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You have some VERY intriguing game concepts there. ALL of them look well worth playing in. (I'd list my favorites, but I've promised myself no new game apps atm.)

Luck with whatever you end up running!

Ok, so my thoughts about my top 7 APs, and the players that I would use in each, are, with an extra class after a / if there is any gestalt:

1. Council of Night: Drez'zym, LE Male Drow Warlock/Bard (Oracle Alternate Class from a 3PP that plays almost identical to the 3.X one, only with the Pathfinder beefiness!)
Drez'zym would be an oddity among Drow, a Drow who is not completely selfish and self-centered. His appetite for cruelty and his thirst for blood tend to obscure this character trait. He is unfailingly polite, even when skewering an enemy on his rapier or burning their face off with an Eldritch Blast, "I apologize for the inconvenience sir, but I must wash the stain on my honor with your blood. I will try to be considerate and leave you relatively intact for your funeral."

2. Jarlmaker: Arnbjorn Bearclaw, NG Male Shifter Barbarian/Brawler (Possibly Werebear template in place of Brawler, if allowed!)
Arnbjorn would be the classic hero of the north: rugged, hardy, strong and stubborn as an ox, and not afraid to put a battle axe in the face of some villain. He will have quirks from his Werebear heritage, such as having a sweet tooth, having a tendency to scratch his back on tree bark, being WAY to strong shaking hands and delivering hugs, and such.

3. Agents of the Palatine Eye: Valere Caliphvaso, CN Male Human Bard/Investigator (Possibly using some of the Bardic Performances from Legendary Game's Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses!)
Valere would be the stereotypical bored monster hunter that the nobility sometimes produces. A rabid thrillseeker, he would think nothing of utilizing almost suicidal tactics to take down his foes, so long as it proved amusing. Being a rather debauched noble, he may or may not have connections to the secretive Fraternity of the Yellow Sign, which he loves for their exquisitely gauche and wanton parties.

4. Jade and Honor: Brother Sun Chao, LN Male Human Stalker (Path of War version)/Monk (Master of Many Styles)
Sun Chao would be the archetypal wise monk, though his past would be a bit darker than most. A former assassin, he gave up a life of fast money and even faster damnation for a life of serenity and peace. Unwilling to just sit by and let his hard-earned wisdom go to waste, however, he will journey forth to go spread enlightenment... and probably crush anyone he views as being a threat to the society that he seeks to teach.

5. Iron Dytopia: A.N.G.E.L., LN Female Android Sorceror(Celestial)/Some martial cybernetics class
A.N.G.E.L. would be one of the first in a new line of Androids produced by the Church of Eternal Unity for use by average citizens. She would be be the retainer of one of the PCs, following them and aiding them as much as possible.

6. The Stone Remembers, The Stone Mourns: Uthmar Stonefist, LN Male Dwarf Death Knight (Rogue Genius Games class)/?
Uthmar would be a Dwarf broken by the fall of the Dwarven Empire. After his wife, Nordriss, died during the move to the surface, slain by whatever the main foe type is in the campaign (Drow? Orc? Something else?), he laid down his arms and armor, ready to accept a quiet death, seeing as he does not view himself as worthy of a warrior's death. Once the group gets together, hopefully someone will reignite his desire to see the Empire restored. No matter what though, he will be a grim and stern companion, though one who would give his life for any of his comrades at a moment's notice. At the end of the day, he is the fatalistic hero, the one willing to sacrifice himself for his people's future.

7. Council of Ravens: Allessandro Benifacce, CN Male Human Abstract Thief (3PP class that allows the character to steal mystical things, such as willpower, voices, souls, ect.!)/Moonchild (3PP caster class; would probably focus on the House governing Illusions!)

EDIT: I would add Curse of the Coral Throne, but now I want to create the campaign! Expect a recruitment tomorrow. Finally some way to use the Cerulean Seas books! :)

EDIT 2: Sir Awesomesauce McSnazzlepants is a friend of mine from way on back. We've gamed together since we started gaming, so we are fairly synchronized in our play and GM styles.

I love the idea of changing this stuff so very much. In Order of what I would like to try most
1: Jarlmaker
2: Curse of the Coral Throne
3: The Saffron Regent
4: Sultanmaker

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Too many great choices.

Council of Night and Curse of the Coral Throne were the ones that grabbed me. And Legacy of Brass.

I would probably build something for Jarlmaker.

