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"The creature is gone, and it would not have dispersed so quickly were it not for hostile intent." Edril comments, after his beetle returns to the plane it was drawn from.

Due to general malaise and a lack of enthusiasm on my part, I have decided to cancel this game. My apologies for wasting a great deal of your time. I will likely stick to scenarios in the future. Thank you for your patience and your time.

Steinkrug, yes. Typically people will literally put a period . in the gameplay thread, then delete that post. This "dot" adds the game to your campaigns tab so you see updates.

Headbutt, this is for PF2E, so there is no investigator.

Good call, HMM.

I made that mistake last game day, got seriously burned out, so I took this one easy.

While I have no desire to play this, I will pop in to say Branding Opportunity is fabulous.

theasl, I was just looking through my aliases and saw us apply to a Shattered Star that never was.

Presuming that the mention of Roslar's Coffer is a misprint, and that the cast will start in Sandpoint?

You tie a harness around Jakur and raise him to the ramparts. The crew finds themselves between the guardhouse and a nearby tower. The tower has a path to the main building beyond the courtyard, or they could descend down to the guardhouse should they choose.

Map of Upper Floors added.

I would've been interested, but Mosquito Witch is literally the only 2e scenario I've already played.

Climb DC 25 for "A rough surface, such as a natural rock wall or a brick wall." Humanoids using the rope get DC 5 "A rope with a wall to brace against, or a knotted rope, or a rope affected by the rope trick spell."

Anyone can get up with ease save for Jakur, given that he is an animal and can't make use of the rope. You consider that you might raise him with the rope instead.

Sunishi has no trouble landing the hook nor climbing. From the top of the ramparts, he sees a largely empty interior. The gatehouse is empty, as is the large courtyard... but you are certain there were creatures here before.

To note, the ladders are interior to the facility, and not exterior. You would have to gain access to the gatehouse before you could use a ladder.

Tiltha returns, she does not have much trouble conveying that she saw no active beings on the walls. It seems that the gatehouse is unguarded, as are the walls. Perhaps it's to lull you into a false sense of security...

Nope, no spellbooks or other assorted jazz.

Spent yesterday at the hospital. Sorry for radio silence for a bit. Should be back to more regular posting schedule Monday. Need to recover a bit. Apologies again.

Yes, with applicable penalties that is a failed check.

sorry, meant chaotic or good. Hell is a lawful evil plane, those opposed to those suffer penalties.


Updated. Should be good.

I would agree that it would be a -2 if you are good or lawful.

You are correct, Eadie. At some point today I'll get that fixed. This scenario wasn't as good at "if X, players get Y", and I was like "oh they didn't take the wish, cross that off."


For those who hadn't rolled day jobs, you took 10. Let me know if I need to correct anything.

With the hellmouth closed, the Grand Lodge returns to its usual relative peace. Zarta takes several days leave to contemplate her future after hearing the party’s advice, and Ambrus Valsin turns to the group to provide reports on their exploits in Hell. As the majority recommended that Zarta take her vengeance, rumors soon begin as to whether she’s leaving and who her replacement might be.

The End. Sheets up shortly.

Absolutely! I just had to tally the votes and such. I should be able to knock out a summary post later today, ditto on chronicles.

Edril does what he can to help. He steps forward so he has a better vantage point then says a few words of arcane power. A slippery substance coalesces beneath the feet of the enemies.

Grease, DC 14 Reflex or fall within the green square.

I found the one I played at several years ago challenging, but Damiel is OP anyway.

I came here to say that. No worries! Any opinion on whether I should try to get to tier 3, or is a strong T2 strong enough?

I prefer A, dwarves aren't generally ones for boats and water, especially in all this armor and such.

Though waterlogged also sounds bad. A sentient storm just sounds like magic, which is not my cuppa.

Oh, and yes tier advancement.

Spell Resistance: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

Dunia's lash strikes out, Leventi looks down at his body... and the slash that has struck him. "I had it all... so well planned."

As he begins falling, the rest of the group stumble their way out of the scroll-portal, just in time to see the aftermath of Dunia's actions. A slain Leventi on the floor, and a haunt materializing. Gonna handwave the haunt as I think you can blast it away.

Zarta returns shortly thereafter, not having hastened through the portal, and goes to gather up the soul of Gellius Thrune.

Leventi carries an angelskin handy haversack that contains eight legal texts written in a variety of languages (including several completely unknown to Golarion), a handful of semiprecious gems he uses to bribe mortals as needed, and several wrapped parcels protecting the pieces of a suit of infernal armor (this functions as demon armor but resembles a cornugon and inflicts poison with its claw attacks rather than contagion).

Gellius recognizes Zarta’s Davian ancestry and conceals a scheming smile with reminiscences about a brief fling with Rufino Davian. He asks for his freedom, but Zarta pockets the jar and contract, saying, “All in due time.”

With Gellius secured and Leventi dealt with, the PCs and Zarta make their way back to the hellmouth and travel back to Skyreach. There, Zarta consults with Gellius’s trapped soul before using the melancholic talisman to permanently shut down the portal. The talisman briefly flares as Zarta closes the hellmouth. The infernal scents fade slowly as Gellius Thrune’s bound soul bobs approvingly. “Closed as promised, Lady Davian.” Zarta winces slightly. “Of course, I cannot promise perfect control in this state…” The disembodied head nods within its glass prison. “But before we quibble over terms, let me speak plainly, for I see in you the same need that has consumed me for centuries: revenge against House Thrune.”

