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Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Megan Robertson

Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, running under the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Smite Evil: 4 / 3; Lay On Hands[Chanel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 6 [11]
Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 1 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 68/61 | F +13 R +11 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8

Not ignoring you Edmund.. will reply tonight.. been very busy.

Where is Megan?

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Here - but about to go away (10-17 April), will not have internet access.

Have been talking to Edmund behind the scenes.

Judgment 2/3/day, Bane 11 rounds/day, Discern Lies 8 rounds/day
Half-Elf Inquisitor 8 | AC 19 (22) T 11 FF 18 | HP 59 | F +8 (9) R +3 (4) W +8 (9) | Init +5 | Perc +15
Bluff 10, Intimidate 14, K. Religion 10, Perception 15, Sense Motive 17, Stealth 12

Megan, and Those in the Game,

I’ve enjoyed playing with you for the short time we’ve been together. Unfortunately, the situation with my grandfather hasn’t been easy to deal with, and between that and some other factors in my life, I’m in a position where I need to cut back on my gaming. I’m still in some games, but this is one of the ones I’ve chosen to withdraw from.

My reasons have to do with my character, rather than with any of you. She was supposed to be brash, a bit disrespectful, and used to being obeyed. However, I never really found her voice, and that’s been frustrating for me. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about character mechanics in the last several months, and her build frustrates me at times.

I’ve really enjoyed playing with you, as I said, and hope to see you in games at some other time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right one for me. Thanks for the opportunity to game with you all. Please move me to inactive.

I'm sorry,


HP 44/51(59) | Con 10/12

Sorry to see you go, Lucia.

I hope things get easier for you.

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Take care, and you'll be welcome back if you ever want to return (even with another character).

Smite Evil: 4 / 3; Lay On Hands[Chanel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 6 [11]
Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 1 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 68/61 | F +13 R +11 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8

Take care, sorry to see you go Lucia... hope things improve for you in real life.

So... again.. we need another player to complete our minimum four man-team... sigh.

I'll open recruitment again.

Megan we're waiting on you for a new map of where Edmund was found and the areas he's already been in.

Oh it has been a while so here is the NPC listing again ... for Edmund's benefit.

NPC List '04-20-2015':

Major NPC's -
Zellara - human/female; Bard {?} / Harrower {?}
- Spirit bound to a Harrow deck she used in life

'Queen' Ileosa Arabasti - human/female; Aristocrat 2 / Bard 4
- Widowed Ruler of Korvosa

Sabina Merrin - human/female; Fighter 10 'Queen Ileosa's Bodyguard'
- Grandmaster of the Grey Maidens

'Commandant' Marcus Thalassinus Endrin - human/male; Aristocrat 1 / Ranger 13 <Deceased - Slain by Queen Illeosa>
- Leader of the 'Sable Company'
- Asherick 'Ashe' Whiteplume-Stolyarev's "Uncle"
- Hippogriff Mount “Blackwind”
* (UPDATE) In an ill-advised assassination attempt upon Queen Illeosa Aribasti, he was killed by the Queen when his attack miraculously failed to end her rule…revealing hereunto thus far unsuspected immortality of the Queen. Currently his body lies in-state under the effects of a Ungent of Timelessness in the Temple Fortress of PHARASMA

'Field Marshal' Cressida Kroft - human/female; Aristocrat 1 / Fighter 9 'Leader of the Korvosan Guard'

Vencarlo Orisini - human/male; Fighter{?} / Duelist {?}
- Swordmaster trained for gentry in Korvosa
- Secretly the Masked Vigilante and hero of the people – BLACKJACK

'Bishop' Keppira d'Bear - human/female; Cleric [PHARASMA] 13

Devargo Barvasi - human/male; Rogue <Arrested / Executed>
- Self-proclaimed "King of Spiders" and sole owner of 'Eel's End'

"Chittersnap" - Ettercap/male{?} <Slain by Asherick>
- Executioner and pet of Devargo

