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I say $x^4 + a_1x^3 + a_2x^2 + a_3x + a_4 = 0 $

Ok I'll pop you down

This is the Updates list so far.

Kings maker 2ed group [looking for a GM]

Players With PC Alts
Asked to be In 2ed group

1:Amber Shorelight Aasmarr/Elf Cleric L1 Asked to be In 2ed group
2:Sirsi O'Bannon Female Half - Elf Bard 1 Asked to be In 2ed group
3:VilkVendrovki Half-Elf Ranger 1 Asked to be In 2ed group
4:Brok Thundershams Male Half Elf Fighter (Dragoon) 1 Asked to be In 2ed group
5:Melchior The WickDElf Inquisitor (Preacher) of Gorum Asked to be In 2ed group
6:Hustonj-> Fighter (Swordlord) PC Asked to be In 2ed group *could you make an Alt of your PC, just so every one has one thanks

Ok seems we have number 6,
Ill post something in the RECRUITMENT bord for a KINGMAKER GM in 24 hours, so others I have PMed can respond.
Lets see if we get a GM will to give is a go. :)

Sorry about that Vilk Vendrovki and Brok Thundershams.

This is the Updates list so far.

Kings maker 2ed group [looking for a GM]

Players With PC Alts
If I missed any one let me know

1:Amber Shorelight Aasmarr/Elf Cleric L1 Asked to be In 2ed group
2:Sirsi O'Bannon Female Half - Elf Bard 1
3:Samduc Dawnbringer Hobbit Paladin (Hospitaler) 1
4:Svalk Freyrsson [Male Ulfen (human) Barbarian (Scarred Rager) 1]
5:Zlatomíra Havranová Female Human (Irriseni) Witch (Winter Witch) 1
6:VilkVendrovki Half-Elf Ranger 1
7:Brok Thundershams Male Half Elf Fighter (Dragoon) 1 Asked to be In 2ed group

Need Alts I think??
8:Sir Culer ->half elf's Pavel PC
9:Hustonj-> Fighter (Swordlord) PC Asked to be In 2ed group
10:Furnok of Ferd -> Skirmisher Ranger

I have 2 PM Asking to be In.

I think once I get to 5 or more, I'll make a post in recruitment Asking if a GM would like to take us unto the Kings Maker Path.


I'm looking to make a group THEN look for a GM.
Lot of games on here stall and die, lots and lots of em
not just King maker.



I don't think so Svalk, I'm the same, rejection is par for the course, some GMs seek to tick the typical Party box's with PC selection, and if your just outside the mould you can get sidelined for a PC made to fit typical group. I had a feeling this would go that way being DMAldoriRavenLord 1st PbP, always best to play it safe for the 1st.

But as we will be a group, looking for a GM, we can take the PCs as is and offer them as a group, we then pick the GM.

Some GMs like this, means they have an active group, who have worked to be in a game.

The drop out rate for PC for games on here is very high, with in 6mouths RL 60 to 70% of started games have stalled because of player and GM drop out. Very high death rate for games. That's down to RL getting in the way more than any thing.

I think if you where in the group to ask for a GM then, you sorted as is.
If you see what I mean, GMs can ask to change things but drop a GM from the group, no,
As the players set the group list. This feed back from any GM would help as well, may be just what your looking for.

But also any group would look at all the groups PCs to see they are level etc
Ready for any FM, this to would I feel be useful feed back if you need it.


Ghost1776 wrote:
Just for sake of completeness I never posted in the inn with my character either Chants to Dawn. No worries though I decided to run my own game. Not Kingmaker but I hope to have fun.

cool have fun with it, I run a game already as well.

