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Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand the numbers on monsters' attacks, damage, hp, ac, saves, and skill bonuses come from neither their ability scores, level, nor proficiency; and they don't worry about resonance.

So, is there any reason, under the current design parameters, for monsters to even have str, dex, con, int, wis, or cha scores?

tl;dr the campaign has almost no downtime and no way to buy scrolls or materials needed to scribe scrolls into a spellbook, so I'm stuck with the 2 free spells I get upon leveling up.

Long version: The campaign we're currently in has the PCs as part of a military special ops group (like SEAL team 6 but less cool) in the middle of a WWI type setting (the gm is borrowing rules from Reign of Winter). Rather than the usual loot->sell->upgrade system, we have a "requisition" system in place that accounts for restocking ammo, supplies, special items like det cord, etc. whenever we're in friendly territory. Thankfully I was able to convince the GM to use ABP or we'd really be sunk.

But my wizard (the demoman of the group and following the blockbuster guide), well just does not have the ability to shop around for new scrolls, and certainly doesn't have the time to scribe any. I think the PCs have had maybe a week and a half not in hostile territory since the game began.

So, with that said, I'm pretty much strictly limited to the 2 spells I get on level up, and half of those have to be evocation spells. I could really use some advice on what would be the must-haves for each spell level with such a limited selection available.

We're currently level 7. I don't have my notes on me at the moment, but from what I remember:
1st: Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, Protection From Evil, True Strike, Touch of the Sea, Floating Disk, Enlarge Person
2nd: Shatter, Flaming Sphere, Pyrotechnics, Invisibility, See Invisibility, Rope Trick
3rd: Fireball, Tiny Hut, Fly, Dispel Magic
4th: Telekinetic Charge, Dimension Door

Rest of the party is a sniper rifle using rogue, a guided hand cleric, a whip using bard focused on charms, and an armored fighter with a custom sword I forget where it sits between a longsword or greatsword.

Anyways, spell recommendations for as the campaign continues?

Currently plying in a chatroom-based game that's a blend of 3.5 and pathfinder set in eberron. I'm a half-orc scarred witch doctor (endurance patron), but I'm finding myself with a selection of spells and abilities that's half or more not useful to the situation a bit too much. So far, we've run into/against warforged minions of the Lord of Blades several times, and my slumber hex doesn't work on those. So far our encounters are usually ambushes either in the middle of a city, on a boat, and one that we had exploring a ruin.

Rest of the party includes shifter flame oracle, changeling bard, human swashbuckler, warforged paladin, and human artificer.

We just recently hit level 4. I've got Evil Eye, Slumber, and Cackle as hexes (one from spending a feat). The spells in my mask are as follows:

2nd (3/day): bear's endurance*, blindness/deafness, false life, fog cloud, glitterdust, see invisibility, web

1st (4/day): air bubble, beguiling gift, burning hands, charm person, command, comprehend languages, hex vulnerability, ill omen, mage armor, ray of sickening, reduce person, unseen servant

0th (4/day): arcane mark, bleed, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, guidance, light, mending, message, putrefy food and drink, read magic, resistance, spark, stabilize, tough of fatigue.

I'm looking for advice for what spells would be good to prepare on a day-to-day basis. I like leaving a slot of each level open, but that means going in with only 2 level 2 spells and 3 level 1s. I know false life and mage armor are good, but the one time I had a situation suited to prepping them 9the ruin), we had to leave the day of learning about it to keep ahead of our adversaries, so I didn't have time to refresh spells.

Since early-access-via-spell-like-abilities is gone, I brainstormed a bit and think I've come up with a way to make entering MT less painful and similar to the early entry method.

Ability to cast arcane spells
Ability to cast divine spells
Ability to cast 2nd level spells
Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks
Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks

So one could go, say, wizard 3/cleric 1/MT or oracle 4/sorcerer 1/MT. If you REALLY wanted to, you could even go something like bard 1/inquisitor 1/kineticist 3[?]/MT. (not recommending that route, just pointing out that it's a possibility)

And/or versatile performance. Either way, would that more likely fall under perform: sing or perform: oratory?

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When adding spells to a class's spell list with Mystic Past Life, what level do I assume the spell is?

Can I add Haste to a wizard's spell list as a 2nd level spell by taking it from the summoner's spell list?

Can I add Geas, Lesser to a Magus's spell list as a 3rd level spell by looking at the bard spell list, or do I have to make it a 4th level spell because that is the level it is on the wizard spell list? How does this interact with the usual 'spell list hierarchy'?

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Does casting Instant Enemy on a creature let you use the native terrain of common examples of that creature type for Terrain Dominance?

Example 1: I cast Instant Enemy on a Red Dragon to make it count as Humanoid(Aquatic). Can I use my Terrain Dominance(Aquatic) to get bonuses against it? Since all printed aquatic humanoids are native to the aquatic terrain.

