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Ryze Kuja wrote:
I don't think it should be called Half-Medusa though. Half-Gorgon would be more appropriate I would think.

Half-gorgon would imply something resembling a metal-coated minotaur.

wild shaping druid
psychic casters

Any animal companion class could also work with the right choice of companion.

A series of opposed rolls as the party and Puck each try to make their argument to the queen. Have any hard evidence the players bring forth give an auto success. Though make sure Puck has a comeback for any such evidence. Set it up Ace Attorney style.

I prefer starting around level 3 so everyone can get the basics of their character running and have room for some exciting events in their backstory.

Yqatuba wrote:
How is a level 20 group supposed to carry around 50000 gp in coins? Assuming each coin is an ounce, that would be 3125 lbs of gold! I guess you could split it up but that would still be about 750 lbs per person, a bit much for, say, a gnome wizard to carry. Maybe they could just pay people in precious stones or something?

50000gp comes out to 1000 lbs, 250 per character. Or a couple of bags of holding.

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Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
Yqatuba wrote:
Does anyone NOT use the "gp are weightless" rule? It seems to be a houserule everyone uses.
My groups don't. Encumbrance and weight are things you have to worry about.

And ammo. Track your ammo.

EDIT: I guess that would be my quirk, I ALWAYS track exactly how much money and ammo I have on me, including appropriate weight.

Uh, you do realize you don't lose additional hp when rage ends right? Only your max hp is reduced, not your current hp.

Cavall wrote:

No that's dishonest to look at it that way. The whole party can revive a fallen member in an unchained barbarian or any other class. (Life link oracles excepting)

You simply dont get that chance with a barbarian. Losing your con bonus for threshold and all the hp that buffed you to that point simply means that barbarian is dead. No stabilize or channel or cure wounds saves them. They drop they drop for good. It's an inherent flaw in the class that already suffers AC issues, so they have to be babied and minded more than many other martials to keep from hitting negatives.

Unchained is simply more functional and simpler in its design. It's like someone putting up a cover over a 2 meter hole in the death star.

If the barbarian gets hit to the point where it's at, for example, -9hp, then the drop from 18 con to 16 isn't going to instagib them. The 'suddenly dead' threshold is only that small range granted by the raging con bonus.

Derklord wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

You'd need a third arm to pick up the feat, so just dip 2 levels into alchemist to grow another one and you're golden.

As far as I can tell, you can get 2 hand weapons, armor spikes, the beard, dwarven boulder helm, and two bladed boots.

The feat doesn't grant the ability to make more attacks. Having the weapon aviable for an attack does not automatically mean you can attack with it in addition to other weapon attacks.

Monsters who are listed with multiple weapons can make attacks with them because the stat block says so, but PCs can't do that, not without a rule option that says so.

Read the description of multiweapon fighting


Multiweapon Fighting (Combat)

This multi-armed creature is skilled at making attacks with multiple weapons.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, three or more hands.

Benefit: Penalties for fighting with multiple weapons are reduced by –2 with the primary hand and by –6 with off hands.

Normal: A creature without this feat takes a –6 penalty on attacks made with its primary hand and a –10 penalty on attacks made with all of its off hands. (It has one primary hand, and all the others are off hands.) See Two-Weapon Fighting in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Special: This feat replaces the Two-Weapon Fighting feat for creatures with more than two arms.

It lets you make multiple attacks as long as you have 3 or more arms, so grab extra arm from alchemist.

You'd need a third arm to pick up the feat, so just dip 2 levels into alchemist to grow another one and you're golden.

As far as I can tell, you can get 2 hand weapons, armor spikes, the beard, dwarven boulder helm, and two bladed boots.

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Ascalaphus wrote:

I think there are about three levels to this:

- FAQ: something is unclear and people keep asking about it, so explain it better in an FAQ entry.
- Errata: there's a mistake somewhere, such as a 20GP that should be 2GP. Or something is missing a trait. There was a plan, but what's actually printed isn't quite according to plan. Next printing, fix it. Meanwhile, have a list of "mistakes we found that will be fixed in the next printing" because it can take a while. This also covers fixing inconsistencies between things in different chapters seeming to contradict each other.
- Design changes: overhauling how something works because the original design is causing problems. This is basically Paizo saying "we changed our mind".

I would say that the first two categories are certainly desirable. The last category is sometimes needed, but preferably only if it really improves the game. I think it was this category that caused the most pain last edition when some option was found overpowered and nerfed hard in a next printing.

