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Im trying to make a social leadership character, Ive looked at the Crimeboss PrC from the Freeport series, interesting, but not quite there. The Ultimate prestige class book has Connection and Guildmaster PrC.

Has anyone seen any other character class or PrC that might fit. Something that might add more to leadership or add more flavor to the character? Maybe something like a Merchant Prince or something?

So can you use metamagic rods to power up your wand when you are creating it?

Metamagic rods do not raise the spell level of the spell, unlike metamagic feats that do raise the spell level.

Can you make a basic 5th level fireball wand with maximize on it using the metamagic rod, without raising the spell level?

Just wondering if the feat works with the synthesis' eidolan.

Battle dance changes bardic performance, does it also replace fascinate and the other abilities?

So if a metamagic rod has empower and maximize, does it take a standard action to activate or do you need to spend multiple actions to use it, because it has 2 abilities?

And if so, if you activate it, do you activate both abilities as a stand action as a magus, when you cast a spell.

Can use use a metamagic rod with a 2 handed weapon and spell strike ?

Say I move and attack the enemy, I hit do damage, and now I cleave, knocking the enemy to negative hit points. So can I use cleaving finish now on the next enemy?

I would like to make a magus using a fauchard.

So anyone remember what its called?

So anyone remember what its called?

Here is the ability

Aura of Good (Ex): The power of a paladin’s aura of good
(see the detect good spell) is equal to her paladin level.

So when the Synthesist gets infused with the Eidolon, does his saves go up also?

So our gm attacked us with Grindylows the last session.

He used the jet ability to charge, and would jump over pcs then attack.

The jet ability sounds more like a withdrawal ability not a charge ability.

So is he using it correctly?

L5/L1 Magus/Bard using spell strike and Shocking Grasp with his scimitar.

Battle Dance +2 Hit, +2 Damage 4+Cha Bonus in Rds

Scimitar 1d6 damage Crit 18-20/x2
2 battle dance = 1d6+02 Damage
Shocking grasp = 5d6

So does the battle dance from dervish dawnflower add to both the scimitar damage and the shocking grasp damage?

L5/L1 Magus/Bard using spell strike and Shocking Grasp with his scimitar.

Battle Dance +2 Hit, +2 Damage 4+Cha Bonus in Rds

Scimitar 1d6 damage Crit 18-20/x2
2 battle dance = 1d6+02 Damage
Shocking grasp = 5d6

So does the battle dance from dervish dawnflower add to both the scimitar damage and the shocking grasp damage?

I saw a Magus build that started out doing 4d6 shocking grasp at 1st level, just cant remember the traits and feats it had, and I cant find the thread again.

The Synthesist uses his Eidolons physical stats when combined.

So if I want to pick up the power attack feat, does my character have to have 13 str or just the Eidolon?

So my character L1 Sorcerer, L1 Magus

So if I pick up Shocking grasp for Sorcerer and Magus, what would the damage for the spell be?

Am I considered a Caster Level 2 or 1 for the shocking grasp spell?

1d6 damage or 2d6 damage for shocking grasp?

What the subject says.

So how much do you add for a critical for shocking grasp?

Normal Damage
Level 1 shocking grasp 1d6
Level 3 shocking grasp 3d6
Level 5 shocking grasp 5d6
Level 5 shocking grasp w/Intensified Spell Meta-magic feat 5d6+5d6

I bought "The Pirate Primer" a few years ago, now i actually get to use it in the upcoming pirate game we are going to play.

So I was looking over Infused Curative for the Alchemist and I was wondering about the uses of this ability.

If you make it inert it doesn't count towards your daily allotment. But if it's inert whats the point. You can't use it right?

In what book is the height, weight, age listed?

I have Goblins of Golarion, but I cant locate the tables?

Has anyone made a goblin in a 3D program like Daz3D or Poser?

Any thoughts about this?

So can the Alchemist take Craft Wondrous Item feat without taking Master Craftsman?

It says you have to use it within an hour or it no longer works.

Does that mean it needs to be applied to a weapon within an hour?

