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Morgen wrote:
More interesting spells that have a utility use and aren't combat related! :)

Wonderful idea.

More spells for bards, paladins, and rangers? Yes please!

Please for the love of god don't print more for wizards, druids, and clerics. Please. PLEASE. One of the things that made 3.5 so horrible was the nonstop power increase of arcane and divine casters, giving them more spells with every book.

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Some low-level group defensive boosting spells.

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Ellington wrote:
I realize I may be posting a few too many threads regarding new stuff in the Advanced Player's Guide, but it's just something I'm really excited about since I think it could be the single most important supplement Pathfinder will get and we'd all like to see that done right. So, post your thoughts on Pathfinder spellcasting in general and what you'd like to see from the Advanced Player's Guide to change it for the better.

There are so many spells in 3.5 supplements that work fine with pathfinder that I am not that concnered about new cleric/druid/sorc-wiz spells. More bard spells would be good, especially spells that are directly suited to a bard.

If there is going to be a custom spell list for witches (which I don't think there should be as I would like each witch to be able to create their own spell list from the druid/cleric/and sorc-wiz lists, see my posts elsewhere), I would like custom witch spells. Various circle spells for witches would be cool-- circle of dispelling, circle of disintegration, circle of fire and ice, circle of fey dance, etc..

My own 9th level pathfinder wizard (conjurer) wants to focus on teleportation and blinking. There are a number of spells from the WOTC spell compendium that work well in this regard, so its not currently a problem, especially since teleportation spells show little change between pathfinder and 3.5.

I do note that the following schools are somewhat weak in pathfinder specific offerrings and could use a boost:

Transmutation: transmuters need more to do that polymorph themselves. There should be a wider selection of offensive spells, and some higher level buffs.

Abjuration: more abdjuration spells that require a save (so spell focus: abdjuration would actually be useful). Offensive abdjuration spells.

Enchantment: more variety. Spells that can be cast on things without minds. Like a spell that causes summoned monsters/familiars/animal companions to turn on their masters, perhaps. Also perhaps some feats that let you use mind-effecting spells on undead and constructs and the like.

Necromancy: more variety.

Again, though, if you carefully use the 3.5 supplements that contain additional spells, many of these lacks are made up for.

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