Weaksauce Colossal

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What's the lowest CR you can get on a colossal creature? Paizo material only.

Just wanted to throw something at a relatively low level group to make them think "How in the nine hells are we gonna beat that?"

Titan centipede? Maybe. At CR:9 from bestiary 2

Giant template Drunk template 15hd elephant Zombie (CR 6).

Liberty's Edge

The lowest I've found is CR 11.

Animated Object (Colossal)

According to the animated object rules you can tank the CR a good deal by taking flaws and not spending the points.

You could have some sort of crazy evil haunted painting @ CR 8.

This also lets you avoid silly 3PP templates.

Here we go! I got better!

Zombie Giant 10hit dice Megatherium CR 5.

OR simply a Zombie giant DIRE SHARK CR 7.

OR a Zombie Giant WHALE CR 7.

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