The Avalon Chronicles

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This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

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What exactly is... 'champion powers'

That's more of a thing for players that have been in for a while.
You don't need to worry about it for now. :)

It's all on the campaign info tab

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I have been accepted by Lynora, via Private Message, both myself and my character.

:) I look forward to weaving a thread into this tapestry that is a story.

Shadow Lodge

good on ya, and let me be the first (other than Lyn) to say, welcome, I look forward to seeing you


Welcome to the loom.

Well don't just stand there and tell us you got in! Hop to it! Jump in and start storytelling! ^_^

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Well don't just stand there and tell us you got in! Hop to it! Jump in and start storytelling! ^_^

Waiting for Lyn to get back to me and help me get set up with everything

Thought you'd be waiting on something. If you need a way in, maybe I could help. Pm me with an idea for an entrance?

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Thought you'd be waiting on something. If you need a way in, maybe I could help. Pm me with an idea for an entrance?

I think that Lynora, or someone else who runs the Rebels, will be assisting me in playing the entrance scene...

I will wait for her to post something in recruitment, discussion, or gameplay about it. if she posts that a specific person is going to be running it I will PM them my general idea

I'll send you a reply to your latest PM tomorrow AM, MD. I have suggestions about where you might want to start and it might be later in that timeline than you were thinking. Sorry for the delay in response. Weekend. I have an agreement with my family that they get dibs on my time on the weekends and sometimes if there's time left I can update the game. This makes up for the many times during the week when it's more like 'just a minute, one more post' about a hundred times when they're trying to get my attention. ;P

Thank you for the response, I had not thought about it that way, I have responded

I am thinking of making Carl an MPC, really hes going to be mining for Jiminy over any other thing. Only coming in now and then.

I would really like to play a Dragon Lynora in his place, A student, do you think that is possible?

Y'know you don't have to come to recruitment for a new character idea, right? You could just do this in discussion...

recruitment is the prefered place,
and there are issues with playing a dragon,
just so you know, first character submission for dave was as a half gold dragon, upon finding this out I made him as is.

Why is everyone so obsessed with dragons?

There are much cooler things out there.

I'm thinking that Dave being a half dragon would've almost been a nerf. XD
And Tybs wouldn't be quiet as lucky. XD
With how strong his bloodline is, he's almost a dragon as he is.

Obsessed who's Obsessed ??

Just asked Lynora if I could play a student with a Dragon race, sheesh
sorry I asked.

My my.

Taking things more harshly then i intended.

Shadow Lodge

dragonborn would be fine, as would any kobald variation, but any relation to the true dragons would need some work to get it compatible with the setting
that said, they are potentially allowed on a case by case basis
this is not me trying to be the DM, I'm just telling you what she told me

Yeah, a dragon takes a lot of work to make it okay with the setting. And honestly I would prefer to put dragons on hold for a bit.

Here's the deal. After Lang has his ceremony thingy, he's supposed to run into Gareth (not that hard as they're in the same class) who can help him find out how to find the other gem dragon worlds. Once they start traveling to the other planets trying to convince them to join forces against the Empire it's not that hard to bring in other gem dragons. But it's probably a fair amount of time before we get this far in the story. Lots of moving parts so it's hard to get it really rolling.

End story, for something soon it would be best to find something that isn't a dragon.

hey Lyn mentioned me in a story plot

i feel soooo special now....

In now rush Lynora, I'm more than will to spend the Ace level of time crafting a Gem Dragon to come to the school when the time is right. I have to play out Carl going to work for Jiminy yet. But the hope that one day in a few mouths I could bring in a gem dragon would be cool and fun to take the time to work on.

So saying all that
1: I'm willing to wait until the time is right in game
2: it would be fun crafting just the right kind of dragon over that longer time frame.
3: happy with every thing you said and willing to sit back till the time is right.

I'll think over what it may look like over the next few weeks Lynora if that's ok to do.


Shadow Lodge

and then the next few months after that :P

if that's what it takes to play a Dragon then
"Patience is a Virtue"

You and me both, Cap. (The character this alias is placeholdering also requires the story to advance to come in).

Okay, Cap, if you're willing to be that patient for it, it looks like you will be able to get your wish. Eventually. :)

Hah. I just realized that this character is (so far) 6 months in the making. Yay!

