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I create this thread to bring some confusions about different spirits from the medium.

Demon's Lantern wrote:
A wisp has an AC of 12, and if it takes any damage, it dies in a burst of light, dealing whoever killed it 1d6 damage for every 2 medium levels you possess (Ref lex DC 10 + 1/2 medium level + Cha modifier half )

Can it deal damages to someone that killed him with reach/ranged attacks/spells/else ?

The Twin wrote:

Dual Identity (Supreme, Su): You can split yourself into

two selves. If you have two non-neutral aspects of your alignment, each of the two selves possesses one of those two aspects (so a LG character would split into a LN and a NG self ). You decide how to divide your spirits and magic items between the two selves.

So normal gear are duplicated for each twin, am I right ?. If so, 2 things:

1. NEVER wear magical cloth with it. Or be ready to face the consequences.
2. What happens with gear dropped, thrown and stuff. I think it may be useful to add a line about duplicated stuff disappearing with your "clone".

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Good points! I will look at changing the wording to basically say that you choose who gets the magic version and the other one gets a nonmagical copy. Also, it probably should require a melee attack either non-reach or with a natural weapon to take damage from a detonating wisp.

New spirit question!

The Bunny prince wrote:
Capricious Battle (Intermediate, Su): As an immediate action before any attack roll is made against you or a target within your threatened area, you can replace the attack roll with a f lat 50% miss chance. If the miss chance indicates a hit, the attack hits without rolling an attack roll.

Can you use it with a maneuver ?

If yes, even if I didn't do the math, I would totally love this one.

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Also for capricious battle, are there any bonuses that affect the 50% miss chance?

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This line of questioning does raise some questions as to what sorts of things you could do with Capricious Battle. One approach might be to load up on all the penalties to attack you can manage, with the hope that a 50% chance to hit is better than what you would've had before--and the bonuses for when you DO hit will outweigh the penalties for not taking a simpler approach based on being able to hit things normally.

Power attack, combat reflexes, and dazing assault are obvious choices. Bloody Assault appears to be an option. Bullying Blow if you're an orc. Focus on a single standard-action attack like, say, Vital Strike. You could also wear much heavier armor than you normally would if you were okay with absolutely everything else sucking. You could also use a larger 1-h weapon as a 2-hander and bugger the nonproficiency penalty.

It looks, on the surface, like you could load up to about -16 to hit in exchange for +6 damage (+9 two-handed), +3 AC, plus the daze condition and 1d4 bleed damage. At level 12, if the medium gets a full BAB. At a much higher level if they stay 3/4 BAB. Not including larger weapons and crazy armor, I suppose.

I want to be overwhelmed by this, but... I'm not really. It might be worth it if you're standing next to a dragon, say, but then you're standing next to a dragon, and you've got other issues. Like your d8 HD.

Maybe someone else can break it harder than I can.

I do have some questions about how this would interact with invisibility, cover, blur, mirror images, etc. though.

You won't gain a lot from capricious battle, as it is an immediate action.

Edit: wow, didn't realize it was for both a foe or you. So. Freakin. Cool. I love the bunny!

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Capricious Battle seems like the sort of thing you reserve for the first attack from any major threat against you each round. Power Attacking barbarian? No, your first hit is not an auto-success.

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Well, I had two questions:

1. It's written in an exceptionally general way. Is it vulnerable to exploits? Like you said, it's limited you to once per round, so you're banking on a single attack--but I don't think that automatically makes it unbreakable. With the feats and abilities currently available, it looks like you're right, though--with a major caveat that I haven't looked into combat maneuvers in any great detail. Combat maneuvers like Trip and Bull Rush can be combined with feats to create attacks of opportunity.

Thinking about it, go with say Greater Trip. Once per round, use your worst iterative attack with trip. You miss out on a fair amount due to the feat tax, but that would subject an arbitrary target to an AoO from every threatening creature every other round, on average.

Bull rush is an interesting one in that it's effective in increments based on your roll. I'd assume that capricious battle would only move the target back 5 feet on a success but there's a bit of fuzziness there that someone might want to resolve.

2. How does it interact with other similar things? At the moment it looks like it might not interact with other miss chances, say from invisibility, concealment, blur, or things sort of like miss chances like the mirror image spell, leaving you with potentially multiple miss chances.

I don't remember Paizo writing anything specifically on how miss chances interact (at least if they're not concealment, which this isn't) so in part, this might just be an "I can't find the appropriate ruling!" question if that ruling exists.

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