Or does it mean it needs to be applied and hit someone with it within an hour?

Some the discoveries have a level requirement, so does that mean he has to be a 8th level alchemist to pick fast bombs, or say a 2nd level fighter and a 6th level alchemist to pick up fast bombs?

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So with the Fast bomb discovery, can you use rapid shot, two weapon fighting, imp 2 weapon fighting, haste to add more attacks?

Do allies provide cover for enemies if you are firing into melee?




X is firing at an enemy (E), so does the enemy get a cover bonus?

How do you deprive someone of their reflex save?

I was in a game, one character was under the spell hold monster, and then the baddie dropped a fireball, and that character was able to make a relex save which entitled him to use evasion. He didnt make the reflex save, but come on, how can you have a reflex save if your paralyzed?

I guess it doesnt state in the RAW that you can be deprived a reflex save, of does it?

Ok here is the text for Explosive Bombs

Explosive bomb: The alchemist’s bombs now have a
splash radius of 10 feet rather than 5 feet. Creatures
that take a direct hit from an explosive bomb catch fire,
taking 1d6 points of fire damage each round until the
fire is extinguished. Extinguishing the f lames is a full round
action that requires a Reflex save. Rolling on the
ground provides the target with a +2 to the save. Dousing
the target with at least 2 gallons of water automatically
extinguishes the flames.

Ok it says creatures that are hit take 1d6 of fire damage, does that mean the damage is the same rounds as the original damage or does it start the next round?

So if I want to create a Belt of Physical Perfection, Caster Level 16, do I have to be at least level 16?

Spellcraft = CL16 + 5 = 21 to create the item.

Can you power attack a melee touch attack?

The combat scabbard sharpened has a threat range of 18-20/x2, so if I sharpen the edges of my shield it should be the same, right? What do you think?

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So if you add the returning ability to a shield, would you need to pay 8000g for a +1 weapon bonus and then 6000 for the returning or would it fall under the armor bonus?


As the subject

Can you cleave with a piercing weapon?

I have a couple of players in my game that says that if someone provokes an AOO then that person wouldnt generate an AOO himself.


Someone is running past you and provokes, then you trip him with a heavy flail which would provoke.

Ive been told that it wouldnt provoke due to it cascading effect. One would provoke then the next and so on.

So are they correct or wrong.

Can you make a 5ft step in a surprise round?

Is point blank shot, deadly aim considered precision damage?

So Im building a archer build, with rolled stats

Level 7 Human +2 dex
18 str
22 dex Belt of dex +2

L1 wizard
L2-L7 fighter

L1 Point blank shot, arcane strike
L2 Precise shot
L3 Deadly aim, weapon focus (Comp longbows)
L5 weapon specialization (comp longbows), rapid shot
L6 Weapon training +1 (bows)
L7 manyshot, far shot

+1 Comp longbow str+4 with frost, shocking

To Hit = 15-4 = 11/11/6 (+1 point blank shot)
+6 dex
+1 magic bow
+1 weapon focus
+1 weapon training
-2 rapid shot
-2 deadly aim

Damage = 1d8+13 (+1 point blank shot)+2d6
+4 str
+4 deadly aim
+2 weapon specialization
+1 magic
+1 arcane strike
+1 weapon training

So if my manyshot hits it does this much damage right?

1d8+13+1+2d6 per arrow
2d8+26+2+4d6 for both arrows

So if I hit with all my attacks I can do
4d8+52+4+8d6 for all 4 of my arrows

And if I crit on my manyshot I would do this much damage

Is point blank shot and deadly aim considered precision damage?

Any level, any company

So mithral breastplate armor takes away -3 of the -4 of the armor check penalty. It also says mithral is considered master worked, so is the -1 armor check penalty that MW takes away already included in the -3?

The same concerning Adamantine armor.

Cant find anything official, can you use trip during cleave?

Can you use a urumi 2 handed and get 1.5 strength damage?

It says you can tumble through an enemies square with an acrobatics roll to not get a AOO. So if you fail the roll the enemy gets an AOO. Does that mean you stop where your at, or do you continue to the spot you wanted.

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