All of these sound awesome, but I'd be especially interested in Jarlmaker, Jade and Honor, and Agents of the Palatine Eye. What I'd build for each would depend partly on party composition and such, but...

Jarlmaker I'd likely bring back an old character I had, an inquisitor of Erastil with the heretic archetype, who didn't agree with some of the directions the church was taking. (Originally he was in a Reign of Winter game and didn't condone the approaching war with Irrisen.) Of course, I could also easily do a more martial character, whether a barbarian type or more of a ranger.

For Jade and Honor, I have a lot of ideas. I own a few of the Eastern sourcebooks from Little Red Goblin Games, and I'd love it if I could use any of the archetypes from there--especially the Street Samurai archetype, to build a rough-and-tumble swordsman who's looking for greater things in life. Or a Student of the Sword for the more archetypal katana master in service to his liege.

Agents of the Palatine Eye I'm not so sure on, but it does scream alchemist or investigator to me, so possibly one of those? Or maybe a rogue now that Unchained is out. Of course, if you'd allow the Occult Adventures playtest materials, something from that could also be extremely interesting.

You made me think Loup, I got an old character I designed, a pit fighter from back in 3rd edition. I could retool him for Jarlmaker. He already had a viking vibe.

Korak The Boisterous wrote:
You made me think Loup, I got an old character I designed, a pit fighter from back in 3rd edition. I could retool him for Jarlmaker. He already had a viking vibe.

Yeah old viking characters are a thing. Thanks for the reminder.

Got a viking for reign of winter, but I think I'd rather do something more mastermindy for jarlmaker...

Point, Viking pit fighter, probably not fit so well. Could always do Korak again. Flavor him as looking to begin a mercantile empire.

Palatine Eye

I like the way you reimagine things.

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I have a Skald ready for Jarlmaker :D

I would love pretty much all of these though my top 5 would be:

1. Jade and Honour

2. Curse of the Coral Throne

3. Saffron Regent

4. Serpents and Seers

5. Council of Ravens

The Exchange

I'd put forward a magical dverge (dwarf) or a trollkin (halforc) runecaster possibly as a servant of Loki or the nearest equivalent - go Jarlmaker.

Sultansfate - an old style houri (enchantress) with a be"witch"ing smile.

A question about Jarlmaker:

How different will it be from the standard AP, exactly? I'm running a group through it at the moment and I've read through the entire AP, but if it ends up being significantly different I would probably still apply. I just wouldn't want to be in a game where I know most of what's happening, both for my sake and the DM's.

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Recruitment is up for Curse of the Coral Throne! Head on by the thread, Awesomesauce, and everyone else who posted interest!

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Ok, two things everyone!

The first is that 'That GM Guy!' is heading over to swipe a few more campaigns from the list, so everyone be on the lookout for those! I know Jade and Honor is one of them.

The second is that I will be running Council of Night, so all of you Drow lovers, start piecing your backgrounds together! Assume that most material, except for some of that Pathfinder Unchained alternate rules stuff, is allowed until I get the actual recruitment up!

Well, y'all have fun now. I'm not really interested in a drow campaign

It would be super awesome if Counsel of Ravens gets picked up as well. I have a cool concept in mind.

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I'm working on a submission for Council of Night, but I'm still holding out hope for some of those others as well.

Beast King
Legacy of the Sands
Saffron Regent

All of these sound amazing. Dot dot dot!

Marking for interest.

Sanity has returned - I don't have time to do another game justice. I'm looking forward to lurking, however. Have fun!

Actually, just had a thought: Next time you post votes, could you split out "All the others - 0"? Some of these might get votes if people could find them more easily than going over the whole thread with a fine-toothed comb.

I will be adding a few of my own ideas for twisted campaigns in a little while. I will be creating my own 'Twisted APs' thread, so I will probably post a link to it here later.

And before anyone asks, yes I have two campaigns in recruitment and no, extra GM'ing will not overburden me. As Sir Awesomesauce can attest to, I once GM'd NINE campaigns on one website, not counting the homegroup or my MMO roleplay group. The only things which killed the campaigns were: player drop due to real life issues, player drop due to other players dropping, a few TPKs of PC groups in classic superdungeons like Rappan Athuk, and an unfortunate incident involving a wanna-be PVPer munchkin rules-lawyer (Yes, all of the dreaded archetypes combined into one player!) who, when he was kicked out of the group for killing another PC in their sleep, reported the Porphyr House Horror adventure that I was running since it had mature content, which led to me being booted from the forums, thus leaving several groups GM'less. So I AM dedicated to my campaigns! I might miss a day a week most of the time, due to my girlfriend wanting an 'Us Day', but I usually know about it in advance and can let PCs know.

