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Hello everyone, after some builds and campaigns with the core classes and system I'd like to try something new for my next campaign. I'm looking for some new system with fun mechanics and my choice are between a sorcerer with word of power or a geokineticist. Both classes bring some new stuff and they seems fun to play !

If I go sorcerer it's going to be mostly a blaster burning stuff and making big 'splosion, if I go geokineticist it's going to be tank / battlefield controller protecting the squishy by controlling the progression of the ennemy and taking hit for them.

I have hard time making a choice, mostly because ressources on these classes are not easy to find. So I'd like to hear all the pro/cons you can give on both choices. I'm not looking for specific advices on each build, only global appreciation for both playstyle and system.

I don't care if I'm not optimal, I just don't want to be useless to my team. My biggest fear is that a lot of feat / equipment won't work with this classes and there isn't a lot of specific stuff for these systems. So : is one of this idea (or both) viable ? Or are they both bad in terms of gameplay/fun/usefulness ?

Little bonus : I have a nice background ready for the sorcerer, but only vague ideas for the geokineticist.

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A search on the Pathfinder RPG board here brings 10 times more results for "kineticist" than for "wordcaster".

Just saying ;-)

A friend of mine plays a wordcaster sorc, most of the time the only way he can really get the most bang out of his spells is if we fly him above the battlefield in our airship, where he proceeds to wreak havoc. The 'wall' type words he uses are ridiculous, he gets like 500-600 feet worth of elemental damage lines he can literally draw over the whole map. He doubles them up a lot of the time for more damage when he doesn't have to cover as much area. That system is incredibly versatile, but mainly for blasting as far as i can tell.

Kineticist... a new class to create at will magic effects for a simplified character type.

Words of Power, a broken, neglected, rules mechanic that will never see support, whose main draw was the broken ability to cast extremely poweful spells without cost.

Yeah, I'm not surprised you'll see mention of one more than the other.

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Another vote for kineticist, if third party is lower check out Kineticists of Porphyra and Legendary Kineticists, N. Jolly is the master of all things kinetic and it shows in their writing.

Yeah, Kineticist is probably easier. XD A Wordcaster can do some really crazy things with Lock Ward, though.

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AoiShogunate wrote:
Another vote for kineticist, if third party is lower check out Kineticists of Porphyra and Legendary Kineticists, N. Jolly is the master of all things kinetic and it shows in their writing.

Complete agreed here, the class doesn't really function that well at all without 3p content, as it's just so unfinished in its current state. Hell, both elements in Occult Origins were even stated to 'not be primary elements', but with the kineticists of porphyra and legendary kineticists books, they really get fleshed out into their own solid element.

Ok so both class seems unfinished and without a lot of content, but at least kineticist get 3pp content and the system doesn't seems broken.

My issue is that two people speak about "simplified character" or "easy to play", my concern is that usually easy-to-play character give less possibility and I get bored of them -_-. Is it the case for the geokineticist ? I mean you only get one utility talent every 2 level and even less infusion.

Now I need to find a good background story for my dwarf geokineticist :p

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spheres of power.

it's your one stop shop for everything you may want in a casting system.

no seriously though, you could do the 2 things you mentioned at the same time with just the destruction sphere. Also it's "free".

Like making an energy wall out of light and blind people who try to pass it while doing unmitigated unyped damage.

This system seems really interesting, I bookmarked it for further reading.
But I know that my GM will not allow it :(

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The Words of Power didn't get much after its publication in Ultimate Magic. I get that it's an alternate system, but it felt incomplete... a lot...

The Kineticist is close to 3.5's Warlock, except that it's focused on elemental magic and the talents require a non-lethal damage cost, as Brun. One issue I do have with the Kineticist is that the form infusions should have been available to every single element, not just a few of them.

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