Mystic Theurge Potential Fix

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Since early-access-via-spell-like-abilities is gone, I brainstormed a bit and think I've come up with a way to make entering MT less painful and similar to the early entry method.

Ability to cast arcane spells
Ability to cast divine spells
Ability to cast 2nd level spells
Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks
Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks

So one could go, say, wizard 3/cleric 1/MT or oracle 4/sorcerer 1/MT. If you REALLY wanted to, you could even go something like bard 1/inquisitor 1/kineticist 3[?]/MT. (not recommending that route, just pointing out that it's a possibility)

Sounds like a good fix...

Now I just need to think of similar ways to make arcane trickster and eldritch knight work.

Another potential fix could be progressing beyond level 10

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