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Stormy and Iago still up.

"Right, I was doing good! I wouldn't want to see Narsino die here." He gladly offers what he has to you, hopeful that you will aid him.

The imp returns and escorts the party to the norn Rowane. Wide corridors through darkly beautiful foliage wander far enough from the iron streets of the city to be insulated from the omnipresent noise and heat. The journey concludes at a three-tiered gallery displaying armor, weapons, relics, and framed woven swatches, all built around a wide-branched blackwood tree with leaves of gold. A black-haired woman standing 14 feet in height looks away from a skein of thread and rises in greeting, gesturing toward seats around an intricately carved oaken table.

“Welcome to Eleusys, travelers. Take respite and refreshment as guests in the home of my queen, Erecura. I, Rowane, greet you in her name.”

The norn asks each Pathfinder’s name in turn and offers food and drink.

“My queen knows of your investigation and wishes to take up the matter. Leventi made certain promises in Hell’s name, the details known to him alone. She asks that you retrieve his personal records—should your investigation prove successful—so that she can see his obligations fulfilled and no one else suffers for his alleged mistakes.”

"I would be very grateful if you could... will you?" He asks, hopefully. You can see the imp returning to take you where you need to go.

The creature swarms upward, taking a place closer to the ceiling (20' mostly upward movement) and from its maw produces a wand of some sort. "Ffoooolish mortals, you tread in my domain... now become food!"

It does not appear to have done anything yet. Team actions.

The fact that this contract was a screw-up by Leventi DOES help you, yes.

Vance doesn't quite know what it is, it looks like an Octopus only with more limbs, and it seems Fiendish.

Leandro, I'd need a climb check before you jump up a 20 foot cliff. Redo your movement.

Yeah. I don't want to break immersion, so it was a sense of dread.

Eadie puts her foot directly in her mouth, which while acrobatic, hurts your diplomacy...

He exchanged property of Leventi’s choosing for a wish that gained him silver agent status. He realized too late that the devil wanted his slave apprentice, Narsino. Unknown to Leventi, Kirash had already submitted the paperwork to free Narsino after growing fond of him. Thus, Narsino’s pending status was as a free person, not Kirash’s property, which greatly complicates Leventi’s claim. Kirash hopes to prove Narsino’s seizure was theft before his apprentice dies in Hell.
Kirash has documentation proving Leventi’s error, Fendel can confirm Leventi’s error and recognize that a typical infernal court would rule in Kirash’s favor. This can help his case, though he still stands little chance of defying Leventi without the intercession of a higher authority. This all takes only a matter of a couple of minutes.

"Pathfinders? Well... I can't be very choosy. Please. I will say that you are very efficient, and you are knowledgeable, and in this case you are more able than I am." He looks like the words taste like a vile, foul thing in his mouth.

It kinda is. That's part of why I gave 2 warnings.


Thanks for the bump, dunno how I missed Stormy's post after I asked for it.

One of the statues casts a spell, targeting itself and its ally, and it suddenly moves much faster. The other statue steps off its pedestal and comes after Iago!

Attack: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16

Its quarterstaff strikes his armor but doesn't even put a dent in!

Party turn.

Nikka: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Vance: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13
Ryn: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Leandro: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Sunishi: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19
Olaff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Bad Guy: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

The creature lunges, and it is terrifying to behold! Descriptions fail, there's a picture in Maps & Handouts, page 7. You get the distinct impression that you have made several wrong turns along your path, and that this may in fact become your grave....



This will be a ridiculously tough fight...

"I really couldn't do anything for you, but it's to prevent a great miscarriage of justice... surely that is a noble enough cause?" He looks very nervous, and holds out his papers. "Please, I would be very grateful. It isn't right..."

Dunia is fairly convinced that the Aspis agent does have a legitimate grievance he's trying to get heard, though unlike you he doesn't seem to have the importance to get it heard.

You're at about half of your 24 hours. Most of that just walking between A and B.

The creatures waiting in line grumble as a livery-adorned imp with a runed halo ignores them, approaching the newcomers instead. “Greetings from my mistress, Rowane. She welcomes you to Eleusys and bids you wait here a moment until I return to fetch you.”

As the imp flies away, it is accosted by an exquisitely groomed Keleshite man in fine robes and wearing a silver Aspis badge. “I have an urgent matter regarding a contractual error that cannot wait! A devil has stolen my property…” The imp ignores the man, who grinds his teeth in frustration at the palace gates.

You have the option of interacting with the man or I can fast-forward to the imp's return.

It takes Fendel some time, even given his expertise, but he can spot several embarrassing loopholes in one of the contracts as well as identify examples of Leventi trading Hell’s resources for personal gain.

This, combined with your several other pieces of information might be enough to confront him, or you could stop by the palace as the paracountess had indicated.

