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Looks like we have an abundance of ranged characters. I think someone that can hold his own on the front line would be a good idea. If no one objects I'll play my level 4 paladin.

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I have not played or run this scenario before. I have a few characters available.

Simon Osbourne
Human Champion level 4

Dr. Yuen Wei Jiang
Human Monk level 2

Red Agnes
Human Barbarian level 1

I also have a two GM/pregen blobs at level 2 and level 3. Since I haven't played them yet I can start any of these at level 1, 2, or 3.

Cordelia Crowe
Human Tharmaturge 1, 2 or 3.

Nagaji Kineticist 1, 2, or 3.

Xira Xarwin
Human Psychic 1, 2, or 3.

Tex Arcane
Poppet Gunslinger 1, 2, or 3.

Welby Boffin
Halfling Witch 1, 2, or 3.

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Elric200 wrote:

Is the player playing a two-weapon fighter or a two-handed weapon fighter?

if not shield block is one of the best feats that a fighter can have that is why it a class feature not a bonus feat. As the Gm you should point this out to him.

The above posters are right that you can't retrain a class feature.

He was fighting with a polearm and likely never planned to use a shield ever. I only noticed towards the end of the adventure and while he believed he was in the right he accepted the 'not at my table' ruling. I didn't want to hold up the game to research a proper counter to his argument of 'the book says I can swap a general feat for a general feat'. Next time he plays that character I should have a couple of proper arguments backed up by rules citations now.

Thanks everyone.

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I had a player in a society game the other day playing a fighter that had used retraining to swap shield block for fleet. I and others at the table were unable to immediately provide him with a satisfactory reason why he cannot do this. In the end I just said 'not at my table'. What argument can I use to defend against someone wanting to lose shield block in favor of another general feat?

You try to take a small object from another creature without being noticed. Typically, you can Steal only an object of negligible Bulk, and you automatically fail if the creature who has the object is in combat or on guard.

Your game post in gameplay is quite empty. Is that a mistake or are you in the process of editing?

Super Zero wrote:

If you're looking at purchasing the Core Rulebook or other core-ish books (Advanced Players' Guide, Gamemastery Guide, or Bestiary), be aware that the Remaster project is ongoing and going to start releasing soon.

You may wish to hold off and purchase Player Core, which replaces the CRB, instead.

Yeah we're less than 8 weeks before the Pathfinder Player Core is released. Unless you manage to find a good deal on a second hand core rulebook or a humble bundle I'd wait and get the player core PDF in November.

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Glad to hear that Laurel is hardy. Congratulations!

No worries. Post when you are able. How's your brand new human doing?

I have always pronounced it Dak-i-lane.

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Driftbourne wrote:
Sanityfaerie wrote:
Driftbourne wrote:
I get you can't include all of Absalom in a beginner's box or any adventure, for that matter. But where ever the beginner's box takes place it should have a starter location usable as a home base, even if it's just a tiny portion of a larger station.

Oh, huh.

Maybe make it a little scrap of Absalom Station that's just important enough that you can throw in call-backs from time to time in other APs and whatnot without feeling awkward or contrived. Make it feel homey and grounded.

Exactly ^^ and throw in a few shops and services and a bar (dare I say a cantina). A bar is a great place to have to find adventure leads, and having a few shops and services with familiar NPCs can make buying selling, and upgrading much more interesting.

I like the idea at the end of an adventure being able to park your spaceship and walk to the bar for a much needed drink and have it feel like you're walking a familiar path you can visualize. And be greeted by a familiar face at the bar saying "What happened to you? look like you've been to Eox and back."

A bar/inn/cantina is a good idea but a bit overdone. This is the future. Let's have a fast food restaurant near the starport frequented by adventurers. The manager can stay the same but the teenaged workers can change frequently. A chain restaurant can also make multiple return appearances in other cities on multiple planets.

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I think it's possible that Shelyn is the deity destined to perish in the forthcoming adventure path. Upon her death her soul gets absorbed by the Whisperer of Swords and during the course of the AP the glaive gets lost for millennia. Fast forward to starfinder times and Zon-Kuthon finally recovers his lost weapon but due to Sheyln's soul being part of it for so long he ends up being induced to become the gestalt diety Zon-Shelyn.

Loong Laohu wrote:
Has Bun-Bun played 04-01 yet?

He has not.

Pirate Character wrote:

I haven't built the character yet, but I'm going to make flat rolls for my ITS.

[dice=Downtime (Upper Level)]1d20
[dice=Downtime (Lower Level)]1d20
[dice=Downtime (Sundered Waves)]1d20

Looks like you fell in a lake on that last one.

He's sitting at level 3 awaiting just the right adventure.

I thought that all of the bounties were repeatable.

Yup this was a fantastic game! Thank you, Soup for running and thanks to everyone else for great characters that made it a memorable experience.

