Good Luck to the Final Four!!!

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Great work, everyone!

This has been an amazing year. The quality of the overall item submissions was up and that lead to what has been a pretty even field. The content has all been very good this year. We haven't seen the highs and lows of prior years, but that is in part due to the fact that the relative talent of our contestants I think has been more consistent this year.

You guys have come a long way. Imagine back to when you submitted your items. I sure hope you all thought you would be here. I am very proud of all four of you. Each of you has given us some real great moments.

Now its up to the voters--to the people here at the Paizo community--to tell us what adventure THEY want.

Good job, guys!

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As a customer who has purchased at least one item from each of the 2008 Top 4 (and will soon add the 2009 Top 4 when I pick up the Guide to the River Kingdoms), I can say I'm likely to look for each of this year's names authoring Paizo things too.

Congrats to you all!

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