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Apologies, also all party members are up. I failed to mention that.

Nothing is located within the chamber, you feel that your true goal lies deeper within. The very air seems oppressive, the cool damp not relief as it might otherwise be but choking. The silence causes every drip, every stone that is kicked to echo and resound within the small confines.

The bat and badger are quite fatigued, but the remainder of the group has no trouble with the heat... yet. 2d6 ⇒ (4, 4) = 8 nonlethal to pets.

Through a crevice in a rock face, you find yourselves descending. Enigmatic hieroglyphs cover just about every surface of this chamber excavated into the mountain. Bas-relief engravings stretch along the walls all the way from the lofty, tapered ceiling down to floor level, their eerie pictography suggesting an unnerving story. Toppled columns, crumbling shreds of cloth, and potsherds scattered throughout the chamber attest to the place’s abandonment and antiquity. Small holes in the vaulted ceiling let in thin beams of sunlight but do little to illuminate the chamber.

Stormy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8
Farz: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17
Nitre: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20
Iago: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17
Enemies: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

As you group yourselves in the cooler subterranean area, you find yourselves ambushed!

Attack 1: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Attack 2: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 And fort save.

Two strange blue lion-like creatures attack and one gets a bite on Iago, who feels tiny creatures squirming in the wound.

A strange sort of skeletal dog moves up, and its gaze shreds the assembled pathfinders!

Damage: 5d4 ⇒ (4, 4, 4, 1, 4) = 17 Fort DC 16 Negates, everyone.

Will have update later today

Will have update later today

Ryn and Olaff find this cavern is the den of a giant wolf spider — or was. The creature seems to have died of hunger, or perhaps some other threat. It poses no threat to the group.

I would say gear is separate, as the pregen has CWBL gear, so using yours would be unfair.

Iago or Farzinel:
Witnesses report seeing a rather tipsy Nefti playing the flute in various taverns throughout Eto over the past several weeks. He hasn’t been seen for three days.

A man matching Kafar’s description recently visited a local herbalist and apothecary.

Several caravan guards in the city overheard Kafar and Nefti complaining to one another about the Aspis Consortium.

Nefti tried to sell information about the Aspis Consortium to a foreigner, but the deal fell through.

Your questions having been asked, Amenopheus asks you to join hands and with a mighty WHOOOOOSH, you are teleported a vast distance, almost instantly!

There, just as the sun is peaking over the horizon, you are able to find the path Kafar and Nefti used to enter the mountains. Temperatures continue to rise all through the morning, and after four hours of travel, the group reaches a place where the winding path through the spires splits. The resulting tracks make it appear that Kafar and Nefti split up and traveled in separate directions. Without knowing which of the two agents has the sage jewels or whether they too have been split up, Amenopheus decides that the best choice is to split up. Assuring them that he will remain in contact with them, he sends the group down one path while he traverses the other.

I need a bunch of checks. First, as a group, I need a Survival check for following tracks. Dwarven specialties for rocks / mountains apply. Secondly, anyone without the proper gear or precautions, I need two fort saves vs. extremely hot conditions. Lastly, I need another Perception or Survival check, individually. One check per person there.

10+ The Pillars of the Sun are an isolated range of mountains named for their tall, wind-weathered spires.
15+ The mountains begin 15 miles south of Eto, and an experienced rider might reach them in half a day. Because of its location and elevation, the region is extremely dry and hot during the day, with temperatures dropping drastically at night due to strong winds.

Arnaut wrote:
Qstor wrote:
I think you have another arcane caster?
Ish. One bard is a caster and the other is an archer. But that's only 4th lvl bard spells. Does that count? I'm not sure.

I think they were referring to the fact that I have offered either a level 12 Bloodrager / DD, or a Level 12 Wizard / Magaambyan Arcanist (who can cast a limited number of druid spells, but is a full 12 level wizard caster also).