Majenko - pseudo-dragon/male
- Rescued from the Devargo Bravasi the self-styled "Spider King's" captivity by the Justicars
- Adventuring companion to Asherick

Trinia Sabor - human/female; Bard {?} 'Framed for King Eodred's murder'
- Very pretty, Romantic Interest of Asherick Whiteplume

'Way-Keeper of the Skoan-Quah, the Clan of the Skull' Thousand Bones - human{Shoanti}/male; Cleric{?}
- Shaman 'Representing' Shoanti Barbarian Clan interests in peaceful existence with Korvosan settlers
- Grandson killed in 'Vigilante' attack in Korvosa

Vreeg - derro/male; Wizard [NECROMANCER] <Deceased - Slain by Asherick>
- Apprentice of Ryloth
Cabbagehead - ogre/male; Fighter <Deceased - Slain by Varrel>
Ishani Dhatri - human/male; Cleric [ABADAR]
- Cleric called to treat 'Brianna 'Breeze' Saldado

Yvicca - Sea Hag/female; Ranger{?} or Druid{?}
- Newly claimed resident of the 'Direption' wreak in the Jeggare River
- Not apparently Evil
* "Skinshear" - jigsawshark/m; Animal Companion of Yvicca

'Dr' Reiner Davaulus - human/male; Red Mantis Assassin Field Director <Arrested / Executed>
- Masquerading as the Queen's chief physician
- Apprehended/Arrested by the Justicars, alive! Suffering from ‘Blood Veil’
* (UPDATE) Turned over to the Korvosan Guard, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed!

Vendra Loaggri - human{Chelaxian}/female; Expert/Charlatan
- Owner of "Lavender", a perfume boutiques in Korvosa, just off of Summoning Street. The perfumery has always had a reputation for avant garde creations and brazen promotions — infamous memories of the 'Free Imp with Every Purchase' stunt still linger among residents of the Heights
* (UPDATE) Has apparently paid her fines and fled Korvosa closing up her shop

Girrigz Ripperclaws - warerat/male; Fighter <Deceased - Slain by Asherick>
- Violent warerat provocateur

Ramoska Arkminos - human {Nosferatu – Elder Vampire ‘Ustalav’}, Undead/male; ???
- Master{?}, Conte Senir Tiriac
* Loaned by master to the services of the Red Mantis, tasked to discover source of certain Varisian’s Immunity to Blood Veil. Ramoska’s personal researches are into finding a cure for Vampirism for himself to seek final peaceful death – as a man.
+ Agreed to use skills in disease lore to find cure for Blood Veil in exchange for passage back to Ustalav
* (UPDATE) Discovered with the assistance of Asherick a Vaccination to prevent blood Veil and then an actual Serum Cure…ending the threat to Korvosa. Left contact information with Ashe for future consultation on his own research into a cure for vampirism and parted on friendly terms returning to Ustalaav.

'Lady' Andasian - human/female; Cleric [URGATHOA] <Deceased - Slain by Justicars>
- High Priestess Church of Urgathoa
* (UPDATE) Defeated once in combat by Justicars then was ‘reborne’ by the power of Urgathoa as an Unholy Saint – A Daughter of Urgathoa. Slain AGAIN by the Justicars… hopefully finally.

Ryloth - human/male; Wizard [NECROMANCER] <Arrested / Executed>
- Failed Academae student - expelled for butchering vagrants, stray animals, and anything else he could get his hands on to try to build some sort of golem from their collected parts
* (UPDATE) Apprehended by Justicars from the Temple of Urgathoa assisting the clergy to spread disease in Korvosa. Arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed!

