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Defy the Gods! Ride the Storm! Tame the Storm! BE the Storm!

“I need more POWER! I will not lose to the likes of you!” Raged the Bjorne the warrior, the bloody stump where his arm once was now the perfect receptacle for the pact he craved. With a flourish he invoked the ancient blood magic of his people, his arm reforming before his very eyes as he charged down his foe in the arena. Comprised of clotted blood, bone spikes, and bathed in the light of hell itself- but he cared not for today he was to be crowned king...

Some people think it's a fantastic idea to bind things WAY out of their weight class to their bodies- you know, like minor deities, insanely powerful artifacts, or stuff of that ilk. Well, the godhand represents that with a fun chaotic risk/reward style of play that will have you smiling as you unleash the beast on your foes!


  • The godhand base class (for good and evil divine arms)!
  • 24 morphologies!
  • The magehand archetype (Bind insanely powerful artifacts to your form!)!


  • Page Count: 12 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 12 content)
  • 5 pieces of art
  • Bookmarked
  • PDF Optimized

    Now available on DriveThruRPG and Patreon! Coming soon to Paizo.com!

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    Purchased and very happy with the base class! I don't have any complaints on that front, real A+ work on par with my favorites from Gonzo 2 and some of your other works.

    The archetype Magehand... not so much.

    The Magehand idea is great and the execution is almost solid, but it runs into these problems.

    1. It doesn't trade anything to gain spells.

    2. The spell casting section makes the class seem like a prepared caster, but the charts imply the class is a spontaneous caster.

    3. Almost anything it does trade is an about even trade.

    4. Full BAB class with access to 6th level spells.

    Even as a spontaneous caster I think the Magehand archetype is well above the curve for a 6t level caster and is definitely a stronger pick than a base Godhand.

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    Is this class at all related to or inspired by the video game of the same name?

    Elegant Egotist wrote:
    Is this class at all related to or inspired by the video game of the same name?

    No, but Dayton brought it up in there and we checked it out. Legit awesome game but not related.

    Now available on Paizo.com!

    And @Insain Dragoon:

    1. It doesn't, directly. However it drops out on a LOT of stuff that make it a viable martial character that needs to kind of be supported. More on that later.

    2. It is a prepared caster. (What, regarding the chart, lead you to believe it was a spontaneous?)

    3. The big thing is that they don't get overdrive (and improved overdrive) and spontaneous morphology. Sure, they swap them for spell combat and some futzing with enemy casters- but they are missing out on a lot. They are full BAB, but without overdrive they really lose a lot of their to hit bonuses (which you can kind of trade off by doing touches with spell combat... sometimes). Spontaneous morphology isn't "as big", but it's still a big part of their versatility- particularly with the form stuff. You get some of that versatility back later on with your spells.

    Between the two of them, the 6th level magus casting + spell strike more or less earns them back their to hit bonus and form/function versatility (weighted more to versatility than to hit). Because they are spell-casters they are also a little more MAD, having to prioritize CHA to be effective, which may not mean they may have to spread themselves a little thinner.

    Finally, thought it's a lesser thing, their divine arm doesn't overcome alignment based DR (which is a +5 weapon's job), only magic (which is a +1).

    They do mess with casters more than a normal godhand but that's at the cost of messing with alignment restrictions.

    I thought it was a spontaneous caster because it has no ability to save spells outside what it knows from class level. It didn't make sense to be a prepared caster without any method of learning new spells outside of character levels.

    I'll disagree on having to focus on Charisma more. I would likely start with a 14 or 16 no matter which kind of God hand. Magus spells that at good don't use DCs, so there isn't a reason to have a prioritized casting stat.

    I agree that Overdrive is cool, but I don't see myself using it super often because of the risks involved (Use against Bosses, ignore vs mooks) while spellstrike and spell combat have use in many situations and don't increase the risk of control loss. Basically safer.

    Due to the very combat oriented nature of the magus spell list I see it as a much stronger option, especially with spell combat. Sure Overdrive is cool, but opening a combat by casting Haste via spell combat and full attacking seems a lot better.

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    This sounds really entertaining, and very anime-like.

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    Yeah the Godhand is absolutely super cool!

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    As I noted in my review... anime-like is definitely one way of putting it. XD

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    Hi everybody, first of all:
    Sorry for my english, I'm a french fan so...

