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pauljathome wrote:

I'd like to ask a very basic question.

How do you create a character profile without assigning it a PFS faction?

The only way to create the profile that I've found is to create a PFS character and that insists on my choosing a PFS faction before it will let me pick an avatar

go to your profile. top there is a tag, its small. then when you are in, there is a link to create an alias =^^=

Silver Crusade

Akina Pharas wrote:
Go to My Account at the top, and then on the left side, click Create Messageboard Alias. Make a name and choose an avatar. Don't select anything on the PFS factions and submit changes.


I'd like to submit Oliveo Taragoš /oh-lee-VAY-oh Ta-ra-GOSHZ/ for your consideration.

Oliveo Taragoš is a bard, devotee of Shelyn, and a man of deep passions. He loves the Eternal Rose, beauty, and music passionately...and loves romance and his own fame only slightly less.

Oliveo was born to a Varisian family that had put down roots in Korvosa years ago: his mother Zora is a Cleric at the Sanctuary of Shelyn and his father Jerome is a local woodworker. Together they raised Oliveo in the city’s North Point district and taught their son to love the arts and beauty in all forms. With the blessing of the Eternal Rose, young Oliveo proved quite gifted at song, dance, and at playing the concertina. He aspired to a place in the grand Marbledome opera and was initially elated when he was accepted as an adjunct member of their company...but he found Touran Palastus intolerable...and Palastus felt the same about Oliveo. Before his first season was over, Oliveo stormed off, bid his parents a teary farewell, and took to the road to pursue his dream elsewhere. He made his way to Taldor where he studied at the Kitharodian Academy in Oppara for many years before heading out to perform across the Inner Sea. Along the way he has worked to praise love in all forms, to bring beauty to the towns and villages he passes through, and to help those in need as he’s able. As he’s traveled, performing at venues both small and grand, his fame as a musician has grown as well...and he readily admits that he enjoys the fame and adoration he often receives from those who appreciate the arts.

Recently he received a letter from his father that his mother Zora’s age has caught up with her and she has grown ill, and so he returned to the city of his birth for the first time in many years. Upon his return he finds that his parents’ health isn’t the only thing failing: something is rotten in Korvosa as well, and his mother has asked him to please help cleanse the ugliness from the city she loves.


I'll have crunch up for him later. To get a sense of my play style, you can read one of these recent ones adding some fun to a knowledge roll to identify a foe and recovering from Confusion at the end of that same combat. Both are from a Swashbuckler I play in a Rise of the Runelords game that's been active since January 2014 (and where I'm one of a handful of players who've been there the whole time).

OK, Background and Crunch are now complete in profile (with a bit of polish to do in conversation with the party, if selected).

I also wrote a first post to get into the feel of him for myself, and to share a bit more of what I expect for the party:

Oliveo returns to Korvosa:

Oliveo approaches Korvosa, crowded in the back of an open wagon, hitching a ride with a band of travelling Varisian traders who’re coming to sell their wares in the Gold Market. He finds his mind troubled by thoughts of his mother's health. Mama's always been so strong...given so much, created such beauty...surely the Eternal Rose isn't calling her home just yet?

To break free from his brooding, he pulls out his concertina and begins to belt out Rowetha's Ballad of Torressa the Bold, singing of her campaign to free a dozen souls from the Whisperer of Souls, and of the unlikely love she finds with Little Rooq. When Oliveo reaches the end, singing of Torressa's death in the arms of her partner, the bard's tanned face is streaked with tears but his heart feels light again.

When the caravan erupts into applause Oliveo realizes that they had crawled to a standstill so the drivers wouldn't miss a note of the haunting ballad. He looks around to see that his travelling companions' eyes are all wet as well.

Looking up toward the sky, Oliveo sees the familiar sight of a Sable company rider in the distant sky. With a warm smile to his companions, Oliveo excuses himself, bidding his traveling companions farewell, and decides to walk the last leg of the journey into Korvosa. As he strolls he whistles a bit of birdsong, asking <<where nearby are the wild roses blooming?>> Over the next few minutes, birds fly in from various directions, chirping and whistling back and forth, and finally direct him to several bushes in full bloom, a short walk off of the road behind a bluff.

Oliveo walks over and takes seven long breaths, enjoying their scent, and the way they wave in the light breeze. Then he cuts a handful of the brightest blossoms, whispering a prayer to the Eternal Rose, and begins walking back toward the city of his birth, toward the North Point district, to his family home, thinking, May these wild roses warm your heart, mama...and may you hold on here a while longer. I’m not ready for you to join Shelyn in Nirvana quite yet…

I was cleaning up some stuff and accidentally nuked lots of information.

The information should now all be in this profile. Hopefully :-)

Adjusted a few skill points around, changed a couple feats, and last (and most important) fixed a major typo. Character is an Evangelist not a Sentinel. I built her using that class, but wrote down Sentinel for some reason.

OK. THANK YOU ALL for your submissions! It was a VERY hard choosing process... you ALL had wonderful character concepts! We're sorry we could not let you all play! :)

Recruitment is now closed, those who have been accepted have received PM's thank you all for your interest!


Enjoy the game people

Have fun, guys.

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