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I put that comment in a separate post from my main review in an attempt to de-emphasize it, because while it struck me immediately as likely deliberate and probably a bad idea, it didn't seem appropriate as a voting criterion because nothing about the entry was weakened by it. The rules are very clear that use of others' IP would result in disqualification, and hey! You weren't disqualified. This was clear in my mind when I wrote what did, and I should have made that obvious. It was only a comment from someone whose feet were sorely burned last round, to not tread anywhere close to those burning lines; not a suggestion that you'd actually crossed one. If there were private messages on these boards, I wouldn't have even posted openly in the thread! I very much regret having done so, and very much hope that I didn't cost you anything by it.

That separate placement had entirely the opposite effect, blowing the whole thing out of proportion, and I feel pretty awful about it. There was also a poor choice of words on my part: when I said "...seems like a major concern..." I didn't mean anything remotely close to "this will be targeted for a lawsuit," or even "this might be rejected." It seemed like something that might be changed by a publisher erring on the side of caution, and in which case you'd probably get a note asking you, too, to err on the side of caution. That's it. When I used the word "major," I was thinking in the sense of them writing you a note back at all, rather than just silently tweaking it.

Official mouths have since spoken and made it clear that I shifted from under- to over-cautious, and as such, what I said should be completely disregarded.

I've been deliberately not responding to any further posts in that thread, because that would only perpetuate the conversation, which I absolutely don't want to do. I've briefly commented on the exit poll thread trying to dampen the fire, and pointed out in more than one place that I'm voting for you this round myself. Clark suggested a separate thread for discussion, and I figured I'd jump on that myself because in my opinion, no further discussion is warranted.

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I'm glad you started this thread, because it shows that you are still that classy guy who handled his DQ-ing with poise and grace, no some hack who puts the blame on someone/anyone else.

I was concerned at first when I read your comments in Matt McGee's location thread, but seeing this new thread restores my faith in you.

Nice job.

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Thanks for the apology and explanation (and the vote!). I'll comment more on this subject once the round has concluded.

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Thanks to everyone for handling this right. I appreciate moving this to another thread and out of the thread for the entry. I dont like to halt discussion so I didnt want to say dont discuss stuff, and I'm not a member of Paizo anyway and I dont have the power to do that. So I appreciate people taking my suggestion to move this over here. And, in true Paizo board form, it all works out civilly and appropriately. Good job, everyone.


Leif, I'll say it again. You're a class act.

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Chef's Slaad wrote:


Leif, I'll say it again. You're a class act.


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There's the Lief I remember! Thank you for taking the high road again.

Matthew - I'm sorry if my continued discussion in your thread derailed it even slightly. I felt it was important to comment on Lief's statement there, but debated whether to post again when the discussion continued. Clearly I felt at the time that one more post was needed, but I do sincerely hope that it didn't affect you negatively in any way.

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