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Lord Foul II wrote:
Damiani wrote:
Adon Derro wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
Nah, it's expected for you to come in and try to rain on all the parades. It's like you know the sun will always will come up, the ocean will be salty, and Adon will be a party pooper.
Calling adon a party pooper is like saying "the sun is a little hot."
Depending on your star comparisons, that statement can be valid. ;)
true but then you could then compare Aaron to Aurix just as easily

While *I* don't see an immediate relationship between Aaron and Aurix beyond letters in the English alphabet and/or a counting of letters/sequences, I believe if you were going to define a scale and/or use the alphabet as the comparison, my statement is still no less valid.

Adon Derro wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
Nah, it's expected for you to come in and try to rain on all the parades. It's like you know the sun will always will come up, the ocean will be salty, and Adon will be a party pooper.
Calling adon a party pooper is like saying "the sun is a little hot."

Depending on your star comparisons, that statement can be valid. ;)

Just a head's up -- going to be likely away or short on response during the weekend and Monday.

Enjoy the holiday weekend (if it is such for you) or just the weekend.


lynora wrote:
Crude map of general area

Great map, thank you.

lynora wrote:
Hopefully will have time for actual posts later, but wanted to clear up the confusion before it got more out of hand. :)

Okay, so four buildings. :)

Pretty sure prior posts aren't affected then -- Factory Two had the initial oddities and 'dome' that Ghalen spotted with his IRDAR (or however), and Ghalen is likely heading towards Building Four per my understanding at the moment.

Factory One and Three did get some scattered reports, mostly verbal, but power is on-- area is being jammed, however, so that'd be noticed right off, though not from 'where' since it's not a directional thing as much as an AoE thing.

Sweet. Just waiting on folks to get in range of Factory Two, talk to the NPCs or do something else (like a x time passes before nefarious NPC plot changes stages. :D)

Monkeygod wrote:
Elektra is with Ghalen. He mentioned her in his last post.


I was prompted Lynora to add her NPC's post (or PC's). Hell, she could have stayed with the shuttle for all I know. :)

Kryzbyn wrote:

"Base" is whichever factory they launch from. If there is a separate facility or hangar for the mecha/shuttles, then that's base.

As I said in one of the posts, they land 1 kilometer south of "base", then head in on foot.

From what I understand, the Mech factory is Factory Three. One kilo out, got it.


Curiously -- in your post, which 'base' do you mean or the Factories in general? As a reminder, there were those two 'humanoids' you scanned before landing just outside Factory Two.

Additionally, how far out are you parking this shuttle from said base?


What is Elektra doing? I seem to have lost track of her among all those other posts happening back at the kidnapping location.


lynora wrote:
Read new posts. Replied to some questions. Fell asleep on keyboard. Yeah, I think that's it for tonight. I am just no good at typing responses while asleep. :P

Dedication is demonstrated by key imprints on face? Heh.

At least we can be thankful that the website doesn't telepathically pick up the input, in a sleepy state-- that'd be both potentially awesome, and scary, but thrilling for dream research.

lynora wrote:
Dami, MG, I hope that the misunderstanding is all cleared up? I'm sure nobody actually meant to insult anybody else. Print can be an imprecise medium since we lack the cues of vocal tone and body language (on the plus side, no eye contact required!) and we all end up speaking at cross-purposes now and then.

Yep, Shared my intent. Read his impressions. Done. Totally agree with you, Lynora. Plus communication is a two way street, people sometimes choose to drive on the wrong side based on so many factors.


Monkeygod wrote:

I don't appreciate being accused of trying to 'stir the pot'.

I was just trying to give players who I knew had PCs who might be around a heads up.

It is easy to forget or overlook stuff, especially when its all in spoilers.

I certainly didn't mean 'stir the pot' in a negative way, Monkeygod, I was actually thanking you for giving that situation attention.

It's just a phrase, doesn't automatically imply bad-- after all, a good stew needs stirring for the tasty meal! Or chili.

[b]Kuros Industries[b]
Ha! Proper name.

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

Added link to the shuttle info in the discussion page :)

While flying overhead and unaware, he's not going to have flood lights or landing lights on, per se. He will use the FLiR to scan the building though. (Forward Looking infra-Red)

Perception: 1d20 + 29 ⇒ (13) + 29 = 42

I don't know what an appropriate equipment bonus would be, so feel free to + or - the result

The immediate sweep of the grounds, and going into the building shows no visible bipeds or other 'warm' targets except for two humanoid shaped figures on the grounds out front of Factory Two.