Zarta twirls the point of a blade on Gellius’ infernal contract as she contemplates his offer. “I admit I’ve yearned for this: a chance to slide the knife in, slow and deep, and see those who betrayed me twist on it. Not only did Thrune betray me, but I’ve known for only a few years that they were also responsible for the deaths and erasure of my ancestors, House Davian. However, as I look at you, my treasures, the choice is less clear. I have made a home here, with those who risked their souls to rescue me. Undermining Thrune and restoring Davian would mean leaving this behind, resigning my position, so that Thrune’s reprisals would not target the Society.” She smiles. “So please, tell me how you can’t bear to be without me or how my absence would only stoke your ardor.”

She is clearly looking to the group for suggestions.

When you literally finish posting and someone is already moving their pawn....

"Oh yes it will. You will die, you are separated from your allies..." and that's about six seconds worth of taunting.

Bold may act.

Just a heads up Lucija, you can't see the fireball because that's happening in another room with no sight line to where you are.

Our intrepid heroes approach the fort, and surveying the various towers think that the only way in from the front is through the gatehouse.

This stone structure has a floor of packed dirt and numerous wooden support beams for the stone ceiling above. Two rusted iron gates allow access through the gatehouse, while to the north, a pair of wooden ladders climb to the roof above.

Dunia and Ando move back through the scroll to the previous room... and see Leventi, who has a surprise waiting for them! Once his turn comes around.

There is a great deal of smashing done to the golem. Rudzik also shoots the golem, for his own nefarious purposes.

In the other room, Leventi sends a bead flying at our intrepid pathfinders, which they realize (probably) is a delayed blast fireball, which does not waste any time delaying! "You could have been rich, but now you will simply be dead!" Ever one for optimism and foolish gestures is Leventi, evidently.

Fireball: 13d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5, 3, 6, 1, 3, 1, 2, 5, 4, 5, 2) = 49 Reflex DC 25, please make your reflex save the first roll of your post.

Party may act. Dunia and Ando are technically one round ahead.



Additionally, I neglected to mention something you'd know, which is that each time you travel through a scroll you get a little bit of the text on you. Since I neglected to mention this, I am handwaving that particular obstacle. Travelling through a scroll takes 1 round, you are deposited at the other end of the scroll on your next turn. The delayed blast fireball was a readied action once you emerge.

Sure was gonna wait until end of month but will do now.

Missed a couple things. CDT (UTC-5 or -6, I can never recall), and I'm whatever on off-site chat. I have discord on my phone, so that'd be easier. I suppose I also have google, but Discord would be better for me personally.

No worries. I'm working on a solo playthrough of 1-1 so I can not be completely overwhelmed by this adventure.

I am playing Angban, gunslinger. I will need to get all my stuff updated for this, let me know where I can send my chronicle. I was just planning to upload to my google drive and post.

Eadie's idea would be largely moot, there are copies upon copies.

The invisibility purge does not reveal anything additional in the room. Leventi is most assuredly not in this room.

Reflex: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19 So close...

The golem falls to the bottom of a pit. The party is left in a room which does not contain Gellius Thrune, and they are not able to see where Leventi went. They can continue taking potshots at a golem in a pit, or not.

Party may act.


Agreed, Iago, I'm wrapping this and one of the other PbP's I'm running, and I'm taking it down to just the one game for a while. I got too heavy a load and it made me less able to focus on advancement. My mistake though.

Leventi groans in agony as he's struck repeatedly. "No, not like this...", he screams, before teleporting away!

Spellcraft which I am fairly certain you can make says it was just dimension door, he auto-passes defensive check.

The enormous golem starts smashing things! In particular, it tries to smash a small summoner! It also emanates an effect that seems to weigh down those near it.

Attack: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (7) + 23 = 30
Damage: 2d10 + 9 + 2d6 ⇒ (1, 3) + 9 + (1, 5) = 19
Attack: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (11) + 23 = 34
Damage: 2d10 + 9 + 2d6 ⇒ (6, 7) + 9 + (3, 2) = 27

Also need will saves vs slow from Lucija and Dunia, and please make those the first item in your posts. Not that it'll matter because you have FoM for 8 rounds.

People that aren't Fendel, Rudzik, Ando, or Doggy take:
Slashing + Bleed: 1 + 1d6 ⇒ 1 + (2) = 3

Ando has glorious hellfire erupt from underneath him and he takes:
Fire&Unholy: 6d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 4, 6, 6, 1) = 24 Reflex half, first roll of your post please.


There are core games up in PF1 for the upcoming game day I believe.

I'm seeing a 20 and 22 for results, are those inaccurate Rudzik? The 29 hits, as does the 27.

Wilk tears up one section of scrolls, which can no longer lash out creating difficult terrain and causing harm.



The first of Rudzik's arrows is also batted out of the air, though the second hits and the other two clink off its armored exterior.



Be sure to download these. I might take 'em down end of month to free up drive space.

Okay, so everyone but Nitre performed the ritual and gets THAT bane. (not boon)

*working on sheets*

Fendel finds his arrows swatted out of the air by the scrolls on the walls, which lash out to defend their master and deflect away the arrows.

Also failed to mention all areas in front of scrolls on the walls are now difficult terrain. Pretty much either difficult terrain and slashy scrolls or giant pit of fire in the middle. Welcome to high tier play!

Mythic power surges through Nitre's words, giving them strength and lending more authority to her words.

1d6 ⇒ 6

They agree to join the Society if anyone can help them with their worm-wounds, which you can manage. You are able to arrange transport back to Edo, where you get your well deserved rest. The power of the sage seems to fade as you travel further from the sanctum, until only a whisper of it is left within you.

So ends the saga of Destiny in the Sands.

Done, unless you guys want to RP more. Otherwise I'll get sheets up later today.

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