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Ed Reppert wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
And maybe - just maybe - we can get a better name for the opposite of Chaotic than "Lawful".
Chaos, by definition, is "complete disorder". The opposite of chaos would be "order".

Maybe they want an equivalent of Chaotic/Lawful for whatever will be there, Order would go with Chaos and Law, not Chaotic and Lawful (name vs adjective).

Gisher wrote:

°C = (5/9)(°F – 32) = (5/9)(°F) – (160/9)

So if you graph Celsius as a function of Fahrenheit, you get a line with a slope of 5/9 and a y-intercept of 160/9.

But 0 °C = 32 °F and 0 °F = 160/9 °C so they are slightly more complicated linear conversions.

Aside from reminding me that I suck at trigonometry, what?

read needlessly complicated and/or this is the "new math" I heard about.

Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:
Can confirm, Canada is an often confusing hodgepodge of measurements. Some things use metric, like distance and speed, some things use imperial, like height. Sometimes both are listed just to be safe, like grocery store produce prices per weight. Some conversions I can do in my head now (temperature and weight), but mostly it's a crapshoot.

Confusing, but we kinda like it that way most of the time, but also kinda my point about the imperial to metric convertion taking a while.

Rysky wrote:

You use overpriced words for what you’re trying to say.

A square is not a real thing, it’s purely a gameplay meta mechanic, like HP. They can call it whatever, feet, metric, squares, mahs, snickerdoodles, it’s irrelevant as long as it’s concise, coherent, and consistent.

I only have an attachment to “feet” in as much as it goes with the fantasy game, but that is so minor it may as well not even be a nitpick.

"Square" work well if using grid based maps, DarkLightHitomi kinda has a point with the "board games vs real life" point of view.

CorvusMask wrote:

Also it doubles as inclusive ;D All terms referring to feets and stuff always makes me at least feel like "Hmm the writer clearly never expected me to read this terminology that I honestly don't understand" xD

(I'm not kidding at how much of yards and feets and inches are basically like fantasy terminology to me after so many years of playing this game :'D They are terms used because intended audience understands them intuitively, but I'm clearly not part of THAT intended audience xD)

Kobold Catgirl wrote:
That is pretty alien to me, honestly. Like, in America, we still use "meters" a lot for stuff; they're just a little less focused on in "official" applications. I didn't know "feet" were so completely unused elsewhere, which I'm sure says a lot about me or society or something. I don't love an abstraction, but I think it'd work fine. They can just implement "squares", and tell us somewhere "a square equals 5 feet/1.5 meters", and that works fine.

I can kind of get both, while my country officially uses metric, the convertion took long enough that many still use imperial on a regular basis.

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Kobold Catgirl wrote:
Just using Squares can get wonky if you're on maps where a Square doesn't equal 5 feet, though.

Shh, you are not supposed to say things that make sense on the Internet.


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NeoWolfen wrote:
Rysky wrote:
I’m interested in why you’re framing that as a bad thing.

A) I've already made the point as to why, multiple times.

B) Why are you responding to me? Am I asking YOU anything? Do I need to get the mod back again? I asked the BRAND MANAGER a question, not you. Do you work for Paizo, or BKOM or even in the industry, do you know anything of any relevance to what I am asking THEM? nope.

My question was for them, the people IN THE KNOW, the people in a position to provide an actual answer with basis in fact, not assumption, opinion or personal bias.

Then you should have pointed this out more clearly earlier.

"what are the brand managers thinking" isn't the same as "to the brand managers..."

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graystone wrote:
DaverdGM wrote:
I'm referring to the use of Metric system along the Imperial one, something like every time a distance or a weight is called in the rules it could be displayed in both units like 22f(10m). If it's not to much to ask.
There generally aren't weights in the game and adding meters would add a LOT of ink to the game and most likely some reformatting [every range, every range increment, maps {squares and other distances} and miscellaneous rules]. I'm a BIG NO for this, if for no other reason, I have to go back and edit them out when I copy/past things into a list or character sheet.
Totally Not Gorbacz wrote:
Spanish edition of Pathfider has measurements both in Metric and Imperial because that edition serves Spanish-speaking players both in the United States and normal countries. So, it's perfectly doable.

can also be useful when different players use different measuring systems.

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NeoWolfen wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:

Yeah, I wish people would realize this is a project BKOM conceived and pitched to Paizo, rather than an order from Paizo to BKOM. BKOM wanted to make an ARPG, and so that's why they made it that way.