Thanks DM AldoriRavenLord, Ill just hijack this thread if I may for a short wile

So DM AldoriRavenLord party 1 is:

1:Aluxion Clairfeld
2:Arilyth Sehwyn Lebeda
3:Cerian Screamingtrees
4:Farin Deephammer
5:Hella Wolf
6:Miri Pindles
9:Rodric Armstead

That means we have posted and interested in Kings maker

Players With Alts or PCs posted If I missed any one let me know =

1:Amber Shorelight Aasmarr/Elf Cleric L1
2:Sirsi O'Bannon Female Half - Elf Bard 1
3:Samduc Dawnbringer Hobbit Paladin (Hospitaler) 1
4:Svalk Freyrsson [Male Ulfen (human) Barbarian (Scarred Rager) 1]
5:Zlatomíra Havranová Female Human (Irriseni) Witch (Winter Witch) 1
6:Sir Culer ->half elf's Pavel PC
7:Hustonj-> young swordsma Bard PC
8:Furnok of Ferd -> Skirmisher Ranger

You know that seems like a fun party and a lot of work to let slip away. To me elves Humans halflings Hunter/Cleric + 2 Bards + A Paladin + a witch, just think of the roll paying in that :)

Here is what I am asking the none - Picked here.

With DM AldoriRavenLord having the one table,

I would like to asked the none picked would they be willing to
make a group/party so that as a group/party we could go to recruitment as ask for a GM for our reject group/party?

Sorry DM AldoriRavenLord but a feel other and well as myself put some work into making PCs and it would be a shame to have just one to two in the future get a chance to play, when we could as a group all play if we found a GM willing :)

So Guys what ya think 5 tot 8 than go look for a GM
If your in please Post here and I will make a new list.


fixed again :)

Sorry Andrea1 fixed the list.

Moved down the thread

Happy Xmass Present HERE

Happy Xmass Present HERE

Happy Xmass Present HERE

Happy Xmass Present HERE

Happy Xmass Present HERE

WoM's V Ice

OMG!!!, I'm getting tickets an popcorn
Its like a Smack down Match from WWF-dom

Jump up and down with pom-poms

yep misunderstood your meaning from the 1st post

I once spent 7 hours in a Tragic jam wile in the UK, we left the car on the road and went to a road side Trailer coffee shop come slop house, had our meeting there V speaker phone. Once we got moving again we just headed back to the hotel. Darn that country has small roads.

How much XP is Gabdolf worth is we kill him?

Damiani wrote:
Could be speaking of stationary bikes, or if extremely crude...


I'm Dropping out.

After reading the wizards D&D5 play test its clear that little more than a poor copy of Pathfinder. Its actuality a bit sad really, kind of cut down num-tee version for kids Pathfinder with so much taken from what pathfinder builders is not funny. Think this ones is dead in the water guys, wizards really did dropped the ball with D&D 4 and now way they will get it back doing poor rip offs.

So saying all that have fun guys,
I'm heading back to Full Fat Pathfinder :)

Thank good luck guys

Could I have a link to the play test :)


You got two?

4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 5) = 18-3 15 (+2)
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 6, 1) = 11-1 10 (+0)
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 1, 6) = 15-1 15 (+2)
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 6) = 17-2 15 (+2)
4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 1, 1) = 13-1 12 (+1)
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 1) = 14-1 13 (+1)


O sounds dun

Settro wrote:

I warned you.

Though, i have no idea what we are supposes to do.

There seems to be no cure.

Honestly, i would just have a willing volunteer polymorph any object into a mini self-sustaining sun exactly the size of the city. Sterilize the whole place.

Love that spell. Most powerful spell in the whole game.

1: A sun the size of a city would melt the planet

2: To Sterilize the town you need need an object kicking out the power of as sun about the size of a soccer ball


Lynora PM

Ice this all kicked off when I asked about playing a Dragon PC as I think carls heading to NPC mining land for Jiminiy.

Seems there is a lot of interest in doing the same, and something coming up in mouths nay years time that may let me and others by the looks of it play Gem Dragons.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

Well, emerald was one.

I call that character idea!

I'm going Sapphire dragon when in say a years time this comes about but I'm not calling, the Race Magic, Everyone's free to play any PC Lynora OKs in my sleepy view.

Got it

Thanks GM

Cool with the fire thing

How did Dogboy two 2d8+10 for damage on his confirm crit roll
Should be just another 1d8+5 or am I missing some thing

Hate to say this but strictly speaking as rules stand you can't use prestidigitation to start a fire. There is a 0 spell called spark etc that dos that, it's come up in a few games I've been in.

