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Full Name

David (Dave) De'Fowl


sorcerer 16 wilder (leader/telepath) 3 elocater 2, thrallherd 1, pyrokineticist 10.




M 6ft 4 inches


30 turns 31 on the fall equanox (looks somewhere between 16-19)

Special Abilities

a bunch of em a breath weapon, fly 140, buncha fire powers, spell casting, the whole 19 yads


LN strong NG tendencies


Mystra, as the son of her previous chosen it's kinda obvious for him


Avalon Academy


Common, Draconic, Celestial, Infernal, elven, catfolk, sylvan, ingan, gyth, Netherese under-common


student, engineer, he doesn't need to work for money, just clip a few feathers, or cut off a finger and regenerate it, but he is constantly learning and building whenever he can.

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Strength 22
Dexterity 18
Constitution 18
Intelligence 24
Wisdom 14
Charisma 30

About David.De'Foul

basic stats:
reflex +16
fort +16
will +18
+5 to saves VS fear, +2 to saves vs charm and compulsions+2 to saves on spells with the evil descriptor or from a source with the evil subtype, +2 vs disease
initive +8
Type/Subtype: dragon blooded , outsider (native), psionic

has fly rate 140 good manuveriblity
land speed 40, does not have to touch the ground, automatically floats when extremely happy or angry
regeneration 10 (cold iron)
212 hp + 160 temporary hp when the main chunk of temporary hit points go away, he has 1 temp hit point that renews every round on top of the regeneration
blind sight 20
blindsense 60
dark vision 120
constant true seeing
permananced arcane sight
incarnate(ed?) elfsight
permanence(ed) detect poison
incarnate(ed) detect psionics

bloodline is http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/sorcerer/bloodlines/bloodlines -from-3rd-party-publishers/paizo-fans-united-wayfinder-magazine/linnorm-blo odline

spell/power resistance=24
immune to fire, and ice,
resistance 7 electricity, acid, and sonic
he has a psi-crystal he has diamond flesh with metal looking veins (not like blood veins like veins in rock, it's from the celestial flesh feat)
he has metal wings
He weighs 537 pounds

he has a robe of arcane heritage customized with continuous Stability, Guidance resistance and Virtue as the 0th lvl spells (with slight change to Stability effect, providing bleed resistance 2) and Alter self at will (not continuous) and a +2 luck on saves bonus the robe does more than strengthen his sorcerous power (RP not Mechanic), it also focuses it, making it easier for him to control it, it is also his most prized possession aside from his ship.

and a ring enchanted as a ring of spell-storing and force fangs

AC 38 (+2 incite bonus when flying, class ability+2 to Natural armor while under the effects of "nimbus")
flat foot 32(10+6(armor, mithril shirt)+16 (natural))
touch 18, (10+4(dex)+2 (dodge, wilder)+2 incite bonus to dodge (elocater)) it's not great, though he sometimes augments it with spells
vs brilliant energy, 32 (everything except the 6 from armor)
flatfoot touch 10, like almost all non monks
when flying (which is usually) he has a +2 incite bonus to hit and dodge
his arm can transform into a keen +3 bastard sword of speed
+4 AC vs charges

bonus to hit for sword +31, +32 when hasted +1 for every +2 to cha in antimagic and whatnot it's only a +23)

Bonus to hit for Bestow Curse +36

same -3 for firebolt (pyrokenetist) but it's touch

for rays, touch attacks and other ranged touch attacks that aren't firebolt +24 (+25 when hasted, +1 for each +2 to charisma)


he is here looking for power, he has tried as many paths to it as he can, his former master was killed by a litch in front of him when he was about lvl 5, the litch gave a speach on how spells aren't power, power is power, no matter the form, and that it doesn't matter if you got a half dozen epic spells, if the other guy has those spells and the strength to crush your windpipe, my character took this to heart and plans on shoving that speech down his throat... metaphorically

