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Jason, have you ever thought about joining up with another 3p to help make your version of legendary PF? I ask because discussion has come up before of Legendary Games teaming up with Drop Dead Studios to make their own game using the spheres system as a base. With the talent from LG's writers combined with the unique design space of spheres, it could be an amazing new revitalization!

Thanks for all the answers, just got one question left: how long until we're all playing legend finder? Seriously, you've got a great crew who does amazing things with the base system, so have you ever thought of making your own variation of 3.5?

Hey so had some questions here. You mentioned class compendium, is there a chance of getting a PDF or hardcopy of more of these classes put together? Maybe you could do some of the rebuilds in like certain collections, like a reprint of all the martial rebuilds, and a rebuild of all the divine ones and such. Also cool thought, what about once you get them all done, you do the Legendary Core Classes book, like a collection of all the Legendary rebuilds for each class?

It'd be nice to get some idea of the mechanics for the tinkerer, like are we talking some kind of animal companion style thing, or is it more versatile than that, like jet packs and lasers and such?

Dragonborn3 wrote:
Giving the class a playtest like all the others have had would do wonders to get my faith back in Paizo.

The legendary shifter had one, it looks to solve a lot of problems people had with the original product. I'm really looking forward to it.

So...this doesn't really tell us much here. I was hoping to see some mechanics here, maybe something to help separate it from the technician from Spheres of Might. Any chance we could see what makes this class unique in a mechanical sense?

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Seems like he's still on facebook despite being dead.

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QuidEst wrote:
Some third party options were brought up and discussed before, and were cleared out by the mods.

What was deleted was talk of 1p vs. 3p, as shown in the following post:

Sara Marie wrote:
I removed the 1pp vs 3pp derail. Take it to another thread if you have to have that conversation. Remember, everyone is here because they love something about Pathfinder, and the reasons other people might love or play Pathfinder they way they do can be very different from your own.

Not bringing up 3p at all. This wasn't an attempt to bring that back up, just mentioning that there was something that already existed that met the poster's desired mechanic.

serithal wrote:
i think a kineticist archetype that has you focus on two elements from level one would be cool but you only get two elements and can't composite blast till level 7

If you're not opposed to 3rd party, N. Jolly already did that in Kineticists of Porphyra 2, it's called the fusion kineticist.

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This is really dense and doesn't seem like much of a guide. Like without color ratings, it doesn't seem to have any direction, and the organization feels really off.

So since we've seen how starfinder attacks work, it looks like SoM is actually pretty close to that system, which is pretty cool. Makes me wonder if someone working on it had some starfinder inside info. Any thoughts on starfinder compatibility for SoM?

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I'm gonna be honest, there's NO reason for this class to exist. This isn't me saying it's because it's a hybrid, or for anything like that, it's because it involves basically no new mechanics. It feels like a straight smashing together of both classes with no finesse, nothing to make it feel unique, nothing that gives any reason to play it. Out of everything here, there might be 3 new mechanics: new spell list, guardian beast eidolon, and the divine eidolon's share mercy.

These three things aren't enough to make this an interesting hybrid, rather than the collection of copy/paste class features that this class possesses. The only real selling point here is the 'any good' which could even be expanded to any good/evil and throw on cruelties as an alternative option, even if that'd just be more copy/paste design.

As far as balance, this is far more powerful than a Paladin due to trading out auras/immunities/bond for an eidolon, which is an absolute combat beast. And presentation wise, the PDF is spartan as all hell, with nothing interesting (not even a cover page), and 90% recycled text from other classes. Even while picking it up, I saw the PDF for the Avowed preview (which was awesome) which looks amazing as far as layout alone in concerned. The only time I've seen playtests this bland were for live playtests, and those were like that for ease of commenting and such.

There's nothing that makes this class unique, nothing that makes it stand out, and balance wise it's suspect, so I guess I'm saying that if you'd like to actually move forward with this, you should consider what actually makes a hybrid unique like with things such as the Kinetic Shinobi, which offered tons of new ways to use kinetic blasts through its shinobi talents or other hybrids which offer a ton of options that their parent classes don't have. As far as this is concerned, this is a turn off for me as a customer and I really hope we get a second preview with more unique mechanics.

