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My challenge to you is thus: you have unlimited funds, fill the 120lb capacity of a Handy Haversack completely. Let's find the funnest/silliest/most-utility loadouts.

1) Mundane and Alchemical items only. No magic items
2) Nothing can only be in there to sell or use as currency
3) Paizo products only, preference to having everything be on the PRD.

Ready... GO!

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easy- 12 bear traps, lol

Sovereign Court

119 pounds of black powder and 1 alchemist fire. Mwahahahaha!!!!

aka the Sapper Pack.

120 pounds of caltrops.

Amusing entries so far, but let's branch out a little shall we?

80 Bottles of fine wine.


Fireworks, torches, and tindertwigs. Every goblin's dream.

120lb of Gunpowder and a lit match. Open the sack and throw it.

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In this handy haversack are the following:

  • Left Small Pocket: 4 days’ trail rations, 4 waterskins filled with ale;
  • Main Pocket: 1 whetstone, a winter blanket, a pound of soap, 1 vial of antitoxin, 2 flasks of acid, 2 flasks of alchemists’ fire, 2 flasks of holy water, 2 smokesticks, 2 healer’s kits, 10 tindertwigs, 8 candles, 17 flasks of lamp oil, hooded lantern, grappling hook, bell, a pound of sealing wax, a spyglass, 2 tanglefoot bags, 2 thunderstones, a magnifying glass, 10 pieces of white chalk, an inkpen, 2 vials of ink, a scroll case, 50 sheets of parchment, a set of Medium manacles with superior locks, a net (folded) and a set of masterwork thieves' tools;
  • Right Small Pocket: 1 bedroll, 2 empty sacks, a climber’s kit, a 50 ft coil of silk rope, hammer, flint and steel, 10 ft of chain.

Sovereign Court

Alchemist's Fire, Alchemist's Ice, a portable lab, a folding table, some stools, a few glasses, a selection of alcohols, and some little pink umbrellas. Portable bar! (Don't forget the panacea potions)

Silver Crusade

Anvil. Not sure what else, but I'm pretty sure that's what Wile E. Coyote would keep in a Handy Haversack.

1,200 feet of silk rope.

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2 gnome or halfling hirelings, plus enough soap to fill up the remaining space?

Shadow Lodge

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Fromper wrote:
Anvil. Not sure what else, but I'm pretty sure that's what Wile E. Coyote would keep in a Handy Haversack.

Anvil, parachute, balloon (+ airpump), skateboard with mast & sail, rocket, massive hammer (no, wait - that might be an actual Paizo item), bowl of birdseed, blank signboard + can of paint, spyglass, . . .

Lame that magic is excluded.

My witch has a king crab familiar, a bucket, and a decanter of endless water in his haversack.

Let me see.

Fill the bag with 120 cubic feet of scrolls of exploding runes, then flyer bomb a kingdom.
Fill the bag with 120 cubic feet of dung and bomb an unsuspecting politician.
Attach a window to the opening of the bag and use the bag as a submarine, just rig up a control system to guide the bag through the water.
If you are a fan of the dust of dryness, fill the bag with an Ocean's worth of dust of dryness beads to flood an enemy stronghold.
Fill the bag with skeletons if you are a necromancer, or better yet shadows, for that pocket army feel.
Use the bag to smuggle people across borders.

Oops, I guess most of this applies to a bag of holding.

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A Handy Haversack filled with 24 Handy Haversacks, each of which are filled with another 24 Handy Haversacks, which in turn are filled with more, so on and so on until you destroy the multiverse

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