    I just felt in love with the Godhand base class.
    I bought the pdf and I was wandering a few things.

    1) I'm not a pro Pathfinder player so I'm not able to "judge" if this base class is overpowered/normal/undertuned.
    My GM allows me to play it in the Broken World Setting (I advise you to take a look at it^^), but I fear to be under other players who play: a magus, an inquisitor, a mage, and a kinetist; which all are official classes.
    My GM have no precise idea on that question so, please, I need some help;)

    2) I have no idea for feats that would help me to stay on top with my adventure compagnons. And i'm asking myself if there are feats compatible with the class which could enhance the dice potential (from d10 to d12 or else)

    3) do you know if Little Red Goblin will follow this class with new morphologies, dedicated feats, new archetypes etc

    Thank you for reading, and maybe, answer;)

    Ps: from a newbie perspective, the Magehand seems to have more dmg potential than the Godhand; am I wrong?

    1) Well, pretty much everything's less powerful than a full caster. XD I think you'll be fine, though. Note that this is a Full BAB class, and as such, dealing damage is its specialty as long as it's built well.

    2) Take a look at guides for Unarmed Fighters, Brawlers, and Monks. Many feats that are useful for them will also be useful for the Godhand. If you're asking for the Hit Dice potential going up from d10, not to my knowledge.

    3) I have absolutely no idea. It probably depends on their sales and whether or not people want to see more. XD

    Wow, a very quick answer^^

    Thank a lot for it.

    I have one more question:
    in my opinion (beginner one^^), the Magehand seems to have more dmg potential (magus combat casting, full BAB, 2d10 base dmg, Magic Property morphology, Mystic Seals motphology, Destabilized Power morphology along with Arcane Destruction etc), am I wrong? Maybe a full martial build can better do the job?

    Both concepts are cool for me, the Divine or Arcane one, so...

    As noted above, the Magehand loses a fair number of to-hit bonuses, which can actually reduce its potential damage. XD Honestly, with a class like THIS, my advice is to play whichever version best fits the character you want to play.


    To be more Lore friendly with the setting, I'll rather be a Magehand^^

    In the setting there was a war between a Magiocratic Empire named The Sorgalian Empire and the Gods themself which shattered the world appart.
    The Sorgalians have corrupted and mutated the very fabric of magic with a lot of horrific flesh and magic experimentations.

    There is a feat in this setting for human to share some bonds by inheritance with those Sorgalians so, it would by a nice concept to be a Magehand Sorgalian inheritent human;)

    Kind of badass anti-hero in some ways, who struggle between light and dark paths.

    Thank you again for your answers, I'll check those guides for Monks, Brawlers, and the like (maybe magus guide too, as a Magehand)

    Have you got some links for a few you may advise me?

    I definitely suggest going into Pummeling Style as fast as possible. Nothing like performing THE SUPER PUNCH.

    Fun read, I'd consider playing one if the opportunity ever came.

    I would have liked to see a few more morphologies dedicated to survival and senses. I think the various elemental damage morphologies could have been rolled into one if space was a concern. I'm kind of surprised that there aren't any abilities that benefit from a character having a high constitution. This strikes me as a class that definitely wants to wade into combat shirtless and screaming obscenities.

    The same as you Johnnycat; if only Little Red Goblin could give us Some more matérial like new morphologies, dedicated feats etc...

    We can put some stuff like that on the development schedule. We tend to release stuff like that for free or super cheap.

    That's a Great new ^^
    Just one thing: what is the développement schedule ?
    I can't wait to have more material :)

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    This class is mega cool. Glad I had the chance to read it.

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    Arkon63 wrote:

    That's a Great new ^^

    Just one thing: what is the développement schedule ?
    I can't wait to have more material :)

    The development schedule is our schedule (list/order) of things we are working on.

    Right now we have the following things scheduled (in no particular order and without godhand expansion):
    -Heroes of the Waves (Polynesian themed book)
    -Racial Guide 5
    -Steelguard base class
    -Rancer expasnion materiel (probably either a free or cheap product- add on for Gonzo 2. Maybe blog post)

    In addition, Dayton is working on the Legendary levels re-write (and some minor 5e stuff) while Ian, Christos, and I work on our big secret project. I am also working on the Gonzo 2 print edition/revisions.

    The godhand has no class feats?

    No dedicated feats

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    Though the unarmed combat feats are pretty extensive, so at least they have that.

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