These figures appear to 'react' to any sounds the shuttles would make on your arrival, but don't track very well since you're running dark.

As for scans of the building itself, using IR, the immediate ground and above floors appear vacant of any humanoids, though the slight differences noted due to machinery and other things that 'recently' turned off and are slooowly dimming due to thermal release are there-- and one rather large (not super hot, but not 'alive') dome like aura, in what you perceive as being below ground.

My assumption is that while you could roll a Knowledge of 'Buildings' (Engineering?) -- getting the exact layouts of these building off the top of your head is likely best at this point, without an official tour/docs. Unaware if he got a full tour of Factory Two. Your call, not important to me either way.

That 'dome' is definitely underground, likely a centralize part of the structure, and you swear in between the flying and landing, it sort of 'shifts' -- the surface isn't as uniformed of a dome as you initially saw. Movement of some sort, unsure just how much or their full size.

The 'Dome' is roughly 12m in diameter, across, from what you can perceive, not sure if it's a full sphere or not, given the limitations of penetration through solid matter. The IR certainly does /not/ go through that material.

Kryzbyn wrote:

Link to shuttle info post

Is this what you're looking for Dami?

Wow, awesome-- some of that tech term throws me off, but yes, perfect. Nice visuals too. The LIDAR and FLDAR for example. I think your post covered that one. My assuming is that it 'sends' out a scan, versus merely picking things up. Can't quite do IR without some emitters.

I'm effectively looking to find out what sort of Active Sensors they have (emission of waves/packets) versus passive (reading incoming stuff) and if they would emit any sort of radiation/energy to sensitive scanners.

Assuming some manner of nuclear, or fission reactor? or what sort of power source?

lynora wrote:
Quick jump in here. But not for long. Errands and such. Free time later. Anyhow, Dennis is in town right now. He's been helping Kuros rebuild their infrastructure from a more administrative point of view. And yes, radio silence is key. The factories are a couple miles out of town. To walk that will take quite a while. Even if someone was running it, they're still several minutes out. And then they have to find the relevant people and so on. Didn't realize Wyrd was still in town but it makes sense. I know he has a workshop/ forge in factory 3 (it's the r&d building) so he may be sad about his stuff getting trashed. And Dami, I uh, think you got the buildings wrong? The hangar is not affected. And the r&d building (factory 3) is just starting to be affected. Most of the shenanigans are in building two, but also building one which is where most of the recent hires, unskilled labor types work. At least based on what you previously described, there should still be shenanigans in building one. *shrug* I feel like I need to draw you guys a map. :)

Hey there, no worries.

My 'mental' map was:

Factory One / Building One -- Not as Technological, thus, lesser target, now being assaulted
Factory Two / Building Two -- Easiest/Efficient target, plus higher tech, assault underway
Factory Three / Building Three -- Difficult Target, possible start of assault

Obviously, this is all OOC, but -- I tried to elude to that in the posts so far.

And yeah, I did figure the buildings/campus was miles out, plus no vehicles, per say-- which makes for more complications in a 'walk lots' setting.

ps: I love maps. :)


Hey there, remind me what your Silirus (sp) guy looks like? I keep remembering him having insect wings. Not sure why that stuck in my craw, as it were, if that's the appropriate slang for head.


Ghalen Kiln wrote:

Ghalen flies over the factory to get a visual of what's going on...

"Hmm. No transponder, no FF rec query, no lights. Power outage? Other buildings have power..."
When he goes to open the radio to inform Jeran of an update, he gets the white noise... "That's damn peculiar."

More official like: If you'd give me say 5 perception rolls and list out what visions you'd have, i.e. IR/UV, etc. That'll help. I don't really peek at sheets unless it's down to a ruling or impossible to accept as ...well, possible. :)

Also, can you describe the Shuttle; power source/type, illumination, size, noise factors, etc?

Monkeygod wrote:
I haven't been following the plot by Damiani in Kuros/the factory, but shouldn't Dennis, Wyrd, and Casseus(at the least) be around? and/or respond? Seems like a lot has happened, but they haven't posted any replies/reactions.

