Trying to find a good social, leadership (feat) class / prestige class, 3 / 3.5 / PF


Im trying to make a social leadership character, Ive looked at the Crimeboss PrC from the Freeport series, interesting, but not quite there. The Ultimate prestige class book has Connection and Guildmaster PrC.

Has anyone seen any other character class or PrC that might fit. Something that might add more to leadership or add more flavor to the character? Maybe something like a Merchant Prince or something?

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The Noble Scion from Paths of Prestige allows you to have a cohort who is only one level lower than you. Grants Leadership as a bonus feat at 2nd level. Also at 7th level you gain another 'cohort' who is a level lower than you.

There is actually the Merchant Prince PrC from Powers of Faerun as well but can't remember what it does. That entire book has a lot about the Leadership feat if I remember rightly.

You can't beat a Bard for being social.

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The Patrician class for the Arcanis setting (3.5) was very good for all things social. Sucked in combat though.

The PrC Val'Mehan Emissary from the same setting was even better at it. Getting all the feats and abilities that make a diplomat/courtier a force to be feared in any social setting.

Thanks guys for the tips

So far the character is 8 Gesalt (8 Warlock/5 Rogue/1 Wizard/2?? Factorum (Maybe)), picked up the leadership feat to help with minions.
Picked up the skill invocations. So diplomacy is 22.

Want to make a Merchant Prince/Crime Boss political type character. Probably will drop Factorum for PrC.

Beguilers were pretty cool for that

If you're GM allows roleplaying bonuses and such, I'd suggest the Noble class from Little Red Goblin Games. If you're more into crunch, the Luminary class from Super Genius Games. Either one makes an exceptional social/leadership class. I personally utilize them both. Admittedly, you would have to buy the PDFs, but in my 12 years of hardcore gaming, I have never seen a better take on the concept than these two. Both are reviewed if you want to see which would best suit you.

Crap, made a typo!

Oh, forgot to mention, the Noble class is in the Tome of Ingenuity!

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