I'll be doing a lvl 1 version of my Ranger Meadow and her owl, Silence.

Character Name (optional): Astrid Gertasdottir
PFS number (required): 35206-2002
Faction (required): Horizon Hunters
Level for the 1st 4 XP (required): 9th
Level for the 2nd 4 XP (required): 9th
Level for the 3rd 4 XP (required): 9th
Downtime for the 1st 4 XP (optional): performance-Earn income: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17 3.2 gold
Downtime for the 2nd 4 XP (optional): performance-Earn income: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (15) + 13 = 28 16 gold
Downtime for the 3rd 4 XP (optional): performance-Earn income: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (11) + 13 = 24 16 gold

Since that will be adventure mode would it be okay for me to play a level one version of Meadow? Since she was raised by fey deep in the Immenwood, Otari would be a logical stopping point on her way to Absalom and membership in the Pathfinder Society.

I haven't played the adventure but I would be fine with stepping aside for a truly new 2e player.

Any word from Rainzax? I hope he's okay.

2. I usually incorporate 'flat-footed' in my attack roll but not add any numbers and let the GM adjudicate since sometimes things might seem to be flanked or flat footed but aren't. I'll even add 'flat-footed?' if the issue is in doubt for some reason.

| dice=deception-feint vs green | 1d20+x | /dice |
| dice=rapier vs green, flat footed? | 1d20+x | /dice |
| dice=damage-piercing | 1d6+x | /dice |
| dice=deadly? | 1d8 | /dice |

GM Watery Soup wrote:

Yellow fights back at Rufus.

Eek ... sorry.

Heh. Rufus did exactly what he was supposed to do, keep the bad guys off of Zaza. Zaza is very practical about her guard dogs. She treats them well and won't sacrifice them needlessly but they have a job to do. If they perish doing that then so be it. That's why she didn't order him back after a single attack.

I play Zaza as a contrast to Meadow who sees her owl, Silence, as her very best friend and who tends to order hit and run attacks so that he won't get hurt.

I've been GMing at my local lodge. I got my glyph just before Paizocon. I haven't started GMing PbP yet. I'm still a little bit intimidated by google slides and haven't had a good opportunity to goof around with it and learn. Maybe in a couple of months.

Thanks for the opportunity to play this one. I've dotted in as my second level sorcerer for now but if it looks like we need it I can swap to a second level paladin or a third level oracle.

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I was hoping a session of 4-01 would open up on the paizo boards. I have not played this yet and I have a variety of 1st to 3rd level characters available, notably a paladin 2, investigator 1, sorcerer 2 (maybe 3), and a sign up. I will pick one based on party level and needs should I get selected.

I am a Normal Priority signup.

What's this now? It seems we have a celebrity in our midst. Congratulations on getting a 5th star Tyranius!

Jinakka wrote:
Does the wounded condition reduce Hit Points?

It does not.

Prize roll: 1d20 ⇒ 18

So close.

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Hooray! Thanks Farol. You're the best!

Atae wrote:
Does anyone know when we are supposed to get the extra 80 AcP points for PFS?

In theory you have them already. In practice there exist some issues for some people. You might try clicking the 'refresh points' button on the GM/Event Coordinator tab on Paizo's organized play section and seeing if that helps.

Oh no! Take it easy and I hope you and your family get well soon.

Your divine lance is chaotic and imps are lawful so yeah you can damage them. I figure any humans here will likely be lawful as well.

GM Watery Soup wrote:
The skeleton takes some mental damage as Galimus touches it. I can't find anywhere that says it's immune to mental. It's not listed in Immunities, and it's not under the Undead trait. Is there any other place I need to look?

It would be under immunities. I poked around on AoN at some of the skeletons and saw that some had immunity to mental and some did not. Looking at the int and wis of the not immune skellies I found that they actually don't seem to be mindless. I guess that's why they aren't immune? <shrugs>

Mysterious Cloaked Figure wrote:

The cloaked figure materializes in front of Lazlo and approaches the source of the voice. It speaks in an otherworldly, sonorous tone.

"Ita frater, dic quid scis de hoc loco et suis civibus.

** spoiler omitted **

So I originally had the cloaked figure speaking common but after thinking about it for a bit I figured that it would be better for them (I've decided to go with a gender neutral pronoun for the eidolon henceforth) to speak in whatever native language psychopomps speak since I vaguely remembered psychopomps having their own language. After checking my eidolon's profile I was disappointed to find that they only spoke mundane languages. Some quick internetting showed me that psychopomps speak requian. I considered emailing GM Watery Soup to request that my eidolon could speak this language but after looking up eidolons I found a hidden rule that eidolons speak their native tongue and share this with their summoner. It's tucked away in the eidolon description and easy to miss. Hero Lab totally missed it and so did I until today. Anyway I have properly added Requian to both Lazlo and the cloaked figure's statblock.