You had the opportunity, the night before you set out, to ask questions. You may reflect this with RP and a suitable Diplomacy (Gather Information) check, or Knowledge Local. You may also learn something about where you're headed with Knowledge Geography.

"I am prepared to leave when you are, Pathfinders. When you are, join my hand and we shall be off." The wizened sage extends a hand to be taken by the nearest, or the bravest.

Indeed, it is always helpful to indicate your location on the handy dandy maps so that your GM knows you are proceeding to new areas.

Okay, sorry to see you go. Is everyone updated with regards to their mythic abilities? I was waiting on some of that before proceeding.

You all move forward so cautiously that you don't see... that thing coming up from the side! Oh wait no, it was just a flickering shadow. My, caves sure are creepy places. You advance, but still find nothing of interest. The wet area is rather slippery, but proceeding with extreme caution you find yourself not slipping and falling comically into the water.

Well I have a magaambyian arcanist wizard who can cast resto, but... I'd prefer to be my dragon.

Having cut away the nettles which seem to have bothered Ryn, you think the rest of you can enter uninhibited. These brackish waters remain behind from periodic storms and floods, slowly seeping into the rock. The water here is 3 feet deep at its deepest point, but the rock floor beneath the water is slippery.

As it is on the chronicle sheet you are playing, it is a legal source for a) this adventure and b) something that may or may not happen based on this adventure.

Ryn passes through the hanging nettles and becomes tangled, they scratch him and leave him feeling slightly the worse for wear. Sickened 24 hours.

As long as you're under the same character ID that got the sheet, yes.

I need a Fortitude save from Ryn.

Sheets In case anyone lost the link from last time.

The growing light of predawn filters in through a window of the two-story building that Amenopheus has rented in Eto, and the aging Garundi man takes a seat on one of the cushions set out for this meeting. He produces a sealed letter from his robe, placing it in the middle of the floor before speaking. “Good morning, Pathfinders. As you know, we have had our share of setbacks recently. Not only have the emerald and topaz gems sacred to my order slipped through our fingers, but we also faced the frustration of finding nothing but fragments of the once great ruby. Thankfully, its power is not lost entirely, and through the Ruby Sage’s blessing, it lives on in you. I am thankful that you have agreed to act on her behalf and see this through to the end."

“As we speak, the scoundrels who seized the two gems cross the Pillars of the Sun to meet their employer, the cryptic Diamond Sage.” He sighs heavily. “What she intends to do with the gems is a mystery, but the sage jewels are too important for me to take risks with. If the power that you wield is representative of a shattered jewel’s potential, imagine what one might accomplish with three undamaged stones! Until we know what her plans are, it is paramount that we get to the jewels first."

“Kafar and Nefti have a rudimentary map of the Pillars of the Sun, and last night I found a bartender who spotted them poring over it between drinks. She recalled little of the map, and she could not make sense of the marks or annotations; however, the right spells have allowed me to probe her mind and determine Kafar and Nefti’s entry point into the mountains. We will follow them from there.” With a somewhat chagrined smile, Amenopheus adds, “It may be that they will lead us to the Sanctum of the Sages, a hidden complex I have long suspected
might be in this area.”
He stands and announces, “Prepare yourselves quickly. We shall leave momentarily."

Gah! How did this happen again, thank you Theld. Post will be up momentarily!

A fifty-foot-high cliff rises along the marsh’s southern border, its face a thick tangle of jutting rocks and bright green vines and nettles. A curtain of these thick nettle vines partially conceals a cave opening at the base of the cliff.

The cave beyond seems dark save for what little light streams in, and that light too is dimming as the night comes.

It would take an amount of time. There is a path that leads down from the back of the shack to a small boat which could hold you, but either way it's at least a few hours journey there and the day is passing. You don't feel that this shack is any more safe than the outdoors, and in fact potentially less safe given that it could fall on you if the wind decided to pick up.

Anything further before we actually get to... THE CAVES?