Salvatore Scream - human/male; Mad{?} Artist
- Last known contact with Vencarlo Orsini

Laori Vaus - elf/female; Cleric [ZON-KUTHON] ‘Member of the Brotherhood of Bones’
- Seeking artists who seem to be inspired with dark artistic muse by Zon-Kuthon, Salvator Scream being her most recent attempt as all the other committed suicide
- Revealed that Queen Ileosa is possessed by a crown made of the teeth of a slain dragon warlord named Kazavon. This dragon was empowered by Zon-Kuthon to aid ruler conquer his enemies… then the dragon turned on him and set about forging his own kingdom out of the foolish rulers.
- The Crown of Teeth is believed by Laroi to be influencing the Queen’s actions {artifact possession}
- The Brotherhood of Bones sole purpose is the gathering of Kazavon’s remains to restore the dragon to life.

Pilts Swastel – human/male; Rogue ’Self-styled Emperor of Old Korvosa <Deceased - Slain by Asherick>
- A repugnant sore-covered theater-owner of ”Exemplary Excrables”, a perverse and detestable theater of all things foul, gore-slicked and unnaturally pornographic

Jabbyr - gnome/halfling{?}; Barbarian Pilt’s “Executioner” <Deceased - Slain by Graxer>

’Seneschal’ Neolandus Kalepopolis - human/male; aristocrat 3 / ranger 3 ”Caretaker of Castle Korvosa”
- Korvosan Official with the legal authority to replace a King or Queen of Korvosa
- Found out secret of Queen Ileosa Aribastis’ odd behavior and source of her recently revealed immortality
- Fled Red Mantis Assassins sent by the Queen, to seek refuge with Salvatore Scream who sent him to his artistic patrons in House Arkona – only to be imprisoned in House Arkona’s Vivified Labyrinth!

’Lord’ Golario Arkona - rakshasa/male; rogue 10{?} ”Leader of House arkona”
- Rakshasa shapechanger who is head of house Arknona… clearly not the only one in the Major Noble House , leaving the Question are there any humans still with Arkonoa blood part of House Arkona?

Minor NPC's -
Gaedren Lamm - human/male; Rogue <Deceased - slain by Shakhan>

Gaedren's Cronnies:
Giggles - half-Ork/male; Fighter{?}
Hookshanks - gnome/male; Rogue{?} <Arrested>
Yargin - human/male; Rogue {Escaped}
- knocked out but never arrested
Bloo - Yargin's dog <Deceased - slain by Shakhan>

Amin Jalento - human/male; Aristocrat{?}
- Rescued from rioting mob

'Lord' Amadeus Jalento - human/male; Aristocrat / Expert [Jeweler]
- Owner of "Jalento Fine Jewelry"

Vimanda Arkona - human/female; House Arkona Nobility
- Verik's "girlfriend" who insisted him to desert
- Gave Verik a Raktavarna disguised as a silver dagger to spy on his activities

Gaekhen - human{Shaonti}/male; Barbarian{?} <Deceased>
- Grandson of Thousand Bones
- Body was stolen and dismembered by Necromancer's apprentice {Recovered by Justicars}

Nexus - derro/male; Commoner{?}
- Ex-Servant of Ryloth, Rescued by Asherick - shown mercy and turned over to clergy of PHARASMA to try to repent and change his natural inclinations towards evil deeds

Tayce Saldado - human{Varisian}/female; Commoner
- Possesses a simple beauty, scarcely hidden by her disheveled appearance and wan features
- Mother of 3, 2 sons, 1 daughter

Brienna 'Breeze' Saldado - human{Varisian}/female; Child - Age 8
- Tayce's daughter, First victim of modified 'Vorel's Phage' - "Blood Veil"

'Magistrate' Garrick Trann - human/male {Magistrate of Commerce}
- "The most hated man in Korvosa" the tax collector
'Senior Arbiter' Zenobia Zenderholm - human/female; Aristocrat 1 / Expert 9 {Judge and middle-ranking cleric of Abadar}
- "The Hanging Judge"
"Guildmaster" Boule - human/male; Rogue 4 {Guildmaster - The Cerulean Society}
- Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild [only "legal" guild in Korvosa]