From what I deduced, the following was going on:

1) Wyrd was fixing things in town,
2) Casseus is in his office/home/school -- given the hour. I factored in to a certain extent in my posts that most of the workers were a) ignorant of what to do, b) didn't bother talking to anyone of authority since they count on Jiminy / others, to guide/lead. The two primary points of contact, which likely will be spotted by 'Gunt' in his Fly By, are the most useful candidates there.
3) Dunno about Dennis, but he's likely in Factory One? Which wasn't really affected-- this is happening primarily in Factory Two, and at this point, after work hours have ended. I don't believe anyone beyond Wyrd 'resides' in the Factories, per say.

The lack of communication is an important point, and additionally-- radio jamming just fell on the area, so, no "ET Phone Home" potential at this point and walking into a new devil looking guy's office isn't exactly high on a lot of people's lists. (This is semi-intentional, otherwise, I've completely mistaken the setting as being VERY open to meta-human, non-humans and outsiders of all shapes and sizes as being perfectly acceptable.)

Will post feedback on the Fly By soon-- if you wanted to throw in a few Perception rolls, just for reference, that'll help guide my response some.

Appreciate the effort to 'stir' the pot, but not looking for immediate, zomg, I port there and fix all the things now! Sometimes things are better when they unfold 'naturally'.

Kuros, Jiminy Factories

When the Cats are Away, Part II...:
Upon arriving, some time after all the hub-bub starting earlier with all the workers-- a few things have changed.

First and foremost, the number of people milling about has diminished. Given the hour and lack of leadership to manage their nervousness and focus, various of them walked off towards their homes and or into town. It was dinner, after all, or close enough. Loved ones to see, food to be had, relaxing after the days' work.

The few that do stay, don't really get much further, and when one co-worker comes stumbling out, with various electrical burns and slashes by odd edged weapons, he is rushed off to the nearest medic in town to help out the non-life threatening, but potentially harmful wounds.

Frankus and Bobus, however, loyal as they are and lacking any proper lives outside of the factories, stay behind, since one does point out that, "Any time now, things'll get fixed, I reckon."

They stayed on still, even after the building they were working in earlier seemed to lose all it's power, things shutting down, and the oddest noises start to come forth from within. A churning of metal and ...non-organic things. Plus the low hum of energy, and sparks of electrical heard as well, yet not seen from outside.

Needless to say, creepy, from the point of view of anyone just standing outside, but, these two hold outs are definitely ...loyally, waiting.

Meanwhile, in Factory One, which housed less important 'things' out of the three, seemed to have some oddness happen, but by and far, most of it, passed quickly and people headed off without much fanfare.

Factory Three, though, the hub of the Mecha tech, likely may start to notice their power resources dwindling if stored, or an building maintenance person would spot some ...odd shadows of movement, yet, not in the high security areas. Just the outskirts. Likely imagination now that Factory Two seems totally powered down... and it's lights no longer illuminate.

All the buildings are subject to a non-radio useful area, clearly something is jamming from within or likely using the Factory's own tech to cause the silence.

@'Grunt' or 'Fido': If and when you folks do 'fly' in, if the shuttles require anything electrical from the Factories, landing beacons, etc. that's all off line/jammed. Likewise, upon arriving about 500' from the buildings, your radios would be filled with 'white noise' that prevents useful communication across the entire spectrum, but not affecting any Infra-Red, Ultra-Violet or Normal Light wavelengths. Landing lights, etc. Consider the 'arrival' if not requiring any assistance from the building(s) to be dark night situation-- save for however good (or bad) the weather is. I'll leave that description up to you folks, or we can randomly roll it off some chart if available.

Hey there, Lynora (et al).

Sorry for the delays, will update tomorrow provided work isn't completely busy busy, as it was today.

Your last post with Andromeda made me laugh out loud, for real'z.

Hope you're feeling better and rested.

Kuros, Jiminy Factories

When The Cats Are Away...:
At first, a minor shriek, one of the administrative staff from the main offices that handles paperwork and such.

Then, in the main work area, more shouts of confusion and one of pain, as someone attempted heroically, to 'stomp' out of a mix of courage and fight, versus flight.

Throughout Factory One, however, and shortly thereafter, Factory Two, more and more 'things' start shifting from out of the shadows, or moving from where they were in a state of hibernation, becoming four legged, dog sized, 'block looking', insects that immediately move with a silent and unified purpose.

Theadus, in the main engineering area, and near the main power plant, is chased off after failing to 'shoo' away with hands, and then watching as the spit from one starts melting away at his favorite spanner-- he's no warrior! By the time he starts fleeing and teling his people to get out, they've already made it to the main power cells and clambered atop it. Some five of these bugs.