Sheets of fungus grow along the walls and floor of this room, and on the numerous gourds, twigs, and bones hanging from the ceiling on sinew and string. The door to the north leads to a small closet.

Living Room J3:
More fungus and mold grows on the sagging benches, broken table, and narrow cupboards here. An old brick stove sits against the west wall.

Bedroom J4:
A large bed, its sheets thick with mold and puddles of water from the leaky roof, slumps in the corner of this room. Numerous ruined books lie stacked nearby, their contents destroyed by the damp.

Laboratory J5:
Once an alchemical laboratory, the equipment in this room has fallen into decay. Ancient chemical spills create weird stains and colorful crystalline growths amid the partially collapsed workbenches. Old Megus’s skeleton, still dressed in tattered clothes, also lies among the workbenches. An examination of the witch’s remains quickly reveals that some hideous transformation or deformity has disfigured her skeleton—the skull seems half melted and weirdly elongated in the face, one arm looks more like a bird’s talon, and the ribs have grown long spurs of bone that protrude both into and out of the rib cage. It was this last deformity, brought on by Megus’s final experiment, that killed her. Searching, Ryn finds a stash which appears to have been squirreled away by a creature very much like a squirrel, and also very unlike one.
The stash contains 33 gp, a masterwork dagger in a steel scabbard worth 15 gp, and a scroll tube containing two scrolls of cure light wounds, two scrolls of false life, and a scroll of water walk (all of these scrolls function at caster level 7th).

In addition, this stash of treasure contains perhaps an even greater boon: a detailed map of Brinestump Marsh. Having lived there for so many years, Old Megus was perhaps the greatest living expert on the swamplands. The map is curled with the scrolls in the tube, and
shows every significant location in the marsh. The map even indicates the hidden path at area C and the shipwrecks at areas I and K. The cave network at area L is shown merely as a cave entrance, and bear a skull-shaped rune of warning and a note indicating that Megus hadn’t explored the caverns because she didn’t think it was worth the risk.


Friendly reminder that you get more information when you enter a room on the map than when you simply post.

The house seems unstable, as though very little could take place therein without its collapse.

I just had to check when you mentioned that name. I had an ambition once and he is still running with it. Kudos to the man. My groups were less... good.

We played a campaign for a brief time together, I might be interested in playing again with him.

Vance, nor anyone, finds any particular signs of magic circling the house and its outlying buildings.

Leandro finds a number of dire rats, feasting on whatever they can find in the ruined building. It seems as though they are content not to bother him if he does not harass them or enter their domain.

Ryn notices tracks in the dirt, dust, and mold which have reclaimed the main building. Upon closer inspection, what he thought were the tracks of rats actually seem to be... tiny humanoid hands? Too small even for a baby, they are certainly curious.

I have the chronicles posted to my google drive, and will have that link momentarily. Apologies for all the delays here. Holidays, personal stuff, and then my internet got shut off but I'm back now. Can probably start the new one Monday, will have chronicles up in a bit.

I am also here now. Apologies for my extended absence, but the holidays hit me, then my internet was actually shut off on me. I should have posted from my phone, but I'll be honest the thought failed to occur to me. I foresee no further incidents.

I am back, and will be able to post a bit later after I make the rounds and apologize for my disappearance. Holidays and then other circumstances prevented my posting. It has been a stressful time.

Ellioti wrote:
Samnell wrote:

We're going to trial a sane version of mythic vital strike:

Mythic Vital Strike wrote:
Whenever you use Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, or Greater Vital Strike, multiply the Strength bonus, magic bonus, and other bonuses that would normally be multiplied on a critical hit by 2 if you are using Vital Strike, by 3 if you are using Improved Vital Strike, or by 4 if you are using Greater Vital Strike.
I always read it that way. That's most likely the RAI. It was just worded in an unfortunate way.

I also run it this way. One of my players tried using a 2dX weapon with mythic vital trying to get 4x and I said "umm, no" pretty fast.