Eries Yelloweyes - warerat/female;
- Contacted to deal with violent wererat provocateur

Ruan Mirukova - human {varisian}/male;
- One of the few Varisian’s naturally immune to Vorel’s Phage and thus the Blood Veil plague

Grey Maiden NPC's -
‘Field Commander’ Dame Hilgar Vanyar - human/female; Fighter <Expelled form Grey Maidens>
- Grey Maiden Commander of Evening shift of Grey Maidens at the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden
* Assisted the Justicars in securing the Hospice when proof of criminal activity was revealed

Sable Company NPC's -
Dalvun Krand - human{Varisian}/male; Sable Company – Stableboy
- One of the few Varisians naturally Immune to ‘Blood Veil’. Rescued from Temple of Urgathoa experiments.
’Squadron Leader’ Alexander Asquith - human{Chelaxian}/ male, Sable Company Officer
- ”To date, all leaders have been pureblood Chelaxians from noble families…” {Guide to Korvosa, p. 39}

Korvosan Guardsmen NPC's -
'Commander' Gerd Ashan - human/male; Fighter{?} 'Korvosan Guardsman - Castle Korvosa Watch Commander'
- Silver ring bearing the inscription "For Emmah — the light in my nights,"; not returned

'Watch Sergeant' Verik Vancaskerkin - human/male; Fighter 'Ex-Korvosan Guardsman'
- Deserter once held up in 'All the World's Meat' Butcher shop

'Private' Parns - human/male; Warrior{?} 'Ex-Korvosan Guardsman'
- Deserter, previously a butcher before included in the "Cowhammer Boys"

Caleb Fredlich - human/male; Warrior{?} 'Citadel Volshynek Armory Quartermaster'
- Grumpy old warrior too old and lame to fight

'Lieutenant' Erin Greenleaf - half-elf/male; Fighter{?} 'Adjutant to the Field Marshal'
"Fred" - half-orc/male; Warrior{?} 'Assistant Citadel Volshynek Armory Quartermaster'
'Lieutenant' Trowden - human/male; Warrior 'Korvosan Guard Night Patrolman'
- Widowed father of Daniel, age 10 {In training for Korvosan Guard}

'Gunnery-Sergeant' Sinon Dale - human/male; Warrior {?} 'Korvosan Night Watch'
Benthyn - human/male; Warrior 'Korvosan Guard'
Felahal - human/female; Warrior 'Korvosan Guard'
Larkin - human/male; Warrior 'Field Marshal's Aide'

‘Ensign’ Hilgar Vanyar - human/female; Fighter <Korvosan Guardsman>
- Ex-Grey Maiden Commander expelled for assiting the Justicars in uncovering the criminal activity taking place at the hospice of the Blessed Maiden but recruited by Field Marshal Kroft fo the Korvosan Guard at Asherick’s recommendation

Clergy NPC's -
Molly - human/female, Cleric [CALISTRA]
- Pantheon of Many 'shrine-keeper'
Zenani - elf/female; Cleric [SARENRAE]
- Not good with Scimitar

'Father' Sandor - human/male; Cleric [ABADAR]
'Mother' Lianna Bahri - human/female; Acylote [PHARASMA]
- Runs Orphanage

Silvanus - elf/male; Acolyte [PHARASMA]
'Corporal' Adrianna Daver - human/female; Cleric [IOMEDAE]
- Shrine-keeper at the Pantheon of Many

'Deacon' Phillidia - human/female; Acolyte [PHARASMA]
- Worshiper giving liturgy during the 'Night of the Pale' Festival

'Corporal' Shandril Arunmark - human/female; Cleric [IOMEDAE]
- "Night Vigil" Shrine-keeper at the Pantheon of Many
Brevis - half-elf/male; Acolyte of Pharasama
Crace - human/male; Cleric [PHARASMA]

Shoanti Clans -
Skoan-Qua 'Clan of the Skull' - ???
Skylar-Qua '???' - ???

