Being a BAMF aka How to be a Bloodrager (A Guide)


I have been working on a Bloodrager guide for a while now and it is still a work in Progress. I feel I have enough in the guide as of now to release it for some public Consumption for those people who wish to know the better choices of the Class.

Now I do have a warning for you before you click the link in the Spoiler. This guide has Adult Language and I do not hold back. If you are offended by adult language then please do not use my guide. This is warning number 1.

Bloodrager Guide Link:

Again your 2nd warning about Adult Language. Do not read if you are easily offended. You have been warned 2 times no complaining about it.

Guide to being a BAMF

If you have any suggestions I would consider them but no promises of course.

I am looking for a few more pieces of Art to grace the pages with so if you have a piece of art that just screams BAMF and has a Bloodrager feel I will look it over and can add it to the pages.

This is a work in progress and I will continue to clean it up as time goes on.

Thank you all.

Colour coding seems like a good idea.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
Colour coding seems like a good idea.

I leave out the bad options and don't want to waste my time on the semantics of color coding Blue versus Green.

I cover that in like the 2nd paragraph. Plus I'm not the type of person who always do what everyone else is doing. It has been what like 6+ years since Treant Monk started the trend. I don't feel like following the same pattern. I like to Carve my own path sometimes.

Plus whats the point of writing when people are only looking for the Blue options and skip everything else. I encourage reading, not skimming.

It's just quite intimidating the wall of text one is presented with without anyway to sort through it, perhaps if not a colour code a contents page?

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
It's just quite intimidating the wall of text one is presented with without anyway to sort through it, perhaps if not a colour code a contents page?

That I can look into. Do not know how to build one but can try to figure it out. It does having heading for each section in large bold print for now.

I did link most the feat and Bloodlines. Was going to get to the archetypes next.

I think you could be clearer on the fast healing section that those "against" it working say it's a magical ability giving you fast healing, but the fast healing itself is still the mundane ex version. So it's not magical healing, as the ability doesn't heal you at all. It's magically granting you an ability that works like normal.

Runestones of Power might be worth mentioning. Their very limited spells/day are one of the more annoying things about a bloodrager.

While the Id Rager is one of the archetypes you dismiss it has some decent options, especially if you can get a slam attack. And Metamagic Rager is a plus without a significant negative if you're mainly relying on non-AC defences anyway.

The wayfinder resonance with a clear spindle was nerfed in the Adventurer's Guide and I suspect that is likely to become the standard.

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This is really dense and doesn't seem like much of a guide. Like without color ratings, it doesn't seem to have any direction, and the organization feels really off.

Worth noting that one of your sample builds has Arcane Strike @ 1st. Bloodragers can't cast Arcane Spells until 4th so they have to wait until at least 5th before getting that feat.

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Too bad. A real guide would have been badly needed.

This is more of an opinion piece. You cover 3 Archetypes? Because all others are unplayable? All Bllodragers Need 15 CON for raging vitalty?

I would comsider suli and nagaji solid race options as well.

I wouldn't be comfortable putting out a guide with 1/3 of the builds based off of a contested rule (does fast healer work with blood of life?).

Consider gloves of Arcane Striking with the feat Bodyguard as well. +7 AC to your ally that is right next to you as AoOs against one attack, that could be touch or ranged touch attack as well. As a bloodrager, you hardly get flat-footed, so even if your allies are, they will be fine as long as you get to use blooded arcane strike before they got hit.

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