Here are the relevant rules.


Specifically the language entry near the bottom.

Psychopomp Eidolon

And for anyone wondering I'm using latin as a substitute for Requian via google translate.

GM Watery Soup wrote:

Fundin, you would have your shield in hand [I believe in PF2 they are actually strapped to your arm, I recall a discussion in a past game {and think it was actually one of Halgur's characters, perhaps they can weigh in} and remember the ruling was "it's strapped to your arm"], just not a weapon. As a reuslt, you have an extra action.

So our GM in that discussion was the one that decided that all shields are strapped. I have been unable to find anything in the rules to indicate that any shield other than a buckler is actually required to be strapped.

Historically the Viking style round shield with shield boss was held and not strapped. In fact it seems that the shield boss on any shield is there mainly to protect the hand that holds a shield whether it is round or a 'kite' shield. It does seem that some shields were strapped to the forearm but those seem to be mostly kite shields used by mounted combatants. Admittedly my research isn't particularly thorough and I am likely missing many examples. Oddly the buckler was historically held and not strapped but this is the only shield in the game specifically mentioned to be strapped.

Since there does seem to be evidence of shields other than bucklers being both strapped and held I've been asking GMs which they prefer when I begin to play a game if I am playing one of my shield users. When I GM I simply ask the player which they prefer at the start of the scenario.

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Mylos Knaven wrote:
Going to finish Mylos' equipment later. Could he have travelled to Otari at the same time as Albrecht, when the latter returned?

That makes sense. Lastwall and Ustalav are neighbors so I could see Mylos fleeing into Ustalav where he met Albrecht. That area is now very dangerous due to the Whispering Tyrant and his minions so no one wants to travel alone so it would make sense for Mylos and Albrecht to travel together to Kortos. Seeing as Mylos is now a refugee perhaps Albrecht has invited him to stay with his family in Otari for a few months while he figures out what to do next.

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Mitch wrote:
Halgur wrote:

I just noticed that Mitch has also proposed a witch. If we are both selected I could instead play investigator Albrecht Jaeger, a hunchbacked forensics investigator with alchemist dedication. I haven't statted him up yet but I have a pretty good idea of what to do with him.

He's originally from Ulsalev but was sent to live with relatives in Otari because his wealthy parents were embarrassed by his deformity. He ended up taking the surname of the family that raised him. His foster mother (his aunt) owns a successful logging business that with Albrecht's assistance has flourished but he longs to utilize some of the investigative skills he learned at the University of Lepidstadt. More details to be determined if I am selected and end up playing him.

Or maybe play Grammy as an alchemist?

Maybe. The familiar is pretty important to the character concept though and the witch's familiar is quite a bit more dynamic. Also if it dies she can get another in a single day.

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I just noticed that Mitch has also proposed a witch. If we are both selected I could instead play investigator Albrecht Jaeger, a hunchbacked forensics investigator with alchemist dedication. I haven't statted him up yet but I have a pretty good idea of what to do with him.

He's originally from Ulsalev but was sent to live with relatives in Otari because his wealthy parents were embarrassed by his deformity. He ended up taking the surname of the family that raised him. His foster mother (his aunt) owns a successful logging business that with Albrecht's assistance has flourished but he longs to utilize some of the investigative skills he learned at the University of Lepidstadt. More details to be determined if I am selected and end up playing him.

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I'm been toying with a kindly old lady witch with a gingerbread man familiar whose children and grandchildren have all grown up and left to be pathfinders. She runs a small bakery in town but has become bored with her family gone. Their letters home sound so exciting that she would jump at the chance to have some adventures of her own.

I think an alchemist dedication would be fun. Her elixirs would actually be magic muffins that she hands out. If gingerbread man familiar dies or she changes its abilities she actually eats him and bakes another.

Grammy Esther:
Grammy Esther
Female human witch 2 (Advanced Player's Guide, 95)
NG, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Heritage versatile heritage
Background cook
Perception +5
Languages Common
Skills Arcana +8, Cooking Lore +8, Crafting +8, Diplomacy +6, Intimidation +6, Medicine +5, Nature +5, Occultism +8, Society +8, Stealth +5, Survival +5
Str 10 (+0), Dex 12 (+1), Con 12 (+1), Int 18 (+4), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)
Other Items batches of infused reagent, familiar, money
AC 15; Fort +5; Ref +5; Will +7
HP 22
Speed 25 feet
Focus Spells 2 Focus Points, DC 10; 1st Cackle, Nudge Fate, Phase Familiar
Ancestry Feats Natural Ambition
Class Feats Cackle[APG], Alchemist Dedication
Skill Feats Alchemical Crafting, Battle Medicine, Seasoned[APG], Trick Magic Item
Other Abilities advanced alchemy, familiar, infused reagents

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free demo available at
Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc., and are used under license.

