RPG Superstar™ 2010

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Create a monster concept
Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry
Round 4: Design a Golarion location
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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Clark, Please Give Me Feedback on My Item

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall, Local #2010

I've entered, have you?

Advice for Round One

The Voluntary Reject Bin

The cutdown is well underway

Welcome to RPG Superstar 2010!

If I was in the Top 32 I would submit....

My monster votes went to...



Speculations regarding future rounds.

Cult of the Ebon Destroyers

Unofficial Round 4 Exit Poll

Awesome monsters

Paizo Blog: The Deed Is Done!

Gag Wondrous Items


RPG Superstar Monster Drawings!

Each year has a "favorite item type"

Unofficial Exit Poll, Round 3

Overall, Round 4...


Ossuary Golem

Unofficial Round 5 Exit Poll

I can't seem to submit

What's your favorite Wondrous Item?

Dear god (which ever one listens) there's still 11 days left.

Error Submitting - Please Help PAIZO Staff

Seven Thousand Blossoms

Nobody will be able to beat my idea!

Doom of the Dream Thieves

The Green Barrow

False Tomb of the Crawling Pharaoh

Goblin Skull Bomb

Lantern Thrall

Just do it!



Brown Urus



Chris Mortika's Haga

Jim Groves' Ardorwesp

Steadfast Gut-stone

Congratulations Top 32!

Blazing Months of Nine Items


Carapace Devil

Tankard of the Cheerful Duelist.


A thank you to the judges

Start thinking about it

Seven Towers Observatory

Seducer’s Bane



Marrow worm

The Lost Ziggurat of Amar Zedas

Batrachian Helm

Paizo Blog: Hail to the Queen, Baby

RPG Superstar 2010 has a winner!


Slithering Horror

Round 2 Submitted, Begin Spurious Round 3 Speculation!

Including background story with wonderous item

Sin-Fallen Angel of Gluttony

Pharasma's Blessing

From Time's Depths

Seriously, about your maps...

ONLY WARNING: Contestants Talking About Their Items

Caltrop Golem

The Lost Winery

Why CR 6 or less?


Cloister of Saint Bethaene

Richard A. Hunt's Slithering Horror

Troll Fingers

Runcible Spoon

Bwahahaa, I've finished writing the Round 2 rules!

The Peerless Menagerie of Ashpanjara Isle

Hassaldor's Span

Prismwing, Larvae

Starborn Seeds of Manifest Denial



Sublime Phial

Matthew Morris's Caltrop Golem


Sensory Stalker


Cacophonous Monkey

Hourglass of the Insightful Conjurer

Making it hard on us...

Largest open-call tabletop roleplaying design contest in history?

Spitfire Revenant


I'm curious - how many entrants?

Needles of the Ebon Strand

Lyre of Truth-Telling

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