Nothing is preventing Owlcat, or any other potential Paizo partners from making whatever genre of game they want to make. You're not getting an ARPG instead of a CRPG. You're getting an ARPG instead of literally nothing.

Your missing the point, Whether or not BKOM conceived and pitched this project, Paizo still had to give it the green light and they wouldn't have done that unless they thought an ARPG was beneficial to the brand in some way and that is something a brand manager would 100% know.

Also when it comes to "pitching" ideas, keep in mind that is not a one-way process, anyone can pitch an idea, even Paizo. It isn't just Paizo sat in the corner waiting for Computer game developers to come along and throw them a bone, which they have to accept because it's the only bone on the table.

So I am genuinely interested in their reasoning behind that and that isn't something you can answer, only them as they are the only ones who know.

You are only thinking of the mechanical aspects there, Paizo might be considering the setting aspects as well in those decisions.

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Guys (and girls), remember that this isn't a thread about Dungeons & Dragons various editions, so take this off-topic bickering elsewhere.

Zaister wrote:
DonKeebals wrote:
Holler when you and Owlcat make another CRPG
Not gonna happen. Word is that Owlcat was not interested in doing PF2 games and that is why Paizo had to find a new partner

If true, this is kinda disappointing.

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Kobold Catgirl wrote:
I'm a little antsy about changes to kobolds. What's the word on that? I have a personal aversion to any change that leans them further into the "miniature dragonborn" angle.

Isn't reptilian/draconic Kobolds kind of a DnD thing?

Wait, should they rename the Wizard class?

breithauptclan wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

I like using systems to provide some simulationist stuff for my groups, but the numerical expression isn't necessarily what makes for simulationism.

18 is just as abstract as +4.

Carrying capacity, it changes for each +1 Strength.

Spellcasting: Ability score needed being 10 + Spell level, so, 15 would allow level 5 spells without changing the modifier.

What are you talking about?

I think I kinda vaguely recognize that as PF1 mechanics.

PF2 Bulk limits: "You can carry an amount of Bulk equal to 5 plus your Strength modifier without penalty; if you carry more, you gain the encumbered condition. You can’t hold or carry more Bulk than 10 plus your Strength modifier."

And class spellcasters don't need to boost either their key ability score or their tradition skill proficiency in order to cast any spell that they have spell slots for. Archetype spellcasters sometimes have a minimum ability requirement to take the dedication, and sometimes have a minimum tradition skill rank requirement for gaining more spell slots - but none of that references the ability score directly.

I think the disconnect in those parts of the rules is a problem for some...

CorvusMask wrote:
Sidenote, I'm pretty glad about mentions of "good gods still caring super much about good" because I would have been really annoyed if removal of alignment was used as excuse to have "gray morality" where good gods keep pulling of D&D shenanigans of questionable ethics xP

*cough* *cough* Ragathiel and Vildeis *cough*

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So, Gorgon should be gone or renamed?

No more Rust Monster?

What about the Tarrasque?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Lucas Yew wrote:

Most changes are good, but I truly mourn the death of Ability Scores.

It seems like the whole universe is trying to convince me that Simulationism is not cool, not that I'll ever bend though...


On monsters, I wish an Asian-esque body-form Dragon to join Monster Core from the very start.

I don't know why an 18 is more simulationist than +4.

I like using systems to provide some simulationist stuff for my groups, but the numerical expression isn't necessarily what makes for simulationism.

18 is just as abstract as +4.

Carrying capacity, it changes for each +1 Strength.

Spellcasting: Ability score needed being 10 + Spell level, so, 15 would allow level 5 spells without changing the modifier.


Hard to say, but until book 3/4, anything above Demibaron/Baron would need a reason to take order from Fex.

Some questions
* Guessing Templates aren't allowed?
* What about Young Characters?
* Age Categories; Core Rules (Ability Score Adjustment) or PFS like (cosmetic)?

I wonder how many people noticed the continuity error about Shelyn?

At the time of Earthfall, Zon-Kuthon had been imprisoned in the Plane of Shadow for a while.

Dealing with Deka An-Keret and the Sacrosanct Order of the Blue Feather feel way more wall'ish than it should be, one would think that with some info and the Mask they might be a bit more willing to "help" (as long as the PCs are the ones taking the risks).

Rubber Ducky guy wrote:

I'm only on book 1 now, but I wanted to get an understanding of Baba Yaga.

