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When adding spells to a class's spell list with Mystic Past Life, what level do I assume the spell is?

Can I add Haste to a wizard's spell list as a 2nd level spell by taking it from the summoner's spell list?

Can I add Geas, Lesser to a Magus's spell list as a 3rd level spell by looking at the bard spell list, or do I have to make it a 4th level spell because that is the level it is on the wizard spell list? How does this interact with the usual 'spell list hierarchy'?

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If a spell exists on multiple spell lists, both arcane and divine, am I allowed to treat that spell as either for the purposes of Mystic Past Life, or do I use the same method as determining whether a spell-like ability is arcane or divine?

1. A little nclear. The ability doesn't even state at what level you add spells from other classes at all; adding them at the same level the other class uses is a fairly obvious inference, but you could get bureaucratic about it.

2. Unclear. The ability doesn't cover adding spells that you already have on your spell list. I suppose you could read it as being impossible in that you can't "add" what you already have....

3. You can pick it from the bard list as a 3rd level spell. Pick the class whose spell you are adding from, then pick the spell to add from that class's spell list. The "spell list hierarchy" exists only for the purposes for which it is specified--determining how spell-like abilities work, and possibly some other thing from some FAQ I've forgotten.

4. Treat it as arcane or divine based on which class you're grabbing the spell from. If you're a druid playing in a "core classes only" game and want bestow curse, you can get it as a 3rd level spell from the cleric list. If you're a bard, though, you'll have to take it as a 4th-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard list.

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