Broken Zenith wrote:

Zenith Games is looking for Authors for the The Simple NPC Codex

Project Length: 80 NPC Statblocks
Pay Rate: $1.50 Per Statblock or by experience

Additional details:This is a bit of an usual one. I'm looking for authors to write out statblocks for NPCs levels 1-20 in four new classes: The Simple Fighter, Simple Wizard, Simple Cleric, and Simple Rogue (80 Statblocks total). These classes (which I will provide) are designed with complete simplicity of play in mind. They don't earn feats and have very straightforward rules. They are used for NPCs or players new to the game.

You must be extremely proficient in creature statblocks. These will be the easiest statblocks you have ever written, but you should still have a good handle on things. Please send me your credits and a writing sample/published product (including monster statblocks, if possible). If you would be happy to work for less than $1.50 per Statblock, then please let me know. You don't need to pitch anything for this book.

Respond to: zenithgames.blog@gmail.com with your name, credits, and pitch. Subject line should be "Simple NPC Codex Writer"
Respond by: May 7th

What does 'by experience' mean here, and are we to assume that stat blocks are going to be around 150 words? I mean a standard stat block is around 600-700 words, can your classes really condense it down that much? You talk about not needing feats, but that's maybe 40 words at most for a lot of stat blocks.

Hey, had a small question here; in the KS, it mentions that some of the stuff in it is written by N. Jolly, but none of the listed books have him as an author as far as I'm aware (please correct me if I'm wrong). Does this mean he's doing something else in this book? I've just really liked what he's done so far, and I wanted to keep up on it where I could.

If you're able to use 3rd party, N. Jolly, the guy who wrote basically all the 3p content for the class and the guide, actually wrote a machine element in the 3p suppliment magitech archetypes, which would actually jive really well with Iron Gods.

Hey, I have one that I'd like to see if you're up for it!

Her name's Tyra, and she's a young brawler girl, let me bullet point her for ya:

-Half Elf
-Light brown skin
-Short black hair
-Green eyes
-Black leather gloves
-Soft round face
-Button nose
-More of a slim build
-Sleeveless black vest
-Brown shirt underneath
-Knee length black shorts
-Brown ankle boots
-More of an actiony pose if possible

Thanks a lot for doing this, let me know if you need any other details.

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nighttree wrote:
Generally we don't do third party....but I'll check it out ;)

Totally understandable, I didn't at first either, but it was written by the same person who wrote the guide on the class itself, so I'd like to assume they knew what they were doing :D; here's the link to the archetype section in the guide, they have a review on it too.

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If you're allowed to use 3p for this, seriously check out the Dread Soul archetype from Kineticists of Porphyra III; it's literally this concept done right. All their blasts are treated as evil aligned, they can force other creatures to accept burn for them by scarring their souls, and eventually when they kill a creature they can make a soul stone out of it, letting them keep a creature's soul and continue to torment it in place of taking burn. Seriously, it's just a way better version of this archetype.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
I agree with N. Jolly that we need more wild talents for existing elements the most, especially wood and void, by an order of magnitude more than the other things. Fortunately, the prospects look quite good for a product soonish that provides this, not to the crazy extent that I would go if unleashed to make a kineticist-only book that wouldn't sell our usual numbers due to the limited audience but would make me happy, but still to an amount where I could actually feel the options opening up while writing them in my gut (I'm weird and sometimes design things cause me to feel things in my gut, like when a rule is super messed up and too strong or doesn't actually work, I get a mild physical pang while reading it, or when it's really opens up new stuff, it feels good).

While I'm happy to hear you'll be working on this, can you PLEASE get N. Jolly to help write some of this? He's kind of redefined the class through 3pp products and a lot of what he's written has been amazing. I don't think I'm alone in believing that he'd be a huge asset in helping expand the first party options for this class.

Ashram wrote:
I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the thread title I thought this thread was going to go in the opposite direction and complain about the Cult of Paizo's sycophants giving five stars to everything.

Wow, that's...actually a very real issue which I see a lot. Never really thought of it until now though.

Squiggit wrote:

Is there some secret agreement at Paizo to never make a good kineticist archetype?

I'm not the conspiratorial type normally but this makes Paizo what, 0 for 8 now?