he is on the planet after the empire decided that they wanted his parents' spelljammer, because of it's nigh unmatched speed and efficiency in interplanetary travel, and the rarity of such craft, believing primitive genetic backwash such as linnorms and those tainted with their blood, have no right to such a vessel, and tried to take it, vastly outgunned and outnumbered with Dorukan (his mentor) busy powering the ship and Dave's father piloting it and thus not able to contribute much, the only thing they had to defend it was the cannons and Dave's mom, and she while a powerful caster (oracle 21+,cleric of mystra 5+ spellfire channel-er 16) and a chosen of mystra on top of that was still only one person and they did not have many cannons given that the vessel was designed for pleasure not for war, and were eventually overrun, they found themselves over Argatha, ship badly damaged when Dave's mom cast Miracle, using all of her remaining magical energy and her own life to push a small hole in the wards one to save her son, Dave, (possibly incidentally possibly as a direct action of Mystra, keeping him safe even when he got to the planet) Dorukan was also saved along with the healm of the ship and a few scattered debris were also saved, and Dorukan raised Dave as best he could until he and his girlfriend (met her hear on argatha) were souljared and killed by the litch as previously stated

he usually has a disguise/alter self up, it's basically him but without the diamond and metal skin and other features that visibly mark him as different from any other winged Aasimar, when disguised as such, he has somewhat, metallic red/gold hair and ice blue eyes,, his skin is a golden tan, and he is usually grinning.
(other such features include the draconic nature of his eyes, his claws, and his shoulders are more broad when not disguised)
he has it up because his first tactic is to charm (not just the spell) and to woo, and to get the opposition to fall on their own knife and to that end he appears in a form that is more charming and less intimidating,(even though he is good at being that when he wants to) that and it adds to the shock value when he drops it,

his caster level is 16 (17 for illusions)
his manifester level is 6
the pyrokinetic fire he wields is typically a blue color but it varies with his emotions.
his Thrallherd powers have just shown up with no (conscious) control over it, despite it's newness it arrived with great force, (rank 26 on the table)

he also has the ability to sense/taste/feel strong ambient magic and emotions, though the two are probably not connected, when he touches someone he can not help but to read their surface emotions, he will also sometimes accidentally pick up peoples thoughts, (sometimes not so accidentally)

he has little control over his psionic powers spicifically his telepathy and pyrokinetic powers, espically when he isn't focusing on it or when very emotional,
he is 1/8th ice linnorm, and his great grandfather might be the only relation of his still alive, though David does not know where he is or even if he still lives.

spells known (incomplete):

0th 8 drench, detect magic, detect alchemy, Mage hand, layer of ice, Ray of frost idyllic sleep
1st 6 Mage armor, shield, magic missile, identify, grease, sunder breaker,
2nd 6 dragoneye rune detect magic (greater), invisibility, blur, curse of the impending blades spell curse
3rd 6 bestow curse, fireball, magic circle against alignment, dispel magic, accursed glare, diamond spray, haste, slow, beast's curse
4th 6 flame strike summon monster 4 arcane fusion, black spot, brand of tracking, detonate. stone skin, conjuration foil
5th 6 fickle winds, red hand of the killer, spellsteal summon monster 5, icy prison, algid aura
6th 6 transformation, curse of the outcast, geas, cold ice strike. Chilling Gaze
7th 6 bestow greater curse, arcane spellsurge, firebrand, mage's sword
8th 4 form of the linnorm 1 (as form of the dragon 3 but gargantuan size, +16 str, +12 con, DR 10/magic and cold iron, and no wing buffet) greater arcane fusion
+16 from fcb (3 used)

Class list:

Advanced PE, Heavy blades, alchemy, evocation, engineering, dragon class with ryleh meditation.

skeets goes to Psycology, arithmancy/mathmancy/mathamagics his own surgery/medicine/healing

Feats, including bonus feet from "anti hero"

flyby attack

Signature Weapon: my sword arm and bestow curse spell get +5 to hit

Weapon Trickery (Combat), allows me to use charisma instead of strength or dexterity on attack rolls cmb and cmd

Spell perfection: 1 free metamagic for Bestow Curse, DC becomes 37, +8 on concentration checks

improved counter-spell

Too Fast to Fight (Combat), I don't provoke attacks of opportunity for using the run or double move (Probably replace this later)

Searing Spell: at +1 lvl my fire spells ignore fire resistance

Toppling spell: +1 spell level, save vs Force spell or be tripped.