Example 2: I cast Instant Enemy on a Dire Tiger to count it as Humanoid(Gnoll). Currently, the only creature printed of that type is the Gnoll, which is native to Warm Plains and Deserts. Can I then use Terrain Dominance(Deserts) to get bonuses against it?

Example 3: I cast Instant Enemy on a Gelatinous Cube to count it as an Outsider(Fire). Can I use Terrain Dominance(Plane of Fire) to get bonuses against it?

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Inspired by Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium I've decided to drop a place for all my nutso builds. Both as an archive and a potential help thread.

DISCLAIMER: The following is presented as a series of level-by-level character building choices. Not everything you can possibly choose when creating a character will be filled out. This is to leave the option for you to customize them to suit your playstyle and/or the campaign. Any such choices will be noted by their name in capital letters such as 'FEAT' and 'ROGUE TALENT'. Neither are the personalities or motivations of any such potential characters set in stone by this thread. All builds use an assumption of 20 point buy and 2 traits. 99% of options can be found on the prd, it is rare I choose something from the pfsrd that is not on the prd.

Build Template:

Class; In the case of a multiclass character, this will be the most prevalent class. Any multiclassing will have the secondary class in full or short at the start of the level line in which it is taken.
Alt Racial Abilities
Favored Class Bonus
Str _, Dex _, Con _, Int _, Wis _, Cha _
Archetypes and other class choices such as domains, specialist school, patron, etc.

04 +1 STAT
08 +1 STAT
12 +1 STAT
16 +1 STAT
20 +1 STAT

You can also find a google docs folder of all these HERE, but not all of these are finished to a satisfactory level yet.

... metamagic that is. Is there any reason/need for Enlarge Spell with Reach Spell around?

For one spell level increase:

Touch Range: N/A
Close Range: 50ft + 5/lvl
Medium Range: 200ft + 20/lvl
Long Range: 800ft + 80/lvl

Touch: becomes Close; 25ft + 5/2lvls
Close: becomes Medium; 100ft + 10/lvl
Medium: becomes Long; 400ft + 40/lvl
Long: N/A

Alright, so I suppose you can use enlarge if you really need the extra range beyond Long, but that's about it

Don't even get me started on confusing the names for Enlarge and Widen

Yet more theorycraft. This time I'm aiming for an Eldritch Knight early entry build to take advantage of Dimensional Dervish. I have 3 main options I'm looking at right now, and I can't decide which to use.

Fighter 1/Wizard (Scryer)1/EK 10/Wiz8
+Can have Dimensional Dervish by level 11
+Can be any race, Scryer fills the need for a 3rd level spell
+Has a BAB above +0 before level 3
-Not guaranteed to have access to dimension door because wizards don't get automatic spells known from prestige class levels
-Prepared casting means this trick is strictly limited by how many times I prepare Dimension Door each day. This can be slightly improved by taking the bonded item instead of the familiar, but it's still not great

Aasimar Monk (Sohei) 1/Sorcerer (Empyrial) 1/EK 10/Sor 8
+Casting stat adds to AC
+Huge will save bonus
+Flurry of Blows is an extra attack
-Can't get Dimensional Dervish until level 13
-Requires a lot of high stats if not going Dex based

Aasimar Oracle (Battle or Metal) 1/Sorcerer (Any) 1/EK 10/Mystic Theurge 8
take the Skill At Arms revelation
use Heavenly Radiance (Wake of Light) to qualify for MT
+Added divine casting on top of the usual EK stuff
+Can pick up additional revelations via feats
-Also can't get Dimensional Dervish until level 13

Working on yet another possible build for an upcoming campaign. I need some help picking the last few feats and ki powers.

Dwarf, Sky Sentinel
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 19, Cha 8
Qinggong, Zen Archer

01 Steel Soul, Precise Shot
02 Combat Reflexes
03 Deadly Aim
04 Barkskin replaces Slow Fall, +1 Wis
05 Arcane Strike, True Strike replaces High Jump
06 Improved Precise Shot
07 FEAT, KI POWER replaces Wholeness of Body
08 +1 Wis
09 Clustered Shots
10 Improved Critical
12 Restoration replaces Abundant Step, +1 Wis
13 FEAT, Shadow Step replaces Diamond Soul
16 +1 Wis
17 Stunning Fist
19 FEAT, KI POWER replaces Empty Body
20 +1 Wis

So I'm trying to make a kitsune who maxes out on the tails asap. Problem is, the only class feature I've found to get an extra feat that's not restricted to a list is the rogue's/ninja's feat advanced talent/master trick. While that's technically an option, I'm still wondering if there's any way to do it better/earlier.

The idea is 1 level of monk for the save bonuses, extra feat, and wis to ac, then spend the rest of the career as a druid. Will be focusing on utility and battlefield control with some minor healing. Probably not a lot of summons, I have a different character for that.