Acadamae Staff NPC's -
Erin - human/male; Wizard
- tall thin with straggly blond hair

'Dean' Heresta Tarlan - human/female; Wizard [ENCHANTRESS] 11
- Dean of Enchantment, Acadamae
'Professer' Belkin - human/male; Wizard 'Acadamae Instructor'
'Duty Wizard' Calatin ab'Halla - human/male; Wizard
- Owl Familiar

Encountered NPC's -
Kester - human/male; Commoner 'Eldest of Lamm's Lambs'
Dasa - human/male; Commoner{?} 'Jalento Manor kitchen Boy'

Aroyma - elf/male; Expert{?} 'Shopkeep of "Jalento Fine Jewelry"...'
- Very small & Extremely Beautiful!

Arrin- human/male; Expert{?} 'Shop Assistant of "Jalento Fine Jewelry"...'

Theandra Darklight - human/female; Expert{?}
- 'The owner of the Three Rings Tavern in Five Corners'
- As All women with the last name of Darklight... a Chelaxian Spy/Informant

Jope Chantsmo - human/male; Shop-owner of 'Trapper's Hole'
- Retired Sable Company Marine

Bass 'The Ogre' Kabira - human/male; Barkeep of 'Dragon of the Guard'
- Former Cage-fighter

Darvayne Gios Amprei - human{chelaxian}/male; Aristocrat {?} 'Ambassador from Cheliax' <Disreputed>
- Sought to discredit Korvosa to his Chelaxian masters to spark a trade war for his benefit

"Spider King" Cronnies -
Rajeek - human/male; Co-Owner of the Twin-Dragons Gambling Hall
- {Eel's End} Shop owner
Idren - halfling/male; Server
- {Eel's End} Twin-Dragons Gambling Hall employee
Tuggins - gnome/male; Co-Owner of the Goldenhawk Inn
- Wall-eyed, patchy beard, crumpled hat; Eel's End Shop owner
Endrean - human/male; Servant
- Eel's End employee
Yacomb - Half-ork/male; Fighter {?} 'Pit/Cage Fighter'
- Defeated by Shakhan
- Saved by Asherick

Bendig Parsloe - human/male; Expert {?} 'Butcher'
- Owner of Locally furnished Butchery

Dion - human/male; Commoner{?} 'Freerunner Youth'

Elkaris - human/male; Commoner
- Seller of corpses, peddler of other ''unmentionables'
- Sold Gaekhen's body to Rolth

Josepp - human/male; Barkeep of 'The Hand'
- Old acquaintance of Shakhan

Sephira - human/female; Rogue
- Pickpocket thief abducted, feebleminded and drugged to serve as a 'fake' Trinia Sabor at execution
- Rescued by the efforts of Asherick, Varrel, Diggle and Hytogg

Phaeton Skoda - human/male; Wizard 'Shopowner of "Hedge Wizardry"
- Drop out from the Academae, Owns Alchemy shop

Gerard - human/male; 'Assistant at Hedge Wizardry'
- Gawky Youth

"One-Eye" - human/male; Commoner
- Grizzly, Elderly, beach scavenger

Cantrell - human/male; Expert - Dog Breeder
- flowing black hair, spaniel-like ears

'Captain' Callatra - human/male; Expert 'Fishing Boat Captain'
- Fishing Boat, "Starfish"

Rois Vindmel - human/male; Urgathoan Cultist <Deceased-drowned>
- Only corpse found on the Direption wreak

Famio Delorossa - human/male; Weaponsmith and Armorer
- A burly Cheliaxian who apprenticed at Haanderthanes of Westcrown. Owns Small Smithy in Midland.

Olen Hanch - human{Varisian}/male; Cobbler
- One of the few Varisians naturally Immune to ‘Blood Veil’. Rescued from Temple of Urgathoa experiments.