Oh that third category definitely caused the most pain in the latter years of PFRPG.

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Well, NOW I will

Kimera757 wrote:
Meirril wrote:
Kimera757 wrote:

And a fighter can (after some levels) survive falls that would kill the toughest person. (Once in a blue moon, someone will survive a fall from an airplane, but that's luck.)
How do you know that is luck? They could have that many hp. Have one of those 'lucky' survivors thrown out of a plane again. For science. Just to be fair, make sure the survivor has had at least 12+con mod days of home rest so you are 100% sure he has recovered all of his HP.
The one I'm most familiar with was a non-adventuring flight attendant. I guess she had some levels, and kept bumping Con and taking the Toughness feat...

Falling damage caps out a 20d6, so there's a chance the roll was (almost) all 1s.

blahpers wrote:
I wouldn't call a 20th-level fighter or barbarian within real-world limits, magic weapons or otherwise. They just don't have the diverse reality-altering powers that a magical class would have at that level.

A 12th level warrior (the npc class) can wrestle a rhinoceros into submission with no feat expenditure (though would probably want improved grapple at the very least).

Advanced Players Guide for sure. I'd also recommend Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat (though might want to disallow the gunslinger from the latter).

Cuup wrote:

When I think combat-ready chef, the image that usually comes to mind is someone VERY good with knives, perhaps someone who knows all the spots on a creature's body to most efficiently carve meat from their bones. They've already been mentioned above, but this image is best represented for me by the Rogue and Slayer classes.

That imagery is not fully inclusive of a cook in a fantasy setting, though - a Wizard or Magus whose spellbook is half-filled with recipes is a great idea. The fact that they're a cook doesn't need to mesh with their class at all, though. If you just want to be the best cook you can be, a class that requires a high Wisdom score is a good place to start - Cleric of a god who values community, like Erastil would perhaps create a cook who simply loves to cook for his comrades. A Druid makes a lot of sense, from an angle of someone who reveres nature for its bountiful ingredients, and knows where to find them.

No love for the alchemist? They already brew potions, why not beer too.

MrCharisma wrote:


Dwarf (doesn't keep 30', but keeps "full speed").
Travel Domain.

Metal oracle, dance of blades

Flame oracle, cinder dance

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Mainly because of this one sorcerer's apprentice mucking things up

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Most of the guides have a bit of an overemphasis on using dexterity for everything, when a str based build will often perform just as well and use less resources.

You missed VMC battle oracle

Gloom wrote:

I really like it, though I would really prefer them to go to a 100 system rather than a 10.


100 Copper = 1 Silver
100 Silver = 1 Gold
100 Gold = 1 Platinum

Maybe have "Large" coins that count for 10 of a currency.

At least to me I would feel like gold and platinum were actually rare and finding a pile of gold that you could lay on top of would make you almost set for life.

This, 100%

gunslinger, pirate, vigilante, and (now that Syries mentions it) some prestige classes all make for good multiclass archetypes but not necessarily base classes.

Would indeed be nice. Probably not going to happen though. There's still stuff from over 5 years ago they haven't made official faqs/errata for.


Why not just give the clouded vision curse from oracles?

Un-Bear-able Puns wrote:
Unicore wrote:
how has no one made an AC/DC joke yet?

I'm going to need you to put a "Warning High voltage" sign on that comment.

If you gave me a call I would get that dirty deed done dirt cheap.

Yeah, you don't want anybody getting Thunderstruck.

It's basically Wario

Comedy: mock your opponents into submission
Oratory: rap battle
Dance: combine with booth blades or unarmed strike/monk for capoeira

3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 6) = 17 Str
3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 3) = 7 Dex
3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 3) = 9 Con
3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 3) = 11 Int
3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 3) = 8 Wis
3d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 4) = 11 Cha

Guess I could play a dwarf fighter, maybe.

If I knew how to do the dice roll commands here on the board I'd give it a shot right now just to see what happens.

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Traps that are bypassed with channel energy instead of disable device.

Meirril wrote:
Let me introduce the Airship. For a mere 50,000gp you get a boat under a balloon. It can haul up to 30 tons of cargo. You have a 20' x 60' space to worth with. This isn't really a castle, but it could be a nice little cozy flying cottage. Or you could make it literally just a flying throne room/feasting hall.