Race: Dwarf is nice but Undine in combo with Menhir Savant could be fun

Monk level: Martial Artist is nice so I don't have to be LN, but MoMS could be fun. Though I have no idea what style to pick.

Druid: Straight druid is not bad, I have had success with a similar build to this one using Storm Druid before, Menhir Savant combos well with Undine to cast water spells at +2 CL. Archetype here must not interfere with wild shaping, I plan on spending most of my time after hitting level 9 wildshaped.

lv 1: no idea
lv 3: no idea
lv 5: Natural Spell
lv 7: Wild Speech
lv9+: no idea

Race: Dwarf; Alt Racial: Sky Sentinel
Favored Class Bonus: +1 skill point (for the knowlege: geo needed to qualify for HW)

Ranger (Guide) 6/Horizon Walker 10/Ranger 4 OR Ranger (Guide) 10/Horizon Walker 10.
Not sure which of these to go with. Early HW gets me my first terrain dominance faster, staying ranger first gets me +6/+6 focus 4/day and 3rd level spell access. Could go with a crazy Rgr6/HW3/Rgr4/HW7 progression I suppose. And before anyone suggests otherwise, I am set on using Guide.

Combat style: Either Archery or Weapon and Shield.
I really wanna try W&S because of that level 6 no-prereq Shield Master and dual wield the suckers. On the other hand, Archery is always strong and dwarves are slow.

Stats: 20 pt buy
Str 14, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8 for archery
Str 16, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8 for W&S
W&S would probably grab a +Dex item to qualify for ImpTWF, otherwise I could theoretically lower Dex to 14 on it since shield master means no TWF penalties. I'd just be stuck with the single offhand attack.

Traits: Don't have the book for Glory of Old, so pretty much limited to the stuff in Ultimate Campaign.

Feats: I really want to squeeze Steel Soul and Iron Will in here since neither ranger or horizon walker have good will save progression. Though with the Wis I might be able to go without Iron will until later. Deadly Aim or Power Attack depending on combat style. Quick Draw would really help the shield build, probably good for the archer too with a backup weapon.

I'm looking to have all the basic feats out of the way around level 10, earlier if possible. I just need to pick a good order to take them in.

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Race: Unsure
Class: Gunslinger 5/Alchemist 2/???
Premise: After getting Dex to damage at level 5, go 2 levels of alchemist and pick up extra arm twice (one with the extra discover feat) to reload the pistols, then start picking up the twf feats and go to town with 6+ shots per full attack. I just need to fill in the blanks a bit.

Race-wise, human gives me a bonus feat, half elf can let me use the favored class options for both classes, elf has stats in the right places, and there are probably several more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Likewise after level 7 I'm not sure what class(es) to take. Fighter would give me bonus feats, Ranger could possibly be nice since it skips prereqs, something with a good will save progression would obviously be appreciated, and I could keep going alchemist for more extracts and gunslinger for higher level deeds.

Where do you think I should go with it?
Let's stick with PRD material only for now.

Our current campaign will be drawing to a close soon, so I'm brainstorming lots of character concepts for next game. One of the ones I'm looking at is:

Alt Racial Ability: Drow Magic
Cleric (of Nethys) 3/___ 1/Mystic Theurge

But the question comes up, what would be the best 1 level arcane class to dip if I still want to cast in light armor (shooting for mithral breastplate eventually)?

Bard: Gives a nice little boost to skill points. Bardic Performances will be very lackluster.

Summoner: Considered to have a broken spell list. Eidolon will be largely useless but could at least be set up as a skill monkey.

Magus: Int focus helps with skill points throughout whole career, spell combat with 'bad touch' cleric spells could be fun. Only 1 level means no spellstrike though. Also may or may not get additional spells for free with Theurge levels.

I don't really want to do wizard, witch, or sorcerer because I don't want to have to still spell or deal with spell failure all the time. Arcanist is also off the table until the ACG gets printed.

Books allowed are CRB, APG, ARG and all the Ultimate X books.

For the next part of the adventure I'm running, the party will be going to a resort island and dealing with several mini-quests there. One of these quests I have in mind is a stone temple to a benevolent diety that's been sealed up. The last members of the indigenous tribe have their village outside it, and they would very much like to open the inner chambers back up and get the things inside, as well as making it fully functional again.

Problem is, I'm not sure what kinds of defenses to put in place. I have in mind some indiana jones-style traps one they unseal the great stone door then maybe 2-3 constructs in the main inner chamber.

The party is 5th level, and consists of a gunslinger, ifrit reach weapon life oracle (gmpc), gnoll brawler, and a kitsune bard. Stats were one set of rolls by the group to make an array, and came out very generous.

First off, let me preface this by saying this build is probably too ludicrous to use as a pc, but could make for a memorable NPC if he gets a chance for some dialog before the combat happens.

