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PRD: CRB: Environment wrote:


A reset element is the set of conditions under which a trap becomes ready to trigger again. Resetting a trap usually takes only a minute or so. For a trap with a more difficult reset method, you should set the time and labor required.

No Reset: Short of completely rebuilding the trap, there's no way to trigger it more than once. Spell traps have no reset element.

Repair: To get the trap functioning again, you must repair it. Repairing a mechanical trap requires a Craft (traps) check against a DC equal to the one for building it. The cost for raw materials is one-fifth of the trap's original market price. To calculate how long it takes to fix a trap, use the same calculations you would for building it, but use the cost of the raw materials required for repair in place of the market price.

Manual: Resetting the trap requires someone to move the parts back into place. This is the kind of reset element most mechanical traps have.

Automatic: The trap resets itself, either immediately or after a timed interval.

The segment under No Reset which I italicized seems pretty cut and dry. However, Table: Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps has pricing for auto reset magic traps. Which one takes precedence?

Spell traps are spells that act like traps. They have no reset.

Magic Device Traps can have a reset, just like any trap.

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Yes. You're falling for the old "rectangle, square" problem.

A Spell Trap is a Magic Trap. Not all Magic Traps are Spell Traps.

To quote the same chapter you're in, for the larger audience:

Pathfinder Core Rulbook, Traps, Type, Magic. Page 417 wrote:
Magic traps are further divided into spell traps and magi device traps. Magic device traps initiate spell effects when activated, just as wands, rods, rings, and other magic items do.

So, text that explicitly says "Spell Traps" does not have any impact on "Magical Device Traps", and vice versa.

If you go deeper into the book, you'll find Table 13-5, which provides costs for "Magical Device Traps", and includes the costs for an automatic reset option.

In point of fact, go back to the [url=http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/environment.html]PRD Environment Rules[/url}, and don't stop scrolling until you see a set of tables titled as follows:
"Table: CR Modifiers for Mechanical Traps"
"Table: CR Modifiers for Magic Traps"
"Table: Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps"

And read that last table. I'd link straight to it, but PRD doesn't include ToC's and in-page links.

OMG, I never noticed that before.

I think this is stretching the term 'frequently asked questions'. .

I still want to build an automatic reset alarm triggered cure light wounds magic device trap for 500 gp in a portable hole. But i think my DM will say, no.

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