Cool :)

This is the holding PC for a future Gem Dragon.


So /this/ is the place?


How would someone make a Remy LeBeau (Gambit) type character

Potential energy to kinetic explosions with uber staff fighting and epic dexterity

Shadow Lodge

Well for one I'd suggest some kind of magus, perhaps staff magus, for one half of the gestalt maybe some kind of bard for the other, maybe arcane duelist, or a rouge (if you decide rouge I have a few other ideas for the archetype, but glory rouge is a must for part of it)
Alternatively you could go with a reflavored weapon master monk and take the elemental fist feats
There are a few traits and feats as well like arcane strike,
I've given such a character quite a bit of thought but I don't have much more time
Give me a minute

Isn't this a bit close to Fei?
Fei is a character played by Dalesman who is on a hiatus for life things right now. He has an uncontrolled ability that he constantly builds up energy and releases it by touch wanting to or not.
I also have a teacher that throws cards around, but it doesn't seem that you're going for that aspect of him.

Shadow Lodge

I don't think so, especially if he uses one of my suggested builds
And if he's going gambit like I seriously doubt they will have similar play-styles

Anyway the feat I was saying was deadly dealer
You may also want the trait "harrow chosen"
You might go for an enchanted harrow deck

Like I just said.
This character does what you're suggesting to him.

One of the characters I have in the works will have some card throwing ability.

In fact, he would have already be in play, but I saw a book coming out next year, that is perfect for him, and might change not just his class abilities, but a fair amount of personality as well.

He's actually going to have all three of the things Lord Foul mentioned above.

Shadow Lodge

I mentioned more than three things...

I meant in your post right above mine.

Shadow Lodge

ah gotcha
so what does this mean for the new guy?

His idea is already in play. Or going to be.

I'll find something else

Yeah, we've already got pretty much every aspect of Gambit either in play or already spoken for. Well, except for the staff thing. Actually you could do an evoker or kineticist that's good with a staff. But at this point it probably feels less special than you'd like.

You could always make a firebird that shoots blasts of plasma from their eyes a la Cyclops....make some of the other firebird freaks feel downright normal in comparison. ;P

I was contemplating the idea of A Marrow-like character...

Bone growth, regeneration, super durability/strength

Entirely defensive/instinctive reactionary power....

Threatened by something. And she becomes a porcupine of boney projections

Yes she heals but suffers all the pain of the wound in the moments it takes to heal.

....I like xmen by the way

Lord foul,

I was trying to zoom in on my touch pad sceen and noticed the flag post was indicating red. If it did actually flag a post of yours, it was accidental.

now that I think about it, Dave has parallels you could make with both wolverine and phoenix (jean gray)
and Arthur is a blatant iron man copy mixed with generator rex and just a dash of girl genius for flavor but that was on purpose, though he actually started with just the generator part, while I was looking for that I found the iron man stuff and went, "YES I MUST DO THIS" previously the other half was going to be either tinkerer or artificer or something

hmm marrow,

Shadow Lodge

hmm marrow,
you could take a re flavored soulknife/aegis (maybe with the soul forge prestige class freeing up ten levels to do something else with maybe oracle of bones?) where your mental projections are actually your bones, and you can take the troll blooded feat for some fast healing, or make a custom race,

Other than regeneration and heightened senses, Dave has almost nothing in common with Wolverine.

He isn't violent, he isn't a badass martial artist, he hasn't drank, smoked or cursed on a regular basis, he doesn't have claws, he's not a solider like Wolverine has been, he doesn't fly into berserker rages, he doesn't have a mad on for red heads, he's not really a jerk. Oh, and Dave isn't Canadian, short, and hairy.

Pretty sure that covers everything that makes Wolverine, Wolverine.

Same argument can be made about Jean. I don't know if you have telekinesis or telepathy like she does, and Jean isn't really about fire abilities, its just that when she's channeling the Phoenix Force, her powers often manifest like flames. I don't think its actual fire, as when it was split among the Phoenix Five, I am pretty sure they didn't get fiery powers. Heck, I don't even really think they got fiery auras or such.

MD, I don't think anyone's doing anything similar to Marrow as of yet. Go for it. :)

And if any character in this game is Wolverine, it's Tryko'Sam. :)

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