Half-Elf Paladin2/Oracle3/DragonDisciple4/___2
Traits: Magical Knack (Oracle);
Lv01 Pal: Power Attack; Skill Focus: Knowledge: Planes
Lv02 Pal:
Lv03 Ora: Racial Heritage: Kobold; Nature Mystery; Nature's Whispers
Lv04 Ora:
Lv05 Ora: Scaled Disciple
Lv06 DrD:
Lv07 DrD:
Lv08 DrD:
Lv09 DrD: Eldritch Heritage (Abyssal)
Lv10 ___:
Lv11 ___: Improved Eldritch Heritage
Aim for Cha > Str > Con > everything else. You're going to be rocking a massive boost to Str from the DD levels and IEH.

The level 7 feat, Curse, Ora3 revelation, second trait, and which class you take at 10 and 11 are left open to do as you will. You could go paladin for those 2 levels then go back into oracle, maybe grabbing oath of vengeance. You could make this an antipaladin instead, focus on all that CE glory. 4 more levels of DD wouldn't be bad I think. I like the haunted curse for the extra spells known, but tongues or others could be good too.

What would you do with this build?
Can you make one with even more heritages? This one boasts Human, Elf, Kobold, Dragon, and Demon.

This is more of a concept at the moment than anything, but it seems Magus is probably the best class for performing combat maneuvers. Arcane Accuracy, Spell Combat + True Strike, and would have the Int for Combat Expertise anyway.

I'm not saying throw everything into maneuvers, but maybe getting expertise or improved something every so often, maybe with the bonus feats, seems promising.

I hear on and on about how much more powerful the prepared casters are than the rest of the classes because of the wide amount of spells they can have access to. How much would it shake things up if prepared casting classes were simply not available? Let's assume for ease of application we make this a setting rule at first.

No prepared casting classes (rangers and paladins who take a spell-less archetype are fine), no pages of spell knowledge, no shenanigans like paragon surge for expanded arcana. You know the spells you have from leveling up, from special racial abilities, and possibly from favored class bonuses. That's it. Probably also on the chopping block would be any spell that can be used to duplicate more than a small set of other spells. Wish, Miracle, etc. Shadow spells and higher-level polymorphs would be fine though.

I have not delved too far into this subject, but I am curious just how badly this would bork the game as we know it. Or hopefully, it might just be a playable house-rule.

We have mage hand at 0th level (which inexplicably doesn't work on magical items) and telekinesis at 5th level, and nothing in between? Am I just missing it/them?

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PRD: CRB: Environment wrote:


A reset element is the set of conditions under which a trap becomes ready to trigger again. Resetting a trap usually takes only a minute or so. For a trap with a more difficult reset method, you should set the time and labor required.

No Reset: Short of completely rebuilding the trap, there's no way to trigger it more than once. Spell traps have no reset element.

Repair: To get the trap functioning again, you must repair it. Repairing a mechanical trap requires a Craft (traps) check against a DC equal to the one for building it. The cost for raw materials is one-fifth of the trap's original market price. To calculate how long it takes to fix a trap, use the same calculations you would for building it, but use the cost of the raw materials required for repair in place of the market price.

Manual: Resetting the trap requires someone to move the parts back into place. This is the kind of reset element most mechanical traps have.

Automatic: The trap resets itself, either immediately or after a timed interval.

The segment under No Reset which I italicized seems pretty cut and dry. However, Table: Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps has pricing for auto reset magic traps. Which one takes precedence?

There's a lot of threads about healing lately, and frankly I think a lot of the argument comes from differing opinions on what healing in combat is supposed to accomplish.

PERSONALLY I think healing in combat should serve to mitigate the damage the enemy is doing just enough that the party wins the damage race. Just like a buff spell ON AVERAGE mitigates incoming damage, healing only needs to mitigate some incoming damage. Healing does NOT however, have to completely erase all damage taken instantly/within 1 round.


Witch archetype. Or possibly feat or even prestige class.

Replace normal familiar with a cat swarm. If dispersed, takes X amount of time to regroup and return to the witch.

Any ideas to help flesh this out?

In the vein of the other two threads, what classes are you most likely to only use as multiclassing dips? How many levels, and why?

Not the characters, but the players themselves. When during a conversation with an NPC the GM does such a good job lying to the party that nobody thinks to roll sense motive even though said GM is kind of counting on them to be suspicious of the story. How would you handle such a situation?




the build:

Human, Heart of the Fields (bonus to profession: cook), favored class bonus (barbarian) to superstition
Archetypes: Invulnerable Rager, Urban Barbarian
Traits: Indomitable Faith, Mathematical Prodigy (Kn: Arcana class skill)
Skills: Max ranks Kn: Arcana, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft
Str 16+2, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
01 (Bbn1) Power Attack, Iron Will
02 (Bbn2) Superstitious
03 (Bbn3) ???
04 (Bbn4) Cha -> 9, Witch Hunter
05 (Bbn5) Improved Sunder
06 (Bbn6) Spell Sunder
07 (Bbn7) Extra Rage Power: ???
08 (Bbn8) Cha -> 9,
09 (Bbn8/Ora1) Lame Curse, Metal Mystery, Dance of the Blades, Extra Rage Power: ???
10 (Bbn9/Ora1)
11 (Bbn10/Ora1) Greater Beast Totem, Extra Rage Power: ???
12 (Bbn10/Ora2) Cha -> 11
13 (Bbn11/Ora2) Extra Rage Power: ???
14 (Bbn12/Ora2) Increased Damage Reduction
15 (Bbn13/Ora2) Extra Rage Power: Increased Damage Reduction
16 (Bbn14/Ora2) Str +1, Increased Damage Reduction
17+ off the chart, not even sure will get anywhere close to this level

This is the build I'm playing. Currently level 2, so I CANNOT CHANGE the stats, traits, archetypes, feats, or rage powers taken so far. PRD only; Not on there, not available.

My main problem is thus: I don't know what order to take my rage powers in. Please help me determine which ones can afford to be delayed and which ones I really want asap.

Rage powers I need before lv11: Lesser Beast Totem, Beast Totem
Rage Powers I want: Ghost Rager, Eater of Magic, Strength Surge
openings: 3, 7, 9, 11, 13

Mainly uses a greatsword, with a heavy pick for backup. I am not interested in any other rage powers until I've gotten everything in the build first. The second Oracle level is not an absolute, but I like it for getting my feats and rage powers back onto alternating levels. The reason I'm increasing Cha with my level boosts is because I derped during character creation and forgot that I planned on taking a level of Oracle at 9th for rage-cycling.

How much to units of special materials cost when not refined into items already? The PRD (specifically the arms & equipment guide) has what appears to be prices for all the special material. Except when you read it, they are either 850gp/55lbs or 350sp/45lbs. It makes almost no sense mathematically, and it has stuff such as alchemical silver being the same price by weight as admantine.

My group just found a 6oz chunk of adamantine and we don't know how much to sell it for.

I'm going to be joining a Serpent's Skull game here soon. 8th level, 25 point buy, 2 traits. I've been wanting to do a magus, specifically a hexcrafter, but since I'm not very good at building casters I figured I'd get some advice. I have no idea what the other members of the party are other than there are no other arcane casters. From what I can gather from the player's guide, there's going to be lots of jungles and ruins and maybe some pirates, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. Technically anything pathfinder or 3.5 is allowed, but I'm sticking to options on the PRD only for my own sake.

I'm presenting the build as if I was starting from level 1, even though I'm coming in at 8th.

character style: I'm playing this guy as an estranged son of some fairly powerful winter witches. Mother never understood why he preferred trying to wear armor and swing those weapons around. So when he got tired of her nagging him to go find a patron he headed south to get as far away from her as possible/seek his fortune in a place far from her influence. He's not going to just toss away what he learned from his homeland though, it's rather useful compared to some of the magics he's seen on his way south. He's had some misadventures in many different places, so he's picked up a few tricks here and there. I envision playing him as a snarky b@$tard, and not afraid to get in someone's face (for better or ill :p).

the build:
Race: Half-elf; Alternate racial abilities: Dual Minded, Arcane Training (I don't plan on multiclassing so multitalented is useless anyway)
Str 18 (15 start plus 4th level boost plus belt)
Dex 14
Con 15
Int 20 (15 start +2 racial +1 8th level +2 headband)
Wis 10
Cha 9

Traits: Magical Lineage (Frostbite), Armor Expert
01 Rime Spell
03 Dodge
05 Improved Unarmed Strike
05 Crane Style (magus bonus)
07 Crane Wing

03 Arcane Accuracy
04 Slumber
06 Flight

max out: perception, knowledge: arcana, spellcraft, 2 others
3 ranks: acrobatics
1 rank: climb, swim, ride, 2 others

languages: common, elven, polyglot, 2 others

3rd: Force Hook Charge, Greater Magic Weapon, Haste, Ray of Exhaustion
2nd: Blur, Fog Cloud, Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Web
1st: Color Spray, Enlarge Person, Feather Fall, Floating Disk, Frostbite, Grease, Mount, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shocking Grasp, Vanish
0: all plus Brand

Gear: adamantine heavy pick, cold iron scimitar (sawback blade), silvered light mace, lesser rod of extend spell, 2* pearl of power I, +1 mithral breastplate, amulet of natural armor +1, ring of protection +1, wand of shield, belt of strength +2, headband of intelligence +2, handy haversack, ring of sustenance, heightened continual flame (to 4th level) cast on a spare hat, scroll of reached breath of life, 497gp left to spend/save

notes: I know intensified shocking grasp + scimitar is the stereotypical magus combat style, and while I can do that if needed, the default combat style will be pick and rime frostbite to go with the slumber hex. I'm trying to go for endurance rather than novas (hence the hexcrafter). I also tried to pick up some good battlefield control spells since I'm the only arcanist. I'm using extended greater magic weapon in lieu of an actual magic weapon, combined with my arcane pool. I'm going to ask the GM if I can combine the light mace and the metamagic rod.

