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The door is not locked, but as previously mentioned woodrot and swelling from water damage have left it rather stuck. A strength check would be necessary to open it and would be loud.

Cool. Well that's my plan. The options listed there give some great ideas for an Earth-based tanky monk. Untwisting Iron Infusion and Sculpting the River mean "If I hit you, I get bonuses to DR and you take penalties to not attack me."

Though interestingly, you actually lose flesh of stone from the archetype... I see ways around that, but interesting.

I think I read it properly, but just to ask, you'd be okay with like an Elemental Ascetic Kineticist using some of the stuff from MAH?

Be sure to move your minis if you are moving.

The group detects no magic and locates no tracks. Sunishi sneaks around, but spies nothing within the house.

Only silence greets the party in response to their inquiries. Well, maybe a little bit of shaky building as it doesn't look the firmest, but beyond the creaking and groaning of a building, no audible response is heard.

True Dragons is amazing... *checks to see how far from being able to run it* Welp, more than halfway there...

Seems like a decision has been made...

The group travels the road, which looks to be fairly untraveled for some time, not the sort of path you'd expect to see if a witch were traversing it with regularity. It doesn't take long before the path leads them right where they expect!

A sagging one-story shack sits in this clearing, its walls dingy with age and encrusted with lichen and fungus. A partially collapsed shed sits just to the northeast, while small pouches, twisted knots of feathers, and dangling wind chimes made of bones hang from branches and roof edge alike.

Map is up, if anyone plans to try opening the door, you'll find it stuck and requiring a strength check.

Best of luck to all involved.

My best to he who got in.

Mama Mana wrote:

@ScorchedOne On Levan Bly I assumed you meant to list an amulet of natural armor +1 to get the natural armor bonus. You don't list any Paladin spells. How are you getting the 4B and 8B Weapon Specialization feats? How are you bypassing the Fighter requirement?

Edit: Did you go Tempered Champion for the fighter feats (that would explain the lack of spells and the bonus feats)? If so, where is your second Weapon Focus to justify the second Weapon Specialization?

Can you break down the Attack Bonus on that sword, I think it should be +16/+11. +8 BAB +5 Str +2 weapon focus +1 enhancement bonus.

Second weapon spec should have been Greater Weapon Focus, and the extra +2 is from the mythic feat version.

So it winds up being: +8 BAB, +5 Str, +1 Weapon, +1 Weapon Focus, +1 Gr. Weapon Focus, +2 Mythic Weapon Focus.

Vance has next to no trouble following a route to the southwest, where he eventually comes upon another path. History says this is the path that leads to the home of Old Megus, the Swamp Witch! Along with the others, he knows this will also lead back to the main road, like all other paths did, but similarly to the Swamp Witch's hut. You are currently at the bridge, E, and may either continue traveling southwest, or follow the path in either direction.

Mama Mana wrote:
@ScorchedOne On Levan Bly I assumed you meant to list an amulet of natural armor +1 to get the natural armor bonus. You don't list any Paladin spells. How are you getting the 4B and 8B Weapon Specialization feats? How are you bypassing the Fighter requirement?

Tempered Champion Archetype Paladin, Arcane Duelist Archetype Bard. Didn't want the hassle of the abounding number of low level spells I'd have with both classes. Trade spellcasting for a bonus feat every 4 levels, paladin levels count for fighter. And as to the amulet, yes, it just wouldn't fit nicely in that line. It's an amulet of natural armor +1 and a ring of protection +1. I still have ~2.7k to spend, mostly on more mundane gear.

Okay, may I have a survival check (modified as appropriate) to avoid becoming lost?

So... what is the group doing?

I believe so, Iago. I know I use the Caravan.

hustonj wrote:

12 whose role indicated some level of nature skill combatant.

8 who identify as some sort of combatant without claiming nature skills.

Lotta meat in 29 submissions.

When I posted, ranged was in short supply. Alas that 8-ish folks after me picked the same route. :P

Levan Bly
Paladin / Bard / Marshal

Levan is a Paladin of the crusade, an inspiration to fellow soldiers and a beacon of good and kindness that never seems to lose his smile even in the toughest of situations. He was born a child of the crusade, parents crusaders until their end and he followed in their footsteps without a second thought. There was never any other path in his mind. He schooled both as a Paladin and orator, following the Empyreal Lord Ragathiel rather than Iomedae or any of the other common faiths of the front line. He seeks out the crusader life not only to banish evil from the plane, but also to save those whom he may, for the worship of Ragathiel is not simply about anger and destruction, but also for finding hearts from even the cruelest origins which may know redemption.

