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I like this character, it has more variety with skills.

Elf L5
Dex = 20 Int = 18 AC = 20

L1 Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)
L2-4 Magus (Kensai)
L5 Sorcerer (Cross Blooded(Draconic/Orc or Elemental(Air))

Wayang Spellhunter (Shocking Grasp)
Magical Knack (Magus)

L1 Spell focus (evocation)
L3 Spell Specialization, +2 caster level on one spell
L5 Intensified Spell (Shocking Grasp)

Dervish Dance +5 Hit, +5 Damage
Arcane Pool +1 Hit, +1 Damage 10 Rds
Arcane Accuracy +4 Hit
WF(Scimitar) +1 Hit
Spell Strike -2 Hit
Canny Defense +3 AC
Battle Dance +2 Hit, +2 Damage 4+Cha Bonus in Rds
Cross Blooded +2 Damage per die to Shocking Grasp

Scimitar 15gp
Armored Kilt 10lb 20gp +1AC / Haramaki 1lb 3gp +1AC

Would make your L5 Shocking Grasp CL7
5 (Base) 3 Magus+2 Magical Knack
2 (Spell Specialization)

Scimitar 1d6 damage Crit 18-20/x2
2BAB+5DD+1AP+1WF+2BD-2SS+4AA = 13 Hit
5DD+1AP+2BD = 1d6+08 Damage

Shocking Grasp
7d6+14 = 7d6+14

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So if you add the returning ability to a shield, would you need to pay 8000g for a +1 weapon bonus and then 6000 for the returning or would it fall under the armor bonus?