Making a Mythic Mesmerist

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My friend will be running a one-shot for Halloween soon, and he's letting me try out an Occult Class for the playtest. I'm in the process of making a level 3 Half-Elf Mesmerist at the moment (haven't even gotten to adding Mythic Tier 1 yet). I'm taking Murderous Command as one of his level one spells, which is great with his Hypnotic Stare ability to improve its success rate, except if the Mesmerist has the Disorientation Bold Stare hurting the Commanded enemy's attack & damage. As written right now the Mesmerist doesn't have the option of declining to use a Bold Stare for whatever reason might arise. I know that this might be the only time this is an issue, but it is something I noticed.
I'll post more as his creation and play-through progresses.

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