Ryn and the others are fairly certain these are not will-o-wisps, but something appears to be moving up ahead in the grotto, though it doesn't appear to have noticed you yet.

Fendel finds the book disturbing, it details the exploits of a prolific angel-executioner known as Shyakurl, and the book has a strong evil and lawful aura. Any random passage almost certainly details one of Shyakurl’s blood-soaked exploits in grisly detail, and just processing the information is painful.

Damage: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 1, 3) = 9 DC 21 Fort or Will halves. Nauseated if fail.

We're fairly close. There's only really two leads you would need to cover, and you don't need those, even.

"Ah, yes, I certainly have examples of his work, I will see what I can find you..." He doesn't seem even remotely happy to help, but he does so. A book is left open on the table he was at, and you certainly could look at that if you so desired, but otherwise he returns shortly with exactly what Ando asked for.

Gellius Thrune’s contract is only accessible by requesting it from Phlagantres directly. The contract is especially ornate, though its core agreement is fairly straightforward: Gellius exchanged his soul for extensive legal advice and direct assistance in defending House Thrune against slanderous attacks. This might provide additional insight into the adventure’s background, but otherwise holds no special benefit.

I need Linguistics or Profession: Barrister for the remainder of the contracts, or you can haul them back up to Jarluxis which will give you a +5 bonus on any such roll.

I'm here, missed yesterday's post after I got botted for the previous round. I'll have my wallops up shortly.

"And what do you need from me? Certainly I have nothing to testify against, and you mortals never seem to know what you need, which is why you're always making contracts. What do you need of me, and I will fulfill it if it's not too bothersome. I care nothing of the goings on of Leventi or any of the others, I merely do my job." He seems on the up and up, he'll help you, but he isn't able to tell the future so he doesn't know what you need before you tell him.

Tiltha is not super helpful. Is current map placement about correct? I moved everyone.

The floor of this vast cavern descends in two twenty-foot drops into a large, eerie grotto. The walls drip with moisture and bear strange and disturbing cave paintings of towering four-winged humanoid shapes. Tiny motes of glowing light drift and bob in the air, giving the place an almost nauseating feeling, as if the cavern is viewed through a dreamlike haze.

You are on the lower level, not the upper.

It would have been hard to not notice Phlagantres on your way in, though you didn't know his name. Maps page 3

You can't help but notice the immense floating blob on his levitating throne.

"Of course, sorry I thought he would know. Phlagantres is at the help desk, at the entrance. You surely saw his bulk as you entered?" She seems honest enough, and also seems to be flattering dear Fendel a bit. What can one say, but in Hell an eye for detail is quite the asset.

Jarluxis shares that Leventi’s agents recently transported Gellius Thrune’s imp Tholvinis to Widow’s Cry. She laments her colleague’s sloppy binding of the imp after Gellius’ death, insisting that anyone unable to control an imp shouldn’t be trusted to command mortals.

Jarluxis continues working in the Fallen Fastness for the remainder of the adventure, and she can help analyze any contracts or other legal documents.

Alas, you already had this clue.

"You might try speaking to Phlagantres, otherwise I don't know how much else I could assist you. I thank you for your aid, wise Fendel." She smiles. "Perhaps you have a place here..."

Map Updated

You find yourself in tunnels, as previously mentioned. It is damp, dark, and the sense of foreboding continues. You do not hear anything particularly enlightening.

Pssst, Stormy, you're up.

Winding tunnels beyond the secret door lead through several empty caverns before joining the tunnels under the castle. You get an intense feeling of dread when you think about where this is leading you.

The group finds Jarluxis, a female contract devil, on the 50th floor of the fastness. "What do you mortals need? I am very busy as you can plainly see." She seems indifferent to most pleas, however like most in this realm she is willing to help in exchange for a bargain, or perhaps other things you could offer. At current she is looking over a contract for a mortal soul.

So, checking that out, or...

I literally saw yesterday a facebook thing about they vs it, right before I had to post that. It was lulworthy.

“You will suffice in this difficult moment. Rejoice in your adequacy.” The osyluth’s stinger settles and the devil rises to their full nine feet, claws clasped behind their back, echoing memories of a dozen venture-captain lectures.

“Phistophilus Leventi stands on the cusp of promotion, with only a final review remaining. My analysis into his work is part of that review, and I have found troubling indications of resources improperly allocated and also of clumsily executed language in his contracts. I am currently stationed here and unable to continue my work, however. You creatures will act as my agents in exchange for certain seized contraband, per my bargain with your mistress.” The devil gestures toward an ironbound collection of parchment.

