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Full Name

Shirokouruma-Sensei (She-Row-Cow-Room-Uh Sin-Say)


Panda Hybrid




Fat Medium








Life and Advice Councilor, Mediator,

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Strength 12
Dexterity 7
Constitution 17
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Shirokouruma

At the discussion table there is a large black and white creature. It is man sized, but stocky and has a large, round, belly. It is asleep with its arms and head on the table. It wears a sleeveless tan shirt with triangle patterned trim with pants of the same design. Where its black fur meets the white, there is a strange tribal pattern with swoops and points. Its large black nose and round ears both twitch as it acknowledges your approach. It lifts and swivels its head to look at you with large, emerald green, still hooded eyes, before blinking twice any giving a long yawn with large teeth and flopping its head back on the table to continue its nap.
Shiro was born to a small family in a house miles from the cold born city in the mountains. He grew up and left his family happily to start a life on his own with his wife. He established his own home for them and they lived on their own with the occasional traveling visitor who they offered a room for the night. He enjoyed both the solitarity of living with just his wife, but also had a big heart for the people that showed up. They did not know that he was a skinwalker and neither did his wife. After five years together with her, she grew fatally ill and being miles from anything else and having no healing ability of his own, there was no help for her. She passed away peacefully in their home. After this Shiro traveled to the city and shifted into his hybrid form, leaving the past behind with his old self. He eventually was invited to be the councilor at Avalon, being one of few people in the multi verse with the ability to handle all that happens there. He has been at Avalon for a couple decades now, helping generation after generation of troubled students.