I'm not sure what other skills or languages to grab, or which skill to get my headband attuned to. I was thinking grabbing a single point in some of the more obscure knowledge skills and maybe sleight of hand. I can max out 2 more skill based on my natural Int, and I'm torn between stealth, sense motive, and use magic device. I kind of want to pick up an obscure language like gnoll or something so I can convince the party to use it and we'd have a combat/secret language.

09: Spell Blending (false life, resist energy), either Quick Draw, Improved Initiative, or Extra Arcana
11: Dragon Style, Combat Style Master (magus bonus)
12: Con to 16, Ice Tomb
13: Crane Riposte?

I've gotten this into my head and it seems ridiculous but I'm going to try it out next chance I get, especially if we start higher than 1st level.
Statting out for 20 points and 2 traits because that's a common baseline.
Half-elf Ranger (Guide)/Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
Str 16+2, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
Traits: ___ & ___

Level :: Class :: Feats, abilities, etc
01 :: Ranger 1 ::
02 :: Ranger 2 :: Weapon and Shield combat style; Improved Shield Bash
03 :: Ranger 3 :: Quick Draw
04 :: Ranger 4 ::
05 :: Ranger 5 :: Bludgeoner
06 :: Ranger 6 :: Shield Master
07 :: Alchemist 1 :: Sap Adept
08 :: Ranger 7 ::
09 :: Alchemist 2 :: Vestigal Arm; Extra Discovery: Vestigal Arm
10 :: Alchemist 3 ::
11 :: Alchemist 4 ::
12 :: Alchemist 5 :: Sap Master
13+ :: Alchemist 6+

Basically, start off sword and board, end up full attacking for 4 quickdraw shield bashes (5 with haste) at minimal attack penalty.

Anything I'm missing that makes this build not work the way I think it would?

This can't be right, but I'm putting it out there.

If you can switch grips on a weapon as a free action, is it possible to use a two-handed grip on one end of a double weapon for 1-1/2 Str and PA, switch to a double-weapon grip as a free action, make an attack with the other end as an off-hand attack, switch back to 2-handing for your iterative as a free action, etc. for your full attack routine?

Over on this thread it's claimed that a 4th level character can beat the Tarrasque. So as not to derail that thread, I'd like to know just how this is possible.

I was looking through barbarian abilities when I realized a silly loophole. A human urban barbarian with the favored class bonus to superstition and ghost rager could potentially have higher touch ac than regular ac.

so much for guns being more accurate within the first range increment.

Having never played a Barbarian in Pathfinder before, I have the opportunity to in a campaign some of my friends are trying to start up. It's set in a microcosm that's one big city. Our characters will be effectively vigilantes.

Starting at level 1, 2 traits, GM rolled an array for us to use: 17, 15, 15, 15, 14, 14, 13

Here's what I'm thinking for the progression:
Human (Heart of the fields; Favored Class Superstition Bonus)
Str 19(17+2), Dex 15, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 13
Traits: Indomitable Faith, Reactionary
1-8 Barbarian (Invul Rager, Urban Barb)
9 Oracle (Lame, Metal)
10+ Barb

01: Power Attack, Iron Will
02: Superstitious
03: Extra Rage Power: Lesser Beast Totem
04: Witch Hunter
05: Improved Sunder
06: Spell Sunder
07: Extra Rage Power: Strength Surge
08: Beast Totem
09: Dance of The Blades, Combat Reflexes
11: Greater Beast Totem, Extra Rage Power: Eater of Magic
13: Come and Get Me, Dazing Assault

Aside from Perception not sure what skills to pick. Yes I read the Guide to Breaking Faces, still not 100% sure though

EDIT: Greater Sunder -> ERP: Strength Surge
EDIT 2: Also not sure which stat to raise at which level. Thinking Str 20 at lv4, Con 16 at lv8, Dex 16 at lv12

In all seriousness, do most combats really only last 3-ish rounds? I've been playing pathfinder for a couple years now and I can't recall a single combat that went over nearly that quickly unless it was a single enemy we bait through a door with all of us readying actions. I think if we get through in 6 rounds we're doing amazingly. Usually about half the party (myself included) are pretty good about optimizing for damage and we're all good at tactics. So it baffles me when I keep seeing here on the boards things like "Combat is usually over in 3 rounds" and "Good dpr is one-rounding a CR equivalent monster if all your attacks hit and roll max damage" or even "you should be hitting on a 2".

How cruel would it be for the supposed big bad of a campaign to be a lich created from a 10th level adept (phylactery is an orange prism ioun stone)?