In the crafting room, where the largely metallic and other 'high tech' parts for the shuttle are built up, and stored nearby, they go to clamber atop any containers with the raw nano-carbon tubes storage, along with the metal sheets and the very containers themselves. One of these things even melts through a wall going into the main piping and heating ducks.

The lights dropped out immediately after a flicker, chaos starts to ensue. Unless the systems are on some magical process for announcing an invasion of shape shifting, in-organic consuming creatures with intent to get to all the tech, it's through the screaming and shouts, primarily, that anyone knows what's happening.

They do appear to have some intelligence, for nearly immediately after the initial black out, any and all radio transmissions through devices on the grounds, would soon be shut down, or jammed-- using the tech of the facility itself.

Thankfully, or due to the nature of Factory Three, no screams or reports are heard yet-- The Mech Factory might still be 'safe', but there's no real coordination within the first few minutes of the assault, to know one way or another.

Frankus and Bobus, luckily-- are seen running out, they happened to get chased off after another one of those bug things did a zap of lightning, or something, and soon enough, they heard about the acid spit too!

Bobus, "Oh man, Frankus, part o' me wants to see how the Boss handles this, but the other part o' me, just wants to high tail it further out, I'm so torn!" A bit of bragging on his part, he clearly wanted nothing to do with fighting. He made things, he didn't break them up-- usually.

Frankus replied while gasping for air, out of shape that he was when running along with a few other co-workers, "They shut the power-- they got most of us chased out, I don't think we have any appointed security, do we? Maybe ... maybe we should run to the town?"

Glancing towards Kuros, he knew they had gotten hit recently, and just the last week-- while amazing in the re-building, the strain on the nerves and all, probably the last thing this area needed again; more conflict. Frankus didn't know what to do, there wasn't any city guard, or appointed defacto person he knew of to help out here.

Night started to fall further, no fires ensued, and any shouts and cries from the Factories, soon died down as most of the personnel that didn't stop to fight, had fled to the outside and looked back at their place of employment. It was the end of the shift, too, so there weren't too many workers left.

Kuros, Jiminy Factories

Wall of Text:
"I'm telling you, Bobus, I saw something moving back there-- this has been going on for a few days now. I'm not losing it, I haven't gotten hit on the head in all these attacks to date, there's something going on." Frankus said to Bobus as they walked past the windows revealing shuttles flying off on their rescue missions.

Bobus chuckled at his co-worker, who'd only been with the Factories for about a month, but they did hit it off right away-- on account of their names, obviously. Bobus believed in the power of names, and when the Universe put you in sync with another, that was telling.

"Now you lissen 'ere, Frankus, there ain't notin gonin on that the Boss, Jiminy, ain't aware of and ain't planned for. He's the real deal, he is, tinks of everehthin. He sure does, right smart fellah he is. Heck, this one time--"

Bobus went silent, as there was suddenly a loss of power to practically all the building around him, while Frankus squealed slightly in fear, grabbing onto his name friend's sleeve.

It didn't help that night was encroaching and added to shadows being thrown around.

Sure there'd been power losses, now and then, but often that was resolved real quick. This one felt different-- especially on the heels of Frankus' earlier comments. His mind didn't help quell the fears.

A shifting noise of sorts, almost the sound of metal sliding on metal, but enmass, could be heard. In the corner of his eyes, and clearly Frankus', the shadows and motions at the edge of sight, drew them both into further fear.

Then they heard a scream...

...to be continued!

Lyn: Stalled on the other tid bit being started, work and life. Just sneaking in what I can on the Tryko' one though.

Apologies for the delay-- soon, by weekend, fo' shur.

Monkeygod wrote:
Florence Levitt wrote:
... I'm gonna have to actually use the other half of my getsalt to keep up, aren't I?

That depends, is your character supposed to be all about being fast?

That was kinda Lyn's complaint, Andromeda is basically a female Flash(Jessie Quick?) and yet many of the other PCs are faster than her. Which, is kinda lame, imo.

If the nature of the power is 'time manipulation' versus, say, "I move insanely quick, ala Flash" -- then I'd argue your abilities should be more about manipulating Time, versus "I move fast."

There are plenty of ways (and spells) that can do that, and all you need to do is change the special effects to suit your abilities.

However-- if you're using a Class based game system to make 'general' stunts out of your special effect (the Time manipulation), welcome to trying to be creative in a locked system.

Then again, it can work, it'll just take some effort.

I recommend you go with creative game systems, and not Class based ones, if you're looking to be creative.

