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Slaynn take it away.. college is too much to juggle dm'ing.... maybe one day I'll return and find you prospering

Sorry guys... I'm holding ya'll up.

College is beating me down... I must withdrawal

Merrrgh.... Life, is. Crushing my life out...

My life's very very... annoying

He likely will be spending the night in his room, You can do as you wish tonight

As heal check then it'd be 3 lower than that but okay :p


sorry guys :/

lynora wrote:
Master Dungeoneer wrote:
lynora wrote:
I still read bedtime stories to the kidlet...he loves it. We're almost through A Hat Full of Sky. Wintersmith comes next. I'm working on getting the kidlet hooked on Pratchett. :)
....will you adopt me?

LOL. Ummm....I think you're a bit old for that.... :D

Now I feel like I should be doing a podcast or something...bedtime stories with Lynora....;P

You have 16 people that would be nightly viewers

Lord Foul II wrote:
how old are you?

Not too old for Pratchett

lynora wrote:
I still read bedtime stories to the kidlet...he loves it. We're almost through A Hat Full of Sky. Wintersmith comes next. I'm working on getting the kidlet hooked on Pratchett. :)

....will you adopt me?

The bar is empty except for your group and the serving people, from what you can tell, are overwhelmed by grief and are not so much blaming you or fearing you as they are upset.

The orcish man nods and disappears into the back of the bar.

The meal is spicy and savory, very juicy and excellently cooked

kk thanks

Odd... I can move everyone but myself.... I am listed under Renkai U.

Was in the process of fixing it :)

here it is

A huge orcish man brings out a huge platter of pork and veal, These made for party. he says, and sets his hand on the crying woman's shoulder.

The woman sniffles and introduces herself as Akira Omero, and her sister as Erika...

the both of them retreat into the back of the inn, trying to avoid speaking to you any more than nessicary

The worm is sitting on Sun's head like a crown :)

The barkeep comes out and sets a pint on the table in front of each of the heros of Sandpoint, asking if they would like to order anything to eat.

her face has moist patches on her cheeks, and her eyes are bloodshot.

I posted for Morire.

Tiberiu, do you want to make that a running gag?

Through all of your floundering Qorinae's voice straightens out the ruffle in hers. "Take the table by the fire... And, I do appreciate what you all have done for our town...but," she says, choking down tears... and disappears into the back of the tavern to get drinks.

Hey :) I'm alive again

The barroom is empty, except for the bartender... she glares at the braggards walking into the room. sure, they helped people... but her sister had died in the attack.

"What would you all like?" she asks in a very negative tone.

the possible benefactor is nowhere to be seen

people are not happy that their joyous occasion got screwed up.

lurking beneath the floorboards.


from searching the goblins (both at the gates and at the festival grounds) you accumulate: 20gp, a whip, a blue vial of liquid, a green vial of liquid, and 1d45 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22 silver pieces. from selling the goblin's gear that you have no use for: [weapons, bows and arrows, to the local smith] you gain 63 more Sp. and 50Gp for the 5gp bounties on the goblins

Total of 70 GP
and 75 Sp

katataban wrote:
Lol. Goblins rock, but on this AP I can totally se it ending up something like this. "Hey, this one goblin corpse seems oddly well equipped. I mean he even had camping gear." The adventurers look dumbfounded at the mayor seemingly in tears "Wait, you mean this one was on our side?"

Well I have started this campaign a few times, never got out of sandpoint... but I think it'd be something along those lines

GM Helaman wrote:
I'm not sure joking constantly about poisoning your colleagues counts as Good but I am not gonna police your alignment.

He finds it fascinating. like insectomologists think it is interesting to inform people that beetles and worms get into like 35% of breads...

creepy, nasty, and nausiating, but to them. Fascinating.

He won't do it with just poisons, but also with possibly organs and death in general.

one word for you all... Poison... that's all I'll be doing for a while... poison and healing

"How many times per day do you touch your face? if I put poison on your bootlace, how long would it take before it managed to make it into your mouth?" he smiles as he mixes a clump of grey dust with a bright blue liquid... "or I coated the bottom of your cooking pot..."

"Did you know that nearly fifteen people die from poisons and diseases every week?" the alchemist says happily while fending off an undead horror that spits poison.

Salutes Dungeon Master Minkers,

Yes Sir, I will attempt to outfit my character and get chosen for this campaign

he is a chaotic good character that is fascinated with death... he works next to death every day, so naturally he has become curious.

he makes jokes about mortality, he lists places he could put poisons if he were to ever try to kill someone...

that sort of thing

Hmmmm... I have no Idea what in the world a 'Pallid Plague' or 'season 0' is... But I am always interested in new things...

Does anybody enjoy a morbid Alchemist? who is half interested in exterminating/curing the disease, and half interested in using it?

I would love to play a morbid/snarky character if it fits in :) I just got the Advanced Players guide

I will only be able to get back to running sporadically...

The guards are all taking care of all the goblins... and sadly there are a few townsfolk among the dead...

The nobleman focuses on Qorinae, speaking directly to him.

"I would have shown them what-for if I had my sword on hand.... well... I must go and compose myself....Meet me at the Rusty dragon sometime in the next few days... before I must go on my way... I will try to reward you as best I can...."