The pc's have been hearing whispers of this guy all along their adventuring career, of the mighty being who beat death to continue his research. And they come to find he's a 10th level npc.

Started a new campaign recently and I decided to try out an Inquisitor, going for a new kind (to me) of combat style. Buckler and 1-handed weapon. So either good defense and a hand open to cast spells, or two hand for extra damage at a slight penalty. The GM is running a 3.0 module with a huge dungeon. It's not sure how far we go, so any advice for level with double digits isn't going to be helpful. We're very likely to hit 3rd next session, and I don't know what to do as far as feats and such go. The rest of the party is a fetchling rogue, aasimar cleric of sarenrae, and tiefling witch (time patron). Any options not on the PRD will most likely not be allowed.

The character as he is now (20 point buy, 2 traits, hero points):

Inquisitor of Desna 2 (exploration subdomain)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8

fav class option: bonus to knowledge and intimidate

Alt racial abilities: Sacred Tattoo, Chain Fighter

Traits: Reactionary, Birthmark

Feat: Improved Intiative

1 rank: Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering, Local, Nature, Planes, Religeon), Linguistics
2 ranks: Perception, Spellcraft

Weapons/Armor: Flail, Mwk Heavy Flail, Mwk Longbow, Mwk Breastplate, Buckler

Spells known:
0-Acid Splash, Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
1-Cure Light Wounds, Magic Weapon, Protection from Evil

The doorsight ability has come in very handy, I'm not missing the difficult terrain negation too much. I'm using the favored class option, monster lore, and stern gaze abilities to effectively have full ranks in all those skills even with putting only 1 rank every other level. I had forgotten about Cunning Initiative when I picked Reactionary and Improved Init, D'oh! At least they make up for my horrible dice rolls. Planning on swapping Magic Weapon for Divine Favor at 5th and (should he and the game last that long) Protection from Evil for Shield of Faith at 8th after getting Magic Circle. At 4th I plan on putting a point into Dex for a 13 so I can switch the teamwork feat to Precise Strike.

All that being said, any advice on what spells and feats to pick up? I know Power Attack is usually a no brainer, but with only a medium BAB progression that leaves me with almost the same effective BAB as a wizard. It leaves me a little worried. I do plan on picking up Outflank at 6th, but the teamwork feat I get at 3rd I'm unsure on. Was thinking about getting Craft Wand at 5th, but I'm not that heavily invested into it. I also have little idea what spells would be good, I usually play non-casters. Thanks in advance.

So I'm trying to get a group together and I was hoping to run a true low-magic campaign. Since the system assumes quite a lot of magic and magic items, here's what I'm trying so that it will still be fun AND still be Pathfinder.

1) No class that gets 9 levels of spellcasting or an equivalent ability. Meaning no Clerics, Oracle, Druids, Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, or Summoners. They just don't exist in the campaign world. If I missed any, let me know.

2) Magic items will be few and far between. To make up for this, Base Attack Bonus from class levels will add to AC. Full amount to base AC, half this rounded down to touch and flat footed.

3) Likewise, each PC will be given a special charm in game that lets them unlock special abilities as they grow stronger. For every 3 levels the PC has, they can add a +1 equivalent to the weapon. Every time they gain a level, they can reassign the + equivalents, kind of like an eidolon. These charms can work on any weapon, but require a couple minutes to be attuned to a weapon, so no having a golf bag of magic weapons. Similarly, even if the weapon is sundered/stolen, as long as they still have the charm they can attune it to another weapon. This includes unarmed strikes.

Any holes in these rules? Any further suggestions?

I just wanted to see what kinds of custom items players' GMs or you as a GM have allowed.
This is not an exercise in breaking the magic item creation guidelines, I want to see what has actually been implemented in games
here's a couple examples from one of my groups:

Ring of Prestidigitation
slot: ring
The wearer of this ring is under the continual effect of a Prestidigitation spell. Activating any of the effects is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Any changes made to an object (except for cleaning, soiling, or moving it) fade after one hour.
Cost 1000gp (spell level 0.5 * caster level 1 * continuous effect 2000, no modifier for spell's duration)
((who needs soap? plus, this nutritious but disgusting gruel now tastes pretty darned good and isn't cold anymore. Oh, and keep annoying me and you'll be parading around in pink armor))

Healer's Hands
slot: gloves
These white gloves allow you to cast Cure Light Wounds up to five times per day by touching the creature to be affected.
Cost 1800 (spell level 1 * caster level 1 * command word 1800 / charges per day [5/5])
((The only way I got away with this one was by putting in the charges per day limit. The one I have in game currently has 20 charges per day, I can have it upgraded when we have downtime by paying another 1800 per 5 charges/day. Aiming to get it up to 50 charges/day (item total value 18,000 gp) then I'll stop.))