Two cents!

I'm pretty sure we have a ton of lots of <pick your variant> characters... definitely a ton of Fire ones, and Ice.


Ellsuana wrote:

Nah, you're good Foul :)

Definitely keeping the knife, as athame are key to witches, and yes, enhancing it like you suggested are good ideas.

No idea if I'll keep the cauldron or switch to different item.

I also need a good familiar. Can't use the classic cat, as I have a separate 'witch' character(not the class) who'll have a cat.

Ice Mephit.

Monkeygod wrote:

Her concept/backstory will change drastically depending on whether or not she can be a fae, and if I make her a PC or NPC.

My initial post was to get the discussion started with Lyn but not via PM as I know she has lots of those, and this doesn't need to be kept a secret atm.

Entirely separate topic:

I know I asked this before, but I can't remember the answer, but was Agartha a planet before the Amethysts showed up, or did they create it whole cloth through the power of their psionics?

Aka, was there a planet before, or did they make a brand new planet?

Given my limited understanding and memory, this 'planet' was created by them-- not repurposed or remodeled.

Lucas Svarog wrote:
Given that Lucas can tell when someone is using telepathy near him and can intercept if he wants and can sense the physical location of people's mind nearby I figure this is fibe

Nice. Go go psionics.

Lucas Svarog wrote:
I remembered that if you're sending your thoughts at someone, you don't have to use words.

Completely depends on the level of 'telepathy' at work, or game system. YMMV.

Lucas Svarog wrote:
hmm to big brother protectively threaten lang or to keep up the nice guy veneer.... hmm

Well, he's not chaotic in his manner -- per your stats.

So, either consistently roll a d2 and go with 'whim', or keep up the Big Brother routine.

It'd help cement your place with family too, after all.

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lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
lynora wrote:

"I love old things. They make me feel sad.
What's so good about sad?
It's happy for deep people." :)

I like this.

But also tragedy needs a note of hope to really get my feels going. The darkness makes the light that much brighter. :)

Agreed. This is why I have always loved fairy tales. Sometimes I've had some trouble with people over the years because of genre confusion. Because someone else thought that it was supposed to be horror. See, I grew up with the old kind of fairy tales, not the disneyfied versions. And those are chock full of terrible things. The main difference between a fairy tale and a horror story is the ending. There is always a happily ever after. But getting there, well, anything can happen. ;)

Grimm Fairy tales or bust. Best stories ever.

narrator wrote:
Heh. If you're getting surface emotions from Miss Jones, run. Better yet, teleport. :P

My assumption throughout the scene with Thad and Miss Jones was that she somehow suppressed her emotions, like, all the time. If she's GOT emotions, but just doesn't display them physically -- that changes things considerably. Sorry for my assumption. Please advise.

Mss Jones' Office

Miss Jones wrote:
"I am amending your assignment, Thad," she said crisply. "You will turn in that essay on ethics and enchantment in two weeks time. No later. In the meantime, I am signing you up for emergency sessions with Professor Shiro. How you managed to reach this advanced age without any understanding of good and bad, or even positive and negative, is a mystery. But it cannot continue. You were hurting Miss Sunwake. As, from her description, it sounds like you were hurting this other student. The wards didn't place you in detention because you don't understand the ramifications of your actions or of how they affect others. That does not mean you can continue in this manner. Given time, practice, and proper teaching you should be able to manage to be around other people more easily. You and Miss Halliwell should get on well together as neither of you possesses the slightest iota of magical or psionic talent, and yet neither of you can stay out of the emotions of others. None of this means that your ability is in any way bad, if that's what you think I am saying. It simply is. And you must learn to use it in a way that does not cause pain to those around you. People always expect empaths to be so sensitive," she added shaking her head. "If only that were true. Very well, you are dismissed. Go and report to the infirmary. They'll let you know there when your appointment will be."

Thad kind of nods and shrugs, the typical teen response perhaps or a combination of that and his manner of 'seeing' the world. "Well, okay I guess- you're the authority here. If I did hurt her, or that other guy, I --." He stops talking after that thought. He moves to stand up and leave since being in here without Andromeda around-- who does her stepping backwards and vanishing, would start to hurt him.

He doesn't exactly 'flee' the room, but withdraws. Miss Jones seems to cause him ache herself, if she is in fact, without any 'surface' emotions.

lynora wrote:

Champion teleport. No chance of error. :P

And the ability to blink back out quickly if you get somewhere and are like no way. ;)


So paranoid! I wasn't worrying about the error -- as much as, if you teleport to where something is, and say that something is 'falling', you'll appear in the air, right? Space?