And here is the current loot for the party treasurey...


Ring of Feather Fall [2,200gp]
Ring of Protection +1 [2,000gp]
Zellara's 'haunted' Harrow Deck
'This deck is beautifully hand-painted, images decorate this Harrow deck, the frames gilt in silver so that under lighting they sparkle and flash but the deck is quite worn. Despite the worn condition of the card backs, the images on the faces are so vibrant they seem to move when viewed out of the corner of the eye. The deck itself handles with surprising ease, almost shuffling itself. A bent, torn, or lost card always seems to mend itself or reappear when no one is looking. The cards have the ability to repair themselves if badly damaged. It is imbued with Zellara's spirit and she can sense what is going on around it, being able to manifest herself upon occasion as well as use her considerable skill as a Harrower to manipulate the cards. If you hold the deck, it can also tell you about up to 3 magic items per day, acting as an Identify spell.'

”Plaguebringer’s” Physician's Mask - from Direption {D4} [2,000gp]
1) Protects the wearer against the debilitating effects of obnoxious smells and against all effects of a single disease, which must be chosen at the time of creation – Blood Veil.
2) Obscures the wearer's alignment, even if he raises it to show his face provided he doesn't remove it entirely

Figurine of Wondrous PowerMarble Elephant {Unique} [17,000gp]

Potions - 2x Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3; Cure Serious Wounds = heal 3d8+5; 2x Lesser Restoration
Wands - Remove Disease (7 /1 ‘current’ charges) [1,575gp; 225gp/ch];
- Remove Disease {8 charges} [1,800gp; 225gp/ch]
- Invisibility (10 charges) [900gp; 90gp/ch]
- Cure Serious Wounds {37 charges} [8,325gp; 225gp/ch]
Navigation Charts - from Direption {D4}
Loose Papers/Charts - from Direption {D3}

Ebon Wings
Potions – 3x Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3; Cure Serious Wounds = heal 3d8+5; Lesser Restoration; Shield of Faith = +5’deflection’
Wands - Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3 (30 charges) [2,700gp; 90gp/ch]

Potions -

{Given to Temple of Pharasma - Bishop d'Bear}
Sealed Iron Box {contains a collection of ledgers, invoices, and the deed to the Direption, all from a group noted as 'B7,'
titling one 'R. Davaulus' with ownership of the ship and a cargo noted only as 'specimens.'}
- from Direption {D3}
Plague Chest of Vorrel's Phage 'Infected' Silver Coins {100?} - from Direption {D3}/Yvicca
Corpse - Queen's Physician - from Direption {D4}
Brass Holy Symbol-URGATHOA {Evidence} - from Direption {D4}

2 vials of a nasty greenish-yellow liquid (poison, type?)
miles of rope, dark cloaks
[200gp/free-loot] 10x Alchemist Fire = 1d6/1d6 {fire}, 1pt splash (11lbs)
unguent of timeless (6 doses / 4 remaining) [150gp]
flask of curses {CURSED ITEM}

- Blur, Barkskin +4, 8x Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds = heal 3d8+5; Lesser Restoration; Remove Disease, Shield of Faith +5, Posion

Ryloth's Spellbook
4th: animate dead, dimension door, enervation, and ice storm
3rd: dispel magic, hold person, lightning bolt, ray of exhaustion, and vampiric touch
2nd: detect thoughts, false life, ghoul touch, scorching ray, and spectral hand
1st: charm person, chill touch, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, and shield
0 lvl: acid splash, detect magic, light, ray of frost, and touch of fatigue.