Male gingerbread man
NG, Tiny, Animal, Minion
low-light vision
AC 15; Fort +5; Ref +5; Will +7
HP 10
Speed 25 feet
Ambassador Your familiar knows how to act cute or focused on cue, helping you make a good impression. Despite being a minion, your familiar gains 1 reaction at the start of its turns, which it can use only to Aid you on a Diplomacy check to Make an Impression (it still has to prepare to help you as normal for the Aid reaction, which requires it to participate throughout the activity). It automatically succeeds at its check to Aid you with those skills or automatically critically succeeds if you’re a master of the skill in question.
Independent In an encounter, if you don’t Command your familiar, it still gains 1 action each round. Typically, you still decide how it spends that action, but, the GM might determine that your familiar chooses its own tactics rather than performing your preferred action.
Valet You can command your familiar to deliver you items more efficiently. Your familiar doesn’t use its 2 actions immediately upon your command. Instead, up to twice before the end of your turn, you can have your familiar Interact to retrieve an item of light or negligible Bulk you are wearing and place it into one of your free hands. The familiar can’t use this ability to retrieve stowed items. If the familiar has a different number of actions, it can retrieve one item for each action it has when commanded this way.
Other Abilities land speed

Spells known:
Cantrips-Daze, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Message, Read the Air, Shield, Sigil, Tame, Telekinetic Projectile

Spell 1-Ill Omen, Mage Armor, Phantom Pain, Soothe, Sanctuary, Sleep, Summon Fey, True Strike
Gingerbread Man

Hero Lab and the Hero Lab logo are Registered Trademarks of LWD Technology, Inc. Free demo available at
Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc., and are used under license.


GM Bret wrote:

You can find your chronicles here.

Please let me know if there are any problems.

I will mark the campaign inactive in about a week or after everyone has confirmed their chronicles are good, whichever come first.

Hope to see you again!

Hooray! Everything looks good. Thanks everyone for a great game. Astrid is now level 9 and able to multiclass into bard so she can better boast of her prowess. Sadly the lack of higher level content means that she is semi-retired for the time being.

Looking at that boon. I think now I'm going to have to use my starfinder points to make an android for pathfinder and take that time traveler background. I'm still not sure what class a time-travelling android should be though...

That's the fireball starting point. You can safely remove or ignore it.

Natesh Dawnseeker wrote:
For the damage log, I think Astrid already attempted and failed the will save [url=]here[/ooc] unless there was another required will save I missed.

Correct. Astrid is at -36 damage.


Hancock the Angry wrote:

Any ideas what to do with the third action. I don't like attacking 3 times for fear of a crit failure.

Easiest options are intimidate to demoralize and step or stride back to force the bad guy to waste an action following you and potentially triggering an AoO if adjacent to a PC with that ability.

GM Bret wrote:
GM Bret wrote:

It then attempts to punch through Astrid.
Bludgeoning damage=21
Astrid Gertasdottir wrote:
GM Bret wrote:

It then attempts to punch through Astrid.

Astrid uses reflexive shield to raise her shield and quick shield block to block a portion (10 hp) of that damage She only takes 21 damage from the punch and her shield takes 21 as well

Sorry, that doesn’t make sense to me.

A 33 to hit is not a crit against Astrid.

So wouldn’t it be 21 damage - hardness is probably 11 damage split between the two?

6 to Astrid, 5 to the shield.

I might be confused, but that is how it looks to me.

Okay for some reason I thought that the fist did 31 damage instead of 21. Anyway the shield will block 10 points. The remaining 11 is applied to both Astrid and the shield. It is not split between them. They both take 11 damage. Shield Block. Astrid also has electrical resistance 1 from 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood so by my calculations at the end of the fight she will be down 93 hp.

Xun Saburo wrote:

@Halgur - I am so happy to see you playing goblin, so far Meadow is my all-time favorite from your PC's, but I like all your creations. So bar is high ;)

Meadow is my favorite too. Hobbs is pretty fun though. He's probably my silliest character. That's probably appropriate for a goblin.

GM Bret wrote:

I had forgotten, but if you could list your exploration activities in your headers that would be useful.

Some of you already have done so, others just listed an Initiative value when there are multiple activities that could be. Thanks to those who noted they win on a tie.

I’m putting together my dice expressions for initiative and various secret rolls.

I'll fix Astrid's header this evening after work. If you need it before then, her default exploration activity is defend.

Astrid also has expert hireling and professional hireling. Expert makes it a +4 +level check and professional gives the extra lore and skill feat. Holmgeir has the survival feat that feeds more people. I'll look up his extra lore this evening. It's written on a chronicle somewhere.

To be honest I rarely ever use the hireling. I just did it this time because I thought it would be funny.

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