Just making sure, not laying a trap. (At least not with this PC, yet...)

Hey Lynora, if/when Andromeda travels to where Tryko'Sam /is/, I'm going to assume that some 10 to 15 minutes will have passed since he 'left' the hallway.

Just leave me some room to post where she appears too-- presuming she does the instant t-port thing... blind t-port thing, I might add. ;)

Miss Jones' Office

Miss Jones wrote:

"If you said no, I would have referred you to the Headmaster so that he could use his divination skills to make sure that you are not under the influence of any outside presence without invading the privacy of your mind. You are not under any compulsion here, young man," she said sternly, as she reached out and forcibly removed Andromeda's hand from his shoulder as Andromeda had frozen in place. Andromeda whimpered a little bit before staggering back. "Look at what you are doing to the people around you," Miss Jones scolded Thad. "Even the ones trying to help you. You must learn to control your powers before you do yourself or someone else irreparable harm. Now that you know that it is not compulsory, do you wish to change your mind? Do I have permission to scan your surface thoughts or not?"

scan stuff:
It's not really much of a rules thing. No save since he would be voluntarily agreeing to it. Just a quick glance through his mind to see if there is anything out of place. Mostly double checking to make sure that there isn't anything there that doesn't belong there. It would take a deeper scan to get into the whole mindscape thing.

Thad shrugs, then looks back up at Andromeda again, before looking back at Miss Jones. "Uh, sure. You can-- I get you want to help, but I'm fine. If I was alone in this room with just you, I might not be."

The Scan:
Thad's surface thoughts are a young teen's thoughts. However, his perception of the world is anything but a normal person's. Somewhere, between the visuals of his eyes, or the recognition of what he sees, a new layer gets imposed upon the view-- often, obscuring the details that any normal optical viewing person would have. Imagine the results of an Infrared lens, with the various leaning towards WHITE as extremely hot, blotches of color, but put this onto everything. The 'glow' of Andromeda's fear flows out behind him, into his view, and he likes it. The lack of emotions from Miss Jones makes for an opaque darkness, and painful/reject this, shadow that makes him want to get away from. His surface thoughts are filled by these 'colors'. He doesn't see people's details of face, or clothing, or whatever-- always the glows. Immediately Miss Jones would realize why this student listed out the courses he claims he takes, because it would be potentially impossible to read a book, if it had enough emotion lingering in it, or if too many people where nearby, blocking out his sight. It would further explain why he might avoid crowds, or other people. Atop the visual of his thoughts, is the sense that he's giddy to be near Andromeda, he doesn't seem aware that her emotion is 'bad' or not healthy, but simply that she's feeling something. As for his own hands and self, he does not glow at all. Its only the world around him. He certainly doesn't 'seem' mentally psionic, so he's not shouting or hiding his thoughts, but he does have the normal teen thoughts which go like ...

Thad thinks, and nearly blurts out at one point, >>I can't believe that I'm hanging out with these two. Okay-- think good thoughts. No naked girl thoughts. Does she see images or words? that's weird. Telepaths. Those a~@~*##s just ditched me, whatever. That freak fled, guess that's good. Wonder what I'm eating for dinner later on. Hopefully there's nothing bad going on here-- not sure I could finish her classes, but, like I have a choice.<<

He certainly doesn't have any 'negative' thoughts, and she'd notice he doesn't appear to have any thoughts related to morality either-- that's not to say he's a cold hearted killer, or sociopath, but more, he likely just doesn't get that 'fear' is bad. In his mind, anything glowing, i.e. having emotions, is good. Just a different hue on the fantastical spectrum of lights atop the world below.

He's got some form of psychometry, based on sight, well above any normal measure from invoking a psionic ability, but it does seem he lives with a duality of vision that would greatly impair him in various social and educational ways.

Kryzbyn wrote:
Damiani wrote:
*twitches at the near Rifts conversations about damage types and mecha*


No worries. No Palladium here.

Good! While the 'content' was amazing, horrible ...horrible system.