This last one is mostly just cheese, but I convinced the GM to let me enchant my masterwork backpack as a Handy Haversack so that I get the benefits of both. If a weapon, armor, ring, wand, staff, or amulet needs to be masterwork to be enchanted (citing the wizard's arcane bond for a few of those), why not a backpack too?

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My challenge to you is thus: you have unlimited funds, fill the 120lb capacity of a Handy Haversack completely. Let's find the funnest/silliest/most-utility loadouts.

1) Mundane and Alchemical items only. No magic items
2) Nothing can only be in there to sell or use as currency
3) Paizo products only, preference to having everything be on the PRD.

Ready... GO!

Is there much reason to continue taking Monk levels after 15? You can make up the unarmed damage and AC bonus with a monk's robe, and the abilities look pretty meh to me. Only thing I can see you really missing out on is the extra 10' movement and all good saves.

My search fu is weak, has anyone statted out Captain Jack Sparrow?
If not, what class would he be?

So, I took a look at the magic item pricing chart.
IF I'm reading this right, I could theoretically design a slotted wondrous item that lets the user cast a lv1 Cure Light Wounds on a command word unlimited times per day, for 1800. Like say, a pair of gloves.

If you were a GM that allows custom items, would you let this one in? Change the price? Ban it outright?

What's the lowest CR you can get on a colossal creature? Paizo material only.

Just wanted to throw something at a relatively low level group to make them think "How in the nine hells are we gonna beat that?"

I'll be starting a 13th level Gnome Summoner soon. And I'm not sure how to spend the last 6 of my 17 evolution points, or what feat to get.
I patterned the Eidolon after a giant squirrel. It's designed to get one big hit with its bite every turn. Also, it will be the primary front-liner.
Form: Biped
Evolutions: Bite *2 (2), Large (4), Poison (Bite) (2), Reach (Bite) (2), Trip (2), 6 more points.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Power Attack, Toughness, One more.
Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Perception, Stealth, 10 ranks each.
Gear: Amulet of Mighty Fists +4, Belt of Str & Con +6, Cloak of Resistance +3.
Ability Increases: +1 Str, +1 Con.
Adjusted Stats: Str 36, Dex 17, Con 24, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11.

The summoner's stats:
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 28
Feats: Augment Summoning, Craft Rod, Craft Wondrous Item, Expanded Arcana, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Spell Focus (Conjuration).
Skills: Fly 10 ranks, Handle Animal 1 rank, Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank, Knowledge (Planes) 1 rank, Linguistics 3 ranks, Spellcraft 13 ranks, Use Magic Device 10 ranks.
Alternate Racial Abilities: Academecian, Gift of Tounges, Pyromaniac
Gear: Headband of Cha +6, +2 Con Ioun Stone, LOTS of Lesser Metamagic Rods, various minor items.
Spell List:
0-Detect Magic, Guidance, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
1-Enlarge Person, Grease, Mage Armor, Protection From Evil, Reduce Person, Shield
2-Barkskin (gained with Expanded Arcana), Lesser Evolution Surge, Glitterdust, Haste, Invisibility, Slow
3-Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Evolution Surge, Heroism, Spiked Pit
4-Baleful Polymorph, Greater Evolution Surge, Overland Flight, Wall of Stone
5-Plane Shift, Greater Teleport

Other members of the party
Sword & Shield (Not 2WF) Paladin
Healer Cleric
Archer Ranger
Support Bard
Fighter/Druid/Sorcerer (Changes between the 3 depending on in-game triggers)

How would you handle this?
RAW, if you were to cast Raise Dead, Reincarnate or a smiliar spell on a 2nd level character, they would:
Come back to life
Gain 2 permanent negative levels
Die again

Seems a bit oversighted to me.

I mean, why not? There's certainly no shortage of fantasy artwork with shield stylized into various symbols. Heck, even just painting it on like those English guys with the cross (History check = Nat 1).

It doesn't seem like it'd be too much of a stretch to get a masterwork shield stylized as a holy symbol then get it coscecrated.

Having the Cleric better able to manage weapons/spell components is just icing on the cake.

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The Large evolution costs 4 evo points and says that Str and Con Boost evos added to a large eidolon cost double.

My question is: What happens if I use Evolution Surge to add the Large evolution to a Medium Eidolon that has a few Str Boost evos?

So I was wandering the maze of my train of thought, and I came up with this feat:

][b wrote:

Balanced Assault[/b]

Requirements: Base Attack +11

Benefit: As a full attack action, you may make three attacks at your highest base attack bonus -5.


Would anyone allow/want this feat? Is there some hidden DPR math that makes this outright superior? Could it just be a regular combat option?


As a bonus for the 2WFers:

][b wrote:

Tempest Assault[/b]

Requirements: Balanced Assault, Greater Two Weapon Fighting

Benefit: When using Balanced Assault while weilding two weapons, you may make three attacks with each weapon at your highest base attack bonus -5. Normal penalties for fighting with two weapons apply.

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