But it's a GM call of course.

really did not know that

yes 100% you can upgrade stuff you will have two days game play now to do stuff.

every Item in the Core books are yours to get if you have the coin.
You can even make items Intelligent :)

Cool :)

if that's what it takes to play a Dragon then
"Patience is a Virtue"

In now rush Lynora, I'm more than will to spend the Ace level of time crafting a Gem Dragon to come to the school when the time is right. I have to play out Carl going to work for Jiminy yet. But the hope that one day in a few mouths I could bring in a gem dragon would be cool and fun to take the time to work on.

So saying all that
1: I'm willing to wait until the time is right in game
2: it would be fun crafting just the right kind of dragon over that longer time frame.
3: happy with every thing you said and willing to sit back till the time is right.

I'll think over what it may look like over the next few weeks Lynora if that's ok to do.


Obsessed who's Obsessed ??

Just asked Lynora if I could play a student with a Dragon race, sheesh
sorry I asked.

DM Stalwart wrote:

I'm still wondering where the harpy went, and I want to give Kane and Jazzai a chance to better acquaint themselves, so don't be in too much of a rush to move things forward. I'm getting the big meeting between the two pairs ready.

Also, while you're free to describe your impressions of other players, have a care that you don't end up trying to define someone else's character for them. That lies solely with the player.

As for our harpy, I sent a pm earlier and I'll send another here soon. If we lose our oracle, we might need to talk about healers. I don't know if Kane would be willing to shift to more of a battle cleric. Of course, it could be fun trying to survive without a healer, too.

posted in Spoiler to you and peacock, GM i am sorry that all went very wrong, ill not be doing it again.


GM peacock - my my apologize Please read:

"If its Ok with the GM and Peacock I would like...

Sorry: Well I need to make some things clear, It is and was never my intent to upset another player. I am deeply sorry for doing that.What I did was map out a "possible path we could go" This was done under spoiler. With a clear note at the front saying that both GM and player would need to ok any and all of that. The idea was to offer up something for clearance. In other games I have been in, that's been the way to map out the starting point of a game. Party meets etc. As I made clear none of that will happen unless its Ok'ed by both GM and player. I think you missed that part, I am sorry if I was not clear on that. You can and I hope will change any and ALL parts of that post.

Party Building: I wanted to show a way she may bond with him, to make the party work, Mapping out 'her' feeling only and why she would seek to stick with Peacock. If hes going to run off next day, well then she will stay, an thus we end the party, because she will need to get her strength up before running off I think.

Needs of a pc: she needs time to get strong. Just out the egg is no way to face the world. But I am not saying your PC must stay, just I feel she would have to build her self up before heading off.

Meeting the others: that all down to the GM but he did have us meet to where we go from here is key. I am not trying to take over your PC or tell you how to play him or what he is like. I just wanted to offer up a way thing MY go etc. I am more than happy go with your ideas etc, as that's what it was meant for, swoping ideas. It was just offering a possible starting point on where we COULD go etc. I do home you understand where I am coming from here. I will not do this again. I see how it has not worked in the way I was seeing it work. I am used to a more discussion way of mapping out actions. In future I will put all such ideas in Discussion.

So all that being said, its 1st night and Zzzzz from Sphene.


and i offer my apologizes for doing the wrong thing.

well lets not mix PC with player here, Aannra dos not like to show off, shes doing what she thinks will help and with in her abilitys.

Wile the Player, in his best Austin Powers voice says

"Yerr Baby, do I ever, eat them rolls, yum yum, taste good?" :)

joking, Joking

just saying she's got a high dex and I want to show what she can do.

Mind you says that what of the guy who got his PC to fire off 10s of shots to show the range his PC can hit at. hehe

twang, twang, twang, twang, twang, twang, twang, twang, twang, twang,

"Sorry Think it go away guys"

Joke again, just saying..

waves and runs off before a snow ball comes his way

I am thinking of making Carl an MPC, really hes going to be mining for Jiminy over any other thing. Only coming in now and then.

I would really like to play a Dragon Lynora in his place, A student, do you think that is possible?

I was thinking of making a school psych. But just could not commit the time that one needs. Good luck to you. I think they will be working over time here.

Meanwhile Royston boom ! Boom !

Good luck every one with finals

Cheap and nasty poorly made army kit

Thread stall

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