“Here are my notes, including a list of Leventi’s suspect contracts that warrant further examination. Also, his agents have made several forays to the Ghetto of Outcasts. I have recorded their route as far as my agent followed. Pick up the trail from there to learn more. Also—” They flip musingly through a maze of text before settling a claw on a name. “Yes. Jarluxis. Seek out this other phistophilus here in the Fastness. She has lost several contracts to Leventi and has incentive to demonstrate her competence with a successful investigation of her coworker.”
Closing the book, they refocus their skeletal gaze. “Hasten in your work. When your writ expires, so does your usefulness.” They pause and glare. “Go. Now.”

You can either go interact with this other devil, or you may present your findings to Vetrivides.

Amenopheus is currently encased in crystal and appears paralyzed, like those bugs trapped in amber from the ancient tale Jurassic Park.

You have no trouble finding him, the investigator Vetrivides (LE agender osyluth) waits impatiently outside Leventi’s scriptorium, tied there by Leventi’s bureaucratic trickery and stalling tactics. Vetrivides looks the your group over dubiously when you arrive. “The servants of Dralneen? Where is your mistress, mortals? I should kill you where you stand for this insult.” Vetrivides exerts their fear aura.

I need a will save, and Fendel automatically knows this spoiler, otherwise Sense Motive DC 27:

They are threatening and taunting the PCs to take their measure and test their restraint.

Yeah, sorry. I got distracted. Work stuff mostly. Leventi is not your sponsor, Leventi is the guy who you're investigating. Vetrivides is the guy who gave you the writ. I was sort of hoping someone would mention that. You can either go confront Leventi, or try to gather more evidence, which may involve speaking to Vetrivides.

Ah, it does show the room you're in but I did forget to drop their tokens.

The group searches the town quite thoroughly, and finds no secret entrances to the castle within the town proper. Tiltha spies something amiss on the hill near the castle, but has trouble relating it. She knows that the group is looking for something hidden, and she can relate that. (S2)

Sorry to hear that. I understand demotivation like that. We're here when you are ready.

Yep, perception check. If you'd like (recommended) you can take 20, though that will take additional time.

The caravan is well stocked. You're fairly certain there could be another way in, but you'd have to locate it... which would mean searching the town and surrounding area.

The items being held by the statues certainly do seem real. Amenopheus starts walking through the crystal, and then for an unknown reason as he is about to answer the question asked he becomes frozen within the crystal he was passing through. While it doesn't look painful, the statues that start moving DO look like they might inflict some pain.

Stormy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Farz: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Nitre: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Iago: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Statues: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

Everyone but Iago may act first in round 1.

I'm getting there also, which is part of why my posting has been slower. Been struggling irl a bit, but trying to keep my posting here until we get these finished.

Two curved ramps ascend gently from one end of this semicircular room toward its northwest entrance. More than a dozen statues line the intricately painted walls, and all face toward an immense crystal that projects from the southeast wall. The statues are carved in the Osiran fashion, some bearing the heads of animals, and many holding objects like staves, ankhs, oil lamps, and scepters in their supple marble hands. Four engravings in the likeness of gemstones are set into shallow circular recesses in the floor arrayed before the huge jewel.

"I know there are a lot of corbies, some ogrekin, troglodytes, and other monsters. It's full to bursting with them! I don't even know how many, but more than a few." She shakes her head, clearly worried. "And that's just what I've seen, there is a bad feeling about that place. I think it's why the town is deserted."

Kafar and Nefti attempt to follow the rest of you, but the crystal warns them that they are not allowed to enter. None of you sense this warning, as it is transmitted directly to them, but they alert you to the fact the crystal does not seem to want them to come in. "We can wait out here..." they say, and seem honest enough about it, though you obviously will have doubts. Amenopheus waits on you further in.

Stopping those guys was pretty much objective 1, but now you're here, so might as well check it out, right? IC post shortly.

Your GM got slammed at work, I'll get something of that nature up slowly. I had a post that got eaten about the other guys not getting into the special chamber, but alas, luck is not with me.

The remaining souls do not press the issue, not with the harms already wrought upon them, and especially after losing one of their number to you, who is glad to assist you further as you like will post her stats shortly.

The paperwork shows it was issued, but being a falsehood, the name is the Hellish equivalent of Seymour Butts. The Erinyes escort the other pair off for "punishment", and you are left to go about your devices.

You arrive at the Fallen Fastness (the library). This mountainous stone structure pierces the burning skies of Dis like a jagged thorn. A battalion of fiends monitors all visitors entering its hundred-foot-tall iron doors, while inside a legion of diabolic scholars moves through a maze of iron-chained shelves.

Tomes silently beckon to prospective readers and promise infernal secrets, while bottled souls peer longingly or fearfully at passersby. Hundreds of floors stretch up from the atrium, and beneath the smoky obsidian floor, countless imps and other fiends toil over a scroll that spirals downward for miles.

You have plenty of time for healing, what do you do once at the library?

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