Air Heritage: +30 to fly speed +2 to acrobatics checks

Draconic Aura: 30 foot +3 aura, as the dragon shamen Draconic Aura ability, auras chosen is energy shield (6 ice damage to whoever attacks me or any of my allies withen 30 feet when they attack me (or them) with a natural or non reach melee weapon) and Vigor, fast healing 3 for all allies (including me for those annoying times someone gets through my regeneration with cold iron) until they are at half HP

Reach spell +1 metamagic per reach increase

Draconic Heritage: dragon blood subtype, a bonus equal to the number of draconic feats you have (5) on saving throws against fear, magic sleep and paralysis effects, as well as on saves against spells and abilities with a descriptor that matches the corresponding entry in the accompanying table. (note linnorms are in fact dragons and therefor qualify, for me it's Ice energy and Curse effects which is kinda useless, I chose this feat for the dragon blood subtype though the bonus to save VS Fear is nice)
ERATTA: because I have immunity to Ice and curse effects and paralysis, and sleep Lyn said I can apply this to the Save DC's and spell resistance penetration of my Ice and Curse effects so yay.

Feats from flaws
Draconic Claw: non sword arm does 1d6 as a primary natural weapon that if I cast a spell in the round I can use the claw as a swift action.
intimidating prowess removed: 1 blank feat slot

Chain spell +3 metamagic, affect multiple targets -4 to save DC or half damage

Draconic senses: You gain low-light vision and a bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks equal to the number of draconic feats you have. If you have three or more draconic feats, you also gain dark vision out to 60 feet. If you have four or more draconic feats, you also gain blind sense out to 20 feet. (I have 5)

Pasted from <http://dndtools.eu/feats/dragon-magic--62/draconic-senses--715/>

Dragon Breath

( Races of the Dragon, p. 98)


You can use your breath weapon as often as a normal dragon.
6 HD, breath weapon, dragonblod subtype,
You can use your breath weapon every 1d4 rounds.

Curious: I must make a DC 18 will save to avoid investigating anything out of the ordinary, unless combat is likely
from <http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Curious_(3.5e_Flaw)>

Hopeless Collector: You constantly collect some random, often useless item.(I store them on my ship)

Pasted from <http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Hopeless_Collecter_(3.5e_Flaw)>

Perfectionist (3.5e Flaw): must make will save to use non-masterwork items.

Pasted from <http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Perfectionist_(3.5e_Flaw)>

Pyromania: I must make will saves or set stuff on fire, (can be avoided by setting myself on fire)

Bonus feets:

Background: arcane student: +1 to spelcraft and knowlage (arcana) bonus feet: spell focus (necromancy)

Eschew materials
combat casting +4 to concentration when grappled
Quicken spell

permanent spell effects:
Arcane sight

permanent psionic powers (incarnate):
elfsight, conceal thoughts,

skills of note:
perception +34 +38 when around skeets +41 when skeets is actively helping +42 when detecting smells, +49 total possible
intimidate +36, +40 with nimbus
sense motive +8,+10 around skeets
diplomacy +30, +34 with nimbus, which is hilarious that I'm better at negotiating when I'm on fire, I love this game.
Preform +27, +29 with nimbus

havoc of society +1 damage for spells
magic is life (adjusted to be for Mystra instead of Nethis) when I'm under a spell effect I automatically stabilize and have +2 to saves vs death effects,
Silver-tongued, +1 to bluff, diplomacy preform (singing) and knowlage (nobility)
Spark of Creation (Magic)
You have always had a knack for making useful things, and your talent as an artisan was evident even at an early age.

Benefit(s): You gain a +1 trait bonus on Craft checks, and the cost of creating magic items is reduced by 5%.

You were born with a strange birthmark that looks very similar to the holy symbol of the god you chose to worship later in life.

Benefit: This birthmark can serve you as a divine focus for casting spells, and you gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.

Second Chance
You have a knack for avoiding trouble.

Benefit: Once per day, when you fail a saving throw, you can reroll the saving throw. You must take the second result even if it is worse.

Fate's favored (+1 to all luck bonuses)