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"Excuse me, but have you a moment to talk about our dark lord and master, Asmodeus?"

A Guide to Lawful Evil

House Rules:
Arrow Recovery For every arrow you fire, roll a percentile dice. If the roll is higher than 20%, the arrow is salvageable.

"High or Low" If I ask "High or Low", I am trying to determine a tie breaker or something similar. I will choose what the terms of the breaker are - i.e. if you avoid detection - and you state "high or low" after I roll a percentile dice. If the situation involves your character and you guess correctly, the situation evolves in your favor.

Racial Feat Taxes If you want to play a tiefling or something similar and you want to use an alternate heritage, you do not need to take the feat that normally permits that. Not that anyone seems to care these days, anyway

Leveling Up When you level up, in my games you are restored to max hit points, including the new hit die you gain that level.

Critical Rolls I do not require a confirmation of a natural 20. You can confirm any other number in your critical range, but natural 20's are automatic wins for me and my games.

Defender Wins I try and enforce surpassing an opponent's AC or CMD to successfully grapple or hit that opponent.

Divine Favor Even if you aren't playing a divine caster, should your character roleplay a prayer or request to their god I will try and honor that with a reward of some kind appropriate to their deity.