That's not fair, they're technically 1/8 according to the guide, as the blood kineticist managed to score green.

Unless we're subtracting points for red, then we're at -3/8.

If only there was someone who knew how this class worked and had proven that time and time again...if only...

Dragon78 wrote:
You could say that wood does have a composite blast of wood+wood and call it "verdant blast".

If you're going to do that, you might as well check out Kineticists of Porphyra which actually does give them a composite, and one of the later books also gives them a basic talent, making it almost like a real element.

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AoiShogunate wrote:
Another vote for kineticist, if third party is lower check out Kineticists of Porphyra and Legendary Kineticists, N. Jolly is the master of all things kinetic and it shows in their writing.

Complete agreed here, the class doesn't really function that well at all without 3p content, as it's just so unfinished in its current state. Hell, both elements in Occult Origins were even stated to 'not be primary elements', but with the kineticists of porphyra and legendary kineticists books, they really get fleshed out into their own solid element.

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Zarius wrote:

Wealth as per advancement table. As to blood money, it IS a class feature technically. However, that's a blatant cheese and would invalidate the duel. Because I see where you're going with that, you just use blood money in place of all of your majorly expensive material components and *boom* free permanent traps, blah blah blah, full set of defenses at zero cost.

As to the question of the tower, OTHER than blood money, is there a way (that doesn't require RP and a real DM, versus simply a third party arbiter in this instance to act as a rules lawyer) to acquisition a keep for ANY class for free?

Isn't the fact that the wizard has access to blood money RAW and RAI both kind of invalidating of the concepts of the duel? Paizo wrote a spell that allows a wizard with prep time to ignore expensive prereqs (not to mention all the other spells the wizard can use to combine with this for even MORE ways to abuse it), it exist, and it's a part of the class as much as any other spell. If you're going to say they can't use it, you're house ruling here, and that does against the spirit of what you're trying to do here, which is to prove the rogue stands any chance (it doesn't).

I'm not sure I really agree with the switch for gaining a new element a level earlier, it seems a little clunky. The idea of changing burn around though does seem interesting.

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These are all pretty cool, i'm glad to see unchained poisons are getting love. It was one of the better ideas from unchained, way better than normal poison.

Is this going to be the only kineticist book you're going to do with Legendary Games before going back to KOP? Kinda wish you'd done this with KOP, it'd be really nice to see mind combined with other elements like viscera :)

Dragon78 wrote:
Now with the news of what the first two hardcover books will be next year, it looks like the kineticist will not get the love it needs anytime soon unless they release a completely kineticist focused players companion book.

That's a shame. I like codexes as much as the next person, but I really wish we'd get more for this class. Hopefully horror adventures has some stuff in it for them, at least on the 1st party front :D

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Is this class at all related to or inspired by the video game of the same name?

Cool, that's good to know! I wanna play with all of these options together :)

Since you're working with N. Jolly on this, is this series going to be compatible with the things that he wrote? It all sounds cool, but it'd be even cooler if everything synced up :D

Life oracle kind of seems to fit the bill too, it's super good at healing!

I meant the most stacking, and wow, 6 archetypes at once? That's amazing! That's almost a new class. I always thought the idea of archetype stacking was kind of funny, but 6 at once is just goofy.

So I was thinking about archetypes, and how you can apply more than one they don't coincide, and I started to wonder how many is the most you could possibly add to a single class? I kind of want to say the monk just for the free one they get that gives them magic abilities, but what's the most you could put onto a single class legally?

Cool are you going to do previews for the new book? This sure is a lot of content coming out at once!

Well the vigilante is pretty cool, but rest of the book is pretty eh unless you're deep into the intrigue theme.

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Sounds pretty cool, I might have to check out the preview material and see if it's for me!

Is the update going to have any new content like the older ones did?

So does that mean that kineticists of porphyra III is out already, or is that just a teaser?

Cool, also is there going to be another update after kineticists of porphyra 3 comes out like with the other two??

We really need an unchained ninja and some more cool stuff for monks :D!

They just need to be adjacent to you, can't imagine being more adjacent than being in your own square for things like this.

Can't you spellcraft that out? I thought there was a check for something like that, or is that a 3.5 thing?

Will we be getting any more previews for this book?

Picked up some of these, hope we see some new composite blast!