These days, he is a mighty shield and a passionate sword, but moreover is a staunch ally and supporter of his fellow crusader, ensuring that none perish under his watch.

No sweat, planning Paladin and Bard, because of course. Marshal Path.

In progress.

Okay. Give me an hour or so I can have something together. Otherwise same rules as previous page?

Always interested here. What's the lost character's role?

I didn't get day jobs, so anyone with day jobs please post 'em.

Aww I wanna play with Cabe and Andy and all my former players. :P Had asked in Flaxseeed if I could play. If you have the spot, great, if you don't then I understand. Let me know. :P

Weenerton, I have been planning a Ganzi who hasn't gotten to live yet. May I?

Ryn recalls that skeletons are the undead remains of creatures normally dead or slain (at the time of creation). They tend to be vulnerable to smashing weapons, and less so to stabbing or slashing weapons.

Right. If you're a crazy person in an insane asylum, you belong in Strange Aeons, not Ironfang Invasion. :P

1) Role in the party- Ranged Support, Tracking, Stealth. (Ranger - Hooded Champion)
2) Concept - Planning a sort of history with vague recollections to the Patriot movie, only rather than revolutionary war, more of a Nirmathi lilt. World-Weary trait, something of a hermit, but then the world once again invades his serenity and causes him to take up arms.
3) I have been playing Pathfinder since Jade Regent came out, or thereabouts, been involved heavily in society for about three years. Been doing play by post for about two years.

RACE: Half-Elf

ABILITY SCORES: To come later, if chosen.

CLASSES: Ranger (Hooded Champion), possible eventual levels sorcerer into Arcane Archer.

FEATS: All good.

TRAITS: War-Weary and either Reactionary or Forlorn.

SKILLS: Profession (Soldier) to reflect his past as bonus, background will come with crunch.

GOLD: Average gold for your class (175gp)

HIT POINTS: 10+con mod

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

RELIGION: Ketephys (Elven Deity)



BACKGROUND: Phaestan is a half-elf, born of a happy marriage between a hunter from the forest surrounding Phaendar, whence he drew the boy's name, and an elf from Crystalhurst. He was raised by his happy family, and in time he joined the military, serving at the Fangwood Keep for a number of years before receiving a post closer to home.

He served his full term, and came home to an empty house and no parents. His father had died some years ago, which is unsurprising. His mother had returned to the grove at Crystalhurst, and from time to time he will visit her, though it hurts her somewhat having lost his father to know that she will lose him as well long before she has reached the end of her life.

Being now retired, somewhat, Phaestan makes his living hunting in the woods, killing deer and other game, tanning hides, drying and salting meat, and foraging for what other bounty the forest offers. He mostly keeps to himself these days, occasionally traveling to town to sell what he needs to or for a drink with people, silence and solitude are not always the cure for what ails you.

DESCRIPTION: Phaestan looks to be a decently young man, well into his adulthood but with the vim and vigor of one barely in his thirties. His eyes speak to the truer age of his body, crease lines worn around them from gazing, and from time spent smiling in years past. He tends to dress in darker colors, deep greens and browns, and shies away from anything that might actually draw attention. His skin is a shade of grey, and his hair is a stark white, though he tends to dye it brown much of the time, giving him a very earthen appearance. He is almost never without a knife and a bow, though what else he carries is anyone's guess.

MOTIVATION: Motivation for Phaestan will come from the threat to his homeland, to his personal way of life, or to those he considers friends. Though they are few and far between, it is something to consider as "For love will even a peaceful man go to war. For love, man will destroy himself, and that right willingly". It might be overstepping to call it love, but there is certainly a portion of care and a strong sense of belonging to be had for one's town.

Vance recalls that there is a sort of hilly/mountainous region that extends to the South and West of the swamp, those would probably be the best bet to check for caves.

Fixed my early morning brain fog typo. You certainly may make a knowledge or other related check to know more!

Your party begins heading... where? You were told that it is a cave, and vaguely West, how do you make your way to this unknown cave system?

Sounds like a good plan to me. You're playing a Kyra-statted Theld.

