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I'd also like to try and push through to the finish. It's been a good ride so far, and it's bound to be interesting.

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That's my girl! Nice roll Helio!

I'm thinking that since Sanira was the opener, we need a closer. I'm suggesting that Shadrick and Fearn team up to play Good Cop, Bad Cop, with each role filled by the appropriate person.

This is going to be fun..

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We're getting ahead with intimidation. I don't think 'good cop' is going to help right now.

I'm held in surprise! I'm waiting to see if this is where Fearn puts his foot down like earlier with the fetchling riot.

Or can this become an episode of Law and Order: SVU?

Keep it up folks! MAKE 'EM CRACK.


What happened guys? We had a good start! LETS KEEP IT GOING!!!

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Really fearn? No reaction from that Monologue?

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Been busy and lost track of things. I had read your last and thought I'd have to compose something really good for that, but I didn't have time at that moment. When I came back to the thread I read FMC's last and completely forgot that I had not responded to Shadrick's yet.

I'll have to put together some internal dialogue and pretend Fearn is using strateegery.

Interesting turn right there Fearn, I like. I'd like to see if Baroi can make a change ( thinking of Dr. Phil ) .

At behest of the party's current state, I'm affording you all the graces and splendor of a reasonable GM. You are all now level 5

You're going to need it.

Consider this the destiny involved with the mirror...

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New HP roll 1d10 ⇒ 9

EDIT: I bet that I need all of them.

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Hp : 1d8 ⇒ 4

You know that feeling when you make a low con character and say to yourself "this will make for an interesting and different opportunity!" and then you realize about 5 minutes afterward that you've made a terrible, terrible decision.




Zon Kuthon appreciates your pain.

1d10 ⇒ 3


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work is smashing me. Should get a break about Tuesday when I leave for a short vacation, not sure what internet status will be on the trip. Definitely back the 18th.

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Sorry about that, I had lost track of the pbp. Being that thing's have slowed down, well, you know.


Hopefully the Baron can convince the party, otherwise he's not going to stay in office for much longer. xD

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I'd like to point out that I'm still here, and slightly sleep deprived. Posting tomorrow.

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Helio was mentioning to me, if things continue where they are now, yall might not even have to enter the Mirror.

As a DM, I'm having an extremely fun time playing as the Baron. I'm imagining him to be this sniveling, squirrel like man who's trying to squirm his way out of this tricky situation. I'm feeling he's like a John Liguizamo from an early film...can't remember which one.

What's going to be interesting is how Fearn's going to handle this situation. Being that he's LG in a LE country, he's done a good job of playing paladin in a morally questionable land. With evidence of the Baron's misdeed's piling up, I really - and I mean - REALLY want to see what happens.

So with that gentlemen, I felt that I needed to share my joy.

Also, thanks to Helio, I should have pointed this out earlier.

Should you decide not to enter the Mirror, I can come up with an alternate way to handle the story. In no way are we railroaded into what the module wants as noted with Viluki's Riot.

Suggestions are welcomed as well!

Dear friends,

I've got some news for yall.

In the best interest of our players, I'm ending this adventure.

Being that the gameplay of this adventure has dwindled to a halting crawl, I've decided to move on and host a new pbp adventure.

It has been a joy and pleasure playing with yall!


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FMC, thank you for your work as DM.

Helio, Duboris, it was great playing with you. I hope to see you around the boards.

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Agreed, it's been good. Shame the momentum ran out over here!

Hope we get a chance to play together again sometime.

Likewise. I apologize sincerely for my lack of posting. College seriously caused me no end of trouble.

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