Between Olaff and Ryn, the door is not simply opened but removed from its hinges and sent clattering to the floor. Nothing larger than a cat has been inside the building for months, and the floorboards are already starting to warp and decay, eaten away by the fungus and the damp. Simply moving through the shack causes alarming creaks and groans.

Yeah I'm still building. So much stuff in a L7/T2 Gestalt.

Doomed Hero wrote:

A Hellknight champion infused with the raw, Mythic power of Hell, driven to destroy the demonic foothold on Golarion.

Mechanically, she'd be a Tyrant Antipaladin 5/Evangelist of Asmodeus on one side, and a Sorcerer 5/Hellknight Signifier 2 on the other, following the Archmage mythic path.

Is that an allowable concept, or are you not interested in dealing with an evil character in the party?

Samnell wrote:
You may play any non-evil alignment that you like, provided you can play it in a way that doesn’t constantly cause needless strife. It’s fine to have some RP tension in the party, but when things really get to the point of players at cross-purposes everyone tends to lose out.

I mean I can see how it would work, but original recruitment post linked.

Giving until tomorrow to let Olaff or any others pop in, then will bot.

Looking toward an Druid (Nature Fang)/Ranger (Tanglebriar Demonslayer)/Marshal Path

Ranged pwnage / support. "Hey everyone, have a +4 (soon +6) to all attack and damage rolls against that there evil outsider."

Also Wisdom synergy. Race is a work in progress.

The door is not locked, but as previously mentioned woodrot and swelling from water damage have left it rather stuck. A strength check would be necessary to open it and would be loud.

Cool. Well that's my plan. The options listed there give some great ideas for an Earth-based tanky monk. Untwisting Iron Infusion and Sculpting the River mean "If I hit you, I get bonuses to DR and you take penalties to not attack me."

Though interestingly, you actually lose flesh of stone from the archetype... I see ways around that, but interesting.

I think I read it properly, but just to ask, you'd be okay with like an Elemental Ascetic Kineticist using some of the stuff from MAH?

Be sure to move your minis if you are moving.

The group detects no magic and locates no tracks. Sunishi sneaks around, but spies nothing within the house.

Only silence greets the party in response to their inquiries. Well, maybe a little bit of shaky building as it doesn't look the firmest, but beyond the creaking and groaning of a building, no audible response is heard.

True Dragons is amazing... *checks to see how far from being able to run it* Welp, more than halfway there...

Seems like a decision has been made...

The group travels the road, which looks to be fairly untraveled for some time, not the sort of path you'd expect to see if a witch were traversing it with regularity. It doesn't take long before the path leads them right where they expect!

A sagging one-story shack sits in this clearing, its walls dingy with age and encrusted with lichen and fungus. A partially collapsed shed sits just to the northeast, while small pouches, twisted knots of feathers, and dangling wind chimes made of bones hang from branches and roof edge alike.

Map is up, if anyone plans to try opening the door, you'll find it stuck and requiring a strength check.

Best of luck to all involved.

My best to he who got in.

Mama Mana wrote:

@ScorchedOne On Levan Bly I assumed you meant to list an amulet of natural armor +1 to get the natural armor bonus. You don't list any Paladin spells. How are you getting the 4B and 8B Weapon Specialization feats? How are you bypassing the Fighter requirement?

Edit: Did you go Tempered Champion for the fighter feats (that would explain the lack of spells and the bonus feats)? If so, where is your second Weapon Focus to justify the second Weapon Specialization?

Can you break down the Attack Bonus on that sword, I think it should be +16/+11. +8 BAB +5 Str +2 weapon focus +1 enhancement bonus.

Second weapon spec should have been Greater Weapon Focus, and the extra +2 is from the mythic feat version.

So it winds up being: +8 BAB, +5 Str, +1 Weapon, +1 Weapon Focus, +1 Gr. Weapon Focus, +2 Mythic Weapon Focus.

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