Lang Fei wrote:

Depending on timing, Morire may miss most of the other kids at the school. Lang and co. leaveing soon.

He may catch a glimpse of them taking off.

Also Ephebe is the headmaster for the elementary aged kids and she is going with Lang.

Hmmmm.... Well Ephebe will be slightly confused when she comes back...

Uuli wrote:

Hrm... what a coincidence. Uuli can move 20 feet.

Closing in on the lone goblin, Uuli says "May you trouble this world no longer, filthy goblin!"

Attack with axe1d20+3 +1
damage 1d8+3

Uuli feels his axe bite deeply into the goblin. After pulling his axe free, he continues to scan the area for more invaders.

The cowering man, comes out from behind the rock, brushing off his expensive clothes..

"Well thank you, sirs..." The rich man begins... "I do not know what I would have done without your timely arrival"


π@®®@+0® wrote:

A man sized stone creature walks around the house.

It has a sculpted buzz cut topped by two horns, one of which is broken off. It has a semi-humanoid face with a large nose which is pointed directly at a clipboard.
It has a round body and satyrs' legs ending in split hooves. Large stone wings are folded on its back.
"Good" it pauses to look at the sky before back at the clipboard "evening Sir or Ma'am. You have received a letter of acceptance for your child, insert na-uh" he flips it to a different page and then back. "Moirie, to the Avalon School for Gifted Children," he recites off the clipboard in a monotone, not looking away from it.
"It is now are understandin that you's haz completed yer prepehrations for sendin off your child. I am here to escort your child to the campus. You may take all the time you need to say goodbye and then I will escort him or her safely to the school."
He looks up at you from it.

The tall thin woman looks down her nose at the statue... her silver hair framing an alabaster face...

"You are the escort sent by the headmaster?" her soft voice is like a bar of steel wrapped in if you are a cricket that knows a mildly amusing trick; that she has seen twice, and is losing patience

Eric. she says, her voice softening for the first time.

and a thin, slightly worried man opens the back door... Yes dear?

Get Morire please...

of course.... and disappears back inside...

The front door's hinges are ancient and rusty, as if the door is not often used... and a woman's voice from around the small home calls, Come round back

π@®®@+0® wrote:
Morire wrote:
Can the school have sent a car or somesuch to my house?

That's what the gargoyle is. Think Hunch Back of Notre Dame.

He comes to pick you up, literally if you want since you're tiny, and takes you to the school.

Care to make the post?

say 20 feet?

Yes. Thank you

Slaynn Timberwolf wrote:

Slaynn turns around seeing another enemy coming along and attempts to shove the quarterstaff into its jaw.

[dice=Attack With Rage]1d20+6;1d6+7

In the corner of his eye, he sees Tiberiu cutting down another goblin and he grins. As he keeps an eye on his four legged opponent, he wonders what it is.....

you deal a crushing blow to the dog's head. Shattering its jaw and sending it to a heap on the ground...

archer gob is solo

[SLAYNN... Quit using Dice=]

we use {ooc}Attack with Rage{/ooc}{dice}1d20+6;1d6+7{/dice}

Tiberiu Banderosi wrote:

I'm not sure which is the goblin that fell down...if he's still up, this is aimed at him, if he died I'll move to attack the dog.

Tiberiu's scarf whirls in a flash of color!


Tiberiu kills the goblin Slaynn was after

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Imagine a swarm....

Qorinae: Miss
Uuli: hit and kill
Slaynn: Miss

The dog creature charges Slaynn. 1d20 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 + 2 = 12

The ranged goblin fires back 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

the remaining melee goblin [vs slaynn] 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11



I want a summon spell of those....

Very Creepy... awesome spell...


School necromancy; Level sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S, M (a bone needle and sinew thread)

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Fort negates; Spell Resistance yes

A rare spell without verbal components, lipstitch sews the target’s lips tightly together if it fails a saving throw, such that no clear speech, bite attacks, spellcasting, or use of command words is possible. The target takes 1d6 points of damage as the stitches weave through flesh. The victim can still make enough noise to be heard at a distance with a DC 10 Perception check.

The thread created by lipstitch can be burst with a DC 20 Strength check as a standard action or can be sliced open with a piercing or slashing weapon (wielded by the target or an ally) as a full-round action. Cutting the thread provokes attacks of opportunity, while making a Strength check does not. Either option causes 1d6 points of damage and 1 point of bleed damage. The target has a 20% chance of failing to cast spells with verbal components until the bleeding is stopped. The effects of multiple castings of this spell do not stack. Optionally, the thread can be removed more carefully over the course of a minute with a DC 20 Heal check. If the check fails, the target takes damage and bleeds as described above. If the check succeeds, the stitches are removed with no harm. Creatures with no mouths are unaffected by lipstitch. Creatures with multiple mouths lose the use of only one mouth per casting—the particular mouth is chosen by the caster.

icehawk333 wrote:
Phease, immediate actions take up swift actions, only one can be taken a round, unless you've got something special.

His split mind can take an immediate action each

That's why I was asking again, but OK :)

so is it okay?


Morire doesn't know that, and besides, I think it'd be fun.

Would Morire wandering into town be detrimental to anyone's plot or campaign?

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