Enlarge vs Reach

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... metamagic that is. Is there any reason/need for Enlarge Spell with Reach Spell around?

For one spell level increase:

Touch Range: N/A
Close Range: 50ft + 5/lvl
Medium Range: 200ft + 20/lvl
Long Range: 800ft + 80/lvl

Touch: becomes Close; 25ft + 5/2lvls
Close: becomes Medium; 100ft + 10/lvl
Medium: becomes Long; 400ft + 40/lvl
Long: N/A

Alright, so I suppose you can use enlarge if you really need the extra range beyond Long, but that's about it

Don't even get me started on confusing the names for Enlarge and Widen

It seems you have a point here. I never noticed because I never used enlarge.

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