and Natural Claw Attack

Specialized monk weapons

Sneak Attack on Spell like ability?

Bard Talents

Rogue Talent Rundown

My Monk Houserules (or beating a dead horse).

Bards need 8 skill points per level

[Rogue] Scout as a core class replacement

[Monk] Unarmed Strikes and Gauntlets

[BARD] bardic colleges

Rogue- Of shortbows and Daggers and saps

Monk Unarmed Strike and Weapon Bonus

Rogue talent: Slow Reactions question

Bardic "Performance Powers"

Flurry of Blows and Two-Weapon Fighting

Best Bard Spell?

Why Bards do not get the spell Heal?

Rogue - Trap Finding (Or How to Spend 30 minutes on a 40 feet corridor)

the monk fall fall fall

Monks need full BAB.

Quivering Palm

Bards - Medium Armor Proficiency or not? And the shields..?

Retiring Alignment Requirements?

Bards cast like sorcerers, not wizards - why?

Thoughts on how to fix the bard

[Monk Playtest]

When can we expect an update to Bard, Monk, and Rogue?

Monk needs d10 hit dice. and good BAB..

The Bardic Knowledge mechanic for Perform too.

Monk Suggestion

Suggestions for new Bard stuff

Any clarification on which forms of Bardic performance require concentration to maintain?

Bardic Magic -- Too little too late? Or just right?

Rogue - Master Strike

Bard - Dramatic Flourish

Monks: Ki Stuff & general commentary (mostly Ki Stuff)

Monk - Tongue of the Sun and Moon is illfitting

[Monk] Use Wisdom mod. instead of Strength mod. for Melee Attack

Making a Bard More Flexible

Monks Need Magic Fists

Monk - Unarmed Damage

Monk Weapons

Monks- Manuever Training

Creating a Diversion to Hide with Bluff

[Monk] Wholeness of Body

Monk - Weapon Proficiencies

Monk - Slowfall

Rogue Minor / Major Magic - spellcasting?

Rogue: Surprise Attack error ?

Musicians on Bardic Music

Monk--No more Knowledge (religion)?

Bardic Knowledge with the Pathfinder Chronicler

Rogue-Better than a fighter??

Roguish suggestions by yours truly.

Rogue - Sneak Attack

Rogue - Rogue Talents Reviewed

Monk - Need more Ki abilities

Sneak Attack & 2 Weapon Fighting

BARD vs. Roleplaying

Bards with Rage Points

Rogue Observations from my Pathfinder Playtests So Far

Tongue of the Sun and Moon too late at 17th level

Bard from top to bottom

The Bard as Both a Musician and Jack Of All Trades

Bard - Needs more bardic performance

Phenomenal (I think) idea for Bardic Performance

Rogue talent suggestion-Familiar

Return the DC of the Fascinate ability to the Perform check

Perform or Profession or even Craft

Can Bards get an at will performance please?

Bards Need More Uses of Bardic Music

Lore Master?

Bards: Wasting 2 skill points / level is a step backward.

Elan vs Nale (is this what, the fifth related thread?)

Bard - Some Alternate Bardic Music

Why do bards get Climb as a class skill? Why not Ride?

Monk - Perfect Self

Monks no longer have multiclass restriction?

Monk - Ki pool (magic)... here's a thought

Monks: Enhancing their natural weapons

Ki Strikes

Bring back the Old School bard

"Train Harder, More Ki"

Bardic Music and the Shaken Condition

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