Vreeg's Spellbook -
3rd: fly, gentle repose, vampiric touch, water breathing
2nd: blindness/deafness, command undead, darkness, false life, feather fall, scare, scorching ray, spectral hand
1st: cause fear, sleep, magic missile, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement, shield
0 lvl: touch of fatigue, detect magic, mage hand, mending, ray of frost

{Former Member ‘Party’ Items}
Potions: Barkskin +4; Blur; 13x Cure Moderate Wounds = heal 2d8+3; 2x Cure Serious Wounds = 3d8+5; Invisibility; Remove Disease;
Scroll: blur; identify; command undead
Wands: charm person (38 charges); Magic Missile = 120’ft, 2d4+2 (CL 3rd, 43 charges) [1,935gp; 45gp/ch]

masterwork silver dagger
+1 Silver Rapier
+1 Human-Bane Rapier [8,310gp]

Ring of Protection +1

+1 Amulet of Natural Armor [2,000gp]
Bracers of Armor +2
Plague chest {Empty} - from Direption {D3}
+2 Cloak of Resistance [4,000gp]
+1 Cloak of Resistance [1,000gp]
Eversmoking Bottle
Headband of Intellect +2 [4,000gp]
Periapt of Wisdom +2 {Neck slot} [4,000gp]


{First Floor}
{A6 & A7}
Red Mantis Assassin Gear
2x +1 Leather Armour [1,160gp ea '2,320gp'], 2x Mask of the Mantis [6,000gp ea '12,000gp'],
2x Cloak of resistance +1 [1,000gp ea '2,000gp']
Potions: empty potion bottle
4x Sawtooth Sabres-Mw [335gp ea. ‘1,340gp’], 8x daggers [16gp] , 4x empty flasks - alchemist's fire

{Second Floor}
- black hooded cloak of elvenkind
- Several black masks, 12x masterwork daggers with a stylized 'B' engraved in their pommels
- {black leather} +2 slick leather armour,
- {black leather} boots of elvenkind
- amulet of proof against detection and location
- {black leather} gloves of Dexterity +2 * (with two fingers in the right hand containing fake, possably wooden fingers)
- mithral +2 keen rapier

"Pilts's PALACE"
Pilts's Corpse -
Potions - Barkskin +4
Rod of Wonder [12,000gp]
+1 Glamered Chain Shirt [4,050gp]
Cloak of Charisma +2 [4,000gp]
masterwork war razor [308gp]
masterwork light crossbow w/10 bolts [335gp]
a rather tatty long red robe and the brass crown which now has a dent in it.

Pilt's Gnome Executioner Corpse -
+1 Leather Armour [1,160gp]
+1 Greataxe-Sz: S [2,320gp]
Gauntlets of Ogre-Power "STR +2" [4,000gp]
Amulet of Natural Armour +1 [2,000gp]

{D1} Main Hallway
third eye bloodstone [???gp]

{D3} Vudra Statue
third eye bloodstone [???gp]

{D9} Trophy Hall
third eye bloodstone – Carved Heart [???gp]
+1 Ghost Touch, Kama [8,305?gp]
+2 Light Fortification Studded Leather [9,170?gp]

{D10} Windowed Gallery
third eye bloodstone – Spear Tip [???gp]

{D8} Boudoir
+1 Kukri [2,306?gp]

{D18} Glorio’s Room
four-poster canopied bed {full quarter room - Silk sheets, gossamer curtains, ebony bedposts depicting tigers and cobras chasing monkeys in endless circle, and a half-dozen huge pillows ‘fit for a king’}
large green paperweight the size of an apple
exotic-looking five-foot long stringed instrument
spherical birdcage containing several brightly colored songbirds

{D4} Garden
3x pale pink diamonds [1,275gp ea.]
2x Wands of Cure Light Wounds {elegant pieces of polished ash}
Matched Bracelet/Ring combination {Intricate and elegant attached by a web of fine platinum chains, set with jet stones at the links} [2,600gp]

{D19} Upper Caverns
Fungal Skeletons - 3x +1 Chainmail [1,300gp ea.]; 3x +1 Light Steel Shield [1,169gp ea.]