Sorry for the long ramble, I just know most people get sketchy when one person GMs multiple games and I wanted to explain that I am not one of those GMs that get neglectful.

Ok, so who all is interested in an altered Jade Regent set entirely in Tian Xia? And what do the votes look like on preserving the fantasy element versus making Jade Regent darker and grittier, possibly with some horror elements added to it?

I am definitely interested in that one. I've never played Jade Regent before so I'm not sure what it's like, but I'm absolutely in favour of more horror elements always.

I was very interested in an altered Jade Regent, ESPECIALLY if we would be able to make use of any eastern-flavored archetypes and class options from 3rd-party sources. As for making it darker and grittier with horror, I could take it or leave it, honestly. I do enjoy horror elements in games, but I also like the idea of a high fantasy wuxia-style romp. Either way is fine by me, and you'll have my application whatever you choose to do!

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Has recruitment been posted for Council of Night yet?

I will post the recruitment thread for Jade Regent within 24 hours.

I have decided that, in addition to setting it entirely in Tian Xia, I will also be setting it at level 3, so that the PCs can get past the 'almighty slayer of rats and paraplegic poultry' stage and into the juicier levels that actually make PCs feel like distinct characters in regards to their capabilities.

The PCs can be from anywhere on Golarion, but natives of Tian Xia are strongly preferred, unless a compelling 'foreigner' can be created intriguing enough.

The campaign will take the PCs across quite a few of the nations of Tian Xia, so expect to see all sorts of Asian culture references, not just the typical ones, though there is a distinct focus on Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolian lore, with a bit of Tibetan, Korean, and Malaysian lore as well.

This campaign will be 3PP-friendly, so I want you to consider what kind of character that you REALLY want to build. :)

cartmanbeck, as far as I know he hasn't, because he has just wrapped up his first recruitment and was, if I recall correctly, waiting on getting the first bit of gameplay up before he opens another recruitment.

I believe that I will also run a table of Agents of the Palatine Eye Carrion Crown variant, as well as POSSIBLY a WotW campaign.

Despite GM'ing 9 games before simultaneously, I think that I will choose to cap out my GM'ing at 7 games this time: Curse of the Coral Throne, 2 tables of my post-apocalyptic campaign, and Jade and Honor of which are definite choices, since the first 3 are already recruiting and the last one will have a recruitment up today.

You make it very hard for me to do other things with my life. :P I want to play in all of these.

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Such is my power, YoricksRequiem! I am accepting applications for evil henchmen... and chocolate chip cookies are one of the perks! >:D

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Oooh, i've got a kitsune-blooded bloodrager that'd be just lovely for a Tian campaign. You make me very happy GM guy

Ok everyone, sorry about that wait! I had to make a trip to the ER a few days ago due to feeling very odd and such. I initially thought it was something very serious, but apparently, due to my sleep schedule, the doctors have said that I have developed panic attacks. Mine was severe enough where it shot my blood pressure up to 178/105 and my heart rate up to 107. After being put through a few tests, they told me that it was panic attacks. I am fine now though and have some medication for it, Lorazepam I believe is the name.

I will have the modified Jade Regent recruitment up soon!

Beast King.
Beast King.
Beast King.

Then maybe Curse of the Coral Throne.

Take care of yourself, GM Guy!

I almost have the Jade Regent changes complete, so expect something today.

This thread is interesting! I might just run one of these. :)

Jarlmaker sounds quite fun. I've always wanted to give Kingmaker a shot, and the Land of the Linnorm Kings is one of my favorite settings.

These all seem like great twists on the existing material.

Jarlmaker would be my first pick as I have a great character idea already!

That said, I'm also a huge fan of and would love to be part of :

Devils of the High Seas
The Stone Remembers, The Stone Mourns
A Council of Ravens
Agents of the Palatine Eye


I am super interested in Council of Night, and Agents of the Palatine.

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Don't get your hopes up guys. the person who started this never followed through on his gestalt Wrath of the righteous and the guy stealing ideas hasn't posted in about two weeks.

if votes are still being taken, Legacy of the Sands.

If I can get things together I will try to take one of these ideas...I know that gm guy has had some hart issues or something but if anything he/she has put up some good ideas that anyone if they want can use ^_^

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