I've tried to work back all of her bonuses backwards to reveal her base stats.
Removing Mythic, magic items, wish spells, Human, age and level bonuses, I still end up with the below array and a 53 point buy.

What am I missing?

Str +5 (+5 wish)
Dex +5 (+5 wish)
con +11 (+5 wish) (+6 belt)
int +30 (human +2) (+3 age) (+10 mythic) (+5 wish) (+5 class)
wis +8 (+3 age) (+5 wish)
cha +14 (+3 age) (+6 headband) (+5 wish)

Baba Yaga's Abilities - Bonuses (Point Buy Cost)
Str 17 -5 = 12 (2)
Dex 20 -5 = 15 (7)
Con 26 -11 = 15 (7)
Int 46 -30 = 16 (10)
Wis 24 -8 = 16 (10)
Cha 32 -14 = 18 (17)

Point Buy

Am I calculating the Age bonus wrong? I thought it was 3x +1 for all three stages, but does Baga Yaga get a further +3 for going beyond Venerable age?


Advanced creature template.

Age categories: standard (ability scores changes) or PFS like (purely cosmetic)?

Come to think of it, HP after first level; rolled, take average or max?

@ Arjuna332, your thoughts on resource boosting traits like Rich Parents (social) and Chelish Noble (Campaign)?

Arjuna332 wrote:
Arjuna332 wrote:
Alignment: In case if you haven't noticed already, this is an evil campaign. The most preferred evil alignment is Lawful Evil, though Neutral Evil is acceptable as well. Chaotic Evil can be a little tricky and difficult to be accepted, though that doesn't mean this particular alignment is prohibited. Lawful Neutral and Neutral may get accepted, though it's a guarantee that your characters will slip to evil over the course of the game. Good alignments have no place here.
See the bolded part. I never mentioned this game to be strictly Lawful Evil. I just prefer LE and NE characters. Hope that clear up any misunderstanding.

That I understood, but my point is that LE and LN will have an hard time in this AP as written.

Read the Player's Guide and the first part of the AP for characters options and the first thing the players will be tasked with, what I'm saying will make more sense.

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ARosey wrote:
Souls At War wrote:

Carrius is pretty much the trigger for Pythareus' actions/reactions.
I didn't read it quite that way. Appreciate the good word and the help.

Carrius being around kinda make attempts at reversing the decision about Primogeniture pointless, and later makes spilling a certain dirty secret of the Stavian more useful... granted, that not the trigger for all of Pythareus' actions and reactions.

Arjuna332 wrote:
I thought the book explicitly tells that it is an evil campaign. Why do I even need to rewrite and rework what I am meant to do in the first place?
Silas Hawkwinter wrote:
From what I've read LE is the perfect alignment for this AP since you're on team Thrune.

It's an Evil AP not a Lawful Evil AP, it doesn't expect the Lawful part to be played that much by the PCs, especially since the PCs will be facing a lot of Lawful Good opponents, the PCs' bosses mainly have two rules, 1) they still want a city/region/nation to rule over, and 2) "don't get caught".

the AP isn't written with "playing by the rules/laws" in mind, it is possible, but require some rewriting and reworking.

you can also tell by reading the Player's Guide.

ARosey wrote:
Sure, but honestly, not by much. Carrius doesn't play much of a role in the next volume, so there'll be plenty of time to get things back on track. It also sets up a return of Vaddirgan later on, and gives me more time to figure out how his powers work so I can run him more effectively.

Carrius is pretty much the trigger for Pythareus' actions/reactions.

Arjuna332 wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
Looking at the Alignment part I have to ask, have you read the books? and/or have you ran Way of the Wicked before?
I do have the essential books for this game, and I've never run Way of the Wicked.

If you want to run this as a Lawful Evil campaign, you will have quite a bit of rewriting and reworking to do.

Looking at the Alignment part I have to ask, have you read the books? and/or have you ran Way of the Wicked before?

ARosey wrote:

Here's what I want to do (and I recognize it'll require a bit of reworking some later books): they get the Cult evicted, and on the date of the eviction, Xan comes down and attacks the Cult, quite literally swooping in and snatching Carrius, returning him to Pharasma's gentle embrace. Do you think this would be possible? Is Xan powerful enough to take on the Cult by himself? My plan is to then have Panivar work on getting Carrius back while the party is in Zimar, then pick back up the Immaculate Circle story in Book 5.

Ideas? Thoughts? Concerns?

1) it alters Xan wanting to just slay Carrius.