+1 to the airship. One game I was in we combined one of those with the building rules to customize our flying base/yacht.

32) Frequent use of control water to alternately dry out or flood various local resources such as ponds, streams, and wells.

edit: added number

Not on purpose, but back in ye olde days of APG-hasn't-even-been-released-yet-Pathfinder my group kept forgetting that my fighter did not in fact have any levels of barbarian.

Rayna (human barbarian), grew up on a rice farm with her parents and younger siblings. Loves them very much. Got apprenticed to a monster hunter, which is how she ended up in the big city for the start of the game.

Reed Skinner (halfling ranger), has been part of the local peacekeepers for a few years and was planning to propose to his girlfriend before ominous visions in his dreams set him on the path to fix it. (Post-campaign he did in fact return home to put a ring on it)

Jasper Geone (human fighter), has been happily working in his mining guild alsongside a ton of dwarves and his probably-retiring-soon parents. Has plenty of friends, even if he ends up being the freakishly tall one of any group. Now, if he hadn't been captured by kobold cultists on his way to make a supply run then his life would be a whole lot simpler.

I'm seeing a pattern of turtles being a favorite.

79) room where the walls, doors, floor, and ceiling and all mimics.


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Love: the evolutionary game design, archetypes, traits, the customizability, the fact that pcs npcs and monsters all run off the same basic rules, point buy stat generation, the old PRD only containing setting neutral core books and organizing the information by book

Hate: occult instead of psionics, the explosion of classes that started with the ACG, how badly they messed up the shifter, faqs/errata made in response to PFS problems that don't come up in non-PFS games, the increasingly-dismal-now-dropped faq schedule, the fact that PF2 is not another evolutionary step of the system

Will Miss: being excited over new releases, as I'll doggedly stick to Pathfinder and don't see myself enjoying PF2

A hedgehog, so they couldn't ditch us on a dangerous mission.

Smart use of a wish would be to either res both of their fallen companions or shut off the volcano.

FaerieGodfather wrote:
blahpers wrote:
Would you mind elaborating on the "multige class" thing? The only reference I could find in a brief search related to gestalt levels so my understanding of this is probably flawed.

It's a portmanteau of "multiclass prestige": Arcane Trickster, Eldritch Knight, Mystic Theurge. Prestige Classes designed to patch over the fact, discovered between 3.0 and 3.5, that the multiclassing system simply does not function as intended.

Wizards published a lot more of these classes between 2003 and 2007, but Paizo never did, nor to my knowledge did they ever reprise the vast majority of multiclassing feats.

These features are necessary to replicate the kind of "multiclassed characters" that were featured in AD&D.

There was the battle herald and rage prophet in the APG, but otherwise you are correct since Paizo stopped printing prestige classes in core books after that.

It only takes an alchemist 1 minute to create any given extract.

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avr wrote:
It's not a development of PF1 or D&D 3.X, rather it is its own thing. For better or worse. A new version number - PF2 - is IMO the best description. Or a new name, but they didn't go there.

Yeah, pretty much that. If it was an evolutionary step then we could be messing with decimal version numbers, but it's an entirely different thing compared to its predecessor.

Insight wrote:
Well, as I’ve advocated in other threads and venues, D&D 4.5 is the *most* accurate (said with love).

Now that you mention it, I'd have to go with that one.

Cleric or oracle taking the Experimental Spellcaster feat to get targeted undeath as a 2nd level spell known, then stock up on an army of skeletal chickens or similar.

Have your day job involve selling boneless chicken meat.

Instead of a deanimate dead spell, why not a rereanimate dead spell that lets you turn one undead into another?

For me it's definitely the summoner. The sheer versatility you have when designing your perfect pet is just amazing.

Got through second darkness book 1 way back when, then the group moved to homebrew.

Never made it through kingmaker book 1 despite trying 3 times.

Got through carrion crown book 1 then had to move.

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I tend to fill in the blanks as I play the character and get to know them.

Invulnerable Rager barbarian
Menhir Savant druid
Oath of Vengeance paladin
Guide ranger
Bolt Ace gunslinger

Everything else is either fine out of the box (bard, cleric, wizard, alchemist, inquisitor, oracle, summoner, witch, magus), broad enough that it heavily depends on what you want to do with it (fighter, monk, rogue, sorcerer, cavalier), or I'm not that familiar with (basically anything ACG and onwards).

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