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Full Name

Tybalt Baneko


Icy Catfolk Image


Warlock/Rogue 16






Biologically frozen appearing: 14, Consciously 16-17, Alocatran Calendar age 23.

Special Abilities

Scent, Ice Maker, Neural Lace, Mercy,


chaotic good






Common, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan, Aquan, Auran, Gnomish, Elvin, Catfolk(meows), Folk(Japanese),


Champion of Mercy

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Strength 15
Dexterity 32
Constitution 22
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 14
Charisma 30

About Tybalt Baneko


He is about 4'2 which is hard to tell as he floats a few inches off the grass. He is a catfolk with a black and white tuxedo pattern. His hands and feet are white and more like paws. He has a thin black tail that ends with an inch of white.The hair (longer than his short fur) at the front of his head has a streak each of lavender royal blue and teal. He has pointed ears that stand above his head taller than his messy spiked hair. They constantly twitch and swivel almost with a mind of their own as they search for sounds all around. Any visible skin (the inside of his ears) is a pale blue. He has icy blue eyes.He wears no shoes. But by far his most defining characteristic is that he is completely coated head to foot to tail in jewelry of every description even on his tail. The area around him is noticably colder. With any magic vision you see that he exudes raw magic itself. Many of his bits of jewelry also contain small bits of unimportant or residule magic. There is a noticeably strong aura around one ring and one medallion. The medallion is still not very strong but is very multicolored(grants the user nearly every cantrip.) The ring is moderate and has a holding effect.

feats and fault and traits:
craft wonderous item, weapon finesse, catfolk exemplar (claws), aspect of the beast (claws), weapon focus (claws), eldritch claws, improved natural attack, web of steel, dimensional: agility assault darvish savant. fault hopeless collector (shiny things)
Traits: Coincunning: +2 to notice shiny objects on the ground, walls, etc and an automatic check within 10 feet, looking or not.
Thrown Together Fashion: Can change a set of clothes into a different outfit for 10 minutes per gp difference.

Classe schedule:
Advanced Magical crafting, History of Agartha, Stealth, lunch, Advanced P.E., study period(wander period), Drama,

rogue and warlock abilities:
Rogue talents: Minor magic (scoop), major magic (ice dagger), wicked claws, combat trick,and finesse rogue. the advanced rogue talents are: familiar(hedgehog), improved evasion, and weapon snatcher.

Warlock abilities: shift, arcane bolt, levitate, invisibility field,Ice wall, ice field, dimension door, trembling presence analyze magic, (trembling kept off usually.)

ac saves and the like:
Ac 29 Flatfooted 10 Touch 21

HP 240

DR5, Cold immunity, fire vulnerability

Saves: Reflex +21 Will +12 Fortitude +12

Bab 12-7-2 Cmb 17 Cmd 26

ice creature template:

attacks and spells:

lesser orb of cold (1) ice dagger (3) Chill touch (3)

claws 1D8 +5 magic and silver
On sneak +8d8
Ice dagger +1 to hit 1d4 +6+(1d6 cold) crit 19-20 on crit + 1d10 cold

Arcane bolt ranged touch 8d6 any element

Champion Abilities:

Can choose to treat any damage to or from him as nonlethal.
Cure light wounds at will. 1 on target/24hrs.
Mythic Breath of Life 5/day(5/5)
Force Bubbles: protect non combative creatures from any damage or spell. Creatures inside stabilize and fast heal 3. 10 bubbles a day.(10/10)

Crook has three forms and can use champ abilities from all three.
Candycane size, walking cane size, big crook size.
In big crook size it is +5 merciful defending Quarterstaff with trip and reach 10ft.
Can be Called in any form and shifted as a free action.

Neural Lace:

Can focus for for 1 round to communicate with any technology that can send or receive signals. Tech designed to work with it is a free action.
The lace is considered a part of his body and heals with magic.
Lace blocks magical and psionic mind effects and compulsions, but can be hacked with very strong technology.
Blocks mind reading unless he subconsciously trusts the reader.
Can block pain receptors to prevent blacking out, but will cease to work if he thinks too hard about the injury he should be feeling.
Can record memories photographically, but containing all of his observer bias and perspective up to 1000 hours.
Can do mathematical operations at the same speed as a calculator.


(Assume 16 ranks unless stated]
Disable device c
Bluff c
Purrception c
Catrobatics c
Escape artist c
Sleight of hand c
Sense motive c
Stealth c
Use magic device c
Appraise c
Climb c
Diplomacy c
Spell craft c
(8)disguise c

His "Serious Warlock Stuff" outfit.
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