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Jim Groves wrote:

I agree. I'm a Burn Notice fan too, and I didn't even recognize him. My wife had to make me take another look and listen before it clicked. Part of me wanted to say 'what a great range as an actor', but I couldn't quite sell myself on that line. It was a crummy part for such a good character actor.

If you haven't seen Oz, and it's definitely at the edge of the mature factor, I would suggest checking it out. "Doakes" is on death row and has a great scene where he kills another inmate on death row.

He doesn't play wimpy well at all, I would say that was a poor casting choice for Burn Notice. Watching him gulp down water when he should have been kicking Michael Weston's ass was pretty hard to swallow.

@Drakkonflye: I'd look at Dunjinni for drag and drop dungeon creation, or Gimp for a less user friendly, but more powerful free alternative. I'd always recommend the Cartographer's Guild as a great place to get a comprehensive answer to that question as well as good tutorials.

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Jim Groves wrote:


That brought a smile to my face. I'm a big Dexter fan. I miss Doakes.

A note of thanks from GM Doakes: "Happy to provide, mother&*#$er! Now grab a crayon and scribble this down, you @$%!in' psycho: get yo' ass into that @$&$in' DeathDoomKillMurder Mine and bring me back that sammitch some dumb mother*!#%in' miner left down there before some minotaur or hydra or lich or some other crazy mythological $#!& tries to eat it! And if you done &#!^ this one up, you better hope you already dead, or all be on yo' ass like stink on !@%*!"

I gotta find those Doakes doodles. Them was hilarious. :D

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Doakes was great, my wife still calls me a "freaktard" from time to time.

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deinol wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Bloodmurder Forest
[offtopic]Sean, if you wrote a module that took place in Bloodmurder Forest, I would so buy that.[/offtopic]

They do sound like Dethklok song titles, don't they?

Next: 'The Fortress of Bloodrocution'
'The Sahaugin of Murmaider Cove'

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Shinmizu wrote:
Curaigh wrote:
Ogres are like onions--they have layers.
Oh. Oh, ok. That's much less frightening than what I was thinking.

Then you clearly don't spend enough time with 4channers. Or...I need new friends. :|

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