And I don't mind if you want to play "you" just with the stats of the pregen. We had someone play the bloodrager as a lady. I'm not here to ruin fun or RP. Long as I can say "Yep, Kyra was at the table. Wearing a grumpy old man suit", or something of the like, I'm happy. Long as it's within allowable rules, I'm totally flexible. :P

Right, do believe level 4 pregen.

Locke "Firebug" Arkham wrote:
I am not the GM, Scorched. ;)

Oh I know, I just had to poke fun. I'd gladly play with you again, and I don't actually hold it against you. Bad rolls are bad rolls, good rolls are good rolls, and if there wasn't a level of risk it wouldn't be as fun.

Anyway, if you want a hunter and a wolf, I have them.

0-14 The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (Subtier 6-7)
0-16 To Scale the Dragon (Subtier 8-9)

Locke "Firebug" Arkham wrote:

Hello all.

We, a group of 4, are looking for another front liner to replace our tanky ranger for the remainder of the games.

Party composition: Alchemist, Brawler, Oracle & Witch.

We're in a season run, season 0 to be specific.
** spoiler omitted **

Aside from the ones we played together, I'd be good to go. Provided you don't murder my Oread too. :P

He's currently a level 5 hunter, but I can probably have him 6 in a week-ish. He's melee focused, not explicitly a tank, but also has an animal companion for damage soaking purposes.


Okay. So it seems we're pretty much done, I can have sheets out... probably Thursday, if I'm honest. Also technically Amenopheus would teleport you back, but I missed that because it was in conclusion text and not the ending text. Whatever. -.-

Need to discuss who's playing, who's rocking a pregen, what pregens we're rocking, then we'll be good to start probably then if we have it hammered out at that time. Theld, Farzinel, and Nitre, what are the plans?

"Good! Longshanks leave!" Gutwad's bravado seems recharged by the fact you all are talking about leaving.

As we wait with baited breath.

Right, not in combat yet, so you can use the influence that's why I needed clarification. He has a readied action only because he doesn't trust you and is right not to.

"Longshanks eat GOBLIN? NEVER! You leave, go to cave to west, wreck of ship, much treasure. Skellingtons take you! You not eat Gutwad!" While he is answering your questions, he doesn't seem intimidated enough to put down his weapon and take tea, for instance. He sounds like he will answer as long as no one advances on him ergo trying to depose him.

I need to know which use of Intimidate you are going for.

You absolutely can have the seven Harsks. Especially in Spire.

"Then go! Skellingtons go back to cave with weapons! Take our fire! Leave now before make more skellingtons of you!" He seems agreeable to talking, only because the fact you bested his force means you can probably take him eventually in a fight. He likes his odds, however, and is more than happy to kill you.

The door bursts under the force of Olaff's kick, and you see Chief Rendwattle Gutwad ready for you. A longbow is in his hand and he aims it at Olaff. "Longshanks come to die! We kill, cook, and eat you! Flee before might of Gutwad!" He appears to be trying to intimidate you. Not taking demoralize, because he's got a readied action.

Amenopheus takes a short period and prepares a casting of gentle repose for Nitre, and casts it on her, the better for her companions to transport her back to civilization. "I must remain here a while, and research the site. I will speak to you soon though for we cannot delay. I can make my own travel arrangements much faster than otherwise available."

And I'm fine with an IC discussion, I just didn't want to have the discussion we just had HERE in the IC thread. Mechanical talk no belong in my IC thread. :P

Right. 5450/6 = 908 gp.

Given that most will probably be playing pregen 4's, a 5 will be perfect. :P

Just need assent to either "Take X amount" or "I'm cool with 6 way split" and then I'll handle the rest. I presume Nitre is fine spending 2 prestige to get the restoration for con drain?

No. Part 3 is 3-7 iirc, so wouldn't impact that whatsoever. Even if it were 1-5, wouldn't change anything except potentially APL.

Okay, so our level 4+ characters will receive 1864gp each, and lower levels will receive 1190 each.

Raise dead will cost 5450gp or 16 Prestige.

The good news (if any) is that you only need a 380 GP restoration rather than two 1280 GP restorations. (Or 2 PP, rather than 4PP x2)

Posting in discussion for out of game discussion.

These goblins, though restrained and fairly helpless, do not seem open to a diplomatic approach. "Die longshanks! Not tell you nothin! Gutwad kill longshanks! You in league with skelly-tons!" That one must be a scholar to use a phrase like in league. You feel certain that the Chief is just further onward, though the door into the next chamber seems a formidable one.

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