2) Taking on the entire cult might be a bit much for Xan, with extra issues if done in public.
3) Holy Plot Derailment Batman!

James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Regarding your recent talks about Serpentfolk at Paizocon, did a certain scout from a certain manor influence your decision? :3
The idea I came up with for how to integrate serpentfolk PC ancestries while maintaining them as a great monster foe came to me a few years back. Not sure what scout you're talking about, in any event.
*nods* Volcano manor questline in Elden Ring.
OH That was a cool NPC for sure, but nope. The serpentfolk ancestry thing I plotted out was a result of me noodling over it after seeing folks ask for it on the boards here.

Was it in the making of Serpent's Skull? It did have a few potential hooks.

Got a dose of "ah ****, I need to pay more attention to the news", I didn't notice I was being insensitive recently.

On topic:
Suppose some gods had reasons to show up on the Material Plane (more than one so that they can keep each others in check), anything that would prevent them from "fixing" some issues like freeing Acavna's sould from the Mordant Spire or expelling Ydersius from the Material Plane, or just plain kill the serpent god?

James Jacobs wrote:

I don't think it's a bit too weird... but it's also not something we'd explore in print because we tend to tread carefully around storylines that put children in danger—and the younger the child, the more we avoid it. A story where a 3 year old with strange cosmic powers is absolutely compelling and interesting, but it's not really appropriate for us to publish, considering the game's focus on violence and dangerous situations.

We COULD do something that avoids violence and dangerous situations, of course, but that's such a different theme than the baseline assumption of Pathifnder that it'd probably work best with a different set of rules entirely.

on the other hand, a 3 years old with and almost full set of divine powers could potentially be the source of dangers.

The idea is less about endangering the kid, but make sure they don't endanger reality.

Could be light hearted, making sweets rain from sugary skies (clouds made of cotton candy) might be funny, as lond as the jawbreakers aren't too big.

For the kids related questions, kinda came after a previous convo, from around the time Mythic Adventure came out, that the children of the gods would probably be born as quasi-deities and demigods level, but for a while I have been thinking "what if an exception happened and there was now and adorable 2~3 years old with Phenomenal Cosmic Powers?", what kind of interactions they might have with other deities, how different gods might react to silly uses of divine powers, etc.

the questions about gods and children, and the ones about other interests the gods might have were born from that.

is it a bit too weird?

James Jacobs wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
Are there any gods/goddesses associated with parenting / child raising?
Yes: Erastil.

I expected the list to be short, but damn...

Any deities good with children even if it's not part of their "god job"/areas of concern?

Are there any gods/goddesses associated with parenting / child raising?

James Jacobs wrote:
Aenigma wrote:
There are ten types of the orb of the dragonkind. Do primal dragons, imperial dragons, and outer dragons have their own orbs of dragonkind as well?

The orbs of dragonkind were invented for 1st edition AD&D, back in a time when the game only had those ten types of dragon in the game.

My preference is to retain that legacy, and say that there are only those ten orbs of dragonkind in Pathfinder, rather than have to worry about revising the artifacts' history whenever we decide to introduce a new category of dragon. I believe we might have said otherwise here and there in print, but to me, the orbs of dragonkind work best when they're focused on just being those 10—both to keep from having to constantly expand them, but more importantly, to anchor them to their original source as something we get to use only because of the OGL.

Primal Orbs of Dragonkind / Orbs of Primal Dragonkind might kinda work, could be some kind of Prototypes.

Imperial, Outer and Planar would probably be harder to justify in verse, they have more ties to the Divines.

Guessing it's related to why there are no "Orbs of Drakekind"?

James Jacobs wrote:
Personally I think that humanizing deities, including leaning in to faults and quirks and even things that some folks might not be comfortable with is a HUGE benefit for the game, and I absolutely would answer these questions in private or in the context of a game I was running, but I've learned that these sorts of answers—particularly in answering minor elements about the deities (a topic I am VERY heavily invested in and eager to explore more), since it seems like those answers tend to ruffle feathers more often than not. Maybe someone else on staff will be able to answer these questions publicly, but it's not something I'm comfortable doing at this time, given the way some people can use anything said online for their own agendas at my expense.

Good points.

a (potentially) funny, alternate take might be: "the gods need to learn how to unwind once in a while."

James Jacobs wrote:
Souls At War wrote:

Speaking of the Deities, which ones have "geek'ish" interests?

