RPG Superstar™ 2010

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Create a monster concept
Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry
Round 4: Design a Golarion location
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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Sal's Master Key

Humorous Ideas for Superstar 2011

Runcible Spoon

Seven Thousand Blossoms

Looking forward to round 2

Stone of Alliance

Lyre of Truth-Telling

Bracelet of Smoke and Mirrors

Gloves of the Shortened Path

Hourglass of the Insightful Conjurer

Paizo Blog: The Top 32

How important is Golarian fluff?

Steadfast Gut-stone

Starborn Seeds of Manifest Denial

A moment in the mind of James

Advice For Those Who Missed The Cut

In hindsight...

Gag Villains

If we *were* voting on Round 1...

I can't seem to submit

Ninety percent

Just thanks

Round 2 rules question

What's your process?

Question about the difference between a potion and a 1 use wondrous item

Round 2 question

The Voluntary Reject Bin

Creature Feature - or See what you missed out on, Paizo?

Neil and Christine: Give advice for the 2010 winner

How come we don't get to see the alternate's items?

For 2011

The Not-Quite-Ready-For-Supahstah Players!


So when will the failed items feedback thread open?

Disappearing and reappearing real names

Question as an Alternate

Clark, Could I Get Some Feedback Please?

A thank you to the judges

Technical foul vs. Idea?


May I get feedback on my item that didn't make it?

I'm #33, can you give me feedback on my submission?

Hmm... about half an hour to go.

Paizo Blog: The Deed Is Done!

Good Luck Everyone!

24 hours to go

Paizo Blog: Hail to the Queen, Baby

Fist of Dripping Awesomesauce!

I'm always impressed by the Paizo community

Advice For Round Two... and Beyond!

Bwahahaa, I've finished writing the Round 2 rules!

What time?

The cutdown is well underway

Speculations regarding future rounds.

This is going to be awesome

What's your favorite Wondrous Item?

How about give the top 32 Free PaizoCon 2010 tickets???!!!

Just do it!

Example modules


Dear god (which ever one listens) there's still 11 days left.

Gag Wondrous Items

Judge ruling on hyphenation requested

Question from a first timer

Design by Committee

A compilation of failed entries?

RPG Superstar 2010 Icon competition who would win?

Creative Credit?


I've entered, have you?

Sean and Wes are studs

Error Submitting - Please Help PAIZO Staff

Question regarding Eligibility decisions

Making it hard on us...

Advice for Round One

What's the going rate for a 32 page adventure anyway?

Time's up for R1 entries!

Argh... I know I screwed up...

Cool items -- but still room at the top!

Less than 24 hours to go!

Okay, what is a "Gag" item?

Questions, not in order of importance

Luck as the Countdown continues!

When implementing poison - should you include the poison stats in the item description?

Wonder if you could swap?

Nobody will be able to beat my idea!

Including background story with wonderous item

Two Questions on pricing

Pricing math & non-standard permanency spell effects questions

Had a good night!

Its Wide Open--so get your submission in!

So which wondrous item...

Happy Holidays

Hi, Welcome and Give it a Shot!

Question regarding rules?

Eligibility Question

Umm ... Small Typo :)

Italics Formatting Question


RPG Superstar book?

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