{D20} 'Crafter's Room'{?}
1-foot-long blue-coral gecko [300 gp]
Exquisitely crafted firepelt cougar carved from redwood [200 gp]
flame drake with tiny pearls for eyes [1,200 gp] (Majenko takes a fancy to this one!)

{D24} Under the Palace - Temple
+1 Kukri [2,306?gp]

{Third Eye} - Bloodstone 'Green' [???gp]

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

I'm at work right now.. can only do maps from home... will try to get one done tomorrow for you (the one provided is a real beast to work with!).

M Elf Magus

That's alot of stuff. Also your notes are impeccable.

Male Human Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) HP: 64/64| AC: 21| T: 12| FF: 19|CMB:+11|CMD:23|Fort:+7|Ref:+4|Will:+9|Init:+5|Perc:+19|

Tons of info. I assume we shall be given cues to enter the game?

Male Human Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) HP: 64/64| AC: 21| T: 12| FF: 19|CMB:+11|CMD:23|Fort:+7|Ref:+4|Will:+9|Init:+5|Perc:+19|

What's up with the no posts stuff... is this game dead?

Smite Evil: 4 / 3; Lay On Hands[Chanel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 6 [11]
Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 1 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 68/61 | F +13 R +11 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8

Megan... has a rather irregular posting schedule. Believe me.. its frustrating for us as well... we've just learned to be patient. It use to be once a day... now we're lucky if we get once a week.

{Shrug}.. I'd hoped with her new job we could get back to a more regular schedule... of at least once a day, I mean really how much time does it take to look at posts once a day and make a reply, its not like she has to 'make anything up'.. the module clearly defines what happens next I'm sure...? But that has not happened. So we wait.

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Sorry - I keep thinking 'time to look at the game' then get distracted by something else!

Male Human Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer) HP: 64/64| AC: 21| T: 12| FF: 19|CMB:+11|CMD:23|Fort:+7|Ref:+4|Will:+9|Init:+5|Perc:+19|

Dex, Janatris do we want to have a combined background?

I am looking for a Paladin of Iomedae that has been making waves in Korvosa, i'm planning on joining him and aiding him as I can, I would not mind journeying with others until this was accomplished, checking out rumours and such would have lead me to where we end up as per GM's word.

Grand Lodge

Male Human Brawler 8

Certainly! Dex would have been making his way from Absalom over to Korvosa and could have easily met along the way, either by boat or over land.

Dex himself would be traveling with the intention of finding employment, and would freely share that he is of a more 'mercenary' persuasion. So if he feels he could earn a living going or doing something in particular, he would happily go anywhere.

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

OK, so you two (Dex & Jord) have met up somewhere possibly on the road to Korvosa. Jord has this quest for a paladin who has been making waves in Korvosa (now, I wonder who that might be?) and Dex reckoned such a fellow might have need of some strong-armed assistance so tagged along. A few urchins told you they saw this paladin around the Arkona place so you investigated and... (furious handwaving puts you where you are now!)

Janatris, do you fit in anywhere here? Or do you want a different introduction?

HP: 59/59|AC: 24|T: 12|FF: 24|CMD: 23|F/R/W: 9/2/10|Init: +2|Spd: 30ft
Diplomacy +9; Intimidate +2; Knowledge (Religion) -1; Linguistics -1; Perception +3; Sense Motive +3; Spellcraft +6, UMD +14
Megan Robertson wrote:
Janatris, do you fit in anywhere here? Or do you want a different introduction?

It's not something I had planned out, assuming that you would go with whatever works best for continuity.

P.S. Thanks to Jord for reminding me about this. I sort of forgot about it. =/

Smite Evil: 4 / 3; Lay On Hands[Chanel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 6 [11]
Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 1 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 68/61 | F +13 R +11 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+7}
Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8

Waiting for post from you megan...

Liberty's Edge

Female Depemds on the game system (human in the real world)

Oddly enough, that's why I've just come here... now, where's that map?

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