- Books? in general (they don't seem the kind) or specific (seemingly OoC).
- Toys/Plushies/Dolls?
- Sweets/Candies?
- etc?

- which are more open about it and which are more closeted?

Also, welcome back!

Not really answering whimsical questions like this for now, sorry. I have a hard time anticipating what might or might not annoy people when it comes to non-serious questions about the deities.

I see this as personality traits (and quirks). Granted, it might "humanize" them too much.

Speaking of the Deities, which ones have "geek'ish" interests?

- Books? in general (they don't seem the kind) or specific (seemingly OoC).
- Toys/Plushies/Dolls?
- Sweets/Candies?
- etc?

- which are more open about it and which are more closeted?

Also, welcome back!

Treasure: partly sound like the usual mixing of a place treasury/funds with the PCs piggy bank.

Nidal: their borders should have been closed anyway, and any major dealings are made with the Umbral Court, not easy with closed borders and and heretical cult.

Alignments: depend if they talked before or after their actions, and good rolls should not help with alignment shifts, the rolls help with normal people, nor reality itself or the gods.

Vyre/Norgorber: the looking like clowns fit with the place. and Norgorber is the patron god of quite a few things, killing, stealing, destroying reputations, etc.

for the rest, they might still have to deal with a certain Thrune, not sure if they will be welcomed in Hell.

Ability scores generation?

ABP, did you adjust the treasures/loot?

As for the rest...
* HV mention that Nidal close its borders early on in the conflict, so interactions with them should be minimal, aside for Nidaleses out of the country.

* you kinda dodged the question of the PCs' alignments and actions that could alter them.

* surprised they didn't learn of the yearly ritual to maintain the contract with Hell, which could have been an easier and less dangerous way to break it.

* So, they messed with Vyre, shouldn't Norgorber have a reason to impede them? (you know, consequences of the PCs' action)

I am curious about quite a few things.

* characters' builds?
* use of third party stuff?
* use of optional rules?
* house rules?

as well as changes to background/canon/setting stuff.

and I have the feeling you were so focused one a few things that you stopped seeing the bigger picture and some consequences the PC actions should have / should have had.

* Age categories: Core (ability scores adjustments) or PFS like (cosmetic)?
* Young Character?

James Jacobs wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
On a partially related subject/note, has anyone at Paizo ever considered a "new" campaign setting set elsewhere in the universe? (for PathFinder)


We built Golarion specifically to encompass a huge range of stories, so there's no real need for a "new" setting.

But also, based on our experience working on the D&D magazines, feedback from SO many gamers along the lines of "This Greyhawk adventure is useless to me because I play Forgotten Realms" or "This article about ten new wizard spells is useless to me since I run a homebrew and the spells had flavor text from Planescape" pretty much convinced us that multiple campaign settings don't help so much as fracture your audience. So that you have to work harder to make more content across multiple settings, because you don't have one customer base but several.

yeah, Golarion still has many barely developed areas, then there is the rest of the solar system.

aren't many of those D&D settings different/alternate universes?

Kinda related to Starfinder, I would say a list of names and concepts can always come in handy for things like teleportation mishap or extraplanar adventures, planned or unplanned.

On a partially related subject/note, has anyone at Paizo ever considered a "new" campaign setting set elsewhere in the universe? (for PathFinder)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
Did the death of Kentaro Miura impact anyone at Paizo?
Didn't impact me, although after googling him, I'm sorry to see him go. Hasn't come up in any meetings (video or text) that I've been in either.

and his work influenced many video games, novels, shows, etc in some way or another.

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Did the death of Kentaro Miura impact anyone at Paizo?

Ed Reppert wrote:
Laclale♪ wrote:
keftiu wrote:
What makes you say Numeria has no Inventors? That’s a pretty strange claim.

Source: Playtest document

Technomancer will return if there is a crossover with StarFinder.

Not sure that's possible, given the Gap.

should still be possible, it would be Before and After the Gap, not During.

what about the Additional Traits feat?

How will you handle leveling up, XP or milestone/checkpoint?

Name: Erri
Race: Human (?)
Class: Ranger
Campaign Trait: Animal Whisperer
why Phaendar on Market Day: discussing Animal training/handling, exchanging info about animals and crafting thing from natural resources, maybe buy a pet while there as well.

unorthodox questions: I'm relatively new to PbP, and don't have much experience with tabletop RPG due to a certain lack of opportunities, so getting some opportunities and experience would be a draw. being esl, it might help me improve my English as well.

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