*twitches at the near Rifts conversations about damage types and mecha*

Ms. Jones Office

Miss Jones wrote:
Miss Jones frowned. "And yet you lack control or any awareness of how what you do affects others. Do let go of him now, Miss Sunwake. It appears to be having an ill effect on you. A fine way of paying back someone for trying to help you, Thad. To begin with, I am enrolling you in Basic Enchantment. This is not optional. At the very least you and Miss Halliwell can practice not reading each other's emotions," she said, dryly, apparently speaking of another difficult student to manage. "And to catch up, you will spend this weekend reading the first chapter in the textbook and writing an essay on it. Appropriately enough it's about ethics and mental influence. Now, to make sure you haven't bitten off more than you can chew, I would like to scan your mind. Surface thoughts only. I won't even look at your memories. Not without permission. May I proceed?"

Thad looks around, a bit confused by what's going on, but he's certainly looking healthy and aware. "I know I can empower other's emotions-- but, I know I have to concentrate to make that happen. That's good, right? I have to willfully make that happen." He doesn't seem to realize or sense Andromeda's surge of emotions, but they are still touching for now.

Then realizing something was asked of him, he shrugs and says, "I guess-- sure, go ahead. It's not like you're asking me for my choice on anything really. If I said no? I mean, I don't have anything to hide, so go ahead." Then more quietly, "go ahead ... "

If you'd like to mail me the nature of the 'scan'-- whatever details, that'll help in my response to it. :) Or mail me such.

Ms. Jones' Office

Andromeda Sunwake wrote:
"Oh for crying out loud," she muttered before reaching over and grabbing Thad's shoulder. "Better? So if you just absorb other people's emotions, then what were you doing to Tryko'Sam? Cause it looked like you were pushing emotions or thoughts or whatever at him."

Once again, at the moment of contact, whatever primary emotion Andromeda is feeling would become empowered, perhaps over whelming her.

Will save versus 25, or consider yourself akin to 'Rage' on a primary emotion. It's akin to the Barbarian ability, but just adapt to a specific emotion instead.

A shudder goes through Thad at the touch and he seems to grow pinker, and less gaunt, now having the strength to speak up to Ms. Jones, or even look at her.

"Emotions.. I focused on his, to empower them, made him focus on the one. I can do that to anything that feels. I don't know why, I don't care why, it works. It's ... similar to breathing for me. I don't ... never though of taking a class for what's natural."

He looks between the two, and certainly doesn't pull away from Andromeda's contact.

Office of Stoicism

Andromeda wrote:

"He teleported away," Andromeda said with a shrug, answering Miss Jones's question and mostly ignoring the guy's complaints. "I'm planning to go after him, but I had to make sure this guy was okay first."

Thad shudders a bit, looking much like a caged young fellow. He really does look illish, and more gaunt and pale than before-- especially after Andromeda stopped dragging/holding him.

Miss Jones wrote:

"Very well. I shall take care of this," Miss Jones said dismissively. She looked at the boy critically. "So. You are not currently enrolled in any enchantment classes, Mr...." She sighed. "Thad," she said, as if the sound of a student's first name was personally offensive to her. "Are you perhaps enrolled in an introduction to either psionics or magic? Because if the answer is no, I expect the first thing we need to do is alter your class schedule. What exactly is the nature of your powers?"

"Noo..." more whimpered out than anything else. Then not looking towards Ms. Jones, as if that pained him, he looks pleadingly back towards Andromeda while saying. "Emotions... I live on them."

lynora wrote:
Dixulri wrote:


Is the Golarion solar system in our universe at all?

If so, would it be in Empire territory, even if not necessarily controlled by them?

If not, I need to figure out where the Kasathas come from then.

Perhaps one of the other gem dragon planets?

Yes, but it would be unrecognizable now because it's in Empire territory and under Empire control. Some refugees from that system no doubt exist on Agartha or other gem dragon worlds, preserving bits and pieces of the culture and history, but that's about it.

Eeeek! Really?

*does some editing in mind*

Ms. Jones Office

Miss Jones wrote:

Miss Jones raised an eyebrow as she slid her last hairpin into place. There was a strong smell of the ocean in the classroom, although there was clearly no water anywhere around. "Fascinating, Miss Sunwake. And the reason you didn't bring this other person along as well is...?"

Is this kid taking enchantment classes? It makes a difference to her response to him. Also what is his last name? Chances are she already knows, especially if he's ever been in trouble before. :)

Thad has no last name, so use what's appropriate-- he was brought in about a half year back, as an orphan by some monastic order that dealt with orphans. They didn't know his last name either, and he hadn't gotten to an apprenticeship point of being named as such-- not a 'adult male' yet either, merely 13 or 14. Feel free to give him something the school would deem appropriate, if needed. He is not a magic user, and he's not in any 'magical' classes-- seems to be more aligned with creativity and philosophy, passions versus thinking courses. A bit chaotic seeming, but to anyone that actually knew/knows him, which aren't too many people due to his huge aversion to touching people which most young adults take as an immediate flaw and spurn. He's only recently started hanging out with the other two-- and that's mostly due to the lead kid, Altros finding out about his innate 'empathy' powers.

Thad takes one last shot at Andromeda saying, once they break contact, "You just force your will on me, and then give me heck about doing the same! I didn't ask for your help! That's why hypocrite..." He's emotional, but likely due to his 'issues'... he sniffs the room and loses some color, visibly going pale at the lack of emotions present in the room, and a hint gaunter too. A small sound of gasping comes from his throat before he says, "So ...cold."


Andromeda Sunwake wrote:
She sighed and rolled her eyes. "You're thinking of my sister. Ephebe. I know we look identical, but we're not the same person. I'm Andromeda. And I'm not doing this to get you in trouble. Well, you'll probably get detention. Miss Jones is pretty strict. But that's nothing compared to what she'll do to you if you let something fester and she has to clean up a bigger problem later. There's something not right in Tryko'Sam's head and you need to have Miss Jones look at you in case it messed you up too."

"Oh come on, give me a break! You're practically abusing me physically-- I mean you didn't even ask me to come with you, you just imposed your strength and will! How is what I did any worse? it was a joke, he's always getting the girls! This happens all the time. Don't be such a snitch. Gods!"

As they got closer to Miss Jones' doorway, forgot if she was there or elsewhere the physical contact with him and the resulting /focus/ on one emotion (probably the primary one in effect now), really -- really grows stronger. Must be a by product of touch contact, the compulsion while dragging along (perhaps fueled by being in touch too), at bursting levels.

"So high and mighty! The world's full of hypocrites! Do as I say, not as I do!" he rants a bit more, probably subject in some ways to his own emotional abilities.

lynora wrote:

I've been feeling a bit down today. Nothing serious. I just have a toothache, and that's bound to leave anyone feeling a bit in the dumps. So I've been trying to think about positive things instead, and I thought I would share since I've never had anyone complain about being publicly praised. ;)

So I just wanted to say how much I appreciate both Damiani and Icehawk. You guys have both been doing a lot of work to contribute to the story and bring in new and interesting elements.
Dami, I really love how descriptive your posts are. And if any of y'all have a chance to join in with one of Dami's stories, do eet! They're awesome! :)
Icehawk, I remember when you first joined this game and you really struggled to live outside of the rigidity of rules. And now I really look forward to seeing what cool new thing you've come up with next. You definitely help make it fun for me. :)

I love all of the rest of y'all too, and I've got plenty more nice things to say because this is an awesome group. But that's all for now. :)

Why thank you.

Your feedback is much appreciated. I often cut back on my details feeling the extra is not desired, but great to hear.

I do enjoy storytelling (sometimes more than being a player) so you're most welcome. Happy to weave story were wanted.


Hallways-- Dragging Yout's

While the youth is haplessly dragged along by the humanoid dragon teen, he blurts out, "I'm -- sorry! I didn't mean anything, I was just doing what Alty said I should. He's one of my only friends... please! Don't get me in trouble," he pleads/wails.

After some more dragging and lecturing, he blurts out, "You look awesome when you're angry- all kinds of colors and sounds. It's too bad you're married and a teacher." Clearly he mistakes her for the sister look alike. He tries to flash her a grin.

The Will save request was for /your/ character, two posts back. Do not worry about it-- sometimes things slip. I just assumed you made it, DC 25 doesn't seem as 'difficult' as the system suggests for this place. *smiles*

lynora wrote:
And now I can go back to typing long-winded responses with lots of narrative details....at least in theory...

I approve of this intent!

lynora wrote:
Vickory West wrote:
Omg, so many posts. Might be sunday night before reach the end.

Yeah, mostly me.

Sorrynotsorry :P

It's been a bad symptom week and I've been basically bedridden for a lot of it. Inner ear disorder sucks so much right now. So I've been posting way, way, way too much. :)

Ain't nutin' wrong with being creative!

Hey, Lynora...

What's the major differences, if any, between Andromeda and Ephebe?

I know your image of some Anime girl for each has somewhat different colored hair and outfits, but -- I guess, how similar are the two in appearance?

Ardi Fuerte!

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